Caminando Sobre Papel de Arroz (Spanish Edition)

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Vocabulary - Yabla Spanish - Free Spanish Lessons

Ya no es la mujer que era. Y los expertos dicen que todos, especialmente las personas de la tercera edad y los […]. Durante un partido contra […]. A Aguirre le […]. Era la tercera vez que participaba en el evento. A su padre le […]. Los hallazgos sugieren que los hispanos nacidos en […]. Algunos son sencillos; otros […].

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Esa cifra se compara con 4 […]. Para […]. Ahora que la realidad virtual se ha convertido […]. Los resultados del […]. Los investigadores […]. Pero un estudio reciente sugiere […]. Muchos de estos alumnos se […]. Try to find some more examples in our catalog! Let's review some financial vocabulary that you can learn by watching this series. La resaca financiera.

3.5 Vocabulary

The financial hangover. The show also shares different antidotes to cure a financial hangover. Making a budget is a key one:. Entonces, eh So, um No, take it, take it Finally, a curious Spanish expression that is not used in the show but you may still want to add to your lexicon. It's a very common expression inspired by a famous biblical story. We have a gem in one of our videos and we want to share it with you. Rosie's subconscious betrayed her for a moment there, because that's apparently not what she wanted to say, as she immediately corrects her blunder:.

Having the chance to learn this rule with a pun is priceless, don't you think? Lo siento. Here is a grim example:. He's on the bed, dead. You can, especially with concepts and abstract ideas. For example:. It's just definitely less common and actually incorrect if what you mean is that all nights in Buenos Aires are generally cold.

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So, you may be wondering: how do I say in Spanish that someone is cold, meaning that the person feels cold? Have you ever heard a Spanish native speaker say "I have cold" by mistake? That's why.

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Let's look at some examples. How clumsy I am! The following is an interesting example. Te tengo que pedir un favor. I have to ask you a favor. Yes, dude, another one! That's [ indeed ] what you are for, right?

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May I? I gave you my phone [number], right? No, no, stay, stay. On the other hand, and quite surprisingly, very often using these words is the only alternative you have to express something in Spanish. Words that are used to describe diseases and medical terms in Spanish are also great examples. And there are even weirdest examples, some of which may sound like tongue twisters for you. But let's try to find examples from our catalog.

It's a common word in and it's used in many Spanish expressions. Let's see one more example. In contrast, English reserves the use of "equilibrium" and "to equilibrate" for scientific or highbrow language. For all the animal lovers out there, here is a collection of Spanish expressions related to pets and their owners. But in Spanish there is only one verb you can use instead of "to pet," or "to stroke," or even "to pat.

When you tame an animal it becomes domesticated or tamed, right? Uy, buena, Pepino. Oh, good one, Pepino. Can you blame him? One last expression before saying goodbye. It's important to walk your dog everyday, right? That makes no sense in Spanish. A otro perro con ese hueso Don't try that one on me [literally, "to another dog with that bone"].

That was two last expressions. The thing is, there are so many interesting words about pets and owners! We should revisit the subject again in the future. So let's learn a few Spanish words related to Persephone's season. Now, Spanish doesn't have words as short and cute as rainy, sunny, windy, etc.


On the other hand, Spanish also combines verbs and nouns to describe the weather. What would it be? Just what I needed! It's a very common way to express that something is not needed or necessary:. Finally, a useful tip.

3.5.2 General vocabulary

How do you say in Spanish "It's your fault? Thank you for reading! Many languages, Spanish and English included, use the same words for both questions and exclamations. Let's do a quick review.