Torch Song

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Torch Song Trilogy

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Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Batman and Batgirl investigate Lynns' hideout and discover an arsenal of pyrotechnic weapons.

While looking through them, Batgirl pulls a lever that triggers a booby trap, igniting a firebomb that starts to consume the entire building. At the studio, Cassidy is rehearsing when smoke starts to fill the room.

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Coughing, Cassidy is led out by a man she thinks is her agent, but realizes too late is Firefly. Unable to contain the fire, Batman and Batgirl escape out a window, but Batgirl is injured by falling debris. At the Batcave, Alfred tends to Batgirl's wounds while the news reports Cassidy's abduction. The police have no idea where to find her, but Batman picked up a matchbook at the hideout with the name of a paint company on it. As he prepares to leave, Alfred suggests wearing something "more durable".

At the Mephisto Paint Company 's manufacturing plant, Cassidy is tied up while Firefly works with the equipment. Cassidy tries to reason with him, but he says it's too late for that. He shows her an incendiary gel he's invented that can burn through any substance—to demonstrate, he sets a small amount of the gel alight, and she watches in horror as it burns through a block of ice, then down through the floor.

Firefly has made enough of the gel to pour down the sewers, covering the entire city. Then he will ignite the gel and the entire city will burn—in Lynns's twisted mind, the perfect cover for him and Cassidy to disappear together.

Torch Song

Batman fights Firefly in his Fireproof Batsuit. But before he can release the gel, Batman appears, wearing a heat-resistant suit of armor that is able to withstand Firefly's fireballs. The two fight, and Firefly gains the upper hand long enough to empty the gel into the sewers. Firefly then unsheathes a flaming sword, and attacks Batman.

The two fight again, and the sword goes flying into the gel, igniting it before it can spread across the city.

As the plant starts to burn, Firefly escapes, while Batman frees Cassidy and gets her outside. The building explodes, and Firefly staggers outside, only to collapse from exhaustion.

About this show

This play allows readers to look beyond the invisible cultural assumptions and make it a comfortable experience. He felt the play was particularly important to teach due to the comfort that society feels in being silent about subjects relating to sexuality.

Review: A ‘Torch Song’ Burning With Emotion Behind the Laughs

The teacher is convinced that silence can only hurt chances of young adults who are emerging whole during their school years. This play was chosen to educate the students that love comes in all forms. The writing of this play is innovative and the structure of the play itself is unique that it offers ideas for students to explore and expand their ideas on how to creatively write. Fierstein adapted his play for a feature film, released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the play.

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