Hidden Life of Dogs : A Weekend with Rosie the Beagle.

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I miss holding him and giving him a million kisses on his furry face. I miss taking care of him and running home for him. Waking up to him and all his kisses when he was so excited that I was finally awake. The sound of his ball squeaking, the laughter that he brought to me everyday. He brought out a softness in me that I no longer feel. I watch other people walk their dogs who have been given a much longer life and I wonder why not my little boy? Why did you have to take him? I just wish I could erase the past two months and that he was still with me.

Well sitting here feeling so darn sad about losing my little shihtzu Missy February 7, to liver cancer. I am not bouncing back. I started reading some of your post and I see I am not alone. I wonder what makes us all different as there are so many that are abused and end up Euthanized because no one loved them. They never bonded or had the love me had. I am trying to work up my courage to get another. I am scared lost the one before that at 7.

So I know I forgot to say this but I am so sorry for all of your loses of your fur babies. I am so glad that you mentioned the second-guessing that one does. I still wonder, did we do it too quickly? Did she have more time left and we took it from her? I miss her so muchl. I lost my maltese Brandi 5 weeks ago and my black lab 2 weeks ago. They were both sick and I had to put them down to keep them from suffering. I have lost dogs before in my life, but have never grieved like this. It feels like it will never end. Because they both needed special care, a large part of my day was spent taking care of them.

Thanks for posting how others feel. Laid my beloved Oscar to rest two days ago. I am just devastated, more than I thought I should be, until I found your article. Thank you. I have bookmarked your post to reread when I need to. Only time will let me get some perspective on the situation and see the good through the pain. I think he was the first, and so far the only, soul on this earth who loved me unconditionally and beyond all measure. More than my previous dogs, who were somehow their own entities and less a chunk carved from my own being, and definitely more than any humans, including family.

Is it crazy that the love of my life may have been a giant, lumbering Rottweiler?

I guess not…. It is literally like somebody has tore a hole in our hearts and souls! I am so glad I found this article.. I hope you are feeling better. She was 11 years old but so strong and full of energy less than 5 months ago when I took her to the vet for a small swelling on her chest. Turns out she had a small mast cell tumor. But 1 week before surgery the vet gave her a rabies vaccine. Surgery went well but the rabies vaccine caused paralysis within 3 months. She wasted away before my eyes and died less than 2 months later. Oh Denise, I feel your loss. Our Lola had breast cancer surgery a couple of years ago.

The vet warned that it may come back into her lungs or brain. Two weeks ago she went to take a nap and minutes later, she was seizing. We had to put her to sleep. I am devastated and so lost. Lola was such a sweet gentle soul whose mere presence comforted me so much in my daily life. It is like riding a rollercoaster, coming and going. I can only pray that my baby girl is in heaven, running like the wind, chasing squirrels, knowing I loved her so deeply. I just lost my lab shepherd ebbie i rescued her at 6 months I had to put her down at 11 and half years I am totally heartbroken.

Hi Debbie, So sorry for your loss. You are not the only one who feels this way after losing a pet. Put my best friend down five days ago and I am still despondent and prone to crying. I lost my dog today, not even many hours ago. She ran on the street for only a brief moment, briefer than the moment it took me to realize what happend. All i could see was the dog that jumped onto my bed mere minutes ago, now struggling for a last breath on the asphalt street.

Anything else would be unnatural, you are not the only one that seeks relief, but it will come over time. Your new wound hurts the most right now, it will only become less and less pain. What is now a throbbing wound will become a faint scar at one point. Take care of yourself. I hope our fluffs will meet in a better place soon. I feel exactly the same at having lost my beautiful border collie on 28th August im heartbroken and hate each day that comes without her! Hi, my name is Scott.

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I am a 56 year old police officer who has seen human tragedy and death, but this is causing me some problems. I hope it subsides. Hi I know how you feel. I never knew how much I loved them and would miss them. I just want them not presents I wish I had never taken them to the vets and had tried everything else first and not listened to what everyone else had said was right or wrong for them I too hope they can forgive me but I will never forgive myself.

I feel the same way.. We lost our 14 yo lab 2 days ago u expectedly. She caught pneumonia and was gone 12 hours later. There will Never be another dog like her. I just buried my beautiful Pomeranian yesterday and my heart hurts. This one is a different hurt. I loved her with all my heart she was my baby. Day 3 after the passing of my beloved Broly xLab. I can not stop crying or sleep properly. He was an exceptional dog made me feel so loved and needed. I want to rescue another dog but the pain of loss makes me wonder if it is good for me. A little Mal-shi who was the best friend I ever had for 16 and a half years.

So much charisma and attitude for a little guy. He thought he owned every park he went to. He comforted my crying nephew when he was a baby, and knew when someone needed him for cuddles. This article has helped me just when I needed it. Yes, a part of my soul has been ripped out. This morning I had to pretend here was here, did all the morning silly dog talk and all.

Bit mad but it helped. Do whatever you need to do to get through. I lost one 2 nights ago but still have the other one for now. I realised that all things I do in my life have been made worthwhile or tolerable so long as I was doing it for them and they were there for me. I think when the time is right you should get another, not just for you but for that new companion who needs you as well. I am absolutely heartwrecked, different than any feeling I ever experienced. I was ok talking about putting her down until the vet drove up the runway, the hammer struck down.

Its weird feeling so lost over a pet. Lost our Bubbie yesterday. He was almost 14 and I held him as he passed. We adopted him at 4 and he was terrified, but he blossomed like a flower. Our Simon loved him…surprised us…and he is so perplexed. He walks from room to room, looking and crying. My beloved Noonan passed away yesterday. He was a 9 year old shihtzu. He was diagnosed with cancer and it all happened so fast. He was in pain and I did what was best but my heart longs for him. I have been crying for days , before and now after. How does someone finally move on? My heart just hurts so much.

How are you doing Rosario? I just lost my baby of 11 years last week. Feel exactly the same as you did. We have also suffered a huge loss just as recent as 4 days ago! I would have gladly gave the rest of my life for him to stay on this earth. My husband packed him up and down the stairs for months and was happy to do it. The diarrhea took over and the last few days of his life it was difficult for him to walk. The last four days we changed his bed several times as he had no control over his bowels when the day came for him to be youthinized, the only thing that saved me was the dignity and respect the vet hospital gave to both Trapper and my husband and I.

He was a huge part of our life our friends called him human impaired, so smart, feeling and the biggest ham I ever seen.

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I miss him so much and think I hear his tags jingling everywhere I go. His passing has left a giant hole in my heart and I will never be the same. I just cannot function. I lost my baby girl yesterday after four hard days of watching her deteriorate. She was only The previous week she had been running around and playing and nothing was wrong.

I cannot sleep, eat or drink. I have assignments I cannot write. However, I am scared as to how this would be judged? What would others think as it has only been a day? I know it is probably too soon and it is just my heart hurting. I got a new puppy a week after I lost my Chelsea, thinking it would help with the empty home and another fur baby to love.

It has actually made my grief worse. I will get another dog when the time is right and I know I can fall in love again. She died a week before her second birthday of Lymes disease even though she was on tick treatment. They diagnosed her with Lymes and said it had spread to her kidneys. She died in my arms the following evening. I live on a farm and the animals miss her as well. I never noticed her not feeling well before I took her in. She would have been 12 this coming Sunday November 11th.

Between her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, I am a mess. The vet said it was intestinal cancer or some sort of infected tumor or severe ulceration making her anemic along with a host of other medical terminology. All I know is she suddenly had labored breathing, vomiting even rice with shredded boiled chicken, drank water excessively, and refused her vitamins and meds. Even if they could have taken out the cancer or whatever, she still had severe spreading arthritis and nothing could change that fact. I called her breeder and she told me to be strong and to not let Daisy suffer.

There was something about 12 this year for 3 other seniors from their Collie line. We have an awesome vet but she always trembled like a leaf. So by the grace of God we found a vet who made house calls and could come Tuesday evenjng. He was the kindest most empathetic and understanding man. He gave us so much time with Daisy in between the sedation injections, the final injection, and putting her in his car before taking her to be privately cremated.

He even brought her Ashes back to us in a lovely wooden box with her name carved into it. Carly misses her tremendously as they were a bonded pair for 4 years. Still dealing with all the stages of grief and it hurts so deeply. I lost my smooth collie a week ago. And she died so suddenly, it was a shock to our whole family.

Every night i think about her and cannot fall asleep. My heart is shattered. So sorry for your loss , you have helped me understand that maybe my feelings are normal. We lost our beautiful little Boston Terrier two months ago, she was only 2 years ten months old. She had a defective heart valve. I still cry every day. I loved her so deeply. I hope your heart heals with time. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Dont rush it, allow time for grief, your dog deserves to be griefed for as long as your pain is strong. Getting another dog to soon wont make you feel better. Once you feel better, find another soul which you can dedicate your limitless love to. How are you doing Rachel? I just lost my baby girl of 11 years last week and I feel exactly the same as you did. What did you decide?

I lost my beloved baby 6 months ago and still miss her every day. She was only 3 years old but her bright spirit, happy go lucky nature, and joyous personality were daily gifts. She was always there for me whenever I needed her, especially when our family was in medical crisis and there were daily difficulties. Even though she was only with me a short time, I am forever grateful for the gift of her spirit and her love. I love her still and miss her with all my heart. She would have been 13 yrs. I had her since she was 8 weeks old. The hardest thing I have ever had to do was make that decision.

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The vet came to the house and put her to rest. A part of me died that day too. The pain is unbearable and like nothing else it is so deep. She took all of my joy to heaven with her, I am sad,lost and broken. I Miss her so. Thank you for the article! I think I cried every night for two weeks! He was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to and listen.

I will never forget him! I will say that his final moments were very traumatizing, and having a vet put him down was the hardest thing I had every experienced. I lost my beloved dog Monday night- we had to euthanize him. He was He had cancer, but it was really his arthritis and weak hips that were causing his quality of life to be extremely diminished. I am reeling. The pain is excruciating, in the center of my chest. My beloved. Exactly how I feel. Such a loving, endearing, precious part of my life, my little boy.

I want to remember him forever and something of him will be buried with me. I lost my basset x lab rescue Moto yesterday. He had a huge brain tumor and there was nothing we could do for him. He passed away on his own after a string of seizures in my dads arms. He was only 9. His sister is very sad too. This article helped, even just reading the comments and thinking about how so many people are going through the same thing. I feel like my heart has been torn in two. I miss my sweet Bubba so much already. He had a lot of energy and was running around just yesterday morning.

I just wish I could go back and give him one more hug and kiss. I lost my sweet girl, Missy, while I was away on vacation. I boarded her and my cat together at a boarding facility. She allegedly got out of their fencing and got hit by a car. When I got that dreaded call, the words stopped making sense. It was as if the tong lady was speaking a different language. I collapsed and was sick to my stomach. My mom screamed. We felt so helpless and felt horrible because we were not there to be by her side. Needless to say, we cut our trip short, bought brand new plane tickets and headed home the next day.

We were like zombies traveling back home. Life has not been the same. I cry every day. Missy was a healthy 9 year old Yorkie. She was smart, sweet, sensitive, obedient, beautiful girl.

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She was my best friend. I feel like a part of me has died. I function just enough to make it through the workday, then I come home and mope. Sometimes I sit with her urn and cry. Just lost my sweet Ollie last night. I am heartbroken. Held him as he passed at home but so wish I could give him more hugs and kisses now.

Cannot seem to function, find myself expecting him to come to me with his sweet tail wagging as fast as it could go. He was a rescue dog and suffered greatly after surviving being used as a bait dog for pit bull fighters then they left him to die. I just want to hold him and love him again, I was blessed to have him for 7 years and they think he was 6 or so when I adopted him.

I lost my beautiful cocker Michelle two months ago. She was my little girl, the spaniel I had always wanted. So utterly beautiful and loving. She was only 8 years old and had cancer and pancreatitis. Mowgli, her mate and I were devastated. He became very quiet and would, periodically, run around the house looking for her and then flop, dejected and sad at the front door. I did not really know how to deal with his grief, leave alone my own.

A friend pushed me into getting another puppy to keep us company and eventually I did. Two puppies actually. It has helped because the two of them are full of bounce and fill up our lives. Though no pup could ever replace the bond I had with Michelle, it has helped to have Zazu and Raffiki in our lives. Yesterday my beautiful white GSD Bodie 12 years of age collapsed. I had to make the dreaded call for the vets to come out to put him to sleep.

I am totally beside myself and feel utterly depressed. Came home after work and expected to see him greet me with his long waggly duster of a tail. But there was silence and no bodie to greet me. It hit me like a sack of ……. I feel as of I should be the man of the house and be strong for my wife and kids but instead I walk away and grieve. We rescued bodie when he was 4 years of age and he was in a terrible state. So I should look back to the days that we changed him and gave him a good home. But I can only think of those final 5 hours I had with him. We had the most precious Jack Russell female named Queen.

I raised her from a pup I got her in March at 7 weeks of age. It was her and I for many years we had a bond that many could not understand. We spent years bonding and I spent years training this dog she was the best and very loyal and very sweet. I felt her pain, and when possible help relief her pain, holding her helped her in pain relief. I had long dreaded the day that she would pass.

My wife and I loved her so much. She had many issues constant joint pain and some other. We would have great days then bad ones. I was able thru our special bond to relief her paid by holding her and lying next to her as I did when she was a puppy. She always looked to me when she was ill or in pain to help take it away.

Our little dog had a very bad episode on Weds Sept 20th, 2 days ago. We took her to the local vet and was told the grime reality. We made the painful decision to put our dear dog to sleep. One last trip home for our dear one where she was happy loving being with us then back to the vet. We both cried buckets of tears as I carried our special dog to the vet one last time. We were with her and petted her and told her she was a very good dog always was and we loved her very much.

I kissed her head and then she was gone. The pain I feel is immeasurable, I question if I had ever done enough to deserve such a special dog. I had her over 15 years she would have been 16 in Feb. I have lost dogs before but this one was special like no other.

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  • I know this will take a while I will always love our dear dear dog. One day when we have both healed we might get another dog but if that happens the dog can never replace our special dear dog Queenie. I had a white Westie 8 yrs ago that someone threw out in the country road. He was sleeping in a ditch when i saw him. I tracked him for 3 wks. I kept leaving out dog biscuits and chicken broth.

    I had a have a heart cage and i finally caught him. I had him for almost 8 yrs. He slept in my bed every nite. I nameed him Skip cuz he would skip away when he saw me. I loved him SO much that i wanted to be a dog too and be his mate! He had a stroke and had to be put to sleep. I still see him in my dreams at times and he looks young and healthy. What a profound thread! I offer the advice my late mother offered me on losing my precious Lobo:. Think of all the happiness, joy, and love you would never have known, and now feel loss for, had you never known that wonderful animal.

    Savor the memories as they are very sweet. Savor them and enjoy them — time-travel and re-live the love. Lost my beloved My heart is broken. Completely broken. She was my best friend, my shadow, my true companion. She slept by my side for all those years, and waking up not feeling her licking my face is too hard to bear. I lost m lab 2 days ago and I feel The same. Have you recovered at all yet? When does it start to feel better?

    Has it gotten any easier or better for you? Good advice but the reality is when your dog passes on you are in a world of hurt. Blinded by the pain. For those losing a dog for the first time they might not know how to deal with it. Or feel guilty that they cried more when their dog died than when a close friend did.

    For me I had had dogs before but was not the sole person in the household when the dog was raised and trained. With my dear sweet Jack Russell Queenie I was the only one in the house. The sole person, the bond that was built was close. Man and his dog type of bond. I later got married and the dog then had a pack of 2 with her. She was over 15 years old when we put her to slept. I was hoping she would make it to One mistake people make is to say well you had 15 years with her as if that at all takes away the pain and loss of a dear sweet dog who was a loving member of your family for over 15 years.

    Later after the intense grief has happened and time has passed the good memories of your special dog will bring happiness again. There is noting that compares to the loss felt after losing your special dog. Except maybe losing a child. The good news is that after the grief passes you will cherish the memories of your sweet special dog again,.

    He was always there to greet me when I came home from business trips late at night while the rest of my family slept. Always happy always loyal. He never let me down. My faithful beautiful Titan. I miss him so badly, it hurts. I feel so guilty. God bless you Titan…. Lost my best friend jake 1 week ago tomorrow he was a 10 and half year old German shepherd I loved him so much and I know he loved me I got jake just after I lost my husband and he kept me saine and gave me a reason to carry on now he has gone it is so hard I feel for everyone that loses there beloved pets and send them all my best wishes.

    Thank you for this post. As I read your posts, I cry. I am putting my beloved Boston terrier down tomorrow. She has brought our family nothing but joy. We are devastated. My other Boston is acting strange already. She licks her paws and now they are raw. I am worried about her too. Reading your posts make me feel like I am not alone in my grief.

    I had to put my little girl to sleep 4 weeks ago, she had lymphoma, she was only 6 and we rescued her three and a half years ago. I miss her so much and am struggling with simple things. She was my first ever dog and I did everything with her. My Big Fella a week ago today had to be put to sleep at 11 yrs…………….. I am distraught and heart broken and just cant stop the tears……………. Bernadette I feel your pain and I wish I could say it will ease…………..

    My darling Dexter went to heaven today,I feel all your pain sending all of you a big hug,take care of yourselves x. I thank Lisa for writing this article and all of the comments. My beloved dog of 10 years passed on 2 weeks ago. Both my wife and I are in a deep state of grief. In that, my dog gave me a glimpse as to what heaven is like! As part of my healing process, I wrote in my journal like crazy for a week.

    After that I edited it down into a letter to my dog, which I put with her ashes. I also wrote a letter that was from my dog to me that summarized all that she taught me. This included cherishing those rare few who you have unconditional love for who also have unconditional love for you. For me, that is my dog and my dad; both who are no longer alive. Fortunately, I still have my mom and my wife to receive and give such unconditional love. If I take nothing else into eternity, it will my love of these beings and my love for God through Jesus.

    I lost my baby yesterday and know I did everything in the world for him. He had my whole heart. Today it will be 1 year since my best friend Dallas passed away. I still think about her every single day and the pain still hurts me to the core. This article and posts helped me so much in the early days and I thank you for this. RIP Dallas, a beautiful, kind, gentle Soul. Thank you for this article and for all the comments.

    I am so sorry for all of your losses — and I totally understand the pain. We put our beloved I also feel the guilt of having made the choice to let him go. My husband is traveling for business this week and I am dreading coming home at the end of the workday. I keep looking for him. Thanks for this post it was quite relatable.

    I recently lost the one nearest to my heart and it left me shattered. I am aching from the inside and I have been left alone on this and it feels impossible to overcome. Tigerlilly was everything that I did things for.

    Great Literature, From the Family Pet

    I have had 2 other dogs who I loved very much, but when she died it hurt the most. I grew up with three dogs: her sister Tinkerbell, Corkie, and Her. She grieved with me when the others died, and became much closer with me. While it may have seemed that she was the one supporting me, I did my best to support her and keep her spirit light. Tigerlilly has been there since the earliest memory I can recall of adopting her when I was four, she was tiny but beautiful and perfect.

    She died on the 19th but I still feel intense pain over losing her. This would have been her 13th birthday. She died just a month away. I miss her, and love her so immensely. However I am vexed. Would she approve? Can I use the things she taught me with a new dog? He was the perfect dog, friendly, playful, loved people and playing with his toys. He had been sneezing with small amounts of blood coming out. We took him to his vet where they did their test, they found nothing but prescribed some meds to stop the bleeding. It worked for awhile but started back up again. It was suggested to take him to a vet specialist.

    M mom took him in the morning with his overnight bag with his treats and some of his toys expecting to pick him up later that day or the next morning. She received a call later from the doctor saying he had numerous cancer in his nasal passage and would not live a good quality of live for the next weeks, he was put to sleep that afternoon. We miss him so much, miss his face smiling up at us, miss him with his silly toys, miss him moving doing his happy dance when he was about to go for his walks. I cant look at his picture on my phone without tearing up.

    He will never be forgotten and will always be missed and never replaced. My little Bailey passed away last night, he was going through a lot of issues with his newly diagnosed IBD diagnosed 2 months ago and probably lymphoma, when yesterday he suddenly started breathing fast and was more than lethargic, just floppy. The vet said his blood pressure was very low, and from the X-rays it looked like new onset pneumonia. She said Bailey was in septic shock. He never recovered. He died in his sleep last night after the vet was administering drugs in order to stabilize his blood pressure.

    He was an I am simply devastated. Bailey was almost human to me, there will never be another like that beautiful baby boy. My dalmatian passed away today. He had lymphoma and was deteriorating so rapidly that we put him down today. He would have been 2 years old in January. Him getting cancer so early was apparently a genetic thing. Not sure if we can address that to the breeder or not. Anyways, I feel your pain. I just wish we could have had more time for him. His spirit was so amazing.

    He was wagging his tail and so happy to see me and anyone for that matter right until the end. I am suffering so much right now. My sweet girl was put down 2 nights ago. She had been sick with uncontrollable diabetes for over a year. She had gone blind and had glaucoma. Her fight was amazing and she was so brave. She stopped eating when I was away on vacation and the guilt that I have for not being home when she got sick is paralyzing. I know she was critically dehydrated and must have been in pain but never showed it. I feel guilty for the pain I unknowingly put her through.

    I just cannot stop crying. Today, I smelled her blankets and had to lay down on them and cry. All of the above. We put down our old boy Bucker 15 and our baby Jenny 10 in the same week in June, Bucker stressed me for over a year, wondering when he would go. And then dear sweet Jenny, went over the course of about 6 weeks. The pain, the guilt, all of it. Please accept my condolences for all of your losses and be kind to yourselves as you grieve and heal.

    Hugo has been gone almost three years now and wherever he is I know he is smiling, knowing so many of his canine brethren were as loved and treasured as he was. Just came home from taking my precious Jemma girl, a 9 year old Old English Bulldogge to a vet specialist due to several recent changes in her ability to walk. My heart is literally breaking into as I try to reason through the situation.

    At this time she is still eating well and able to go to the restroom but can hardly walk and is in obvious pain, although the pain meds are helping control the pain I think. I am at a total loss…devastated and unsure of what to do next. Then i came upon this article and each of you precious souls who have written comments. Prayers for each of you as you fight through this grieving process! Any and all advise would be greatly appreciated! It definitely hurts, im dealing with day I want him here, but I would rather he be in peace.

    Ask me that same question in an hour and I will say I want him back immediately. It comes and goes with me. Tears, hurt, lost, confusion. He was my baby. I miss her more than ever.. I rescued Buster, my Boston Terrier 10 years ago when he was 1 year old from the pet shop from hell. He had been given to this pet store from his original owner, probably for a couple bucks. I nursed him back to health and he was mine for 10 years.

    He died last week from cancer. I miss him so much and I truly loved this little dog. I will say Buster enjoyed every day of his life. He was eager to play, loved all the new smells on his walk in the park everyday, or just laying beside me while watching TV. I a writing this to help myself, but also to let others know that Buster was on this planet with us and he was exceptional. I feel paralyzed with grief and the tears come from out of nowhere without warning. Lizzie was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease 3yrs ago and it has been a marathon of meds and special diets.

    When they worked it was a gift from heaven but poor Lizzie would have episodes that seem to take a toll on her in a progressive manner. Each time it would take her a little longer to bounce back and this time although I fought to admit it, Lizzie and I both seemed to understand this would be her final battle. Lizzie began to go down about two weeks before the end with loss of bladder control while sleeping and loss of motor control while walking to finally three days before her passing refusing all water and food.

    I know it was the humane thing to do for someone who had given me such joy and companionship for the last yrs. Koda who is 12 yrs old wanders the house looking for her as well, they were constant companions and he is confused as to where she could possibly be, so we will grieve together. I wonder if the intensity of my grief is not only for the loss of my dear sweet Lizzie, but the knowledge of the future heartache I will be experiencing when I must say goodbye to my little man Koda, age 12, Rocky, my lover boy cuddle bum cat age 12, or Liam my long tall drink of water cat, that loves laying out under the open sky at night on the back patio and then sleeps in his favorite closet all day.

    In closing, I can relate to others here in the comments, that feel as if they have never before felt this level of grief. The last time I cried this hard was when my mother passed away without warning from a massive heart attack in I felt hollow with a stone in my chest that once used to be my heart, that feeling is back and I recognize that it will in time pass, after all I have other fur babies that need and deserve my love and attention. Thank You for your article and giving myself and others an outlet for the pain.

    A couple weeks shy of 16 years old. She was rail thin, not even the most expensive canine dementia medications worked anymore. Looking in her eyes there was always joy and playfulness despite the cainine dementia but then the light was dim and vacant. We carried her to the vet where she passed peacefully. Her ashes are still in the box they got delivered in — in my nightstand for my private closeness.

    Gone but never forgotten — the most special being I have ever known. We just lost our dog 2 nights ago. His name was Forrest , he was a pug. My wife and I were devastated. He was my best friend, my child , shadow. He slept in bed with us, sat in a chair at the picnic table. Floated on an air mattress in the pool. He was always around just watching. Trying not to sob at work. I agree that it feels worse than losing some human companions. My deepest sympathy for everyone going through this, not matter how long ago it happened. It took a long time, but literally 2 weeks ago I found myself looking at rescue dogs online for the first time.

    And, POOF, there he was. A weird looking, snaggletoothed little YorkiePoo with eyes that looked directly into my soul. Literal love at first sight! Brought him home last week. I hope you get there soon. My JRT had Cushings and then diabetes and other things even though he was only 8 years old. Our dog was no angel because he was fear aggressive and he had nipped a number of people, but my husband and i who have no kids were deeply attached to him.

    I personally had him no more than 2 feet away from me in all his 8 years and he slept on my bed. I never cried this much over any relative even my dad when he died because i spent more time with Max than any other living being ever. My daughter would do the feeding and her dad and I would clean up after Max. I'm shedding tears as I type..

    Its been 7 years, i still think about him almost every day, and still almost come to tears. He loved to swim. He died of Distemper virus in my arms as I was trying to hold him during a seizure which then realised had stopped his lungs. Is the only thing in my life that is really too sad, it kills me inside. I know the only sense of relief from the sadness is to find a new dog when I am settled, but I had had many dogs before him and none of them were that magnificent and I doubt the next dog will be either. I lost my fur baby Oscar yesterday to cancer and I miss him so much.

    I feel what you felt, especially the part about a piece of me is now missing. The house is empty without his presence and love. Thanks for your article. I lost my beautiful maltese girl of 11 years and half on She had heart murmur and progressive heart failure, right before her death we went to seaside vacation together. She was coughing, but everything else was normal.

    She was on meds, but on the 2nd night there things went for worse…We drove her to vet office and she died there. I am so hurt and devastated, she was my best friend……. I love her so much….. Please tell me this hurt will go away? I put my white Westie terrier to sleep 8 yrs ago and i still think about him almost every day. That was rude which made Eraser angry.

    Realizing the value of teamwork and how mistakes are part of growing are important life lessons for children. Eraser is a fun and engaging story that reminds children about the power of collaboration and how mistakes truly do make us great. Giveaway begins at Friday, September 21, at a.

    Please click the link below to enter. As an author, Anna regularly goes through first, second, and third drafts. Chris wears down many erasers while making his art. This husband-and-wife team lives in New Jersey with their two daughters and their rescue dog. When I was a young child, my favorite animal was penguins. I loved going to the zoo and watching them waddle, swim, and eat fish. Oliver becomes so fascinated with sea otters that he spends the next day mimicking otter behavior as he performs daily tasks. For example, Otter puts his bologna on his chest at lunch because otters use their bodies as a plate.

    When his dad places him in the shopping cart seat at the grocery store, Oliver gives his dad a long green string because otter moms tie their babies with kelp to prevent them from getting lost. As a reading specialist, I am always looking for quality picture books to read to students and share with teachers. Author Lisa Connors has written an engaging text that will keep students interested, for young children will be able to easily relate to Oliver and his animal antics. It was released in February About the Author and Illustrator:. Lisa Connors spent her childhood exploring fields and catching frogs in a nearby stream.

    No frogs were harmed in her adventures; she would build them a raft and set them floating back down the stream. Now she shares her love of science and nature through writing. Karen and her family live outside of Raleigh, NC. I had the immense pleasure of reading an advance copy of this heartwarming picture book with my bookexcursion group and have been eagerly awaiting its official release. Now only 6 days until my finished copy arrives on September 18, Lulu sleeps under the moon, drinking from mud puddles and is covered in ticks until she is rescued. She waits for the Operation Rescue Dog truck, scared and uncertain.

    Alma misses her Mami, who is far away in Iraq. She wonders: Can a dog feel like a hug? In this heartwarming and moving picture book, a lonely child and a lonely dog come together and find warmth, companionship, and love in each other. Being a dog mom of two rescue beagles, this book has my whole heart. Even more so because my husband and I met Etta Her shelter name was actually Lauren.

    Like Lulu, Etta was transported from the south to the north although she was rescued due to a hoarding situation. Etta was underweight, which tugged at our hearts. We know how much beagles love food! After sending an email, completing the application, and getting approved, we drove up to New Jersey to adopt Etta that following Saturday, 6 days after meeting her. Thank you Maria for advocating for animals! I feel blessed to have Etta and Bella in my life and love sharing my blog with them even though Bella is now a bit skittish when posing with books.

    Luckily, Etta is always willing to pose for treats! A winner will be chosen on September 18, Please click on the link below to enter. Maria Gianferrari loves dogs, especially her rescue dog, Becca. She loves them so much that all of her fiction picture books published thus far contain a dog main character! As an animal lover, Maria has been rescuing creatures unofficially all her life. Her most recent rescue was a five-lined skink stranded in her cellar. She lives in Leesburg, Virginia with Becca, her scientist husband and artist daughter. Monster Mayhem by Christopher Elipoulos. Young Zoe is a genius at building robots and loves watching old monster movies.

    She is not a mastermind at making friends her own age. Scarred by a bad experience with a former classmate, Zoe tries to convince herself and the adults in her life that she is better off being alone. Walking home from school one day, Zoe finds a gold ring, puts it on, and gives it a twist. The next day, she is shocked to see a monster from one of her favorite movies outside her window.

    While the magic ring may have granted her secret wish of wanting a friend, more monsters are on their way, and they are not as friendly as her new monster friend, Chomp. Can Zoe alone save her city from the hungry monsters or will she finally be willing to trust others and ask for help? While reading Cosmic Commandos is not a prerequisite, there is a connection between both graphic novels. Fast paced and full of adventure and humor, readers will love Zoe who has a talent for creating and problem solving in school but struggles with asking for help and building relationships with her peers.

    Monster Mayhem recently released in August Polka Dot Parade celebrates the life of Bill Cunningham, the legendary bicycling photographer who snapped photographs of fashionable New Yorkers for almost 40 years. Bill did not merely snap pictures of those who followed fashion; rather, his focus was people who made fashion.

    Bill thought that fashion was truly about freedom and being true to yourself. Readers discover that Bill began his career as a hatmaker and a fashion writer before becoming a photographer. Like the U. Postal Service, no weather deterred Bill from hopping on his bike to take pictures. Throughout his career, 30 bicycles served as his transportation. Readers will be not only inspired by his amazing talent but also for teaching the importance of finding and having a job that you truly love. It recently published on August 28, Rosie lives with a comfortable life with George, but sometimes, she gets lonely and wishes for a canine companion.

    On their usual walk, George decides they need to try something new so they venture to the dog park which is full of dogs. Rosie though still feels lonely and a bit afraid around all these strange dogs. When Rosie first meets Maurice, a Saint Bernard and small, energetic Fifi, she does not like them and wants to go home.