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Other than the rural areas, foreigners can wear any western wear in cities. In cities like Mumbai, Bangalore,Jaipur or Delhi, you can pass away with wearing anything. I love your blog! What do you think? It is a small city cum village. You will not any issue here other than staring. You can visit junagarh palace, rat temple, desert, indo pak border and can have delicious foods.

A one day visit will be enough. All great tips! From America as well and here for 3 more months so I will have to try using couchsurfing to find travel companions! This is a great article. You really summed up the experience you will have in India. I also travelled to India this February and had an amazing time. The people are really friendly but we made sure to be smart and cautious at the same time. I also wrote a small blog post on tips to travelling to India. Check it out! I am traveling to Goa India in December and reading your posts make me feel so much for comfortable and excited for it!

I have SO many questions I would love to get answered. TRUTH 2-No opportunity as in west to have sex from the age of 13 my westers collegues said this -personally visited 6 European countries and envied the youth there!! I am approving this comment because readers should see how Indian men think and feel, and this is an example of that. I completely understand why you approved this comment Rachel as it is a good insight into the male Indian mind….

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Firstly, I have travelled to more than 40 countries and can assure him that there is no difference between the intense unease and fear of being stared at — it does not matter if you are Indian or Italian. It is not a compliment to have your existance noticed. We do not need your attention or your validation of our existance.

We are human beings — or existance is in our soul. New york? I have been to all these places and can assure Hemanth that no city in the world could you bleed to death without someone calling an ambulance. We are living our lives — we are not thinking about you. Believe me, no woman goes to India to flash their tits at you. The sooner you understand that, the happier you will be.

Western women with white skin travel to India to meditate, to do yoga, to see an elephant, to eat good food, to make art, to learn about your culture, to expand their minds. You took the words right out of my head. I think when men leave comments like this on my blog, it explains to girls how it CAN be when you encounter men like this WAY BETTER than how i could ever explain it which is why I leave them unless they are reallly bad I delete them, and as you can imagine I get a lot of those. I knew exactly why you posted this and anyone reading this post would do well to learn just how completely different people think to us.

The best educational tool is to witness something first hand. While we must take a stand and make a fuss, helping our international sisters if they need it and keep trying to educate people, we must also remember that the western world was very much like this only one or two generations ago — and there are still some men in our own culture who regard us as decorations and sexual objects. My boyfriend in Indian but schooled in Australia and is very different because of it.

He has been the one to really teach me what young men in India are taught about women… but the good thing is, they can change :.

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Thank you so much for the tips. I will keep them at the back of my mind as I do my solo travel to India, Goa in September. I hope to bump into :. Rachel, I am recently widowed and had always planned to go to India with my husband. Plans change.. Anyway, I have lots of questions. Practically, the immunization thing. Every time I mention I am thinking of this I get a big scary story about getting sick in various parts of the world. I did think it would be more like you said, people get malaria in India and there you go.

Hi, I do still live in India and am happy to answer questions. You can email me them! As for the vaccines, I wrote a post on that you can search on the top right of the home page :D I hope you come to India. Every thing you have mentioned in this article, I totally approve them. I have also been reading all the comments people have posted. About the safety concerns, men starring at you, wanting to talk to you, get acquainted with you and having attracted to you has been happening ever since the globalization era. I do agree that most of the men here are sexually starved since they hit puberty till the time they get married, but I think it is more than that.

I would like to share my insight by looking at this fact with a more psychological point of view. Ever since the globalization people have become more aware of who is the most powerful people in the world not to mention that we have been ruled by the British for more than 2 centuries. Even in India there is a disparity between the people who have fair complexion and dark. You can find all kinds of skin tones in India. People from the north where the majority of the population are fair are considered superior, in spite of the fact that all the states are equally developed.

It is because somewhere deep down in their brain they feel attracted towards fair complexion or the race which has it. The western countries found Indian market as a potential investment for cosmetic products to dump their goods. They used the desire of the Indian people to become more fair to their advantage. I know this comment does not even remotely give you any tips to be safe while you are in India.

But I just felt compelled to share my insight about this issue, that we are not sexual predators by nature who prey on western white woman. Its just the way the human body works. The conservative culture of our country which the world seem to admire has a huge downside. But the same conservative culture has also taught us how to respect other people. Just make sure you find the right kind of people.

I wish I could create my own travel blog some day. Thanks for sharing. Hii Rachel..!! Moreover hotel people will also give us a look so what to do.? I had told her many a times not to come but now she is getting mad over me…Please help. And I know many couples that are indian and western and they have no problems. A taxi from Delhi to Agra. So, is a taxi being sent different than a taxi outside the airport?

Hey Rachel, I am glad you loved our country. Your narration is very apt. I feel ashamed though that India has earned a bad name and people are scared to visit and explore the beauty our country offers. Being an Indian girl, I can assure you, we feel more or less the same too. The words of caution in India are not only for foreigners, but for women in general. It is not because all Indian men are rapists, but because India being a relatively underdeveloped nation, has a larger poorer and illiterate population as compared to the literate ones.

So fairer people especially foreign men and women do tend to get a lot of stares and comments everywhere in the country. Most of the men might be just might just be curious to see someone so fair, talking in an alien language Yes! English is alien to most of them , traveling alone! So, firstly, learn to say NO. Say it politely at first, if they dont listen be rude — dont hesitate. But never get forced into anything, be it taking a cab, chosing a hotel, nothing. If you are in a crowded place and you feel someone is stalking you, shout out!

Most men would get scared or shy away, rest would know you wont take it for granted. If you find any officer around, let him know. The concept of travelling alone for women is not popular in India. Although the educated youth is now more independant and are taking to solo travel, the uneducated majority of Indians do not approve of it. Hence, when foreign women travel alone, they become the point of attraction and amazement for such Indian men. However, some men take this as an opportunity to misbehave.

So it is better that you stay at a safe distance from them. Clothing is another must-know here. While, in the cities you will find Indian women dressing like everywhere else in the world, the scenario changes beyong the city lines. It is preferable to wear pants or anything full, carry a scarf around all time, and avoid wearing anything thats too revealing.

You dont want to attract even more attention from the wrong men. However, in metro cities and in Goa, in nightclubs, feel free to wear what you want, everyone does! Always make bookings in advance, check reviews about the hotels, choose ones that can provide you with cab facilities, if they fall in your budget.

If you happen to have any friends or friends of friends down in India, get in touch with them. I am sure they would be glad to help you and assure you have a safe trip. Travelling in local bus is not dangerous. It just happens that women in India also do not prefer travelling that way esp. Travelling alone at night and to lonely places is not advised, mostly as a precaution. However, if you wish to, always take the crowded route. Always carry a map, or use the GPS, so that you know where you are going. It is well worth visting and travelling.

Most people are there to help, you just need to keep your eyes open for the wrong ones. Hope everyone who comes here enjoys a safe trip! Thanks for your tips. I totally agree to learn to say no to photos, to shout out of someone is bothering you and the rest. Hi Rachel, Nice tips.. You will find quite a few students from Iran … if not you will be able to make some new friends real quick and find your way through : wish you luck with your dentistry … Bangalore food is awesome … :. But you know what?? The first step in addressing an issue is acknowledging the problem and the Indian society and government has acknowledged this as a huge problem for a long time now.

Changing age old mind sets is not going to happen over night. It can happen through perseverance patience and education. I certainly cannot speak for what a women should do or how she ought in the society because you girls have developed suitable effective defences of your own. Go ahead and step into the wild … and you may be pleasantly surprised and learn new things. You will find the good with the bad every where … if you can deal with the bad … you should be fine and then you do have all the tips from the gals who have been to India and the girls who grew up in India ….

Come on girls …we guys only look tough … but we are not that hard to scare …we scare easy!!! Thanks for sharing Sandeep. I hope to continue to see progress. Very well captured and true picture. You need to be careful and rest should be just ok. Ultimate and useful information of all women who want to visit India , All the tips are so useful and helpful all women, thanks for sharing awesome information about solo female travel in India.

Rachel I really like this article and thanks for sharing all these tips. I travel regularly on flights filled with Indian men. On one flight last year, the guy next to me did it a few times before I realized he was doing it on purpose. I shrieked at him. He stopped.

You do offer some great tips here. Thanks for the tips! I am leaving in a few days for my first solo trip to India and Southeast Asia! Do you have an itinerary on any of your posts? Thanks so much for posting this. I have a trip planned for India Oct-Nov. I was originally going with a woman, who lived in India for 6 months, and her husband.

Well, they have to cancel the trip now, but I am still going to go since I have already bought my ticket. I am interested to see my experience as a young- ish African American woman traveling solo to India. I wonder if I will be less objectified, because I am a POC, or maybe it will still be the same, as I am young, attractive and fairly heavily tattooed.

I am going to Goa, Kerala, Udaipur and flying in and out of Mumbai. Thanks for all the information. Guess Ill have to find out for myself some day! Thanks Rachel Nice to hear of your personal insights and observations. Have travelled solo round many countries and am just beginning my India research. My own website fionaludbrook. I also must say, one great advantage of having reached my mid 50s is that unwanted male attention is way less now than when I was young and attractive, so its one blessing of aging we never get told about.

I am still conscious however that I stick out like a sore thumb as a Western woman in many places and continue to keep my guard up. A couple shot makes a good screen saver on my phone. Worth getting a male friend to oblige for suitable shots prior to departure. Its really a nice read specially for me as i am from New Delhi, India and while reading your blog i got to know how people from US or other countries think about India Specially girls. I would like to give few tips to you guys so you can experience the real India while being safe.

India is going through a didgital era and now specially metros Like New delhi , Mumbai , Bangalore , Hyderabad are well connected and getting safer. If you have an android based phone or IOS it will make life much easier as you can book cabs , bus or your own ride online through an app in normal standard rates. For Example : Madpackers in Delhi. Please find it on Facebook to know more. They post their pics online and share their activities. Always remember the no.

Dont take the local bus and local trains. Try to get atleast a 3 tier ac ticket while travelling through a train. Each and every guy you meet is not a Creep. Guys here are just like guys you know in your country. But to make friends you need to be at the right places. However every guy is not sane. Try not to fit in to a heavilly crowded bus or train. I have many friends who are from France , US and China. They never have a problem as we are always there to guide them. India is a place where you would experience a lot of freedom. Can you give us tips how to avoid being photographed..? I love the way you described everything in details.

I totally agree with you. But I must say that everyone is not same. I would love to meet you You are right Indian women face the same problem! Thanks for reading and let me know if you come to Goa! Thank you!! This was very helpful. Very excited but also a bit intimidated I have to admit. This made me feel better prepared! I can feel your frustrations but reading through the whole blog, it will just challenge you more to get to know and experience the country.

Despite the hate, the love and fun will always outnumber those negativity. Enjoy your stay there and be safe! Hi, Rachel. If any girl lives in Delhi, write me : Thanks for your time and your information. Maybe I can go on the holidays to Goa… It seems like a beautiful place :D. Hey, Rachel! All the best! I am starting my own travel blog, bursting with ideas from three years as a travel agent and adventure enthusiast. My question is this, if you find the time to answer you would be of great help! I would love to find other bloggers to go visit in India to talk business and get tips on the trade.

Find more inspiration and get my AdventureHaze. Do you know of anyone or even yourself who would be willing to do such a thing or where I would start to find a meet up group or workshop even within India? Sorry for such a lengthy comment, but sometimes I find it hard to shut up! Haha Thank you again for your amazing work!! Liz Adventure Haze. Thanks for reading my blog and all your kind word! Any excuse is a good one to come to India : There is a travel massive group in Delhi that Mariellen from breathedreamgo is head of, and I think bloggers meet up. In Goa sadly there is no such thing!

I would msg Mariellen and ask her if anything is scheduled. There are a lot of successful Indian travel bloggers here, and just a few foreigners with travel blogs who all live kind of far apart! Typical Westerner trying to cash in on an internet blog? Yeah This is definitely how this country works. But it has a lot to do with feminist women. I myself am a bi product of the Indo-western cultural collaboration which went into my granny long ago. I see you are getting some attention via this blog.

But honestly though the culture is what is causing the problem of objectifying women here. When i say culture not the traditional values. Because those traditional indian values are much higher and has a lot of respect for the mother figure not so much for the father figure. India has 29 States province and 7 Union teritorries of which the teritories were owned by other countries earlier, for eg Goa -Portugal , Pondicherry-France.

And some Indian girls in these territories are scared of the french guys living there funny and ironic. But do they genderise or racially discriminate? I am in a relationship now with my Girlfriend. And I said please come but expect what you expect in your country. Reason why they wanted to come is because it was one of the cheapest travel option.

But some found love here. So there are people who are coming to find partners as well which will be a minority when compared to the rest of the world Coz Indian men are the last prefered. But if you are working and living according to the Indian style chances are you may find. But again We are not a bad race at all.

If any guy wants to go to any of central american countries the risk of being abducted, robbed , killed, framed are all inclusive of the cheap package. Somewhere while reading your post i felt you wanted to change something in India but its not in your hands by making such statements about the men in India. Female Travelling in solo In India.

And all you had done was state 1, 2, 3, 4, ,5, and anyone who reads this post would go to some sri lanka or Myanmar or burma if given the opportunity. India was huge. Srilanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afgan, and all othe small dundees where part of us before the brit came and split us up due to their idden agendas. Can any country take that kind of a beating. Its the Men and women In India the people living here that survived so there is definitely some good in us. We have huge geneder equality in your roots.

But not much is practiced. Thats all. Westerners travel a lot so they know the perils of travel. I travel extensively. One downside to this Indian Men problem is the porn industry. Where is the Porn from??? God bless america. So After my little comment. You may delete it. But if you read my comment and deep down you felt you are doing some injustice to the country where you are living.

You will make necessary changes and tell the world that the route cause is something and not to stereotype the Indian Men- Tality. Or worse i would take a beating from all the women who visits your blog for genuine advice. But I like your Blog it has the points which are nevertheless important. But i feel its only one point showing off as many points. Maybe thats why most of the women from other nationalities believed me when they asked me what to expect. I exactly told them the men issues but also knew what they were expecting.

Some girls came to goa only to party and have drugs. Those i guided in the right direction. They are not here for bullshit. They are here for a reason. I do respect those Women the most. I would like to marry those ones one day ; So female solo travelers traveling to India. Good to go you are. Price have changed. Info is not correct for most part. Be ready to argue with all those places mentioned in it. Trip advisor if the info is very recent then maybe trust it if its or ealier then dont bother. The bloody country is developing at a faster pace.

Hello There! It might take over 8 hours to get there…. I have had one issue with them in the past but overall they have a great reputation. Well I am from India and I agree to most of the things. These tips are awesome for solo females traveling to India. Great stuff. I have literally been stalking your blood for a few months. Thank you so much for your advice and information. It has helped me a lot, mostly mentally pr paring myself for my trip. Thanks so much! Amazing, common-sense advice. I am India. I travel solo outside India a lot, but I confess that preconceived notions from years of being here stop me from too much of traveling alone in India.

Having said that, there is not one piece of advice here that is out of place. Hello Rachel, Great Post. Thanks for sharing such valuable feedback for India. As being Indian proud moment for us. I am glad you enjoy India Trip. Hope you enjoyed pani puri as well. With articles like this, you are doing an amazing job at educating the appreshensive tourists.

Hats off!!

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These are amazing tips, very useful. I, being an Indian really feel bad about the lack of security for women here. I totally and completely agree with all the facts mentioned above. And from my side I would like to suggest the women from abroad travelling alone in India is that please be very careful in trusting the people like the drivers.

Cosmopolitan Hippy A Modern Girls Guide to Being Healthy and Fabulous by BradyWalker & Leandra O.

Please do not disclose your identities. And I hope you have a safe and happy travelling around. Great read! I am planning on travelling to India alone and I have been a little apprehensive due to the media and opinions of family and friends at home. Reading this puts me at ease and also gave me a little giggle! Or if anyone wish to join my trip Please most welcome. I came across this article and it is so helpful.

12 hilariously bad pieces of sex advice from the '60s |

I have had harassment in India since I was young and never know the best way to handle it. Thank you for sharing. Polly x. Hi Polly, great to meet you! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I hate that it can ruin a day, but it truly does. In fact, when I face it flying into India from another country as it often happens during transport even at airports sadly it makes me not even want to come back I get so angry! I was searching for a solo trip advice about Goa and somehow got the link to your page.

I have read all the comments, your amazing experience and yes it sounds funny but yes its also a shame. Being an Indian all I can say is some people gets so over excited by looking at different skin color that they start behaving differently. Both type of people exists and hope you and your frnds meet the right kind and have some nice view about India.

I read your blog and being from India, you are very brave to have traveled India like this. Despite the good experience I got when I went to India in , it is still nerve-wrecking thinking about my upcoming solo traveling. This post helps. Hi Bee, so glad to help! It can be nerve wrecking even if you live here and then go off somewhere new : not to worry though!

Hello Rachel… First of all a big thanks to you for clearing the big miss understandings people had about India around the globe… Also spreading the awareness about how to travel alone as female in India.. As a girl I myself have faced small incidents of staring and grabbing but not all men are same you know that… Also I am glad that you still reside in India this clearly means that you have fallen in love with Goa right… Well I wish you all the very best and If I get a chance to visit goa I will wish that I get to meet such a genuine person like you… Thanks again..

God bless you….

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Hi Rachel, hope you are doing well. Though I am a proud Indian, I am totally agree with your experience and thoughts about Indians and travel related issues we face be it foreigner lady or an Indian. You have correctly understood India and put in a right words. I am reading your blog to be prepared for traveling alone in India. The problems mentioned in your blog are very common here and hence makes me fear to be a solo traveler.

You said correctly that there are good and bad people everywhere. But the problem is that most of the time we can not identify them. As I am planing for solo traveling i hope we cross our ways someday : Have a safe traveling! If they do, then you should definitely be its ambassador. Wonderful post. Something I am going to refer to my female friends-to-be-solo-travelers.

Keep in mind in villages in India some things that happen are very inhumane to not just westerners, but Indians alike. If so do you felt the same…? Yes I know terrible things happen to Indians here in villages sometimes, you can read this stuff every day in the paper. Yes I have lived in Kochi for a couple months and also traveled all around Kerala, Karnataka etc. Yes, and now people can read your comments and think so highly of Indians. Way to go. Your first thought is I should be raped. What does that say about you? To my readers: I leave nasty comments like this sometimes to show you that there are some people in India who have a horrible mentality and judgment to foreigners who travel here.

I think the point was made. No one should wish rape or anything else upon another human. I feel like there is also a lot of precautions, exspecially for women. But I also feel these things at some point in the Western World. Culture is sure different and you have to adjust. Wow, well this was eye opening for me to read! Lots of great information, lots of uncomfortable information. I do not think I would travel to India alone. At least for a long period of time. But this was a good thing to stumble upon. Hi Rachel, Funny enough my middle name is Rachel, something in common right there.

This will be my first place to actually travel travel and especially solo. Your tips were incredibly helpful and eye opening. Is there anything you can suggest for places to stay nights, and what is the easiest way of keeping your footing with direction and ways of transportation primarily? Is there lots of other tourists that I will meet? Are you still living in India? Im from Canada and have always wanted to explore the world just been far to fearful.

Thanks for any advice you can give. Totally agree with the article. But I would like to recommend one more thing. If you must travel alone at night. Than call someone any one and just talk to them tell them the number of auto, destination, etc. We use this trick often. Rachel, so do you give the guy your seat on the bus or not? Hey Erin! Is this true at all? Never heard anything about short girls either?? Yes, big boobs should be covered!! If i were a single blonde, planning to travel solo, id be shitting bricks after reading this article.

Indians tend to be more helpful than other countries, according to my experience. For ex. If asked for directions, Indians would go out of their way to ensure that you get there whereas a French would ignore you and make a pissed face and move on. It does get tricky when you want an offbeat holiday.

Try being an Indian in the western part of America or Interiors of Europe. Every country has a certain check list that you need to keep in mind before planning a trip. Men in India are curious, more than anything. Stare them down and they would go down with their eye contact. Thank you for writing though. I hope people read about India a bit more.

I am an Indian girl and I totally agree with this article. If they follow you in tourist places either call them out on it or complain to the authorities. Several times my dad had to shout at the boys or tip the security guard to take care of them. Its practically harassment. They think we are oblivious to all this. Worse yet, there is a whole song in a mainstream bollywood movie normalising this behaviour.

Wearing sunglasses gives me personal satisfaction that these men will never really know what my face is actually like. Hello Rachel, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I am planning on going to India soon however i wanted to go on a meditation course is there anything you can tell me about this? Hi Rachel First of all Thanks for selecting India. I am following your blogs and read few of your articles. It is good you are exploring remote places of India. I agree about staring during traveling in India. Not all boys are bad there are good one too. I like to just clarify that the staring may be due to curious also and not in bad way.

And not all buses are bad. Since all type of people are living in India, Indian government has to provide facility to all. If you want there are lot of bus facilities available based on the money you pay. If you are expecting AC experience with open ticket price means it is not possible. On behalf of all Indian I like to apologise for your bad experience in India. Hope you explore more places in India. I want to explore South and north east India. Thank you for sharing your real experience in India. Thank you for your blogs on your experiences in India, particularly Goa.

My 17yr old daughter is planning to travel solo to Goa for 2 weeks of volunteer work with children this summer. I am very worried and uneasy and yet can understand her reasons for wanting to go. Please help ease my mind. This would be her first trip abroad and alone, and there are only so many precautions that can be made for a hopefully safe trip. Thankyou so much for your article its just what I needed I am flying out of Australia in a week for 6 weeks in India; 8 days on a Golden Triangle tour and then 4 weeks at Rishikesh at a yoga school I am very excited but have never travelled alone before either.

Your advice made me a bit calmer as to what to expect and how to manage. Am sorry I am not visiting Goa, maybe next time!

Love your honesty in this post Rachel — the more people that show how ridiculous the warnings of foreign governments and many other people that tell us solo female travel to India is risky, the better! I spent 6 months over the last year living in Mumbai and travelling around India — partly solo, partly with my boyfriend who is a wonderful, kind and respectful Indian man! I remember my travels in India particularly by train for the kind people I met, the beautiful views, the musical calls of the chai wallahs, and sometimes the odd delay ;-.

I hope your tips will encourage many more women — both Indian and foreign — to travel solo around Incredible India. Brilliant article! It really helps! After a lot of news about sexual harassment, female travelers should be pay much attention on travelling in India. Thank you very much for useful tips and advices. Honestly speaking, there are certain locations that may not be ideal if you are a lady traveling alone.

A good example of such places is up […]. Wow, just found your blog and I love it! Wish you a great, great start to the New Year. I found your article to be very informative and real. I, too, made the bravest decision of venturing to East Europe last year , on my own. I was scared to bits although, i pretended like I had it together, all the time. But what an experience it was…so liberating and exciting. And the people where friendly and helpful beyond words. And, no staring…phew! Keep writing…. Rachel, I was planning a solo trip in November this year and reading your blog was enlightening.

Any advice for a 66 year old woman beside what you have already said? I will mostly be flying from place to place but taking local transportation in the cities. Thanks, Terena. Great post. Hello my name is Kelly and this is my first trip to India I fly in to Ahmedabed meeting my friend and his family there I will be staying with them in their city Vadodara.

I will be meeting other friends. Some friends and family instill fear in me. This is my dream. I am going for it. My friend is a good young man that assist the police there. And will protect me. Thank you. India is home to some of the most incredible landmarks. From the U. One of many photos posed for at the Taj Mahal 4. Men staring can be annoying. If a situation turns uncomfortable- First of all, let the men know. Make a scene if something happens. Worst bus ride ever, so crowded, so cold, SO many stares 7.

Be wary of even minor forms of Eve teasing. Remember that even many Indians find some of their culture inhumane. Be very careful when choosing to Couchsurf in India with men. Remember, for each story you hear in the news, there is a nice guy in India outraged by the evil man who made the story happen. Still worried about traveling solo? You can buy it here. I use iVisa to do everything online. You can get a SIM card and put it in an international unlocked phone. Trabug is a travel phone that you can have shipped to your hotel in India.

It has travel apps on it and makes life a lot easier, although it can be more expensive. Again, get travel insurance! Although healthcare is affordable if you need the hospital for an IV, broken arm, or worse then the insurance will pay off. If you look on my sidebar, you can even plug in your trip details to get a quote. Please take the time to read my whole blog haha just kidding and the Lonely Planet to India. Check my travel resource page for booking tips.

I am obsessed with Kiwi for flights for about 1, but mostly because they search ALL the budget airlines giving you amazing deals. There are so many scams. These are legit sites with only good listings and lots of reviews. Pin these tips for solo female travelers in India for later Related. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. About the Author: Rachel Jones. Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and lived on the beaches of Goa, India for the five years.

Her blog, Hippie in Heels, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and bespoke travel. Absolutely nuts. Rachel Jones January 16, at pm - Reply. Chuck January 16, at pm - Reply. Alt Erego September 21, at pm - Reply. Rika Cubicle Throwdown January 16, at pm - Reply.

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  • Rachel Jones January 17, at am - Reply. Ranju October 11, at am - Reply. Rachel Jones January 30, at pm. Hello Suchita, Yes, I said only to make a scene when on buses and transportation where there are other families women around- not on the streets, which is the same thing you have said.

    I agree, on the streets you should not for all of those reasons. Thanks for sharing! Christine January 18, at am - Reply. Rachel Jones January 18, at am - Reply. Lucy January 18, at pm - Reply. Rachel Jones January 19, at am - Reply. Wendy Fairie Robinson January 21, at pm - Reply. Colleen Brynn January 22, at pm - Reply. Rachel Jones January 23, at am - Reply. Elora January 23, at pm - Reply. Rachel Jones January 24, at am - Reply. Within the pages you will find the reasons I eat the way I do: why wheat is like heroin for your brain no seriously it is! Learn how to restock your pantry, create new food rules, heal your gut and change your eating for a lifetime.

    Oh and there are also recipes, over of them in fact. Plus there is chocolate lots of chocolate! Just like this one: my No-hito. This recipe is sans alcohol, but the apple cider vinegar and ginger are great for your liver so you could add a little gin, vodka or rum to the recipe. Then this tipple will be much better for you than those pre-mixed versions. You could even crush the ice for a slushy version, perfect for balmy Darwin nights.

    Enjoy my lovelies and I will see you all in ! Email leandra cosmohippy.