Marktforschung mit Panel (German Edition)

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The influence of social desirability on data quality in face-to-face and web surveys. Matrix vs. Tillmann Faber 1 , Dr. Martin Einhorn 2 , Olaf Hofmann 1 , Dr.

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KG, Germany; 2: Dr. Porsche AG, Germany. Michael E. Crowdfunding in German Speaking Countries - Overview of the market and future trends.

Funding 2. Management of close friendships by the means of Social Network Sites. Results of a longitudinal study. A taxonomy of paradata for web surveys and computer assisted self interviewing Casi. Evidence-based information for patients on the Web: An investigation of the quality of internet-sourced information for patients with posttraumatic stress disorder.

Better low-tech than sorry: How technophile questionnaires may affect psychological representativeness. High potential for mobile Web surveys: Findings from a survey representative for German Internet users. Recommendations for implementing online surveys and simple experiments in social and behavioural research: A review and evaluation of existing online survey software packages. Continuous large-scale volunteer web-surveys: The experience of Lohnspiegel and WageIndicator.

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Online research for general populations: whether and how results could be extrapolated? Opinion Leadership 2. Little experience with technology as a cause of nonresponse in online surveys. Effects of number of response options in web surveys: The role of verbal labels. Approaches for validating automatic Analytic Tool results on social networking data for its Exploitation within Politicians' everyday Workflow. Internet-based measurement with visual analogue scales: An experimental investigation. The price we have to pay: Incentive experiments in the recruitment process for a probability-based online panel.

Annelies G. Building a digital electoral connection: MEPs' websites and Facebook profiles. How do MEPs present themselves online?

Dynata leads the way in global, first-party B2B and B2C data.

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