Jesse (The Secret Life of Cowboys)

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With ever last penny she had, she opened up her own Guilty Pleasure's Lingerie and Fragrances massage oils. Only someone in town wasn't too happy about it. They blamed it on bored teenagers, but someone took a baseball bat and a knife to her store, knocking down walls and shelves and tearing ever scrap of Lingerie in the store. Ronnie was mortified, but she wasn't going to let it run her out of town.. She was making friends and loved the small town on Pleasure.

Emily and Tyler Tyler is the oldest brother from the first book of this series were mentioned a lot in this story, Emily is Ronnie's good friend. So when Emily, blindfold Ronnie for her 25th birthday and lead around by her and Jolene The owner of Lucky Star bar and strip club and brought into the club to be lassoed by the hottest and sexiest Cowboy around. Ronnie, a past that had her retreating in her tracks, tried to resist his charm, but fell hopelessly into the birthday kiss he coaxed out of her.

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Dylan didn't want to work at Lucky Star, but Jolene needed him to fill in until she could find his replacement. But on this night, trying to coax a Birthday kiss from this Brunette that fought him the whole way, that is, until his lips touched hers. Then as her body melted to his, he didn't want to let her go - ever. As luck would have it, Dylan was asked by Emily to help fix up Ronnie's shop. Being the only Garahan brother who worked in construction. Although Ronnie didn't have the money to pay him for his labor, she agreed to cook the brother's dinner every night until the job was finished.

The chase in the book was great! I loved that they both had real every day problems that seemed to turn their heads around. Even though they kept replaying that single kiss in their heads over and over until it drove them crazy, they both had ex's from their pasts that hurt them deeply. They couldn't think about being with someone else.. But like I said, it was the chase.

Dylan is a very stubborn Irishman and he has alot of work on his hands trying to help run the ranch. It's a job for 20 men, and there is only the 3 of them.. Then there is Ronnie, a very stubborn Italian woman. And all Ronnie could think about was the Family Curse, and that Kiss - was this Irishman really worth risking having the Family Curse hit her?? Was she willing to risk it?? Would Dylan be able to convince Ronnie that the curse wasn't a curse at all?? It was worth it to read it and find out : Great story!

Jesse (Secret Life of Cowboys Series #3) by C. H. Admirand, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Not one of those Garahan men have been housebroken yet. And damned if each and ever one of those rodeo cowboys didn't break nearly every bone in their bodies just like the song said, and they couldn't wait until they were almost healed so they could compete in the next go-round. View all 6 comments. Cowboys, a little naked time, and lot of construction fun.

This story reeled me in quickly. The writing is tight and the story line is exciting. The characters don't just fall madly in love moments after of meeting. There's a chase. There's a peacock dance of sorts that has them both trying to decide if it's worth trying to have a something between them.

And being able to see the characters from the first book, Tyler, I felt like I was reading about old friends. There's some suspense in this heated story. Ronnie's got someone mad at her and her store gets destroyed. I felt bad. I mean, I really felt the pain she endured seeing her work slashed and crushed. I could see him being the one to help her, and I liked Dylan's role.

He's the construction muscle. CH Admirand writes him so well, I could really visualize him there working and flexing to right the wrongs. I loved the way Ronnie puts him off. Yes, she gives in here and there, but overall she gives him a run for his money. I don't want to get into the details and ruin the story, but I enjoyed the heat and the way things played out.

Dylan and Ronnie are a great pair. If you want a story that's got heat, heart and a little mystery to keep you guessing, then you need to read Dylan. I recommend it. Feb 21, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: c-h-admirand. Welcome back to Pleasure, Texas. This story by C. Admirand is Dylan and Ronnie's.

Jesse (Secret Life of Cowboys Series #3)

Dylan is the middle Garahan son. He and his two brothers, Tyler and Jesse, own the Circle G ranch. They are having financial difficulties and are behind on the mortgage and the grain feed bill.

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Their ranch has been in the family for one hundred and fifty years and the boys are determined not to lose it. Tyler was the first one to get a second job as a stripper at the Lucky Star bar. When he became injured by the b Welcome back to Pleasure, Texas. When he became injured by the bull named, Widowmaker, Dylan was drafted for the job until Tyler could return.

The pay was too good to walk away from It was during his shift one night that Dylan was dancing for the birthday girl who happened to be Ronnie. One look was all it took and he was a goner. Ronnie moved to Pleasure from New Jersey. She wanted a fresh start. When she found out her boyfriend was running around with her best friend they both became ex's. She wanted someplace where she knew no one and no one knew her. She found that in Pleasure. She started a business there named Wicked Pleasures.

It was a shop that sold fancy lingerie and massage oils. But someone in town had a thing against some of the business' owned by women. Unfortunately Ronnie's shop was a target and much damage was done. Dylan was also a carpenter on the side and was hired to make repairs to Ronnie's shop. At her birthday when she met Dylan she also felt an instant attraction. She knew she had to fight this because she would never be hurt like that again. This is their story. How they fought love but love won out. This is a book too good to pass up.

The Secret Life of Cowboys is a series about the Garahan brothers but each book has a HEA with no cheating and can be read as a standalone. Mar 11, Dorine rated it liked it. In an effort to save the Texas ranch owned by his family for decades, Dylan Garahan works part-time at a strip club. His role at the Lucky Star is to lasso the birthday girl and reel her in.

She arrang In an effort to save the Texas ranch owned by his family for decades, Dylan Garahan works part-time at a strip club. She arranges to cook at a ranch in exchange for help with her store. That seems to be a fair deal until she realizes the carpenter who will be helping her is the same cowboy who lassoed her on her birthday. Dylan is a typical alpha male and sometimes I thought Ronnie would smack him for being an over-the-top alpha.

She has plenty of sass to throw back at him but that just intrigues Dylan more. Sparks fly from their very first meeting which is a surefire sign that their relationship, if it can surpass their fear of commitment and their over-possessive tempers, will be a passionate fiery ride. Well, that brings a whole new theme of excitement to their sexual attraction. You know that their relationship will be a steamy one. But even what seems like paradise has some hurdles to overcome before they find their unity. In my opinion, the hero and heroine spent too much time talking to themselves out loud instead of to each other.

I prefer the couple working out their differences together so the self-talk was distracting, especially since it was quoted and not italicized, which meant I wondered if they were really talking to themselves, or just thinking half the time. There were also some actions described repetitively, and although I appreciated the point made by them, they were too frequent for my taste.

Fans of the first book will enjoy catching up with the oldest brother, Tyler, and Emily. The Garahan men definitely know how to fight to win and love forever. I think their women secretly know exactly how to tame them enough to become steadfast life-mates. Or maybe, their women are just as wild as the Garahan brothers? I really enjoyed the last few chapters of this novel. The tension created ended in such a maelstrom of hilarity that it was a perfect finale. Review Courtesy of RomanceJunkies. Jun 29, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: guiltypleasures-daniella.

Daniella's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Hmmm…. Tyler is a surefire winner from CH Admirand. Gotta love those Garahan boys!!!! When they agree to do something and shake on it, they do not go back on their word even if the "something" is not exactly what they presumed it to be.

All that was going through my mind while reading this was a take-off pun intended of Luke Bryan's song "Country Girl Shake it " and I was humming "Country Boy, shake it for me" with a big smile while enjoying how their budding relationship played out. After jumping in and becoming "one of the guys", Tyler goes after exactly who he wants.

No matter what Emily just has to realize that she wants him, he wants her and…there ya have it - you would think it would be that simple, but nothing is ever simple with stubborn mule-headed people! Dylan is the second Garahan story. The way he falls for his love is while helping out at The Lucky Star, that boy can lasso very nicely!!! Ronnie Delvecchio is a hot tempered brunette who needs a handyman to help repair her.

Ronnie has always been told about a family curse regarding her love life and tries so hard to not fall for Dylan but she loves him too hard to avoid him. When an hotheaded Italian barrel rider from New Jersey love it meets and falls for the man and the land sparks fly and even though it's gonna be a crazy trip for them to finally be together, it is a fun read along the way!

Jesse is the third Garahan story, and so much fun to read! CH Admirand's characters were down to earth and I was happy to be turning pages to see how things progressed in the book between Jesse Garahan, Danielle Brockway and her tiny little blond spitfire daughter Lacy.

This is the third book in the Secret Life of Cowboys Series and it is a definitely a keeper right next to the first two. Love to read about the down on her luck lady who tries not to but falls into the life of Jesse Garahan. He doesn't want to fall for her but between her and her little daughter, Jesse is doomed - in a beautiful way.

The old adage of never working with children or animals in Hollywood also goes for books. Little Lacy is a smart heart-string tugging cutie-pie pun intended! Jesse, Dylan and Tyler are truly soft-hearted cowboys who you will love to read about again and again. I give this a resounding 4 stars!! I closed the last page of each book with a smile because you cannot help but smile with people of Pleasure, Texas. These will be well-worn, dog-eared books. We are also introduced to a few more relatives, the cousins—quite a few cousins—sigh, that CH dangles in front of the reader with just enough alpha male yumminess a word in my cowboy dictionary for you to remember.

Maybe in the next books? All three stories are beautiful and should be read in order, they can be read separately but together they are like a delicious layer cake with the perfect amount of icing. The way the people of this town are written pull us into the town and we become part of the quirkiness that makes Pleasure the kind of town it is. Hot cowboys who know how to treat their women…women who know how to treat their men…an uncle who makes pie…a woman's club, a lingerie shop named Guilty Pleasures and a cute kid, what else do you really need???

You won't be disappointed! Dylan, the second book in the "Secret Life of Cowboys" trilogy, takes off pretty much from where Tyler ended. Jessie is dealing with his pretty constant female issues and Dylan is single. Tyler no longer works at the Lucky Star, but as this book begins, we find our middle Garahan brother strutting his stuff for the ladies at the strip club as a favor to Jolene Langley, Emily's cousin and the owner of the Lucky Star Dylan, the second book in the "Secret Life of Cowboys" trilogy, takes off pretty much from where Tyler ended.

Tyler no longer works at the Lucky Star, but as this book begins, we find our middle Garahan brother strutting his stuff for the ladies at the strip club as a favor to Jolene Langley, Emily's cousin and the owner of the Lucky Star. One this particular evening three ladies walk into the Lucky Star, one blindfolded.

My Secret Life as a Ping-Pong Wizard #9

Dylan lassoes the female, her girlfriend removes the blindfold and Dylan then reels the lassoed one in. The girl, New Jersey transplant Ronnie DelVecchio, is not thrilled, but Dylan is totally attracted to the green eyed brunette with an attitude. When he kisses her in front of the crowd, Ronnie at first struggles, then melts into the hot cowboy, then does a turn around and stiffens up on Dylan.

That doesn't deter Dylan in the least.

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From the first kiss at the Lucky Star, Dylan knows he has to make Ronnie his. Ronnie on the other hand, while attracted to Dylan, struggles to keep her distance all because of a family "curse". Only problem with that is, Dylan is doing carpentry work on Ronnie's shop "Guilty Pleasures" which was vandalized. In exchange for the work Dylan is doing, Ronnie has agreed to cook for the Garahan brothers. The back and forth between Dylan and Ronnie builds and builds until something gives. If you want to know what that is, you have to read Dylan! I really enjoyed reading Dylan.

The Garahan boys totally had me with Tyler and this story only enhanced my love for the handsome cowboys. Ronnie DelVecchio is completely my kind of chick! She doesn't let anyone get over on her. She can hot-wire a car, she can cook and boy does she have sass. I love how C. That has only make me want Jessie's story NOW. Dylan is a poignant romance about two modern day people with deep roots to their perspective heritages. Dylan is not set to release until January 1st, but C. Admirand was so gracious as to send me the ARC now. I had already been a fan of hers with Tyler.

If you haven't read Tyler, you should. The Garahan brothers are an interesting lot to explore. Thank goodness, because I'm already going through Garahan withdrawal and that's not a good thing! View all 3 comments. Jun 11, Tori Macallister rated it really liked it Shelves: in-kindle , the-latest. Admirand Sourcebooks, January 1, In the second book, Dylan, the quietest of the Garahan brothers agrees to take over for Tyler, who has had a nasty run in with a bull at the end of the previous book. Ronnie DelVecchio is a transplant from New Jersey. But running away is slightly complicated by the fact that her friend Emily has arranged for Dylan to help Ronnie put her store back together after the town vandals decimated the interior.

Her gut tells her that she is in danger whenever Dylan is around. He might hesitate to talk, but his tender actions and hot loving tells her practically everything she needs to know about the kind of man he is. Dylan gave his heart to his childhood sweetheart only to get hurt when she wiped the dust of town off her feet eight years later and headed off to adventure.

You will love the law that gets invoked at the end of the book! Feb 26, Heather Book Savvy Babe rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , review-on-blog. I was able to catch on to the story and the scenarios pretty quickly. Each book is about a separate couple, so reading the books out of order did not throw me. Ronnie is new to town, she owns a lingerie shop that had been broken into. She is trying to put her life together and establish her business and her new home.

When Ronnie finds out her repairman is Dylan, the hottie cowboy who lassoed her, Ronnie is not sure if she will be able to keep her focus on her business.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. Ronnie is an independent woman, and proud of it.

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  8. The small town people are harassing Ronnie because of what she sells lingerie and other sexy items , and Ronnie is just trying to fit in. When Dylan is suddenly in her life, acting protective and alpha male, Ronnie flips a bit, and that is to be expected. While I enjoyed the story, I found that some parts of the romance and the dynamics between Dylan and Ronnie were a bit trite. There are some definite cheesy, eye-rolling moments.

    What really got to me was the constant back and forth, Ronnie likes Dylan then she pushes him away. I will say that I read the galley copy, so some of my qualms with the book may have been fixed after editing. And, as I said, overall I thought the story was enjoyable. So, I rate Dylan almost 3 stars. Nov 17, Terra rated it really liked it.

    I normally don't read western romances but I'm ever so glad I did in this case. Gonna hunt down book one about Tyler next as they boys are totally hawt! It was such a treat to read such a sensual story with high emotions and even higher heat. Ronnie is a very attractive young lady from the East Coast who has decided that a change of scenario and of life in general is a major must need after dumping her cheating ex. Starting over financially and geographically is the easy part but when she comes t I normally don't read western romances but I'm ever so glad I did in this case.

    Starting over financially and geographically is the easy part but when she comes to the bump in the road of a tall, dark and hunky cowboy she shies away like a spooked horse. Dylan has been hurt hard. Tall, dark and handsome is an understatement for one of his clan of brothers. With lips that will sizzle your panties off and a Texas drawl that can rope you in heart and soul it's hard to imagine any woman saying no to him. Texas cowboy to the hilt, he works hard, loves hard and plays harder and this is as easy to him as putting his boots on in the morning.

    This is a wonderful story of ranch life in full swing with all it's hardships and wonders. A story ripe with everything in enormous proportions. Life's hard, work's harder, love is like a Thunderstorm hovering on the horizon with emotions flaring from one extreme to the next lickity split without a pause. A story where the sex is actually hotter than the Southern heat.

    I loved this actually. Sourcebooks, Inc. Loneliness Will Take a Man Places Jesse Garahan has plenty of Irish charm, but having had his heart demolished twice, he's sworn off women forever. But There May Be Places He Doesn't Want To Go Fiercely protective of her little girl, Danielle isn't about to let Jesse get anywhere close enough to hurt either of them, no matter how much longing she sees in his eyes. Chapter Chapter 9. Jesse C. She has published nine bestselling novels.

    The Secret Life of Cowboys was her first series for Sourcebooks. She lives with her husband, who is the inspiration for all of her heroes' best traits, in New Jersey. Admirand Sourcebooks, Inc. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4.