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In their petition they stated that they direly needed the lands which they had requested because they had been idle and landless since the river had destroyed their farms in They concluded their petition by pointing out that the proposed new settlement would promote industry, communication, and tend to serve as a bulwark against the hostile Indians. This petition was likewise transmitted by the Prefect to the Governor of Chihuahua, Francisco Garcia Conde for his further handling and action. In his report to the Governor, Morales recommended the issuance of the grant on the ground that it would tend to alleviate the hardships and miseries of the landless applicants.

On the same day, Conde instructed the director of the Geographical Bureau of the. State of Chihuahua to prepare the necessary regulations. The Governor, on August 5, , ordered the Prefect of El Paso del Norte to proceed with the establishment of the new colony and the distribution of individual tracts to the colonists in accordance with the Regulations of July 31, At the same time, Conde informed the Supreme Government that he had made a Colonization Grant to Costales and his followers. On the day appointed for the colonists to move to the grant, they advised the Prefect that they would be unable to proceed with the project at that time due to their extreme poverty, the unusual hostility of the Indians and other just circumstances.

Therefore, they requested that the date for their migration to the grant be extended to February 1, The Prefect felt the request was reasonable and granted the extension. The Prefect appointed one of the grantees, Bernabe Montoya, as his agent to supervise the move and the establishment of the colony. Morales also issued a set of special instructions governing the construction of the community irrigation system.

For various reasons, a number of the colonists who finally settled on the grant lost interest in the enterprise. One by one they began leaving the grant until on April 16, , only fourteen colonists were left. In an effort to avoid the complete failure of the colony, the remaining grantees requested the Governor of Chihuahua to station a small detachment of soldiers on the grant and furnish each colonist with arms and ammunition in order to protect themselves from the savages.

They also requested that ten men be sent from each district of the State in order to assist them in the completion of the irrigation system, that they be permitted to cultivate the lands they had already cleared without prejudicing their right to select other lands in the future as their individual farm tracts, and that they be exempt from military service and taxes. At the same time, the Governor advised the remaining grantees that they would be exempt from military service and could cultivate any land within the boundaries of the grant until it had been officially distributed according to the Regulations of July 31, , but he had no authority to exempt them from taxation or require workmen from the other districts to assist them in the construction of their private irrigation project.

There is no question but that these prompt relief measures saved the colony from being completely abandoned during the first year following its creation. On one of his occasional visits to the settlement, General Mauricio Ugarte was met by only four of the colonists. When he inquired as to the whereabouts of the others, he was advised that they were hiding because they were completely without wearing apparel. Ugarte promptly outfitted the entire colony with military uniforms and gave them a horse and a mule, which for some time were the only domestic animals at the settlement.

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Living quarters consisted of a number of small adobe huts and brush jacals. The digging of the irrigation canals and clearing of the land was slow and tedious since all work had to be done with crude wooden spades and plows. All provisions for the new colony had to be packed in from El Paso del Norte. A party consisting of a minimum of six men was necessary to make this tedious excursion with travel being done usually at night in order to minimize the risk of an Indian ambush.

On January 9, , the colonists petitioned the Prefect of El Paso del Norte, Antonio Rey, requesting a distribution of the lands which they were entitled to under the Regulations of July 31, The survey commenced:. After Rey had completed surveying the grant, he took a census of the colony in preparation for the distribution of the individual farm tracts to the settlers. The census showed that the population of the colony had increased from 14 to inhabitants in less than one year.

It also showed that there were 47 families and 22 single men on the grant who were eligible to receive individual allotments of land. Next, the Prefect laid out 47 caballerias of land for the married men and 22 smaller tracts for the single men. The 14 settlers who had continuously lived on the grant were given preferential right in the choice of their tracts. The balance were awarded by 1st.

Following the allotment of the agricultural tracts, a townsite was laid out on the grant and residential lots were awarded to the 69 qualified colonists. The Prefect placed each of the colonists in legal possession of his land on January 24, , but no title papers were issued at that time. Rey concluded his visit by appointing Pablo Melendrez to the office of justice of the Peace and Jose Maria Costales as alternate justice. Being anxious to perfect the title to their individual tracts, the colonists requested Guadalupe Miranda, Prefect of El Paso del Norte, to give them testimonios evidencing their ownership of their land.

On January 22, , Miranda authorized Justice Melendrez to issue the necessary muniments of title. Acting upon this authorization, Melendrez issued title papers to each of the original allottees. He continued to distribute and grant land to all settlers who moved to the grant prior to the date of the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Proudfit, on January 23, , seeking an investigation of their claim. Proudfit, after receiving oral and documentary evidence in support of the claim, wrote an opinion dated March 31, , in which he stated that the records showed that the colony had been established by the lawful authorities of the Republic of Mexico; the colonists or their successors were in peaceful possession of the land and had never been disturbed in their possession except by hostile Indians; and he believed their claim had been legally perfected.

In conclusion, he recommended the confirmation of the grant. Elkins and Robert Marmon. Working languages:. Send email. More actions PayPal accepted. Access to Blue Board comments is restricted for non-members.

New Mexico Office of the State Historian : Doña Ana Bend Colony Grant

Click the outsourcer name to view the Blue Board record and see options for gaining access to this information. Im Geologischen Institut in Kysyl, der Hauptstadt Tuvas, werden viel versprechende Gesteinsproben untersucht, die Geologen von ihren Forschungsexpeditionen mitbringen. Dann geht es nur noch mit dem Boot weiter. Unterwegs treffen die Geologen auf einheimische tuwinischen Nomaden, die noch leben wie zu Zeiten Dschingis-Khans. Die Gesteinsproben werden untersucht, die Fundorte in Karten verzeichnet.

We are in Alan's Cafe at ten past eleven at night. There is a counter with stools [of the bar variety] stage left. Behind the counter are bins of coffee beans, coffee makers, espresso makers, coffee cups, etc. There are picture windows upstage center and stage right. The door leading outside is upstage, to the right of the windows.

The door leading to the lavatory is stage left, downstage from the counter. There are a number of tables and chairs set up inside the cafe. There is nobody inside the shop except ALAN, who is behind the counter, wiping it with a rag. PAN enters from outside, crosses the room with a certain amount of cockiness, and stops on the other side of the counter from ALAN. Surely you read Dante? He was cast from Heaven into the deepest bowels of Hell, submerged to his waist in the frozen waters of Cocytus, never again permitted a glimpse of paradise, gnashing his teeth in torment, beating his wings against the surface of the ice for all eternity.

I was just wondering if you knew that. MARCY crosses to the counter. ALEXI tries hard not to stare at her. ALAN Coming right up. ALAN obliges. MARCY attacks a nearby bowl of creamers, putting an insane amount of cream in her coffee and tossing the empty creamers in an ashtray.

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ALAN watches her do this with some interest, and halfway through, he interrupts. This is fine. MARCY continues dumping in cream. After fourteen, she stops, stirs the coffee with a finger, and sips. She puts in three more, stirs, sips, and returns to her original table alone. Seventeen creams. That lady Marcy, put seventeen creams in her coffee.

EVO - Belgium Tour Dec, 2014 (8) Bona dona - Heist-op-den-Berg, 11/12/2014

You can't tell me she ain't some kind of depressed. Not when she's drinking that kind of concoction. EDWIN gestures to the empty cups. ALAN refills. You know, you never did tell me what you're doing. ALAN Yeah, but what are you trying to prove? I'll tell you about it later. Right now, I'd like to hear more about the people in the shop. But right now, I got another customer. ALAN gapes, then looks at the coffee bins behind the counter and laughs.

ALAN You saw her reflection on the coffee bin covers, huh? Pretty slick. I'll be right back, Dr. I just need to find out what she wants. ALAN You got it. Lonelyheart's eyes lit up when she came in? ALAN No, and neither did you. Your back was to him the whole time. He pulls out a pad and pen. ALAN Cute couple, huh? Not obvious. Probably why I noticed it. Here, let me help. Kneels and replaces the purse's spilled contents I'm sorry for scaring you, Ma'am. It was my fault. I was off in another world. ALAN I know what you mean. I get like that sometimes myself. I appreciate it. Something I can get you?

ALAN Don't mind at all. Writes in pad I don't suppose you'd like lemon with that? ALAN I thought it might. ALAN Well, it's just my experience that lonely folks drink tea with lemon. And, excuse me for saying this, but you sort of struck me that way. Because it's not obvious, right? ALAN Something like that. I get quite a few lonelies in here. Especially at this hour. ALAN As a matter of fact, the gentleman over there is drinking a tea with lemon, too.

Oh, pardon me, Ma'am, I'm needed. I'll bring your tea around in a minute. Hope you're feeling better. They stare at each other, with a look of recognition. Seemed nice enough, just lonely. Maybe a potential match for Mr. About the right age. So I kind of casually nudged her in his direction. You know, all subtle-like. Anyone can just pour coffee or make a sandwich. But the payoff is in taking the trouble to help someone out if you can.

Raises an espresso cup in toast Here's to you. That means a lot to me. ALAN Hmmm? Oh, the guy over there at the table way in back. The one with the dark suit and slick haircut. This is the third coffee since he's been here. Drinks it black. I can't get a read on the guy. It's like he's waiting for something.

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I don't know. I just can't seem to figure him out. ALAN I'll say he is. Beady little eyes. The way he hunches over his coffee. Not the kind of man I'd trust in a hurry.

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