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All hail the power of Jesus' name. All bow before the King of Love. There is none more holy, great and mighty. No one like our God. King of Kings and God of Grace. Our Redeemer strong to save. High and holy lifted up. We crown You Lord of all. Verse 2. All sing a melody of praise. All rise and shout a victory cry. Cause Jesus is alive, and we have been forgiven. For the life that You've restored. For the hope that's been reborn. Every prodigal called home.

Grace and mercy You have shown. For the blood that washed me pure. For my sin and shame no more. Son of God our greatest prize. Forward, forward, forward. The army is advancing moving forward strong and mighty healed and whole. Focused, aligned, positioned. We are mighty in this land, clothed in righteousness. The army is taking its place, with glory they are arrayed. We stand on the Word Anointed and appointed. The calling is sure.

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We walk through the door. Things go to another level when we are in our place. Perfect harmony under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. See His glory come down. Many plantings from this place … springing up from this place. Near and far, far and wide, plantings from this place. The elders and angels bow. The redeemed worship You now. We give You glory. We give You the highest praise.


Holy One who is and was and is to come. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, we give you the highest praise. An aroma from heaven, the Jesus Praise , a sound from heaven. Holy, holy, holy, holy Lord. Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy Lord. You are my light. Jesus you are King. I worship you. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus. Jesus you are my God and King. Set apart, set apart, we are set apart with a goal and a purpose and a dream.

We can do anything.

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We have eyes like eagles and we soar. Write the vision and make it plain.

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We are hope to this generation, life to this land. Everywhere my foot treads the Lord has given me. We walk in our authority. We know who we are. We walk in and possess the land. We speak forth the answer. We bring hope to each man. We speak forth boldly and the Lord watches His word to perform. More than conquerors. God created you in His image. We are set apart. We are walking forward in authority. We have power in the name of Jesus.

We have all authority. We have power through His shed blood. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. We are the resurrection and life to people in our paths. We shine on their paths and help others to see their next step. Our eyes are on You Lord, our eyes rest on You. Thank You for Your love. Holy, holy, holy are You Lord. Worthy, worthy, worthy are You Lord. We know exactly what to do. The sun is rising on every circumstance. We see clearly. We see clearly what to do because we see the way You do. We believe the report of the Lord. His report is always good. We rest.

Jesus we lift up your name.

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Jesus we lift up Your name. You are high and lifted up and we exalt You. You are more than enough for me. My strength is renewed like the eagles. You are my daily bread, my strong tower, my prince of peace. I love you. You are mine. We come into Your courts with praise and thanksgiving.

WORSHIP AT THE THRONE Alleluia, alleluia For the Lord God Almighty reigns.

Master and Savior, Prince of Peace. Jesus, the mention of Your name brings Your presence to the scene. Jesus, You reign in our lives, our homes, city, state, and nation. Jesus You reign. You are exalted. You are exalted on high. Your saints all adore You. Hosanna to our King. Hosanna to Jesus our king. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Our God is a consuming fire. We honor and reverence our King. You are more than enough for me Jesus. You are mighty Jehovah. You are my Shepherd.


I love You Lord.