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The purpose is to exchange and revisit the roots of translation, discuss critical topic related to signed language translation both practices and research. The Summit will feature one keynote presenter on Wednesday evening, three plenary sessions on Thursday 8.

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His research interests along with Deaf interpreters are bilingualism, language contact and minority sign language communities. He is from Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in the UK.

Since recently, the everyday practices of Deaf translators in various contexts in several countries have been documented. Especially, a number of issues which are pertaining to Deaf translatorss has been raised to date and will be illustrated: a cognitive processes and linguistic strategies used in the work of Deaf translators, b team work of translators including preparation, presentation and analysis, c Deaf translators working for specific populations with particular language needs, d Translation products and text genres, e Media translation, f Literature translation and g theatre translation as well as h sight translation as a cultural practice.

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As a further step, I discuss the issue on how such Deaf translation theories can be created and developed. Moreover, he has been involved in another professional program in Sign Language Interpreting and Translation for Austrian Deaf professionals since He obtained his doctorate degree in linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin in Since , he has been a certified interpreter and translator.


Looking back and reading the paper, I realize how little I dreamt — all translators I thought of were non-Deaf. Over the years, there is a growing number of Deaf translators and if I am not mistaken, all of them are on-side jobs, or on contract. With better understanding of what translation involves, with various theories, we are better able to translate, mostly from written form to signed languages.

In creating this space, we need to look into a different frame to consider what translation means to us and bring to the table to professionalize the field and practice. Without any doubt it should be Deaf people doing the work. We all can work together how to make it a permanent profession, with Deaf people having a full time job as professional, licensed translators.

Not only this, but each person will be encouraged to do self-analysis and recognize their identities as translators — one of the first steps towards professionalization. I, as presenter, will encourage participants to look at the field and work together to make it happen and complete the road.


And dream bigger. She received her Ph. She worked at Gallaudet in various departments; including Linguistics Research Lab and English, for a total of 11 years. She then moved to be a co-director of The Bicultural Center for 7 years. She later became a director of Language and Culture Center for 3 years before she came back to Gallaudet.

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She also presented to schools, colleges and universities and centers around the country, Canada, Europe, Japan, Israel, and Cyprus on topics of Sign Language Instruction, Culture, Oppression and Empowerment, Cross-cultural Interactions and Interpretation. MJ worked on several translation projects with Gallaudet University, as well as some private and federal institutions. Literature related to the effectiveness of translation strategies used is lacking.

The University of Cologne study in North Rhine-Westphalia examined the service situation of hard-of-hearing, deaf and deaf-blind people through face-to-face interviews and government statistics.

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Results: The results of the nationwide GINKO study show that hearing-impaired people in North Rhine-Westphalia draw on assistive services in employment more often than hearing-impaired people in the rest of Germany. Conclusion: One reason for the more positive evaluations of the participants in North Rhine-Westphalia as compared to other regions in Germany could be the particular network of support services in that state.

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However, the overall positive results from North Rhine-Westphalia should not obscure the fact that a majority of participants in many areas of North Rhine-Westphalia reported much less positive evaluations. They reported that they did not yet have an accessible workplace and that assistive services are not available to all hearing impaired workers.