Encounters with Heaven: Stories of God’s Surprising Presence

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My husband had died of leukemia shortly before this accident. Less than two weeks later, I would be the first to arrive on the scene of an accident. The car she was thrown from was barely scratched. The bible says God knows befoe we are born the day, hour and minute of our death.

I think it wise to be on the safe side and just go ahead and ask forgiveness, forgive others, make amends and reconcile. Maybe we should all go to church and take our children with us? Romans He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also, along with Him, freely give us all things?

It is God who justifies. Who is there to condemn us? For Christ Jesus, who died, and more than that was raised to life, is at the right hand of God—and He is interceding for us. For Christ Jesus, who died, and more than that was raised to life, is at the right hand of God — and He is interceding for us. He Himself is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not for ours alone, but also for the sins of the whole world. I would say that being able to forgive is a good work.

I Pray for People to get Healed of infections, bad backs and hips,vertigo,Brain injuries etc. I guess you have to look at the glass as half full not half empty. The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant makes me think about Purgatory. At the gates of hell, but not in hell. If Purgatory, we should pray for the dead.

They may have debts that can only be paid by our prayers or their suffering. It is unbiblical to pray for the dead, there is no such thing as purgatory, that concept is not biblical. What does forgiveness feel like? I say I forgive and I pray for the person but I am still mad inside. How do you know you have forgiven? We must choose to forgive, God requires it.

We pray for those who have harmed us, we pray for God to bless them. To increase their gifts of faith, hope, love, etc.

"Encounters with Heaven ~ Stories of God's Surprising Presence"

God bless you. Fergis: Too many people say we should forgive another Christian carte blanc, with no repentance from the offender who is a Christian.

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The Bible does not say so. In Luke we are told that if a brother sister trespass against us, we should rebuke him, and IF he repent you shall forgive him.

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It does nothing to promote spiritual growth for a Christian to be allowed to hurt and trouble people in the church and nothing said or done about it. Jesus says we should confront them and tell them what they did wrong to give them a chance to repent to say Sorry. If you told nasty lies about me and I confronted you about it, and you admitted it and told me you were sorry, I would feel mitigated.

I would forgive you and I would ask you to recover the damage you did to me, by going to those people and telling them the truth. You and I would likely be best friends after that! If the person does NOT repent, you are to follow the rest of what Jesus says to do.. There would be less gossip and trouble in churches if Jesus way of handling things was done. So what should my heart attitude be toward you, in the event that you refused to admit what you did and refused therefore, to apologise?

Always keep your heart soft and loving. Be open for that occasion. You can feel better in such a case, knowing that the LORD knows the truth and He will repay if the person does not repent. But it is disobedience if a Christian sins against you and you do not do what Jesus said to.

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You are giving them a chance to get right with God! Because until they own up to you and apologize they are not right with Him. In cases where one is badly treated by unsaved people unbelievers, I believe the Biblical precedent, is simply to forgive. If you have to several times, keep doing it.

I find that praying for the salvation and good of the offender causes God to impart His Love into my heart for the person. The parable of the servant who took his fellow-servant by the throat is interesting, and I note that every time its mentioned, the person mentioning it, fails to mention that the other servant had fallen at the feet of the servant asked for mercy and time to repay what he owed.

It is oly relevant in cases where someone has sinned against you and you confront them and they fall at your feet and ask mercy of you. If you refuse to forgive in such a case, of course the Lord is angry and will not forgive you your sins. In our culture, sadly, the concept of falling at someones feet and asking forgiveness is abhorrent.

We are too proud to do such a thing. I hope this will help you. I made the distinction between how Jesus says to handle offences within the church and how to handle those without. Reply to L. Williscroft comments: When you study together the teachings of the Lord Jesus the Christ concerning the subject of forgiveness, it becomes clear we are to forgive anyone and everyone who sins against us, even if s he does not repent and ask for our forgiveness.

In conclusion, the bottom-line proper interpretation of these teachings of Christ concerning forgiveness and reconciliation with fellow professing believers is that we should seek reconciliation with those who sin against us, but forgive them even if they never repent or are reconciled with us and the Lord our God. Being angry with one another, allowing a root of bitterness to take hold is how Satan controls us.

I should know…. Before giving testimony, you should have all the facts straight. One thing I have learned of forgiveness is that you live with the consequences of what the other person has done. It takes the grace of God to remain a Christian.

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Adeola Odutola: Please read my reply to Fergis. There is something in it which may help you brother. Some churches place burdens grievous to be borne upon the shoulders of Christians and Jesus has the answer.. What most people are ignoring.. It is more like a time of mercy.. Remember God is a loving forgiving God.. Rather than judge this mans experience and who or what makes a Christian.. The man is confusing hell with purgatory. Christians who do not forgive will not go to hell for that fault, because they are Christians they will go to purgatory until they pay back what they refused to give in this life.

Jesus said all those who believe in the Son of Man will be saved. Christians that die in the state of venial sin go to purgatory, anyone that dies in Mortal Sin goes to Hell. Our Lady of Fatima said that many souls drop into hell because there is no one to pray for them. Pray for Lost Souls and one day they will rejoice with you in Heaven. The metaphor the church uses is that of a 3 legged stool, 1.

The Bible, 2. Divine Tradition, 3. Teaching magisterium of the church. Hope that helps you Honey, I am a layman in that church. One is filled with power and many other wonderful things and the RCC is all about their dogma and liturgy. There IS no purgatory Lawrence. The only leg you have to stand on, is the first part — the Bible. Read through the Book of Acts of Apostles and the Epistles and you will see a very different church from the one you promote: in fact, different from most Protestant churches too, sadly.

We ALL need to come back to the Bible. Hope it helps. All this sounds too Protestant. The word purgatory may not be in the Bible along with the word Trinity, but the teachings are. Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died Without Mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. You are reading that text wrong. Then, look into a good translation. So let me get this straight. Thus not going to hell. Everyone also will be made aware at that very same moment that God is real-atheists and all! Many thousands will be saved because of this enlightenment but then many too would fall away again.

As for Trump God is using him to bring America back to him. God told me one day that Trump was no Angel but that she -Hilary was a devil. God bless all who read this. This is the truth.

In his near-death experience of hell, he saw Christians who refused to forgive

About four years ago I cried to God because I felt I could no longer endure to see all evil and unrighteousness which fills this this earth and I felt as my heart would break because of the pain over this. The concept of eternity in Hell is terrifying. If you die tonight, where will YOU spend eternity??? God Reports. Home Christian news In his near-death experience of hell, he saw Christians who refused to Christian news encouragement end times miracles Most Popular Near-death experiences parenting Top Featured.

Share on Facebook. I am one miracle after another.

Jim Woodford’s Testimony of Coming Back After Seeing Heaven And Hell

Poway rabbi was about to read about Messiah ushering in peace when gunman opened fire. Millennials fail to save for retirement, cite climate change as one reason. Men in white unleash snakes, foil Islamist terror. That was my problem with what he related. Is he saying the bride is just one person or 1 church? That is the Rapture… The weeds being gathered up first to be burned! The Second Coming and the Rapture are two separate and completely opposite events. When the experience differs from the Biblical account, you know the experience is false.

I agree with your feelings regarding Trump. Now I am happy to call him my President. Romans Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. A very minor detail though which in no way takes from the testimony. Amen to that John…God bless you for those inspiring words. Lawrence,where in the Bible does it state what you have shared???

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