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  • Accept Abra as a Form of Payment. Money to blow so I'm ridin 'round with that Nina ride 'round with that Nina With a Hollywood ho with lips like Angelina lips like Angelina My diamonds talk for me they say how can I meet ya? G flyer then sky how high, oh I can see her oh I can see her Got an island on my wrist, girl, I'm cashin' out I'm cashin' out Got an island on my neck, girl, I'm cashin' out I'm cashin' out My diamonds talk for me they say how can I meet ya?

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    G flyer then sky how high, oh I can see her. I got t-pain around my wrist, Gaga around my neck Got o' money so long, I ain't movin' cash in them checks I keep wide 3's on my feet, still ridin' 'round with that heat Foreign cars in my garage, all these bad bitches I beat Oops! This is betting while the event to which the bet relates is actually taking place.

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    Examples include, placing a bet on a horserace while the race is being run or a football match that has already kicked off. Cash out offers are subject to live betting markets which can be volatile during a sporting event and increasingly so in the final stages. Given any cash out offer is determined by the current live market prices which are subject to time delays it follows that the available offer will itself be increasingly volatile as the likely outcome of the event becomes potentially clearer.