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Nonetheless, age is a factor. For one thing, Julia Pereira is still in full time education.

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And that, alongside her life a professional snowboard cross athlete, presents some challenges. Then I eat and, in the afternoon, I study again for three hours and I finish my day with a session of sport. Usually I finish my day at 8pm.

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This program changes sometimes but in general my weeks are intense. But the truth is she is prepared perhaps better than anyone, because she has already faced more trials than some of her older competitors — training and competing alongside her education for one thing. In other words, Julia has been battle-hardened as a result of her age. Balancing education and sport takes some serious mental tenacity. On top of that though, Julia Pereira just gets it. She understands the demands of international competition very well. We have to make a lot of sacrifices, and personally my family and my boyfriend miss me a lot when I am abroad.

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During the post-Olympic season my motivation declined because I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders. There were media obligations after Pyeongchang and if Julia was going to capitalize on her Olympic snowboard cross success, those obligations that had to be met. An athlete needs money to compete, and that means sponsors, which in turn means publicity.

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After the clamouring press had its turn and the season ended, it was time for Julia Pereira to return to school. She managed to eke out a week for herself but otherwise it was non stop. To make matters worse, her health suffered. Mononucleosis is a viral infection that most of us will contract at some point in our lives. A chunk of one at least. Pro athletes are used to a life of epic highs and crushing lows, but for someone who might have 20 years of competing ahead of her and is at the start of her career, the trials must have taken their toll on her resolve.

But I have incredible luck to be where I am and snowboarding is my whole life. Perhaps because she has already been rattled by the pressures of her sport, she knows what to expect from it.

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But she has that strong personality that, I think, will see her avoid many of the less salubrious trappings of sporting glory. Julia Pereira is one of those people who seem to have a clear perspective on life and because of that I feel like I want to hear her advice to those who might look to emulate her achievements. And for sure: work on your objectives, because it is the only thing that pays. I am determined to become a great champion and to win everything.

In my personal life I have not planned anything special, I just want to be happy. Julia Pereira has an auspicious future. She looks well-placed to find success as an athlete and, just as importantly, success as a person. She has that knack of taking a step back and casting an objective eye upon her experiences, both good and bad. Presumably a strong team helps iron out the creases but success for Julia Pereira, I realise, comes first from within.

Julia Child Was a Champion for Reproductive Rights

You can keep up with Julia on her quest to become personally and professionally successful at the following feeds:. My head had given me the brief to help develop creativity across the curriculum, and the idea of the art room is to provide a focus point for this work. Julia only knew she had the room just before the summer holidays, and when she found there was no money to pay to have the room redecorated, she did it herself after school, with the help of some colleagues!

Pupils learn through a rolling programme — so in any one lesson, there may be a small group of pupils doing a collage together, some working on stop-motion films — making inanimate objects come to life, another group will be doing creative ICT perhaps on computers. That rarely happened before. When I wanted to teach the Foundation Phase, I had to take all the instruments and arts equipment into a totally different building.


I have an art part with lots of arts materials, paints, collage materials, then a music part with all the instruments. They know that this is a place for collaborative learning. Do you have to have a separate room? If anything you get better quality work this way.

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You have to teach the skills first before they can apply it to the topic. They just love it. They feel positive about learning, believing everyone can achieve. Teachers could arrange themed afternoons or days , or themed projects with lots of different activities, creative IT, arts, craft, music, where they explore history, geography, and science through the arts.