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Shopping and Travel Math Puzzles Puzzles with a "real world" scenario are especially enjoyable. The shopping math and travel math puzzles are not extremely difficult, but they do require some thinking, giving you a sense of satisfaction as you solve each. One reason shopping and travel math puzzles are implicitly interesting is because solving them does not involve a sequence of very similar steps that are designed to practice the same skill. The novelty of each puzzle adds to their interest. Some of the puzzles are multiple choice and some require a numerical answer.

Answers follow are at the bottom of each puzzle page. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Live life to the fullest! Travel the world! Have more fun! Daily puzzle solving will help you to enjoy yourself when View Product. Success starts with a sharper mind! Boost your vocabulary and pattern matching ability. Increase your Improve your English! Rejuvenate your brain! Boost your pattern recognition ability! Increase your IQ for Be successful in work, love, finance, business profession and stay healthy with daily puzzle solving!

Have fun boosting your IQ Letters or numerals representing a heavenly body or a natural phenomenon. Goods Sealants for driveways, sealants for roofs, sealants for joints, general purpose sealants. SERVICES Restaurant, bar, tavern, cocktail lounge and nightclub services; casinos; hotel and resort services; providing temporary accommodations to clients of a hotel or resort; lounge services; night clubs; spa services for health and wellness; body care services namely, massages and rubs, back massages, body massages, deep tissue body massages, full body massages, foot massages, arm and hand massages, facial massages, hair removal waxing, body wraps, body masks, body scrubs, body soaks, mud masks, sauna, steam showers, Vichy shower massages, facials, microdermabrasions, and esthetic services.

Goods Computer games; downloadable electronic games; video games; interactive multimedia computer games; video games for use on mobile phones, tablets and other electronic mobile devices; computer games downloadable to mobile phones, tablets and other electronic mobile devices; computer application software, namely computer games; high performance computer hardware with specialized features for enhanced game playing ability.

SERVICES 1 Financial services, namely the provision of specialist advice in the field of real estate financing; Managing investment funds in the field of real estate; Financial investments in the field of real estate; Investment of funds for others; Capital investment services; Capital fund management services; capital investment in real estate; Investment management and administration services; Financial risk management services; Financial planning, management, investment management and consultation in the field of real estate. SERVICES 1 Financial services, namely the provision of specialist advice in the field of real estate financing; Managing investment funds in the field of real estate; Financial investments in the field of real estate; Investment of funds for others; Capital investment services; Capital fund management services; capital investment in real estate; Investment management and administration services; Financial risk management services; Real estate property management services; leasing of real estate on behalf of others; leasing of office space on behalf of others; leasing of industrial, commercial and manufacturing space on behalf of others; leasing of retail and shopping centre space on behalf of others; Condominium corporation management and condominium property management services; Leasing of apartments on behalf of others; Building and landscape maintenance and repair services.

Image Description Vienna Two lines or bands. The Chinese mark has no meaning in any language to the applicant's knowledge. Image Description Vienna Telecommunication, television, sound recording or sound reproduction apparatus and equipment, computers. Recording tapes, cassettes for recording tapes. Segments of circles or ellipses except More than two circles or ellipses, inside one another, spirals. Goods Computer software for composing music and for creating and editing musical recordings; computer software featuring musical sound recordings for entertainment purposes, namely digital music downloadable from internet and downloadable music files; downloadable software in the form of a mobile application for composing music and for creating and editing musical recordings; downloadable software via Internet and wireless devices for composing music and for creating and editing musical recordings.

Goods Class 09 1 Computer hardware, computer software, namely, computer games; downloadable software applications apps , namely in the form of games, cartoons, animated television and online shows, animated movies; computer games for use on mobile and cellular phones, tablets and computers; pre-recorded CDs and DVDs containing computer games, cartoons, animated television or online shows, animated movies; tablet computers, mobile phones, cellular phones, portable computers, handheld computers; eyewear, namely eyeglasses, sunglasses; magnetically encoded plastic debit, credit, and phone cards, cards for use as credit cards, charge cards; bank cards being encoded, magnetic and machine readable; magnetically encoded, machine readable gift cards; cases adapted for mobile phones, sunglasses, eyewear, computers, electronic tablets, contact lenses; parts for use with computer hardware and computer games;.

Class 16 2 Paper, cardboard, writing apparatus and stationery, namely paint brushes, pens and pencils; calendars; adhesive printed stickers; birthday cards, greeting cards, blank cards namely, correspondence cards, blank greeting cards, blank birthday cards, blank thank you cards and blank note cards, gift cards, note cards, trading cards other than for games; colouring books, crayons, pens, pencils; booklets, printed matter for use with games, namely, guides to computer games; magazines, periodicals, posters;.

Class 25 3 Clothing, namely, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, children's shirts, golf shirts, dress shirts, jackets, socks, underwear, pyjamas, nightwear, swimsuits, singlets, vests, jeans, sweatpants, shorts; footwear, namely, running shoes, casual shoes, sandals; headgear, namely baseball hats, golf hats, knit hats, sun hats;. Class 28 4 Toys and playthings, namely baby toys, beach toys, educational toys, electronic action toys, mechanical toys, musical toys, pet toys, small toys, squeeze toys, stuffed toys; battery-powered computer game with screen, electronic game consoles, handheld computer games; coin-operated amusement electronic games; card games, board games, playing cards, trading card games, printed lottery scratch cards; decorations for Christmas trees, party novelties namely, paper party hats, party balloons, party favours, party games and party hats, toy figures, play figures, plush figures toys ;.

Class 42 2 Design and development of computer hardware and software; rental of computer software; updating of computer software; development of computer software application solutions; hosting of software as a service SaaS in the field of computer games; online provision of web-based software, namely for the creation and provision of web pages and non-downloadable software to and for others, maintenance of computer software; rental of games software; repair of computer software; software as a service SaaS in the field of computer gaming; software creation; advisory and consultancy services relating to the design and development of computer hardware and software; provision of information relating to the design and development of computer hardware and software; non-downloadable computer games streamed over the Internet.

Goods Clothing, namely dresses, bridal gowns, bridal wear, bridesmaids gowns, flower girl gowns boleros, fur jackets, jackets, shawls, formal evening wear, debutante gowns, cocktail dresses, evening wear, bras, corsets, chemises, lingerie, stockings, hosiery, leggings, garters, girdles, petticoats, bath robes, bodysuits, pyjamas, sleep masks, slimming underwear, underclothing for women, men's formal wear, tuxedos, neckties, vests, gloves; bridal clothing accessories, namely veils, bridal sashes and belts; Headwear, namely bridal headwear, bridal headpieces, headbands, hats, millinery; Footwear, namely bridal shoes, evening footwear, dress shoes, high heels.

Goods Printing and photographic materials for use in the fields of printing and photography namely paper, plastic or film based media used as a printing substrate in inkjet printers, namely, paper substrates onto which digital images are printed, transparent, opaque and translucent films, adhesive plastic; mounting film for mounting photographs and posters to substrates.

Goods nail products in the form of nail lacquer, nail polishes, fingernail topcoats and fingernail bottom coats, nail brushes, body beauty products, namely massage oils, body lotions and body scrubs. Goods decorative flakes for use in coatings for commercial, industrial and residential flooring.

Goods Class 05 2 pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of cancer; radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive pharmaceutical preparations for medical purposes for the treatment of cancer; radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer; drug delivery agents for delivery of radioactive materials to target sites within the body for the treatment of cancer; beads, namely, microscopic radioactive beads for treatment of cancerous tumours; radioactive glass beads.

Class 10 1 radiotherapy apparatus for delivery of radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive material to target sites within the body; surgical and medical apparatus and instruments for delivery of radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive material to target sites within the body; radioactive beads, namely, radioactive glass beads administered for treatment of cancerous tumours; medical devices, apparatus, and instruments for treating cancer, namely, medical devices, apparatus and instruments for use in transarterial chemoembolization.

Goods surgical instruments for use in joint replacement knee surgery. Goods Clothing, namely, t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, sweatpants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats, vests, underwear, undergarments, bras, socks, bodysuits, leotards, tights, leggings, leg warmers; headwear, namely, hats, caps, toques, visors, headbands, bandanas; clothing accessories, namely, belts, scarves, shawls, shoulder wraps, arm warmers, mittens, gloves; accessories, namely, handbags, mesh bags, fanny packs, water bottle carriers, messenger bags, cosmetic bags, athletic gym bags, sport bags, beach bags, backpacks, tote bags, yoga mats, yoga mat straps, cloth towels, water bottles.

SERVICES Retail store services featuring clothing, apparel, clothing accessories, headwear, socks, yoga equipment, athletic equipment, bags, backpacks, tote bags, pre-recorded DVDs featuring topics relating to yoga instruction, yoga philosophy, exercise and healthy living; online retail store services featuring clothing, apparel, clothing accessories, headwear, socks, yoga equipment, athletic equipment, bags, backpacks, tote bags, pre-recorded DVDs featuring topics relating to yoga instruction, yoga philosophy, exercise and healthy living.

Image Description Vienna Surfaces or backgrounds covered with a repeated inscription. Class 27 3 carpets, doormats, linoleum and other floor covering materials, namely, vinyl floor covering, rubber floor covering; non-textile wall hangings; gymnastic mats; artificial grass; automobile rug; floor covering, namely, vinyl floor coverings; vinyl wall coverings; rubber wall coverings, linoleum flooring; artificial turf for laying on the surfaces of recreational areas.

Class 38 2 operation of medical databases for third parties in the field of detecting and analyzing human activities and falls. Image Description Vienna Mathematical signs. Mathematical signs combined with figures or letters. Quadrilaterals containing one or more numerals. The words "App of the day" are in deep blue, against a pale blue background. Image Description Vienna Crosses formed by intersecting lines. Blue for the part of the design made up of three points superimposed onto the design shaped like a stylized letter X, above the three first letters of the word EVOLUTION, said part of the design being in white in the black and white representation of the mark, attached to the registration application.

Goods 1 Cattle, sheep, pig, horse, goat, and rabbit semen. Computer software containing mathematical algorithms and indices for measuring, analyzing, and evaluating data collected from the reproductive material of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, and rabbits and transmitting said data to the breeder; computer software for monitoring the health of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, and rabbits.

Cattle embryos; sheep embryos; pig embryos; horse embryos; goat embryos; rabbit embryos living. SERVICES 1 Retail or wholesale of genetic products, namely cattle sperm, sheep sperm, pig sperm, horse sperm, goat sperm, rabbit sperm for artificial insemination and in particular for in vitro fertilization; retail or wholesale of computer software embedded in animal reproductive material. Genetic research services, in particular in the field of the artificial insemination of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, rabbits.

Animal breeding, namely of cattle, pigs, horses, goats, rabbits; artificial insemination and embryo transplantation. Goods 1 Electric pumps, camping furniture, folding camp cots, chairs, outdoor furniture, hammocks, inflatable mattresses for use when camping, sleeping bags, insulated bags for food and beverages for domestic use, soft cooler bags, bottles sold empty, travel pillows, neck supporting pillows.

Goods 1 Chemical additives for use in the manufacture of food; 2 Dietary fiber and nutritional fiber supplements for use in the manufacture of food and supplements. Goods Suppositories, oral analgesics, topical analgesics, antacids, antihistamines, cough syrups, cough-expectorants, cough drops, decongestant capsules, decongestant nasal spray, eye drops, laxatives, sleeping tablets, vitamin and mineral supplements, topical antibiotic creams and ointments, topical preparations for the treatment of alopecia, medicated smoking cessation gums and lozenges, pharmaceuticals for treating vaginal infections, topical pharmaceutical and medical preparations, medical gels and creams for the treatment of pruritus; personal lubricants; printed material, namely, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, banners, and reports featuring the subject of healthcare and healthcare products.

Monograms formed of intertwined, overlapping or otherwise combined letters. Goods Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, namely, hovercrafts, airplanes, and boats and parts and fittings therefor; bicycles and parts and fittings therefor; motorbikes and parts and fittings therefor; all-terrain vehicles and parts and fittings therefor; motorcycles and parts and fittings therefor; clothing, namely, shirts, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, crop tops, fleece tops, halter tops, hooded tops, knitted tops, shorts, skirts; clothing for sports, namely, shirts, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, crop tops, fleece tops, halter tops, hooded tops, knitted tops, shorts, skirts; cloth bibs; jerseys; shoes; socks; hats; caps; gloves; gloves for cyclists; riding gloves; sporting articles and equipment, namely, rings, cones, speed ladders, coaching sticks, training arches, ankle bands, resistance chutes, hurdles, stationary bicycles; games and playthings, namely, memory games, parlor games; gymnastic articles, namely, bars for gymnastics.

SERVICES Education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, workshops in the field of cycling competitions; entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting athletic competitions and games in the field of cycling and triathlons; entertainment services, namely, participation in sporting events, namely, athletic competitions and games in the field of cycling and triathlons; organizing community cultural and sporting activities; sporting services, namely, organizing sporting events in the nature of triathlons. Image Description Vienna Stains, spots, blots. The words 'Novocol Healthcare' and the two shapes on the left side of the circular design are blue, and the two shapes on the right side of the circular design are purple.

SERVICES 1 Consulting services to assist companies with obtaining regulatory compliance and licenses for pharmaceuticals and medical devices 2 Contract manufacturing of clinical batches of pharmaceuticals; consulting services relating to pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical evaluation and testing, regulatory registration, stability studies, method development, formal stability, registration batches and commercial production; formulation development services, namely the formulation of new dosage forms and the reformulation of existing drug products; clinical trial services, namely managing clinical studies to fast track drug products to market.

Image Description Vienna Clouds, fog, vapor, smoke. Goods 1 Pillow cases. Goods Agricultural seeds, namely, brussel sprout flowering kale hybrid. Wilson Rd. Goods Class 01 Chemical additives for use in oil and gas well stimulation. Image Description Vienna Other irregular parallelograms, trapezia and quadrilaterals, quadrilaterals containing one or more rounded corners. Backgrounds divided into two, diagonally. Goods 1 Sports team numbers, letters, patches and emblems that can be sewn or transferred onto apparel with the application of heat. Goods skin care preparations; bath and shower preparations; perfumery; fragrances, namely perfume and cologne.

Goods 1 cocktail mixes 2 cocktail syrups 3 cocktail bitters 4 ready to drink alcoholic cocktails 5 ready to drink non-alcoholic cocktails 6 cocktail barware and glassware. Goods Class 29 Fruit purees; processed fruit, namely fruit based snack food. Goods Food supplements for relief of joint pain, maintaining strong bones and contributing to the collagen formation for the operation of the cartilage; vitamin preparations, dietetic supplements for relief of joint pain, maintaining strong bones and contributing to the collagen formation for the operation of the cartilage, food and beverage supplements for relief of joint pain, maintaining strong bones and contributing to the collagen formation for the operation of the cartilage.

SERVICES Embroidery, metal casting, sewing, engraving, screen printing, pad printing services and commercial graphic design, logo design corporate identity , computer graphics, namely for creating computer graphic images, computer graphics digitization services and infographic services, commercial and promotional marketing for third parties, graphic design and design of advertising material for third parties, commercial promotion and sales promotion services for third parties, promotion and advertising services for third parties, distribution of advertising, marketing, and promotional materials for third parties, promotional publications for third parties.

Sale, design, promotion of third parties' goods, namely sporting articles, glassware, housewares, toys, stationery, foods, apparel, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, electronic and computer accessories, and travel items. Class 15 3 Foot switches and effects pedals for use with electrical musical instruments; foot pedals and foot switches for processing, amplifying and distorting sound for use with musical instruments; sustain pedals, expression pedals, delay pedals, all being electronic effects pedals for use with musical instruments; parts and fittings for musical instrument amplifiers; parts and fittings for foot pedals for processing, amplifying and distorting sound for use with musical instruments; parts and fittings for foot controllers and foot switches for processing, amplifying and distorting sound for use with musical instruments.

Trademark Description The trade-mark consists of a three-dimensional configuration of a single rib molded into the top of the protective helmet.

Guide Lapple Puzzle Book #4: Overlapping Words Puzzles (LAPPLE IQ PUZZLES)

The broken lines shown in the drawing are present for the purposes of showing how the mark appears on the applicant's goods only and are not part of the mark. Goods Class 09 Protective helmets, namely safety hats and safety caps. Image Description Vienna Electrical equipment. Quadrilaterals containing other figurative elements.

The letter "O" in the word "OnDemand" is in the form of an "On" button. The words are on a blue background with an oval border in white with silver shading. Goods Computer hardware; electrical and electronic apparatus for the storage, input and display of data, namely, digital input and output scanners, Point of Sale terminals, electronic payment terminals, payment kiosks used to purchase goods and services and as in-store video display terminals, parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods; prerecorded tapes, cassettes and discs featuring information about software platforms for retail and hospitality business management; computer software, namely, software for the management of websites, including the management of customer-facing content such as marketing campaigns, product promotion and loyalty rewards and including inventory and order management for retail and hospitality businesses; printed matter, namely, brochures, instructional manuals, newsletters, bulletins, magazines.

Image Description Vienna Rectangles. Both words are in white on a dark blue background with an oval border in white. Image Description Vienna Sun rising or setting. Semi-circles or semi-ellipses with dark surface. Goods 1 white sugar 2 brown sugar 3 white rice 4 parboiled rice 5 basmati rice 6 coconut oil. Image Description Vienna Precious stones. Representative for Service D. SERVICES Management services for information technology, namely computer hardware and computer software in the fields of internet communication, local and wide area networks, wireless networking, data storage, telecommunications, and associated business process management; infrastructure consulting services for information technology, namely computer hardware and computer software in the fields of internet communication, local and wide area networks, wireless networking, data storage, telecommunications, and associated business process management.

Goods Precious metals and their alloys; jewellery and jewellery of precious metal and stones; precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments namely, chronometers, watches, clocks and pocket watches and parts therefore; imitation jewellery, charms in precious metals or coated therewith, medals, picture frames, jewellery pins; cuff links, tie pins. Image Description Vienna Red, pink, orange. The colour pink is claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the word "EVO" in lowercase pink letters.

Goods essential oils as perfume for laundry purposes; essential oils for aromatherapy; essential oils for personal use; antistatic dryer sheets; antistatic spray for clothing; antistatic spray for grooming; fabric softeners for laundry use, bleaching preparations for laundry use, cosmetics, air freshener, beauty masks, cakes of soap not for personal use, detergents for household use, all-purpose cleaning preparations, shampoos, hair nourishers, hair styling preparations, cosmetic cleansing creams, soaps for personal use, dentifrices, shampoos for pets, cosmetics for pets. Goods Class 07 1 separators centrifuges for separation of particles in fluids and gas; heat exchangers parts of machines ; gas purifier; exhaust gas filter systems for combustion engines, boiling vessels and boilers; exhaust gas filter systems for maritime use and ships.

Class 09 3 computers; steering, monitoring and control systems for wet and dry scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems; steering, monitoring and control systems for wet and dry scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems for combustion engines, boiling vessels and boilers; steering, monitoring and control systems for wet and dry scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems for maritime use and ships.

Class 11 2 heat exchangers; filters for exhaust emission control; boilers; apparatus for purifying of gas; filters for purifying of gas parts of maritime or industrial installations. SERVICES Class 37 repair, maintenance and installation of dry and wet scrubber systems for exhaust gas filter systems; installation, repair and maintenance services for separators centrifuges , heat exchangers, gas purifiers, boilers, exhaust gas filter systems, filters for removing emissions from exhaust streams.

Goods Class 10 Medical apparatus, namely, a handheld device for insertion in the oral cavity for oral stimulation and oral hygiene that treats dysphagia. Goods Class 03 1 Cosmetic soaps, cosmetics. Class 05 2 Pharmaceutical and dermatological preparations for treating and preventing dry skin, restoring the skin barrier, and stimulating the synthesis of the skin's acid mantle; dermo-cosmetic preparations for the cleaning and care of the skin, for treating and preventing dry skin, for restoring the skin barrier, and for stimulating the synthesis of the skin's acid mantle.

Image Description Vienna Circles. The mark consists of a design of two interlocking circles forming a swirling pattern, with the outer circle being comprised of a thick blue band and the inner circle being comprised of a thin red band. Goods 1 Chemicals used in industry and science, namely, surface coatings for use in building decoration, surface protection, the marine industry, the industrial container industry and the yacht industry; tempering and soldering chemicals; Sequestrants for paints, chemical additives for paint; chemicals for use in removing paints; chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; polyester filler paste; putties and fillers and pastes for use in building decoration, surface protection, the marine industry, the industrial container industry and the yacht industry.

SERVICES 1 Building construction; building repair; building installation services; Painting for others; service and repair and maintenance of painting machines and apparatus; Painting and surface treatment services; surface repair and touch-up services; installation services, namely, painting and repair of ships and ship tanks.

Image Description Vienna Blue. The colour blue is claimed as a feature of the trade-mark. Quadrilaterals containing one or more other geometrical figures -- Note: Including quadrilaterals containing bent or straight lines except Black, dark yellow, and light yellow. Goods 1 Snow plows, sub frames for snow plows, deicing knives, bale grapples, stone forks, forklifts, buckets, manure and silage forks, bale spears, attachment equipment, namely lifting systems for snow removal equipment and handling equipment. Goods Floss packs, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, reusable water bottles, drinking water, coffee mugs, thermal coffee mugs; lunch bags, shipping bags, hats, shirts, pens, banners, flags, tents; letterhead, mailers, namely, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, party balloons, stickers, name tags, uniforms for medical and dental personnel.

SERVICES The operation of a dental clinic; dental services, namely, general dentistry and dental services, namely, comprehensive dental care and dental services; providing information in the field of dental health via in-office media, namely, printed material, brochures, radio, pre-recorded DVD's and audio tapes for use in dental offices. Image Description Vienna Plans, schematic drawings, diagrams, curves, outlines. Set of lines evoking sound or electromagnetic waves.

UK on goods. Getta helmet! Got a brain? Get a helmet! Goods outerwear clothing, namely, t-shirts, hooded jackets, hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts, jackets, windbreakers, and ball caps; helmets that are designed for safety and injury prevention in various activities that may include cycling, skiing, skating, rollerblading as well as all other contact sports and off road motor vehicle usage that may include ATV's, snowmobiles and motorbikes; books and other print material, namely, newsletters, stickers, business cards, magazine inserts, posters, pictures and other advertising and marketing materials, namely, pamphlets, booklets, reference guides, bulletins, and brochures; pens, coffee mugs, key chains, badges, stress balls, fridge magnets and other marketing goods, namely, banners, cups and decorative magnets.

SERVICES 1 Education courses for enters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 2 walk-with services, namely coaching renters and landlords in the field of developing good landlord and tenant relations by helping navigate and address tenancy issues; 3 impact evaluation of education courses provided to renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 4 providing an interactive websiteto for educating renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 5 providing online education for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy;; 6 developing education materials for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 7 publishing of electronic publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 8 publishing of printed publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy;.

SERVICES 1 education courses for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 2 walk-with services, namely coaching renters and landlords in the field of developing good landlord and tenant relations by helping navigate and address tenancy issues; 3 impact evaluation of education courses provided to renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 4 providing an interactive website for educating renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 5 providing online education for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 6 developing education materials for renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 7 publishing of electronic publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy; 8 publishing of printed publications to educate renters and landlords on accessing and maintaining tenancy;.

Image Description Vienna Crowns open at the top. Crowns with spheres on the tips of the points. Crowns accompanied by a letter, monogram or numeral s. Circles or ellipses with one or more other quadrilaterals. Image Description Vienna Skulls. Skeletons, parts of skeletons, bones except 2. Golf clubs, hockey sticks, polo mallets. As of July , the U. Department of Homeland Security recognized at least 72 fusion centers. Fusion centers may also be affiliated with an Emergency Operations Center that responds in the event of a disaster.

The fusion process is an overarching method of managing the flow of information and intelligence across levels and sectors of government to xxxvi. As the array of diverse information sources increases, there will be more accurate and robust analysis that can be disseminated as intelligence. We also find a senate report that says fusion centers are a waste of time, there is no domestic terrorism.

A two-year senate investigation found that the fusion centers often produced irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting to DHS, and many produced no intelligence reporting whatsoever.

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It also includes groupings of terrorism by type: KKK, Christian extremism, anarchism, leftist militancy, black militancy, Puerto Rican nationalists, and more. So, there is a lot to choose from and where do we begin? Well, my time is short and Ive already talked too long, so I must begin and end with government false terrorism, false flags. Definition of False Flag False flag terrorism occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people.

The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy. Or as Wikipedia defines it: False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than ones own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italys strategy of tension.

The term comes from the old days of wooden ships, when one ship would hang the flag of its enemy before attacking another ship in its own navy. Because the enemys flag was hung instead of the flag of the real country of the attacking ship, it was called a false flag attack.

The President? Warren Buffett? Tiger Woods? Katie Couric? Jon Stewart? The Michelin Man? No, stupid, its you. You are king of the world, god, superman, King Midas, all that. Its you. You are more than just a legend in your own mind. You are The Man. And when the CIA through the CIA propaganda machine called Radio Free Europe or the American Free Press tells you the Russians are coming or the criminals are coming or terrorists or the Iranians or Iraqis of Afghans on nuclear-powered blue donkeys or big bees, and you believe it well, then, Zeke, thats how the world will go.

You are powerful, the most powerful yahoo who has ever lived in the history of living. And you are an idiot. And the world is going to burn. You are not an idiot-on-purpose, but an idiot none-the-less. But they are evil. The actual Evil Empire. And they control you. The most powerful person in the world. If you were not an idiot they could not do that. But you are an idiot. And thats a bummer, man. Thats a bummer. Do you read comment sections that follow most articles on the internet. Sometimes they are very instructive. These comments followed an article that spoke about two candidates in Arkansas who both believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

Lets listen in, be a fly on the wall in the kitchen on a hot summer morning in Arkansas. It could be fun. We might learn something. This is absolutely shameful. Im an Arkansan now living in New York. My husband works with the father of one of the children who died in that massacre. To deny what happened there is absolutely disgusting. Another pair of crawly-bottom mouth breathers. Wonder how much theyll get from the money slingers. These people are scum. And the people who vote for them are scum. These guys wouldnt have to go very far to check out their claim. Jesse Lewis, a six-year-old alleged victim had has?

Go find one of them and ask if Jesse is still alive. Dare you. Amazing that we live in an era where facts dont matter. The mass medias unwillingness to call anything a lie is partially to blame. Just no words This subject got me to thinking about similar hoaxes. Max alluded to one of them. The moon landing never happened. It was just a plot to sell Tang. That was an evil ploy to build sympathy for the Jews for their annexation of some prime real estate in the Middle East. You know how Jews are If course if the Holocaust is fictional, you would wonder whether or not the whole context of it was all made up.

World War II? How about World War I? All this supposedly happened before I was born. How could I confirm it!? Maybe the newspapers just hated Germans and Japs. Makes sense to me. Civil War? Laughable, couldnt possibly be truth -- just an excuse for welfare queens and affirmative action Its hard to know for sure about anything unless you were actually there at the time. There are very few truths of which we can be absolutely certain. One of them is that Jesus Christ died for your sins years ago so that 7 or 8 of us can go to Heaven some day and that Jesus dad ordered us to stone gays to death with stones about a thousand years prior to that.

Other than that, we can know very little for an absolute fact. Now let me get this straight these people who pretend to see and talk xxxix. They believe in some ghosts that no one has ever laid eyes on in over years but they dont believe 20 little grade school kids were slaughtered by a crazy man with super powerful weapons that never should be allowed in private homes. Wonder if these 2 guys believes bullets actually come from the muzzle of a gun?

Do they believe guns are real? Do they think it might hurt to be shot Do they understand firearms at all? Do they not also think firearms are dangerous and can kill? Maybe if someone shot them theyd smarten up theyd not be having any grey area if they experienced bright red blood gushing out of their bodies. I never heard of anyone so stupid they had to be shot to learn a lesson but these guys might be setting a new trend in ignorance.

Anyone who votes for them when the election comes should be fenced off from the rest of the community too. What kind of human votes for candidates this dog-stupid? You dont have to have kids to still be super upset about the massacre at Sandy Hook but let me tell you as a parent, I doubt theres anything that would make me suddenly get real unfriendly faster than an idiot saying the massacre at Sandy Hook didnt happen. Are we sure were sure about America being a good country?

And if so, what are we basing that assumption on? If one such as Trump believes a 6 week old Kenyan kid could sneak himself and his parents into Hawaii AND post date his birth certificate into public records, with the master plan of world domination 50 years later, faking a mass elementary shooting is small potatoes! Too bad the magical Kenyan infant hadnt spoken to infant Ted Cruz and found out an American Mother is all you need to be a citizen. When I was 6 weeks old all I thought about was titties, sleeping and crapping not much different 50 years old. What next?

Obama packed the Boston Pressure Cooker Bomb for those fellows? Obama is loosing his touch, those Eastern European brothers botched the marathon unpleasantry by getting caught! Ignorant people are gullible and we have lots of ignorant people. What do you think the Families of all the victims would think? If this is the way you think we do not need any of you in any position. ED Moser you need to re think what you said, NO a matter of fact keep thinking it and you will never win.

Get a life people. Check your facts before opening your mouths. Since these two jokers lack the intelligence and courage to travel to Sandy Hook and conduct an unfettered investigation, perhaps they can get to a nearby gun-control hoax, in Jonesboro. If they were to go there, I would xl. Im certain that as soon as these would-be politicians started asking relatives if the Westside Middle School massacre was a hoax orchestrated by gun control fanatics, the relatives would be exercising their perceived 2nd Amendment rights. Here are two articles obviously planted by George Soros and Islamic Jihadists to cunningly disarm.

Jesus wept. We moved here from California six years ago and love it. Really friendly people, lots of whom, when they hear California, will mention the Breakfast State: full of nuts and fruit. That always makes me give them a huge smile. Nuts and fruit indeed. Kennedy Sirhan Sirhan did not kill Robert F. Government burned children alive on purpose at Waco Senator Paul Wellstone was assassinated in a plane crash in the north woods forest near Eveleth, MN because he opposed the coming war on Iraq Adam Lanza did not kill anyone, if he even existed Nobody died at Sandy Hook.

Nobody died at Boston. There are many lies that make up official United States History Not all are exactly false flags, but the lies, the lies. One of big, interesting questions for me is how do they do this? Internally and also intellectually Kevin Barrett told me: Well, they are psychopaths, thats how. But that doesnt do it for me. There is more than that. They are all just crazy. I would say they are probably not all crazy, probably none of them are xli. Thats more in the direction of what I really feel, believe. I think it is more in line with what someone once said about the banality of evil.

Of course, its in all of us, but still. I think what happens, perhaps, is that people do evil while believing they are doing good. Or maybe its for the money. Maybe the excitement. Something to do. I know from experience that Tuesday afternoons almost never end. The power. Its all so very interesting and so very frustrating, seemingly impossible to get to, the inner workings of how these things happen, why, by whom, how and when and where are they planned, carried out, covered up.

You have to agree that its fascinating. Jon Rappoport was on James Tracys radio show, and he said this, in talking about how they do what they do, how they create this world where we have these people on the Arkansas blog and the people next to us in church and at the stoplight not knowing, like The Truman Show, what reality really is. Rappoport is talking about the mindset of these actual planners, maybe Karl Rove, maybe Rahm Emmanuel, maybe some smart guys in a nice office with lots of windows in Utah, who all go to the same church and play on the same summer softball team in Bluffdale.

Its a marriage. It isnt just the painting I am painting, its also the embrace of the painting by that individual. And maybe there you have it. Be The White Rose. Contributors Dennis Cimino has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navys top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the s. Jim Fetzer earned his Ph. A former Marine Corps officer, he has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.

Paul Wellstone.

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

He has also published more than 30 articles about Sandy Hook. Sterling Harwood, J. Gorr, Since he has published dozens of essays in legal, moral and political philosophy. Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, he has several dozen articles on the history of astronomy in academic journals.

His book, Terror on the Tube 3rd edition, , establishes that the accused Islamic youth were innocent of the London bombings.

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He contributed four chapters to And I suppose we didnt go to the moon, either?. Vivian Lee, Ph. The Sandy Hook andBoston Marathon narratives figure prominentlydue totheirsignificant impactonUS national policy,their importancefor the conditioning of thepublic mentality,and the boost they have given to the production,dissemination, and acceptanceof fake news xlvi. Mike Palecek lives in Saginaw, Minnesota, west of Duluth.

A writer, he is a former federal prisoner for peace and the Iowa Democratic Party candidate for the U.

House of Representatives, 5th District in the election, gaining 65, votes on an anti-war platform in a conservative district. A former award winning reporter, editor, publisher in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota. He co-hosts The New American Dream radio show and has published over a dozen books that offer fictional but insightful studies of the American character and the plight in which we find ourselves in the world today. Mike is the founder of Moon Rock Books and the co-editor of this volume.

When he appeared on The Real Deal Ep. He has made several additional appearances, including The Real Deal Ep. His contributions here, Ch. James Tracy, Ph. He received his doctorate from The University of Iowa, specializing in the areas of political economy of the news media and media history and criticism, and has published numerous academic journal articles and book chapters in these areas.

In early , major Western news outlets attacked Tracy for public commentaries on journalistic coverage of the Sandy Hook school massacre and Boston Marathon bombing events, which he had circulated via alternative media. Because of the considerable publicity,Florida Atlantics administration embarked on formal disciplinary measures against Tracy, later proven baseless and rescinded. He maintains memoryholeblog. Kelley Wattbecamea Sandy Hook skeptic a month after it was presented as a live event on national television.

None of them had an answer to this simplequestion, when their responses was either We dont know or the priceless response of Lt. Paul Vance, What blood? She then began making several hundred phone calls to the Chief Medical Examiner and to the Town Clerks Office, for example, asking basic questions. Rather than being helpful they were rude and would state, This really happened; how dare you say it didnt. With hundreds of people inConnecticut saying the same thing,This really happened, and becoming defensive, I knew something was not right with what we were being told.

I then contacted all the Connecticut news outletsnumerous time sand again was met with hostility and threatened with legal action if I called asking any more questions. It was a combination of these attempts I made to find the answers that led me to question and disbelieve everything surrounding this event.

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Will Rogers. The Sandy Hook experience has divided Americans, most of whom have been convinced by media coverage that it was a real event, where a young man massacred 20 children and six adults before killing himself. Another substantial segment of the US population has taken a closer look at the evidence and drawn the conclusion it was a hoax, where no children really died: it wasan elaborate psy-op to promote gun control.

Americans are hard pressed to sort these things out, because they are hit with a blizzard of reports that appear to confirm the official account, leaving them in the predicament of not being able to tell if it was real or fake. It matters even more today because gun control has become one of the defining issues of politics in America, where leading Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are using their authority as President in the first instance to issue Executive Orders constraining our 2nd Amendment 3.

Ben Carson, on the Republican side, has observed that Jews would have been better able to fend off The Third Reich had they not been disarmed; and Matt Drudge has challenged the President to demonstrate his sincerity by giving up his heavily armed Secret Service protection. The appeals to Sandy Hook shooting 20 children , the Charleston shooting of nine blacks and the Oregon shooting where college students were asked their religion and those responding Christian were shot in the head has struck some observers as appearing to be calculated to instill fear into specific targeted subpopulations of the American community: parents, blacks and Christians, for example, where its as though we were experiencing a series of psy-opsto convince the public that we ought to give up our guns.

That troubles many, because disarming populations has all-too-often occurred to set the stage for tyranny in world history past. What if Sandy Hook wasonlyan illusion? Probabilities vs. Certainties Knowledge of historical events based upon documents and records, photos and videos and witness testimony, for example can never be definitive and certain. You only knowyour own origin in life where and when you were born and the parents who brought you into this world on the basis of information that could have been faked.

Even DNA comparisons can be invalid or mistaken on purpose or by accident. The Warren Report , for example, provides an indictment of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin of JFK, where the evidence for that conclusion was carefully selected and, in some cases, completely fabricated. The backyard photographs were faked, for example, andthe home movies of the assassination were edited.

Thathe had been captured in a famous photo taken during the shootingwas suppressed. These things can and sometimes do happen. And one of them happened here. If you only read the governments account, you might very well be convinced that JFK had been killed by Lee Oswald. And if you only paid attention to the mass media, you would probably believe that 20 children died at Sandy Hook. Once you acknowledge that some of the evidence has been fabricated or faked, however, the case begins to assume a completely different character. This does not mean we cannot know what happened in this instance, butit should not have been necessary to frame a guilty man.

New evidence or alternative hypotheses may thus require us to revise our position by rejecting hypotheses we previously accepted, accepting hypotheses we previously rejected and leaving others in suspense. We now know more about Sandy Hook. Inference to the best explanation The principle known as inference to the best explanation, has the potential to turn every American into a critical thinker in comparing alternative hypotheses. In relation to Sandy Hook, there are two alternatives, which have consequences that would also be true or probably true if they were true and others that would be false or probably false if they were not setting the alleged suicide by Adam Lanza to the side : h1 Sandy Hook was a real event, where 20 children and 6 adults were killed at a school; h2 Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax, where a drill was conducted and no children died.

But the key to understanding is making an appraisal of which of these hypotheses is better supported by the evidence. Wecan think of the evidence aseffectsof one or another hypothesisas their cause. When one hypothesis makesthe effectsmore probablethan the other, it is more likely to be true and the alternative false. For the shooting to have been real, the school had to have been operational in ; yet we have indication after indication thatit had been abandoned by which you will discover in Chapters 2 and 3 , including not only its deplorable physical condition both inside and out , but also that it was not in compliance with both federal and state laws required in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act:.

Analogously,we know from past experience that the names, ages and sex of victims of crimes are almost invariably printed in newspaper accounts of crimes. In this case, however, the final reports coming from the Connecticut authorities did not include them. That is a very odd aspect of this event, but an attempt has been made to explain it away on the ground of preserving the privacy of the families of the victims.

But if there were victims, their families already know they are dead. There is no evident benefit to the families, if it was real, but a major element of the cover up, if it was not. As a parent myself, I can emphasize that there is no way I could have been kept from viewing the body of a child of mine, where the conduct of the parents in this case is unlike that of any parents I have ever known, where these many oddities are confirmed by Chapter 5. Other circumstantial anomalies If the school had been abandoned, then the shooting has to be an illusion, since there would have been no students present for Adam Lanza to shoot.

And if that were the case, then we might not be surprised if any number of measures were taken at the time by authorities to suppress relevant information and thereby making it unavailable or by otherwise circumventing what would have been the ordinary and normal procedures of investigation and administration by local and state authorities. Each of these qualifies as a fact insofar as its truth can be confirmed by research you can conduct yourself.

Admittedly, if all the information accessible via the Internet about Sandy Hook were fabricated or faked, then that would not be the case. But I know of no one who seriously contests any of these points. So ask yourself,what is the probability that these five claims if we also include the missing names, ages and sex from the final report would be true if Sandy Hook had been a real event? And by comparison,what is the probability these five claims would be true if Sandy Hook had been a hoax? Which hypothesis is more likely to be true? Governor held a press conference, during which he observed that they had been spoken to that something like this might happen.

That got me thinking about, something like this? What could that mean. There are only two alternatives: a that he had been told there would be a shooting in a school in his state, in which case he, as governor, should have warned school districts to be on high alert and make sure it did not happen, which he did not do; or, b that he had been told they would be taking an abandoned school and using it as a prop for a drill, which would be presented to the public as real to promote an aggressive gun-control agenda, which is the case here. And when I looked into recent visits with the Governor to determine by whom he might have been spoken to, I discovered that Attorney General Eric Holder had met with him on 27 November to discuss Operation Longevity, a special interest of the Attorney General and the President of the United Staes for promoting gun control.

Mark my words. The evidence presented here demonstrates that the school was closed by ; that there were no students to evacuate; that Adam Lanza appears to have been a work of fiction; and thatthe teachers, the parents, the Newtown School Board, the State Police, the Medical Examiner and the Governor were in on the hoax. We have the FEMA manual Our collaborative research, you will find for yourself, is extensive, thorough and detailedand leaves this matter resolved beyond any reasonable doubt.

We have 50 photos that show the preparation of the Lanza home as a prop and another 50 documenting the refurbishing of the school as a stage in Chapters 7 and 8. Doubt in this case would be reasonable were therea reasonable alternative explanation. But, as you are about to discover, there is none here. And I am not just talking about the sign,Everyone must check in, the Port-a-Potties, the boxes of bottled water and pizza cartons at the Firehouse, the name tags on lanyards and parents bringing their children to what was supposed to be a child shooting massacre!

It stipulates that everyone must register and that refreshments and restrooms will be provided. Some participants did not realize that the official event was not until the 14th:We now know why some of the donation pages went up a day early and why Adam Lanza was recorded as having died on the 13th! Dont take my word for it, becauseyou can read it for yourself. I included it here asAppendix A. The Requirement of Total Evidence Indeed, scientific reasoning specifically and rational inquiries generally must satisfythe requirement of total evidence: in the search for truth, reasoning must be based upon all of the available relevant evidence,where evidence is relevant when its presence or absence or truth or falsity makes a difference to the outcome, typically on the basis of considerations ofprobability.

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According to the official report on Sandy 9. Minus 20 murdered, there ought to have been to evacuate as well as around 70 more teachers, administrators and staff. But we have no pictures of their evacuation. What we have instead this iconic photograph above : It has sometimes been said thatYou cant prove a falsehood true! But that assertion overlooks the role of false clams and fabricated evidence.

We have here a photograph purporting to show a string of children being led away from the school to safety by a policewoman on the scene. This photo was published on the front page of virtually every newspaper in the worldand shown endless times on television. It was undoubtedly the single most important form of proof in convincing the public around the world that Sandy Hook was real. But there is a catch:the photograph was staged! And we know that not on the basis of the weaker evidence that there are too many leaves on the trees and no frost for this to be a 28 degree day in December but because Shannon Hickstook a second photograph!

Rearranging the kids to get a better shot Its bad enough that we have a series of parents looking on, some with their arms cross or their hands in their pocketswhich is certainly not what we would expect in an emergency situation. It gets much worse when you realize that the police woman has stopped the children to rearrange them to get a better shot! Heres a comparison that shows what was going on and demonstratesas conclusively as anyone could have the right to expect that the first photograph was staged to create the false impression that there. We not only know that Shannon Hicks was in on the game by taking these photos as early as in October in preparation for this elaborate charade but we also know that there was no evacuation.

The claim is sometimes made that You cant prove a negative! But that turns out to be false. When evidence that ought to be present if an hypothesis were true is not present, then the absence of evidence qualifies as evidence of absence. Suppose you were told there is an elephant in your living room. If you go there and find no indications of the presence of an elephant, you are completely justified in inferring that there is no elephant in your living room. If the kids who should have been there, had this this event been real, were not there, you are completely justified in inferring that it was not real.

An evacuation would have looked something like this, with strings of children led by other police officers or teachers performing their duty under stress. But we have DashCam footage at the locations in the parking lot where, according to official police records, the evacuation was taking placeand there is nothing there! Just as the absence of signs of the presence of an elephant in your living room is proof of the absence of an elephant, the absence of signs of the presence of children undergoing evacuation is proof that no evacuation was taking place.

Inspection of the vehicles in the parking lot in front of the school shows that they are parked in the wrong direction which should have been nosein , given the arrangement for driving into the lot. The image itself suggests of a group of drivers methodically filling up the lot with used or abandoned Once again we ask,What is the probability that the lot would be filled with cars parked in the wrong direction, if this had been a real event?

What if this had been a drill? Truly stunning, however, is the discovery of a series of photographs that display setting the stage early in the morning for the events that would transpire this day, including this one from Chapter Notice that the windows of Classroom 10 are not shot out and the flag is up. Wayne Carver can be seen behind the man in the blue evidence suit. This photograph is taken from one of the elevated cameras we have discovered that were mounted around the parking lot to record the drill. The mortuary tent is not there yet, which makes this early morning.

Could we have more decisive proof? When an hypothesis has been confirmed by abundant evidence and no alternative explanation is reasonable, it has been established beyond a reasonable doubt. Hypothesis h1 , that Sandy Hook was real, has been falsified and h2 , that this was an elaborate hoax, has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

Benefits to the participants The benefits to those who participated in the Sandy Hook hoax have been substantial. Other substantial grants have been given to alleviate the pain and suffering of those who Other pay-offs, bribes and hush-moneyand under the circumstances, is there anything more appropriate to call it? When debate was taking place over the choice between refurbishing the old school or constructing a new one, The Newtown Bee published about the presence of asbestos, lead and PCBs in the building, which had no doubt factored in the earlier decision to abandon the school in The gun control agenda We are told that fewer guns means less crime.

But when you look into serious studies of crime rates in relation to gun laws, that is not what you. Appendix D, for example, Comparing Murder and Homicide Rates before and after Gun Bans, suggests something closer to the opposite is the case, contrary to our presidents claims. Barack Obama himself praised the sweeping gun confiscation that took place in Australia in the late s and said:. Couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting, similar to Columbine or Newtown, Obama said. And Australia just said, well, thats it, were not doing, were not seeing that again, and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they havent had a mass shooting since.

And while they havent seen a mass shooting since, local officials say that gun violence on the continentis much worsethan it was before the tougher gun policies went into effect. Meanwhile, the one thing that the President failed to recognize is that gun crime in the U. Even the Presidents own study performed by the Center for Disease Control reached a similar conclusion: Firearm-related death rates for youth ages 15 to 19 declined from to , the report states. The number of public mass shootings of the type that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School accounted for a very small fraction of all firearmrelated deaths.

What these studies show is theres a clear agenda being carried out by the Mainstream Media to make it seem like mass shootings are the norm. As soon as a mass shooting happens, it reverberates through all the major news networks for weeks, much like an echo after the initial shot. Because of this, much of the nation seems to believe that gun violence, particularly school shootings, is on the rise even withevidence that points to the contrary.

The reasons behind this aggressive behavior by the administration, even when gun violence has been falling in the United States, involvesdeep questions about the role of DHS in our society and why America has been devolving into a totalitarian state. I was born a year-and-a-day before Pearl Harbor, as my father used to put it; and I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that the United States of American could descent into a bottomless pit of lies, deceit and deception. Faking a school shooting to instill fear into a population for political purposes is an act of terrorism, where it has become clear that this instance was brought to us by officials at every level of Connecticut government from the teachers and reporters to the State Police and the Newtown School board to the Governor and the Attorney General and the President himself.

And this is the ugly legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Tracy, Ph. The publics general acceptance of the events validity and faith in its resolution suggest a deepened credulousness borne from a world where almost all news and information is electronically mediated and controlled. The condition is reinforced through the corporate medias unwillingness to push hard questions vis--vis Connecticut and federal authorities who together bottlenecked information while invoking prior restraint through threats of prosecutorial action against journalists and the broader citizenry seeking to interpret the event on social media.

Along these lines on December 19 the Connecticut State Police assigned individual personnel to each of the 26 families who lost a loved one at Sandy Hook Elementary. The families have requested no press interviews, State Police assert on their behalf, and we are asking that this request be honored. While it sounds like an outrageous claim,one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took placeat least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nations news media have described. The accidental Medical Examiner An especially important yet greatly underreported feature of the Sandy Hook affair is the wholly bizarre performance of Connecticuts top medical examiner H.

Wayne Carver II at a December 15 press conference. Carvers unusual remarks and behavior warrant close consideration because in light of his professional notoriety they appear remarkably amateurish and out of character. Wayne Carver II has an extremely self-assured, almost swaggering presence in Connecticut state administration. In early Carver threatened to vacate his position because of state budget cuts and streamlining measures that threatened his professional autonomy over the projects and personnel he oversaw.

Along these lines the pathologist has gone to excessive lengths to demonstrate his findings and expert opinion in court proceedings. For example, in a famous criminal case Carver put a euthanized pig through a wood chipper so jurors could match striations on the bone fragments with the few ounces of evidence that prosecutors said were on the remains of the victim.

Yet the H. Wayne Carver who showed up to the December 15 press conference is an almost entirely different man, appearing apprehensive and uncertain, as if he is at a significant remove from the postmortem operation he had overseen. The multiple gaffes, discrepancies, and hedges in response to reporters astute questions suggest that he is either under coercion or an imposter. While the latter sounds untenable it would go a long way in explaining his sub-pedestrian grasp of medical procedures and terminology.

With this in mind extended excerpts from this exchange are worthy of recounting here in print. Paul Vance and additional Connecticut State Police personnel. The reporters are off-screen and thus unidentified so I have assigned them simple numerical identification based on what can be discerned of their voices. Reporter 1: So the rifle was the primary weapon?

Wayne Carver: Yes. Reporter 1: [Inaudible] Carver: Uh pause. Question was what caliber were these bullets. And I knowI probably know more about firearms than most pathologists but if I say it in court they yell at me and dont make me answer [sic]so [nervous laughter]. Ill let the police do that for you. Reporter 2: Doctor can you tell us about the nature of the wounds. Were they at very close range? Were the children shot at from across the room? Carver: Uhm, I only did seven of the autopsies. The victims I had ranged from three to eleven wounds apiece and I only saw two of them with close range shooting.

Uh, but thats, uh yknow, a sample. Uh, I really dont have detailed information on the rest of the injuries. Carver: Yes. Reporter 3: But the long rifle was discovered in the car.