Governments Target Or Gangster??

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He excelled in baseball and academics. In , he received a baseball scholarship to Lutheran South High, a predominately white school. He felt uncomfortable being the only black student and transferred back to Vashon High School. He graduated from Vashon High School in In , Jerry found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

He wanted to go to college, but he only received a student loan that paid for tuition and books, but no pocket money. Pruitt-Igoe had become drug infested and dangerous.

An ‘echo chamber’ of paranoia

He was laid off from his job at Day-Brite. He found another job only to be laid off a month later. He found himself becoming caught up in a situation where blacks were the last to be hired and the first to be fired. He began drawing his unemployment check. It was not enough to pay for a car note on a used car, house note, electric, gas, and telephone. He also still had to take care of Alice and his son. He began to think about selling drugs.

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He made a decision that would change his life forever, one that he did not regret. Jerry became involved in selling eight balls, quarter spoons and half ounces of drugs.

'Peppa Pig' is the latest target for censors in China

In a short time he reached multi-millionaire status. In April , he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Jerry would go to trial and be found not guilty. On May 19, , Jerry was arrested by the federal task force agents on federal drug charges. After entering a plea of guilty to one count of a three count indictment, he was sentenced on September 15, , to a term of six months to ten years under a Federal Youth Act known as the Narcotic Addition Rehabilitation Act NARA Act.

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On August 17, , after eleven months Jerry received parole and placed on probation for nine years. In September , Jerry was placed under arrest for a double homicide. He was released after questioning with no charges filed. In June , Jerry was arrested as a suspect in a double shooting. He was later released with no charges.

In March of he was returned back to the federal prison at Milan. A leading proponent of that view is an anesthesiologist from San Antonio named John Hall. Hall gave his own account of being targeted.

Government’s Target or Gangster | imoor

Agents bleached his water, he wrote, and bombarded him with voices making murderous threats. The book made a splash because of the messenger: a licensed member of the medical establishment who was telling those who feel targeted that psychiatrists were misleading them. A janitor knows as much about the human mind, he wrote. The similarities of the cases spoke to a wide-ranging campaign, he said.

Searches with the hashtag #PeppaPig turned up no hits on popular video app Douyin.

While Dr. Hall has faced scrutiny from the Texas Medical Board over his mental fitness, he retains his license. Over time, however, many others who identify as gang-stalking victims end up out of work. They are mocked by colleagues, tolerated by family. Friends and spouses fall away. Many in the community, for example, are convinced that Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in , was a victim. He quit his job as a prosecutor in New Mexico and traveled to Florida. There, he videotaped a testimonial about how gang-stalking had ruined his life. Laying out his case, he describes an episode at a gas station where he believed somebody in dark glasses was mimicking his movements.

Later in the video, he prays for forgiveness for his future sins. Help them to cope with this madness. On Nov.

Government's Target Or Gangster?

May walked into a library at Florida State University, where he had graduated in , and shot three people , leaving one paralyzed. He dared the police to kill him, then fired in their direction before being fatally shot, officials said. He was The vast majority of people with psychosis never resort to violence.

Still, studies suggest that a small number of those experiencing psychotic episodes — especially paranoid thoughts, accompanied by voices making commands — are more likely to act on hostile urges than people without a mental illness. Many in the T. Alexis and Mr. Two years later, he became a member of a faction of Barrio 18, after the gang threatened to go after his sister if he refused to join.

He would get drunk, beat her, rape her, and forbid her from using contraceptives, she told me. After one beating, she was hospitalized, and learned she was pregnant. The doctors told her she might lose her child because of her injuries. Yet when Ingrid later gave birth to her daughter, her boyfriend promised to stop the abuse, and pushed her to get married.

Next Gangster on Punjab Police Target!

Shortly after, the beatings started anew, and she ultimately left her then-husband. Still, he eventually found them. When I spoke to Ingrid, she told me she had considered applying for a visa to travel to the United States.

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She had even mulled the possibility of traveling north with her baby, either to claim asylum at the border, or enter America illegally. That includes the right to safely leave abusive partners and report sexual and domestic violence, or even the right to higher education or economic opportunity. Celina de Sola, who runs a community-development NGO called Glasswing International, emphasized that girls are not inherently vulnerable. Instead, she said, the violence in El Salvador is exacerbating existing external factors —like high rates of school dropouts and teen pregnancies—to further imperil young Salvadoran women.

While one-third of Salvadorans live in poverty, the unemployment rate for toyear-olds is double the national average; , in that age group neither work nor study. Many girls face these long odds with young children: A quarter of young women between the ages 15 and 19 have already become pregnant, the highest rate in Latin America. Amid all this, the Trump administration has cut annual refugee acceptances for people from the Caribbean and Latin America from 5, to 1, It also ended two programs for Central-American minors, which enabled those with family in the United States to apply in their home countries for refugee status or humanitarian parole.

The abrupt termination of these programs stranded thousands of children in imminent danger. Most of the 13, applicants came from El Salvador. With their chance of obtaining refugee status diminished, more Central-American women and girls may risk the journey north—and the sexual violence that often comes with it—to claim asylum at the border.

Though victims of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence may qualify for special visas , these criteria, derived from the Refugee Convention , have effectively become outdated for young Salvadoran women caught in the current wave of gang violence. According to several lawsuits, the administration has also illegally turned away asylum seekers at the border.