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So do it! Send some poems. And others: Bart Solarczyk and Mark Hartenbach. And reviews of important small press books. Links, reviews articles, emails, and etc. A good picnic with uncles and aunts who let you drink and sneak off to the bushes. High-octane alcohol. The most revolutionary, of course, cause represents a social state of poetry void from the tedious wealthy rich-kid South of France words. Not that suburban cell phone in the SUV on the way to the craft store. No idle time. Nor no idle threat. Spring Peshekee River, Tom Blessing, Editor.

A couple bucks. Just the correct size for an in hand paper magazine so when you reading eating toast in the AM or on the bus it is all easy to handle. Drawings by Blessing. Check it out. Magazine editors want mail. Allow this mention to be an invitation. Slipstream, P. Box , Niagara Falls, NY. After twenty years in the poe-biz and after producing 20 issues that means one a year and a lot of the time and money out of the pocket folks Slipstream should now be canonized as a Saint of poetry magazines.

Slipstream has been around longer than most marriages, your children, your car, the place you now live in, the wine you were saving, the life span of whales and gazelles, four presidents, 43 countries in the world, the OJ trial, John Denver, — but not as long as Ronald Raygun - or Nancy - but that is OK. You will enjoy it. The Slipstreamers take care to edit. They are editors. Send money - only six clams! Send poems. Who knows? Maybe you are Zeus or Venus?

Releasing poetry from the burden of the pious personal seriousness and giving words back to makers and creators of poems, Sheila E. The poems are full of the twisties and turners that only warping, twisting, modeling and shaping syntax can create. Truly these poems are a dissonant poetry. And it forces you to read another way other than in time, in narrative, in a straight line. Sheila Murphy takes the lion of poetry and with whip and chair boots it around so that the poem appears to arrive with all the intensity and beastliness of an otherworld otherWORD creature that can only be labeled imaginative beauty.

More than any other poet I can haul to mind, Lifshin, alone, has the ability to speak with a genuine American voice to all of us peeps, people and dogs. She has the ability to be of our moment and is our monument. Easy, yes, to read a few poems in a magazine - here and there - and in little books, but poets like Lyn Lifshin, because she produces tiny, fast slivers of wood in your heart-mind and sliver like fish poems that escape like water thought your fingers, because of this a big book in hand is so much an important event and can only that way grant a fair reading.

What happens is that Cold Comfort plants the mind right in the middle of an imaginative cosmos that is recognizable as the real world and one that is not. In other words, and other words are what poets really work with, in other words Lyn Lifshin has created a realm of American poetry so original as to stand alone and aloft. Get the big book. Imagine that poet, with notebook or scrap of paper capturing instantaneous instances like rare insects in the midst of a yacking socializing crowd in Harvard Square, Cambridge, writing a book of poems and you have if your write to him in hand Dreams at the Au Bon Pain.

It is poetry netting crisp snapshots of memory between sips of strong coffee and sweet deserts and spontaneous perch watching as humanity and his drifts in and out of a crowd in and around an outside sidewalk coffee cafe. His dreams are tender and widening, reverberating circles on dark pools of felt but undefined deep emotion. Write him. Send work. He is among the vertebra that holds the Boston and eastern Mass.

Gary Aposhian, editor and lots of supporting editorial staff. Free Thought Publications, P. Box , Encinitas, CA And a great tribute it is. Happy Birthday Charles B. This issue for sure is a must for all of us who honor the name Bukowski. I can only imagine that someplace an amusing, confident, contented smile would be cracked by King Charles the Buk.

I hope he tips a beer. Most interesting to me, I learned from the material within. And there are Bukowski drawings and a re-publication of 20 tanks from Kasseldown and lots of photographs not before published. A dream, a dream for sure for Charles Bukowski fans, readers, scholars, and fans and friends. For Sure. I knew her as a madonna and a madwoman and a seductress, and also as a poet who would drift, nostalgically, into her past. On one level, of course, this is true.

Where one locates after engaging these poems is in a familiar landscape, which is, nevertheless, unreal. Reading these poems one dances with their seduction and falls into their witchery comfort. It is a selection of work harvested from 20 years of writing. His masters are Kerouac and Ginsberg and he has supported them, and a generation or two of Beats that follow them, via his Blue Beat Jacket press and magazine.

There are five poets from San Francisco in this issue. There are four poets from Oakland in this issue. Her poem is on page Ah- the gift of poetry. And Chased Out Beyond the Trees a selection of older poems by Mark Weber has to be a stop in the read through this issue. After 40 print issues of Lucid Moon, a billion sheets of paper, exhausting several photocopy machines, etc. So, MainMan! Tapes and joy, yes, such are the joys cause we are all girls and boys. No invisible worms allowed, no police on yaks, no pool closing the second week in September, no none of that, Stuff, what makes you mad.

Everything is Holy. Baseball is Holy. The Organ of Man is Holy. Click on it - willya! Jeez Loueez. Fool Click. Click click click. Issn Houff, Hawthorne Avenue East, St. Paul, MN Direct all correspondence, donations and submissions to him. Heeltap is a Pariah Press Publication. This particular issue begins with a big chunk of poem work by Lyn Lifshin - 7 poems in fact this is issue 7. I guess I was wrong - 5 poems.

I am a ritter not an a math-geek. And then followed by four poems by Todd Fox. Well, you see - this is really a congress of poets - this is a UN meeting or an, you know an Olympic Village of sorts, or a jug volcanoing with the exotic. Ok - so we have here a magazine that consistently presents American work.

Poems for dishwashers, cab drivers, - all the workin people - not the rich kids back from France whose Ma and Pa paid for the first 10 issues of the glossy pornographic Nork York City rag that features only other rich kids back from France - no and not and nope. Here some bus driver, and lunch room worker with hair net on head, the slave at Starbucks, the slaves of Nike, the postal worker not the office postal workers - the slaves luggin the bag around , the guy that grinds up your hamburger, the retarded woman that cuts you a half pound of baloney.

Wake up would you! Treat this editor: Richard Houff. With a letter with some stamps or send him a huge chunk of kilbasa. Here is a short poem by Paula Villegas: I love men with blue caps They keep their heads on so well. Zerx - CD. It is easy to say you have to hear it but you have to hear it. And once you hear it you say, I gotta hear it again.

And again. Bourbon and Coke is a bourbon and coke double bar bourbon with no ice to water down that bar back bourbon. Dedicated to Henry Chinaski seems to be a better indication as to what the poems is gunna be than any long winded fart introduction. So be it. And probably better than any long winded fart filled review. But who can stop from farting? The poems in this book are about drinking and friends who drink and things one sees when drinking heavily. Drinkers live in worlds close by but not in the world of the huge sea of non-drinkers.

I am sorry for them, them non-drinkers. I was stuck in a gas station during a snowstorm a few nights ago with about 30 people and announced that I would buy beer at 11PM, so we could at least have fun. No one responded. A few people then had coffee. A few people bought some crackers and a few waited in line to pee.

A lot of people stood quietly watching the snow. They watched and watched. And watched the snowfall. Henry Chinaski was not among them. Robert Penick was not among them. Shortly later I left the gas station to make my way in the snow. I farted loudly in the cold and wind and dark.

It felt good to be alone and away. This then is my mark of approval for Penick and his poems. Strange address but write him. No price given for the 20 pages of poems but must be between 5 and 10 bucks. My guess that the few bucks includes postage. Women would love to be loved by this guy. Someone who happened to be under the ass of life without an umbrella.

Dragon fly. Black tree from which hangs the suicide bodies of Cain and Christ. Romance of remembering. AH sweet bitterness and fierce thirst for all things lost and love. Slipping into darkness. Could be short poems for tombstones. Captures a cup of sane sadness enough to quench the fiery Hellhole of life. Editor: John Elsberg, N.

Beautifully Compact

Cleveland St. Arlington, VA. The first thing you gotta know is that if you subscribe to three issues you will get them. Bogg has been around since , which is 32 years, and is probably older then most of the readers of this review and not as old as those who remember that Leon Harvard Owlswald shot Priestadent McKinnedy 37 years ago.

And Elsberg himself is a fine poet, with a horizon vaster than most - he writes short poems and does visual poems and etc. Who among this crowd can say they will be in the business in 30 years!! Consistently Elsberg and Bogg brings to wide light a poetry filled with guts and gusto, with feeling and depth, but not sentimental or any academic professor outlook crap. I would venture to say that in the realm of poetry and society Elsberg and his Bogg present, issue by issue, the very best of poetry by people, consistently, and his mark is the mark that all other editors have to try to match.

American poetry owes it all the Elsberg. If you are that stupid to think you can get beyond the front door with your poems in your sweaty steaming hand without knowing about Bogg than you cooked greasy goose is stuffed with zebra puke. About 8 or 10 bucks and worth every worn face on a Lincoln penny.

I think both Weber and Locklin have beards like the great Linc did have. It is a long meditative piece composed of memories drifting in and out of the fifteen-page poem. This seems a different type of poem for Mark Weber who spends a good deal of his time painting houses and in the recording studio and writing poems with a more up front reportage style. It is wonderful to see Weber then here growing and growing reflective.

He is truly one the great writers of long poems. Perhaps he the one and only one who can handle the form with grace and style and still have it sink in deep like a fork in your raw hot dog or slicing the fog. Look, long poems are hard to write and Weber can write them. A master work that must be read.

Then flip the book and be treated to a set of poems by master artist Gerald Locklin here relating more of his jazz poems, riffing along various themes and always appreciating music. Locklin is a poet much involved in the idiom of speech. The progression of the poems is a precession of and in and with the pleasure of sound. Probably ten or 12 bucks. Published by Anabasis, Oysterville, WA. Tom Eagle does write it. What a most wonderfully, flowering, foutaining imagination.

This is the best prose that is poetry - poetry that is a measure of all parts of a creative life with human condition rhythm. And this is it. Enough picnic basket and poetry language and adventure for the hungriest campers, enough Eros of all the arrows in bows, enough of life being unzipped… - a thoroughly worthwhile read. Edited by Daniel A.

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By far BPD is the best new poetry magazine to cross these magic-marker-stained fingers in a good long while. In this only four-page zine, photocopied, editor Daniel A. Russell creates a poetic world that smashes the state of both poetry in hard copy and also on the web. Bad poetry is a cut-up - pure collage magazine. Anything that finds its way to his mailbox is the stuff of the poem. It is poetry? It is poetry. Everything is poetry and here it is proved. And then, we are all used to editors as compilers. Yes, and a good job they do. Russell, however, is intimately involved with creativity.

He is editor as creator. The page is his unit of composition. And narrative flow? His pages have multiple entry points. There is no just start at the top and end at the bottom. Truly, here, one enters the imagination and is then surrounded by it. Images are also brought into the page.

It seems I could go on and on here. You should see it yourself. Send something. Send some money. Get a copy. Change your own poetry. Box , Fanwood, New Jersey, In , near Exit 13 in and around Elizabeth, New Jersey, Exit 13 Magazine occurred in the mind of Tom Plante, and it drives on now into the waning of year Portals into poetry in this issue include a poem by King Charles Bukowski, which editor Plante received more than 10 years ago and now for the first time the poem finds print and light.

And a wonderful Bukowski poem it is. In it the poet is attempting to locate blackheads instead of writing poetry or is poetry blackheads? Well, poetry is to ponder. Check it out: take exist 13 home for the holly days, holidays or Helladaze. To begin, the title of this long time living magazine is one of my favorites: Black Bear Review. No relation. One gets comfortable in Black Bear. Carefully edited, selected one feels - meaning, it seems, the editorial staff took the time to read manuscripts and select poems by merit and not by author or theme. Gosh, then this makes this magazine a magazine of the trenches, a workhorse for those poets on the way.

This issue, issue 31 wow! Only the editors know how much work it takes to do such a thing. Ahhh, Ave and company are the Gods. Now in the midst of the white wine and soft cheese world of poetry where your dad and mom own a building in Paris, apartment in Hong Kong and homes in New York City and Florida, where poets have trusts, new cars and houses, their underpants dry cleaned, spread liver on crackers, have someone else buy their heroin, pose for each other and write posing poems about posing things totally disconnected and unconcerned about right wrong, justice, reality, life in the US of A, the world and anything beyond their arrogant, poodle, chauffeured vain poetry world - ahh there is our our OUR Black Bear.

Thank you Black Bear. ISSN: Editor: John M. Oh HOLY! The First Hoel! A bulletin, a bullet in the head of the carp sucking at the nipples of the egomirror career carcass rotting in the hot flood of maggot crap. Lost and Found Times always has its fingers crushed in the door of glossy air brushed with ego and talk about wine pornographic poetry room. One must write that John M.

Bennett is a true trooper of the imagination. Never satisfied with the boredom poem or poetry life in the upper class suburbs, Bennett and The Lost and Found Times provide a Circus Maximus where the dull and dim are put to the s word. If in you all find you all self at odds with the Kenyon Review and such ilk, but still lust ink, seek The Lost and Found Times , for in its humble pages resides one of the few paths through the Red Sea. Number 3, Fall Editor: Tom Blessing. Cough it up. All their contributions much good. And there are a lot of poets I did not know.

Peter Mishler and Casey Langel. Now I do. You should also. He is doing good for the poem. He spends some good sensitive and smart time choosing poems. Box , Long Beach, CA Make checks payable to Jeff Epley. Motels are not so expensive. Charles Bukowski lived next door in San Pedro. Gerald Locklin lives in Long Beach. Bender Magazine has a pullout chapbook by Gerald Locklin. But the poems matter. In seven paragraphs, two pages, Brantingham captures the confused essence of our sometimes ridiculous and truly bizarre first sexual information. Most of this we receive from our awkward parents.

He does this with good, classic, direct humor. This story should be reprinted and reprinted and republished. Paul Minnesota, Press Editor Richard D. Appropriately titled the poems in this small book by Gerald Locklin spring form visual art and from art them to all about life. This is good. Usually his poems are short and ironic. Perhaps those sarcastic and humorous poems are the ones you recall. However, there is another Locklin, a deeply pondering, sophisticated and plain smart Locklin, and a Locklin behind the mask of Toad and tons of cream sherry and beer.

This Locklin is represented in this small book. What is this poem about: It is about: degas painting dancers preparing for their art, which is the ballet. Oh course, it is all practice, rehearsal, the unbeautiful. So it is with writing and living. It is all unbeautiful and unglamorous, and routine. However, for a brief few seconds, the endless mundane existence of humanity and writing, sparks a few seconds perhaps one second where beauty appears and is then done. It is those seconds that Locklin explains and is so able to capture and hold for display, so that all might ponder and wonder at the power of art, and poetry, to transform our too very ordinary vapid lives into wonder.

Houff, Limited Editions Press. Peter Magliocco Editor. Box Las Vegas, NV The saying is sometimes about the old time Eisenhower period remember that nostalgic good time America? And I figured as much. There are places to get a hair cut that are no longer there. There is walkin to school. There is finding stuff on the railroad tracks. There are uncles who feed you and buy you beers. There are the rules of the poor: Never rob the people from your own depressed hood; Always take care of those less fortunate; Always hit the rich hoods and leave posthaste….

You get it. It is not just the puking after beer. It is all the black and white starving. All of it. Well, then, also Houff includes a few recipe poems. I think always of recipes as poems, but Houff here is able to pull it off with art. Cheers to him for taking this form under his wing. To round it all off there is an interview with Houff by Holly Day. Find them. Usual price. These poems are part of the archive of material left by Charles Bukowski for publication after his death. Reading Charles Bukowski now almost seven years beyond his death can only be compared to drinking many good good bottles of aged red French wine.

Or are there other things to compare with the experience? Is that too corny? I suppose. What can one write? It is like seeing a giraffe kiss an anteater? Imagine their purple tongues coiling about. It is like exploring the oceans of Europa? Ah the radiation mirco-waving my skin. How to review a giant? It is the problem the Lilliputians had with Gulliver. Nevertheless, Bukowski has immense posthumous power. So much can be said. So short a space. And each individual fan will have such a different take. So, it is obvious then, no matter if one likes it or not, Bukowski is literature. Perhaps it is best just to savor in so short a space as this.

I guess, yes. In so many ways this is just a puff and an homage. So be it and so what. Readers are what keeps Bukowski alive. And when they, Bukowski and her, arrive, Bukowski finds the most banal world. He writes,. I have. I have too often. Oh the suffering of we humans. I shudder. I should be an anteater kissing a fire hydrant or a South American sloth bear.

Or I should be a rotting pear surrounded by vulture fruit flies. Oh are all the angels like all the human idiots? Bukowski writes:. Grateful, Oh Bukowski, for bringing the lives of all of us humble readers into focus, into the rhythm of the great wheel of life where death is as beautiful as life. Edited by Rikki Hollywood. The Price for Bukowski Journal No. Address is R. Hollywood, P. It is perfect bound and has a paper wrapper and an R. Cumb image of Bukowski on it.

It is a pages long. A treat. And oh. My opinion: one of the better things to happen to Bukowski in recent times. Certainly there is a Bukowski industry in full swing. There are reviews of various related books, for instance Davie S. Zane and R. All around solid and fun and useful to the fan and scholar, casual reader and loyalist. Of course you get a CD free with the issue. I am listening to Kerouac as I write Burroughs, Ginsberg etc. For the serious Buk fan, reader, for the amateur and beginner Bukster and for anyone interested in any Bukoanlia: Bukowski Unleashed, Bukowski Journal, Number One is something you must hold in one of your hands.

In the other hand, well, a beer, or a smoke or the tongue of a leopard …whatever. It will get to you and you should do it. Each state should have its own bladder. There are a lot of poets to choose from. Now, I think that other poets can get in, because Harvey Perker from Cleveland is in here. Now Cleveland might be like New Jersey in a lot of ways, bars, potatoes, thoughts about Denmark… things like that.

It is truly, a New Jersey of the mind that Roskos has crated here. He is a fine editor -and like us all - he does it out of pocket Not trust fund. Maybe he fishes cans and bottles out of stinking rivers? Convince him that you belong in his New Jersey. Often times I have found myself on the floor of his New Jersey. Within here, this issue, is a long interview with Herschel Silverman. Herschel is a great, fine, spectacular poet. He once owned an ice-cream parlor. He is now all poet, all poet, all poet. You can define him as a good part BEAT.

If you get to hear him, you will know that the Beat Generation is still generating. AH, I hear the music. In fact, you should even write Herschel Silverman himself and dig his poetry personally. He has got a lot of poetry in mags and he gots a few books. And send him, Roskos, a letter for Herschel and Roskos will get that letter to Herschel - and send envelopes and stamps also. Get busy. A chap. Very nicely did. What does this fearless lad have to offer. And I must admit, I was surprised because Hibshman can spin the line:.

There are those among use infected by William S. This issue, most wonderful, feeds the need, lust, craving. There is an essay called Back at to Pond by Arthur S. But thinking of Burroughs, it could be Poe. Now this is what a magazine should be. Think poetry locally, act poetry globally. Free Thought always takes the notion of populace poetry as the most important poetry. Good for Free Thought and our free thought. I once saw Burroughs. He read sections of Naked Lunch, acted the part of Dr. Benway, and a troop of actors acted some of his skits. A strange night. A guy in the audience stripped and charged Burroughs, screaming, tell us the words.

There was a fire in the auditorium. It was all very oddly real. Everyone in the bar was in the prose I had just read. No got. Come Friday. Relax, Johnny. Art by Angela Mark. No price - two poems. Send a few dollars maybe SASE. Remember the buck or two. Well, I talked a bit above about Dave Roskos as an editor, and again, a good one he is. He takes good care, careful care, and supports his New Jersey poets. We her poets as pets. Alone in a mountain meadow with Cait Collins…. But let me get back to what I mean or something. And the book under review is by Roskos. Now the two poems in this mini-book are about junk and junkies.

See, this fits in after Burroughs. But there is no romance of junk here in Roskos poetry. Reading the poems they are part gut feelings of sadness for those stuck on junk, hooked and the recovering and falling back into abyss of junk and addiction. And outrage that society, people voters of New Jersey and the politicians will not help junkie or addicts.

His particular raging against New Jersey who by law will not transplant a liver into a recovering junkie, which seems typically Christian and Right Wing. The image is a broken, breaking heart in tired hands. The face of the character in the image is also cracking, shattering breaking and falling apart. So heart and life shatter with junk. Addiction most horrible. All, who know of addiction, alcoholism and the like, know this sadness. So the poems made me ponder, alter my thoughts. And that is the worth of such poems. Phony Lid Publications - P.

Box , Los Angeles, Ca. Deep in dream a pale horse appears on the horizon and moves rapidly as a chess piece towards my sleeping self. Slipping her hand under my blanket, her bony hand grabs my wrist and beckons and pulls and finally yanks. But tonight I am stronger than death.

How much more? I wonder? How long? What should I do with this bucket of time? Pleasantly the icy rain coats the streets, trees, everything. The neighbors and their dogs, children and gods will be remaining, quietly, inside. Unborn Again, a new book by S. Griffin has followed some crooked path to my swollen hands. Why not. I move slowly thought the short lines. Anti-poetry, I think. This is a good thing. Another soul standing in the front against the academic tank. But if these poems were a clump of grapes, what a fine wine.

I wonder if there is something melding there? He meshes, like some fine Hanes hosiery, the natural world, nouns and stuff, with abstractions, like knowledge, to produce profundity after profundity. Philosophically profound, I think yes. And his anti-art brings forward and into focus a world that is real. Clearly, Griffin draws a line.

Seems like a fair deal to me. And along with the good poems, come the great poems. Poetry is a living thing, a daily thing here in the life and times of S. Why, in one poem he wrestles with the word thing in the midst of carnivorous punk type teen kid harassment from the audience. The poets win the duel, the fight, the riot and poetry wins. I like that. Griffin, yes there is the beer and the hangovers, the painful storms of life, but there is more than that, there is poetry. This IS how one lives. Well, here, in some form of closing, allow me to tell more. The wind is picking up and the rain is now pelting.

Later when I drive about, the streets will be less complicated. The old and lame and housewives still chained to the Truman era will not venture forth. So let me write, dear friends, that 12 Kisses to the Universe is another great one - - - about the madness and salvation of love. How often in this great, deep and dark, stormy forest of life are the wrong paths taken. Everyone has to have a wrong path story. Oh Christ Almighty, thank the gods. In the end, after all those wrong turns, they are the right turns, the right choices.

The only choice. Now there are a lot of gritty, fact and truth heavy poems out there. Many, many more than the great ocean of stupidity that civilization has manifested. Now and then, however, there is an island, an apartment. Yes, an apartment in which might be a poet, a poet like S. He made the right choice. He is president of nothing. You should make the right choice. Work on his campaign. Since the s Xerolage, edited by editor, publisher, poet and literary rebel, free spirit, anarchist, futurist, dream time village founder, web-master and electronic poet Miekal And, has been featuring issues of the most progressive vis-poems conceivable.

And best they are. Grumman is a progressive concrete poet and, therefore, each of his poems is more than, much more than just a meditative or cute Zen ting thing sitting on a page. They cut to the heat heart and guts and soul, as poems must do. And they are not the pompous art the ruling little lits. I have imagined Visual poetry as the left hook of real poetry. The right jab - poems like S. Poetry needs a combination of slugs. But allow me to note that Grumman utilizes all forms of concrete.

Oh Milton, make room on the bench. Kenosha, Wisconsin, This is a book of performance poems, some of which can be found at the Light and Dust website. A few are old and a few are new. These are performance poems, poems for group performance. It is good to see it in print.

These creatures will conquer us. They will destroy what little poetic life lives on planet earth. What will remain after Basinski is planet EARth. Basinski is noted for his sometimes obtuse approach to the poem. He cares little for narration. He cares nothing for those stuck seeking meaning in this meaningless society. He cares nothing for those sucking their thumbs. Better to be defeated with Hannibal. This is a most beautiful book. The poem combines and contains a relentless onslaught of Shakespearean sexual terminology juxtaposed with slang and colloquial phrases and romantic, memory-bound cryptic messages enjambed with the stark and sometimes dissident alphabetic sound.

All of this is countered by long strings of vowels, alphabetic sounds and neologisms. The poem is all sound and not, music and not, full and filled with meaning and not. It is knots and nuts and the Goddess Nut. Perhaps this book can be as close to an intermedia poem as possible. It is true a combination of talents and stands forward and above books made by cooperating artist.

A special numbered edition with a four-colored waterless lithograph by Wendy Collin Sorin is available. The aim is to create a new vocabulary that draws on both literary and musical elements, and to invent an artistic vehicle that embraces both music and poetry. It is quite magical and marvelous. It is a unique moment in literary evolution and any poets in involved with music must hear what Lake Affect has done with these poems and poets. Unlike anything that has been done before, this CD and the art of Lake Affect is destined to alter how we listen to poetry.

It is so new and stunning that one has to listen again and again and again and soon it is dawn and the rosy fingered goddess listens also. And then - well, you hear the poets and the ensemble. It is such a blend as to be a new thing, brand new and it so refreshing to hear a new music. Frank J. And the poetry within this magazine also, I thought when I read Jonathan A. You know, good reader, that there are a lot of magazines with a lot of shit poems in them and the fiction is worse.

But you get this true lion roaring sense that Frank Marcopolos knows what he likes, and how to read, and how to publish and he has guts and eats insects on Wheaties with bleach. He has made a fine thing here. I recall that Bukowski started writing slight, short stories and I think that maybe the folks in here, well - Marcopolos has discovered the next generation and is opening them up and allowing them to fly into our thick, chocolate blood hooded and howling nights.

Rabid Bear Press. Some bucks send some, a bag, with pizza This is a fine magazine that has on cover a naked man with noose around neck. And the man appears to be yanking on the rope in the foolish hope that the noose will tighten and he will hang before an oncoming locomotive smacks him straight on. And then begins the stuff within, what is writing by Abigail Deacon and Chris Mansel.

Send some bucks. And here in poetry flesh greasy fingers and odor of ancient ox of Crete.

Liste des Disques × fyvowojo.ml ×

Hot and volcanic and steaming butterflies and birds and alligators singing a courtship call to the rampaging extinct giraffe of the heart and soul and desert and lush, sex forest of American poet. Mansel is a Goodyear Blimp full of hot pepper cracker jack hamburgers of still pools of vestal virgins. All of this floats above the sad heads of us who go about ourmundane lives like so many snails going extinct in the brutal sun. Send all your money, stamps, first books of music, train sets, old pop bottles and the like. Volume 7, No. Certainly, these are the elders of the clan. Certainly, this paves the way for others who are younger but carry on this tradition.

Certainly, this is a tradition that goes back beyond this generation - perhaps back to Kenneth Patchen? Most wonderful to see all these poets above so honored. Honor Rattle for this honor role with an order for this issue or drop them a line, lion or lime telling them how important what they have just done is.

Some of this will be real, some of it exaggerated. You be the judge. First of all, "lox," I can tell you're about 16 by the way you phrase your arguments and the fact that you diss every region except NY. That's the same narrow-minded thinking I had when I was 16 saying fuck the whole East Coast, back when Pac was alive.

But then I actually listened to the East Coast music for myself, and I realized my southern roots could co-exist with NY hip-hop. Maybe if you peeped, for example, UGK and realized there's more to a song than lyrics, you could appreciate the production, and Pimp and Bun's flows. But whatever. I gives a fuck what you think about the south, 2Pac, or anything for that matter. And that's real. Second, JS? You over analyze shit. Me and my boy argue all the time about who's better - Pac or Jay. Obviously, he says Jay. We both know we'll never change each other's minds, but we argue anyway cuz we both like to argue.

And I'm in here just enjoying posting messages. I don't know you. I don't know "lox", and you cats don't know me. I gives a fuck what you think of me, cuz you don't know me. I'll come in here and say what I want, just because I like arguing. And if someone in here disses the South, or says Pac ain't the best, I'm gonna say something, cuz I'm in here having fun. Hope that answers that question.

If you think I "worship" Pac, that's your biz. If I'm supposedly juvenile in my responses, that's your biz. If you think I can never be an attorney, that's your biz. I'll still be me after everything you post. And I'm still gonna do what I gotta do to be lawyer, regardless of your opinion. I'll say what I goddam please, national tragedy or not. I've heard many songs with references to slavery, the Holocaust, starving kids in Africa, etc. It may be taboo now, but in a year, some rapper will mention the September 11 attacks in their rap in a way that might not seem appropriate right now.

I'm just early with mine. Innovative, if you will. But fuck it, "lox" dissed the South, and the only thing I know for a fact about him is that he is from NY. So I gotta fuck with him. And what's the big thing in NY? The WTC. So fuck it, I'll let "lox" know that whatever his punk ass says about the Dirty South, unlike the World Trade Center, we're still standin.

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  8. His punk ass better go find some anthrax to play with. Yeah, I said it. Fourth, if takin rhymes from Pac and reworkin them is something a 12 year old does, then that remark about Vaseline and 2Pac's poster implying I have homoerotic thoughts about Pac was what? You got me beat by one year? Damn, you got me. Really though, the gay references are a lot more played than recycling rap verses.

    Fifth, for that Rap Sucks cat, I got two words for him: ya mama. Finally, anybody got something to say to me, I'll be happy to respond because like Chris Tucker impersonating Scarface said in Money Talks "I do this shit for fun, man! Somebody Holla Back! There are lots more. And here's the one for the I Love Music board in general, which you can also get to with a link at the start of this thread.

    I wanna give a shout out to my man Dmac for being open-minded and having something thoughtful to say without having to diss a coast, rapper, style, etc. That's fantastic. I love you guys. A Dre as an MC is horrible. Then further proof is that Jay and Em ghost write for him.

    Adam Savage's Top 5 Science Fiction Books

    Dre's flow is so weak. He may have started this rap shit, but he sucks on the mic. B As of now can't nobody from the East Coast with Jay. Jada, DMX, Nas, none of them. However, Eminem laced Renegade up 10 times better than Jay, and Jay's verse so tight. But Em took better lyrics and even better flow and just served Jay on Jay's on album. C How many times is Nas gonna drop an album and all you people who fiend for Illmatic gonna keep saying he's gonna be back on top again?

    Look, Illmatic was tight. It Was Written had some quality tracks. I Am was a tad pop, and Nastradamus was just straight boo-boo. I mean, Nastradamus was the epitome of a tight rapper fallen of. That shit was so garbo. So now all of a sudden Nas will regain his stature.

    It's possible, but I say don't bet on it. D I ain't tryin to hate, but why do people expect shit from Jadakiss? That nigga ain't all that. That's why Jay-Z's remix ate Jada's up. That nigga's waek. Beanie Sigel's flow and delivery is so much better than Jada's it's not funny. Jadakiss and the rest of the Lox need to retire. Everything out the Lox camp is straight counterfeit. They need to get they own style and stop trying to be Biggie Jrs. E See, lox. You say you don't want to argue with me, but then you try to slip in little remarks about NY runnin it. The rest of the NY rappers are lucky to go gold.

    The South, however, is the place to be for platinum plaques. Where else can a fat white boy named Bubba with average skills go platinum? Down South, baby, because with our production skills, we turn anybody into a phenomenon. Realize who really run it, "dunny. But just like his shit English, it makes no sense. And Secondly, to who this may concern. True hip hoppers do not use record sales as a measuring stick. You can get away with beats, some of the time. You can get away with lyrics, most of the time.

    But never, I mean ever, say someone is great based on record sales. I have to tell you the truth, I wasn't really a Pac fan. I liked his very first album. And I liked his second to last. He would still be here but he let bishop get him killed. But I do think Pac and Big would have gotten the game straight if they were still here. And Lastly, Nas has shown steps that he is trying to bring Nasty Nas back.

    He had the potential to be the Michael Jordan of Rap. Pac Wasn't!! Nas can just rebound and show you he one of the greatest. Over time you'll see He'll outshine Jay-Z. Emenem is Nice. I can't fromt. He will be the Elvis of hip hop!!!! I am cat crazy my your Spanish if you plural you formal. I call myself computer and the Saturdays is the good luck. I also we will talk with russians and mountains. My male friend to be to go to the movies and things nights are the beach by the beach plage is actually French.

    Until the victory always!!! Brian, I appreciate your frustration, but I just don't understand what you're talking about. In hip hop there is ten times or twenty times more celebrating than bitching: celebrating skill, motion, deftness of rhythm and rhyme, toughness, flash, a dance back and forth between voices and beats and danger. Even people like Trick Daddy and Trina are ambivalent, complicated people the word I'm looking for here is "artists" - they talk in one breath about how they're forced into being thugs and hoes and then in the next about how proud they are to be what they are and how good they are at it, and then make themselves sound amazing in the process.

    I think you're talking here more from your frustration than your knowledge - in any event, I wish you'd be more specific rather than talk about "all these rappers" across the board. I do admire you for being a teacher and for trying to do what you're doing - it's a difficult job that I would never dare to take. But I hope that as a teacher you're giving respect to the intelligence and style that exist outside the academic track, and sometimes outside the law.

    Because without that respect, you'll come off as if you're just trying to talk people out of being themselves, rather than helping them find another way to be themselves. What music by Common do people recommend? I've always avoided the guy, because everyone always makes him sound like spinach. I mean, is he merely good for you, or is their joy and love and fun, as well?

    You are absolutely right. I am guilty of generalizing and stereotyping, for which I apologize. I am frustrated. Non-hip hop music has bad influences too. Dudes like Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne aren't exactly positive musical forces. Columbine wasn't in the inner city. My concern is with my people and the effect of the music on their expectations and perceptions of life.

    I think a lot of the folks on this thread like Frank, Hillis, Qoolout, Second Sage and Maz are intelligent, articulate people who obviously have a passion for the music. I enjoy reading all of your comments and, in hindsight, apologize for disrupting what was a positive and engaging dialogue. Second of all, the "Stillmatic" is supposed to be tight.

    Hell, Jay-Z's "Volume 3" was supposed to be the "Thriller" of rap albums. But that shit definitely didn't live up to it's hype. The point is, just like the majority of BIG's fans, you guys jump on the potential bandwagon. And y'all doin it for Nas. Everybody screamin "Stillmatic! Think about this. I'm a TN Titans fan. They suck right now. But they are still now. Until they turn it around, it would be naiive of me to say they're better than the Rams, Raiders, Pack, etc Remember that Nas fans. Big J, don't get it twisted.

    How does any rapper sell? Of course rich young white kids put em over the million mark. Be realistic. BIG's fan base was white kids, too. And Nas, Jay, whoever. You can't fault Pac for having more white boys than BIG. And how racist was that statement?! You're a waste of time Big J. The best rap diss ever was definitely Hit Em Up, and anybody who thinks it's "bullshit" i. Big J really shouldn't have a discussion about rap, because your thinking is obviously flawed.

    Justin Timberlake can flow? On what? Thats all fine speak your peace and respect each others opinion. Look I didn't complain before about this because I thought it was funny just like everybody else. But this is a discussion about rap, and yeah it will get emotional when you talk about something you feel strongly about but the constant insults and duragatory comments is kiddy, for goodness sake!

    All I hear is I'm a grown man, I'm a grown man! Well age does not play a factor in what you guys some of you not all consider a grown man! The character, and willingness to conduct a conversation as MEN! Not the number givin by government to consider indivisuals as leagal adults. I'm 16 and I'm not a rightious person trying to kick positive knowlege to you guys, thats not what I'm here for. Nor am I the posterboy for a positive outlook on rap. I get emotional too with my friends when we talk about it but I don't go as far as insulting his or her race or intelegents. A while back when this guy who posted a message on this board I forgot his name, I think it was "rap sucks" but anyways, he dislike rap and insulted the culture of whole genre.

    You guys really showed him didn't you when you continued to embarrased our allready ridiculed audience. Let that battling shit stay with in the rappers they will get the idea adventually being dead or alive, you know what I mean! As a diverse world we are not going to agree you know that, but why is the WTC, race, and intellegents have any thing to do with what is you opinion about rap and who you think is the best.

    Keep expresing your opinion if you disagree with someone or you just want to be herd. Big J, that shit about Pac's fan base being white was racist! Why did you say that? What the fuck does that mean? No matter what genre of music, Black musicians usually have a predominantly white fan base, cuz there are more of them than anyone else! But you seem to think that fault's 2Pac's success. Fuck that! He's the best ever! Plain and simple. Ask niggas, white boys, sand niggas, eses, squaws, whoever. They will tell you that Pac was the man. Record sells don't mean you're the best artist.

    But, c'mon. They do mean something. Plus, how else can you distinguish the great rappers? I mean we can argue who's deeper, lyrically wittier, whatever we want all day, but that's all opinion. But sales are based on cold hard facts. Record sales for Nelly, Ludacris, etc. Nelly selling 7 million on one album, or Juvi sellin 5 million on one album is different from Jay taking 4 albums platinum over 4 years. That's why I bring up record sales. To distinguish the kings. Manny, your list needs to take Rakim off of 1. Holla -- Hollywood Jaimison awhollywood cs. First of all Hollywood, it's Hillis !

    Not Hills - Hillis! Second, you can't take the high road cuz you obviously came after me. You "tried" to be subtle, and you supposedly tried to keep my name out ya mouth. But I'm the only one who said anything about the WTC, so if you mention that I know who you're talking to. And fuck that, I say names. I don't appreciate you tellin me what I should or shouldn't say or how I should or shouldn't battle. If you don't wanna battle, pay us no mind.

    Write what you write, and be out. Don't try to slide lil shit in on people and assume since you don't say names, we'll just take that shit in stride. I haven't let anything in here slide by me since the first time I posted. So, I'm not gonna start lettin shit slide with you, Hollywood. Next time you got somethin on ya chest, be more general, and don't be so specific, you cockroach.

    I know you ain't gon go out like that man's hoe! But moraly it is wrong for us to attack one another by attacking each others self being. Ignorance excist but using that same ignorance to fight back is not getting anyone anywere. To move above we all must respect each other and use words not as weapons. I am a liitle slow on things but I figured out that on "some like it hot" song on Jay's album vol. It didn't do anything for me. But my girl the biggest Jay fan said he ate him up??????????? Tell me what you think Holla back ya, Hollywood -- Hollywood Jaimison awhollywood cs.

    I got a little teary-eye'd myself. The other tracks are just good, but the aforementioned are bangin. If anybody is interested in Three 6 Mafia, they should get "The End" which is personally my favorite album. There are other good tracks, but those are the standout tracks. I love all their albums, but if you like The End, you'll like the album after that: "Chapter 2. My favorite cut on "The Blueprint" changes.

    First it was The Takeover, then it was Hola Hovito. Next was Renegade, and now it's Jigga the Nigga. But overall, I'd say Hola Hovito because that's the best beat on the song. Totally innovative lyrics and beats. There's probably better albums than this, but I love 'Pac. A music masterpiece—at least a sample masterpiece. These three white boys improved upon their debut album by putting together strong lyrics with a collage of beats.

    One of the most intriguing albums of all time of any genre. Flavor Flav was a great compliment to Chuck D. Concentrates on various different styles of the many members of Wu- Tang. Considered by many, the finest exhibition of lyrics and flow of all time. Definitely brought their own style to the industry. Dre: — Long time to wait for a second album! Dre, once again, brings the highest quality of production and popularizes his new simplified version of his old style. He brings in more live instruments, mainly guitars, bass and keys.

    The listener could always picture what Biggy was talking about. Creative use of metaphors and similes. Beats lacked a little, but the feel of the album combined with the flow made up for it. Another artist that give the listener visuals. His delivery is obscure but not hard to get used to. Instrumental in developing the east coast street style. Offered a popular and respectable alternative to the gangster trend that was. Positive and self help lyrics helped define the difference between Hip Hop and Rap. More musical and less typical was this product.

    Great sounding album. Very free and musical sounding, topped with fast flows and conventional lyrics. Tells stories of growing up and surviving with in-depth emotional words. Tough to beat if you want to hear great, classic style east coast lyrics. Timberland Dr. Also say why they are the best to you. We all know that having a hard beat is essential to having a hard song. Holla Back, everyone answer this one! Hollywood -- Hollywood Jaimison awhollywood cs. Check out the new Source with my dun Nas on the cover.

    Ja Rule vs. The stabbing occurred at the New York recording studio, the Hit Factory. One year-old victim was stabbed in the arm, a year-old victim was stabbed in the stomach, and a year-old victim was stabbed in the hand. The police had no names for the assailants and no arrests have been made. Sources say the incident was apparently retaliation for a beef between Ja Rule and Fifty Cent that occurred at a recent concert in Atlanta. Apparently, Fifty Cent struck Ja Rule and the alleged stabbing was an act of vengeance. Carter Vol.

    Keep talking and disscussing about who is your favorite producer. I just got my hands on this article and I wanted to share it with yall and see what yall thought about it. Holla back! Gayz is the only halfway decent rapper on ROC. The nigga ain't Jesus. Nas is disappointment after disappointment.

    For all of you Nas fans who can't seem to recognize when a nigga has fallen off: Nastradamus the song as well as the album. Did someone say something positive about Amil's skills on the mic? Did I mention she would do the hook on Bleek and Mega's two songs? Oh yeah, Timbaland is the hottest producer out, with Dre following his heels. UGK is hot as hell. Plus, Earthtone and Organized Noise the cats that do Outkast's beats are nice, too. But really, Pimp C is hot as Timbaland in my book. Donde fuiste? Hasta La Victoria Siempre!!! If you can't understand it its cos some of it is Jamaican and some is UK slang shit, but if you need a translation, let me know.

    Ose -- s chelt. Hey I know its pretty much done and dusted and all of that, but back on to best producer, here's a new name for y'all; Adam F. He the one who did that "Blow yo' horn" joint with Redman. Shit, y'all probably know this shit already, but if you didn't, there you go. And Amils been dropped aint she.

    During the week of the WTC attacks. The Jay-Z joint copped ,! Tell me when Jay has ever written down lyrics apart from when he writes for other rappers and then maybe I'll respect your point of view. Until then bitch, get yo' mind right, and stop the fuckin bitchin'. So Fuck you. Wasting no time, Nas fires lyrical barbs back at the Jiggaman on the LP's second track, the lethal "Ether. Blige and newcomer Amerie.

    Sole Productions, Inc. Bonus Track: "Every Ghetto" - produced by L. Hillis, Nas is basicly a one man army because he doesnt need collabos to boost album sales not saying jay has done this its seems like its all about whos on your album these days, god damn i miss good ol mid 90's rap, "grab ya dicks if you love hip-hop and fuck you niggas that shot big poppa" -Ice Cube, Born Again: "If i should die before i wake". Rap has gone downhill since then and theres not many good cds these days, the newest one i bought was violater 2.

    Wheres that stillmatic dude that talked shit up the page? But speakin of which, where the fuck has Manny gone? Maybe theys the same person? I noticed a lot of "too pop" chitter chatter up on here. So listen to a lyric straight out of the mouth of Nas, your beloved street rapper, keepin it real Thats my interpretation of it. Look at it how you want, but it came out of his own mouth on a track that was so poor I forgot what its called. By my reckoning, if he continues like this its gonna be Nastradamus to homeless. Which i'm sure y'all would like, cos he'd be back on the streets.

    I enjoy readin your shit, even if I dont agree with a lot of it! And finally, Steph, whos the dude you were talkin about. I like listening to unknown shit, or shit before its got big but I do like listening to lyrics I can understand so what laguage does it come in. P Ose -- s chelt. My mind is infested, with sick thoughts that circle like a Lexus, if driven wrong it's sure to hurt you Dual level like duplexes, in unity, my crew and me commit atrocities like we got immunity You guessed it, manifest it in tangible goods Platinum Rolexed it, we don't lease we buy the whole care, as you should My confederation, dead a nation, EXPLODE on detonation, overload the mind of a said patient When it balls to steam, it comes to it we all fiends gotta do it, even righteous minds go through this True this, history school us to spend our money foolish Bond with jewellers and, watch for intruders I stepped it up another level, meditated like a buddhist Recruited lieutenants with ludicrous, dreams of gettin cream let's do this, against T-D-S So I keep one eye open like, C-B-S, ya see me stressed right?

    Can I live? Holla back Hollywood -- Hollywood Jaimison awhollywood cs. Q, now I do know that the Source chats shit a lot of the time, but the only people who got 5mics so far are Ice Cube for "Amerikas Most Wanted", and Nas for "Illmatic", but I do see your point. I dont think either of them would shoot each other over it, but because of it, Nas is gonna go platinum, all eyes are on him now which might just wake him up, and Jay has already gone platinum many times over I do believe Will somebody OUTSIDE the UK please cop Roots Manuva!!!

    In all good record stores now R. I saw niggas get smacked and have the street thinkin' they real saw niggas wives and knew 'em as the cum drinkin' girls hosaditty, she act like she innocent she act like her Pussy is place that no nigga been why she act like she never met me? I got my own theory to that Suge shot me line. Thats refering to the fact that Suge was all for the rivalry with B. G and pushed pac to go further, going further is what got him shot. I think someone on D-Row put it on. Probably one of them mans that left tha row. That was a tight flow on Nastradamus, but Qoute something from Illmatic.

    Thats where you'll find the real tight shit. Thankyou Steph, for checkin out my man Roots, y'all can do the same in all good record sto And another thing for that weak ass "The Best" bitch. Fuck you and wherever you're from. I hope you ain't from New York cuz I'll get all in yo ass on that one. But bitch, the South runs hip-hop. We make the best beats and ou music sounds the best cuz we know what the people like. The South is all over hip-hop because we do it for the people. People wanna bob they heads, and we give it to em.

    We are truly the People's Champion.

    The Aesthetic Discourse of the Arts

    That's why Bubba Sparxxx can go platinum down heah, cuz we make All-Stars. Everybody else make crybaby ass whinin about the White man and boohooin in the ghetto sad depressing songs that supposedly make you think, but really make you wanna change songs and the majority of the people don't wanna hear that. And the South has never gon pop like you wack ass up North rappers love to do.

    We keep it grimey and dirty all the time, bitch. So fuck you "dun. Check the South lingo if you really wanna enjoy music. If nobody buys Hilfiger is it "chic. Sales don't make an artist, but they say somethin about his overall appeal, and bitch the South outsells everybody else, so we must be doin somethin right, you punk ass beeyatch. Weak ass Nas Now on Nas, dudes be hatin on this cat fo real fo real. He is the only emcee being constantly compared with his first c. For instance, duns been doing this forever saying It Was Written or I Am lacked the intelligence and lyrical power of Illmatic so they are failures.

    I don't her dudes comparing Jay Z's later c. Niggaz need to stop hatin on dude cause he is mad tight. Hillis I figured that you were ignorant dun because you trying to put up an arguement against Nas with cats like Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, and Cash Money All these wack cats do is make rhymes suitable for the simple minded audiences. There rhymes are arrogant and hillarious. They are praying to win over the MTV crowd. I know my post is mad long but one more from the dis track on Stillmatic called "Ether". The first time I heard Illmatic, I was chillin in a record store and they played "halftime".

    The shit was soooo dope! Pure unadulterated lyrical genius, track after track after track. In the th Source Magazine Special Addition, they labled that album, "the most underrated album in rap history", damn I agree. This nigga was spittin pure lyrics and what also got me was that he wasn't on that flossin, cashmoney, fastcars, video shit! He was straight up representin and no one could touch it, that's what made us want more. Then "It Was Written" came out and I saw two things: 1 lyrical genius was still intact, and 2 the commercial shit had started to set in.

    As his other albums came out, he switched, much more commercial, less pure lyrical genius. No one can deny the boy has talent, but he lost a HUGE chunk of his fan base album by album by getting more lazy and talkin about shit that everybode else was talkin about, flossin and shit, and he went totally commercial. So I couldn't relate and stop buyin his shit. Every once and a while he would still hook me up with some dope tracks like "verbal intercourse" on only built 4 cuban linx! So, part A of my point is that Nas is an awesome talent, who as far as many of his once loyal fans are concerned, and also as far as his record sales are concerned has fallen a few levels.

    Does he still have it shit, he never lost hit! As far as battling goes, this will be interesting because Nas early edition never spent his time bragging about how hard he was or how weak another nigga'z shit was. I always noticed that he spent more time on the lyrics and on his experiences in life and it was cool.

    He never devoted a whole rap to how hard he was, and how light other MCs were, not in the way Jay-Z or Redman would I think this is essential for battling. But we're assuming a good lyricist can flip and be that good on any topic Half the niggaz he's dissin now, he was praisin in the past. AZ, Cormega, Jay-Z, and others. And then there was the move to The Firm, "Escobar" and now some new cliq name, it all shows signs of instability and indecisiveness.

    And now, I understand he's cool with AZ again. So, as a fan, I have to watch how much I get caught in this shit, cause 6 months from now, he and Jay Z may be doin tracks together don't say it can't happen, remember EPMD? So, either Nas is a horrible judge of character and clique names or maybe he's the problem. I don't move in their circles so I can only speculate.

    One minute you'd die for a nigga, next minute u tryin to kill him,what up wid that? I know Jay Z can be colorful and lyrical when he's ready and commercial and shitty when he's ready and I know there aren't much niggaz that can hold a stage with Nas on the mic when he's on. But can he go battle style? I hope he come's back up. If you've got to do your thing, do as RZA did change your name to bobby digital, do bobby digital shit, but don't fuckup the track record that Rza built.

    That's my two cents on part a the Nas side And how we bitin off you weak ass cats on the East coast? Bitch we been sittin on dubs and comin down on slabs with that syrup AKA bar, lean-ah for the longest. These gold grill boys been chasin fast hoes in them big bodies for the longest, you gay ass nigga.

    By the way, "The Best" you should change your name to "Queenie" or somethin to represent your gay ass borough. Shout outs to my nigga Bama, he on point with his. All Nas does is write down poetic garbage and claim that it's for the streets, so you weak ass niggas who don't know nothin about the streets assume Nas is bein real. That shit is weak. People been rappin about the ghetto forever. Please tell Nas to get some bass in his muthafuckin voice! If he had some hair on his nuts, maybe he wouldn't sound he still had zits to pop.

    Version 2.51 (4-Apr-18)

    Faggot ass Nas. And another thing, that wack ass list of producers you gave? Hell naw. Dj Premier is the only halfway decent one, and the Neptunes are only hot right now. He made that beat awhile ago and Juvenile just used it, kind of like gay ass Nas usin Pac's beat from Street Dreams.

    There's more! Listen to "One Day" or "Hi Life. Them niggas laid it down on them tracks. Or check out "Diamonds and Wood. And "Ain't That a Bitch" on their new album is smooth and soulful. If you heard that, and still say they wack then you obviously don't know good music. When a certain southern artist comes on, he has his own style. Mas included. Damn, if y'all switched up your style maybe you could sell more than two albums a year. He need to crawl up under the Fairybridge, oops! I mean "Queensbridge" and fuckin retire. Weak ass, Nas One last thing: of course sales mean nothing to a weak ass nigga that doesn't sell.

    Of course rap is watered down when everybody is buyin everything but yo shit. I'm sure Nas is bitter because the South puts out platinum plaque after multi platinum plaque while he sits and wonders why his dick shriveled up after Illmatic. But wait! Stillmatic to the rescue right, "dunny? Yo Hillis, you been making some sense up in here. I appreciate you comin out and spittin it like it is. The flow was tight though, you should ghost write or something. So Best, shut up fool. Plus that pushin up lyric has been used before, its not yours.

    By the way can someone explanie what the hell is pop! No one yet has answerd yet could you like included in your disses or something please. Back on Nas this wo don't give a fuck about publicity actually I think the dun hates the shyt. Nas don't give a damn about sales, the nigga is already rich, and believe it or not his least fortunate album went 3x platinum nastradamus , but it is still labeled as a failure. Like I said before all you south duns do is rate a dude by how much he sells Man I am done talking to your wack azz wo. I can't explain shyt to niggaz like you, but I am going to leave you with this since you want to so call battle me.

    Hillis I thought you were wise?? Nas' one time Firm affiliate claimed that Jigga also took the blame for the Un stabbing to cover up for a friend. And if anyone knows something bout the Un thang, holla back. I said I wasnt gonna do it but I did, oops. My bad. And by the way, Ice Cubes "Greates Hits" is the last time y'all are gonna see him on Priority Records, Kiss got forced off the stage in Philly by the crowd hmmm I guess y'all know that anyway.

    Cam'ron has officially signed with the ROC i guess y'all know that too , and Dr Dre that no-writing "still gangsta" fool along with Xzhibit, Scott Storch and Loud Records are all being sued for copying lyrics for Xzhibit's "X". Yo Q, I aint sayin Jay aint dropped his share of wack lyrics, I just cant think of them, they dont stick out.

    What do you think, when Nas takes a shit it dont stink? Right, Hollywood, here is my defenition of pop, just for you. N sync is pop, B. Spears is pop, Westlife is pop, Backstreet Boys is pop. Pop is something little kids idealise and stick up on they walls. Its something they ask their moms to cop for them.

    Its something girls play at pyjama parties. Its something where nothing bad happens, where everything is good, clean wholesome fun. And it ussually contains lines like "ooh I really love you baby". Rap is not pop, Jay- Z is not pop, Nas is not pop, hell, even Will Smith aint pop well maybe just a little bit. Im out for now. AM OUT. Oh yeah Nas and AZ had a concert in Rochester a couple of weeks back and some dun threw a bottle at Nas and then Nas spit in this dudes face.

    A mad azz brawl broke out and I hear that AZ ran. This better not be true. I'll keep duns posted 1 -- The Best Nchekwube hotmail. When I wrote these lyrics, I ain't read that shit from faggot ass Big J or Big Gay so he ain't mentioned, but don't think I ain't noticed you tryin to represent ya broke ass "never sold albums in triple digits" set, and I will come after your gay ass.

    If real niggaz don't care about record sales, why does Nas keep puttin out albums? His shit don't sell so why bother? He just keep it underground, right? The bitch cares about record sales, which is exactly why he did that song "Nastradamus" and "You Owe Me" and that gay ass remake with Mariah Carey. So don't gimme that real niggas don't care about record sales trash. Real niggas wouldn't sell drugs or steal cars if it didn't pay you garbage ass nigga. Niggas DO care about sales. I don't give a fuck. I love to rap. Lox, we cool, take my shit about NY in context. I ain't got nothin against NYC, it's cool.

    But if some NYC cats diss the South But you still straight. Qoolout, , y'all cool, too. Nothin but love here, dunnies! Bama, keep it dirty, dirty on them wack ass QB hoes. I got mad love for Bama even though they used to whip up on my beloved Volunteers when I was growin up If them Queens from Queens get out of line, just say you gon send Puffy to whip they ass, and they'll fall in line with the quicks. Puffy runs the whole QB LOL -- Hillis adrian. Best, this is for you. Crack head Damn, I need to find something that rhymes with Nastradamus.

    Im provin' a point right in front of your eyes, beef promotes interest, thats why theres so much more posts on this thread now, in the same way hova and esco have done it. P, Capone and N. If you aint got it yet, get it, its some hot shit. But peeps gots to realise that until Nas can say different, Jay-Z like my boy Lennox Lewis is the current undisputed heavyweight champion of rap. Other people like Beans, Jada, and Mobb Deep no matter how good they are are middleweights, and thats how it will allways be. Diddlydiddly is lightweight, straight up.

    I doubt that was my man P in that picture. Willis, keep thinking. Im finding it really hard that nas is dissing P, it wouldnt be logical they both hate Gayz, whats to beef about. The Best, I would normally appreciate your comment about my rapping, but it was laced with this condescending, patronizing tone. I guess you were "patting me on my head" for being a good lyricist, or something. Then you had the nerve to imply that since I'm from the South, you were surprised that I could do "even that your own words. Shit like that.

    I bet you didn't think I would notice, so a la 2Pac, "I don't care if you kiss my ass from here to across the street boy: It's on. QB are the only real rappers out there right now son. See that's why you cats up North can't sell shit. You're too arrogant to work on your MUSIC because you think lyrics outweigh the beat and words outweigh delivery. And y'all think anyone who chooses a beat over lyrics is simple minded or a white boy or some other type of ignorant shit. We appreciate the lyrics and all, so I don't know how you can say we're simple minded.

    True, Three 6 Mafia don't talk about shit. Sure, Cash Money hasn't done a song outside of fuckin hoes and Bling Bling. Sure, Master P made millions off of yellin "Ungh! Sure, Nelly has less talent than Nas. But I don't give a fuck what anyone of you say, all the aforementioned rappers SOUND 10 times better because the beat is bangin and they rap to the beat.

    His beats aren't impressive and his delivery is too basic. That's why he will never sell until he switches up his flow. Look at Jay-Z if you don't believe. Nas is probably a deeper lyricist than Nas, but Jay-Z is definitely wittier and his wordplay is better. Jay and Nas both have delivery problems Nas sounds 10, Jay is monotone but Jay realizes the value of a nice beat which is why he only works with the best producers and why he sells. And those who don't sell call him pop, but Jay can't help it he has an ear for MUSIC, which is what he's supposed to be producin.

    Nas may be a poet, but he definitely lacks as a musician evidence: his last three albums. Also, why does everybody want Timbaland? That nigga sho can't rap! It's because his beats bang. Everybody, including Nas, would love to rep a Timbaland produced album, so don't get it twisted.