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Welcome back. Ignatius of Loyola on screen. But any marketable screenplay would end after the founding of the Society of Jesus. Few moviegoers would want to slog through an hour of Ignatius sitting at his desk composing the Constitutions or writing one of the 6, letters he wrote during his lifetime.

  1. Alabama in Africa: Booker T. Washington, the German Empire, and the Globalization of the New South (America in the World).
  2. Die Zähne (German Edition).
  3. Il cielo sopra a Roma (I blu) (Italian Edition)!
  4. The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton Summary & Study Guide by BookRags.

In our time, some saints and near-saints had a closer relationship to their film biographies. For his part, Merton had been thinking along the lines of Gary Cooper. After turning down the actor, Dom James asked Mr. Ameche if he had made his Easter duty that year. He had. Films can be a fine introduction to the saints. And sometimes the movie versions are as good as any biography for conveying the saint's special charism.

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Here is a roster of the ten best films and documentaries about holy men and women, listed in order of their release. Busloads of Catholic schoolchildren were taken by enthusiastic priests, sisters and brothers to see this movie upon its release. Since then, the story of the Virgin Mary appearing to a poor girl in a backwater town in Southern France in has lost little appeal.

Based on the novel by Franz Werfel, the movie is unabashedly romantic, with a luminous Jennifer Jones as St. Some find the score overripe, the dialogue saccharine and the acting hammy Vincent Price all but devours the French scenery , but the stalwart character of Bernadette comes through. Here is a portrait of the discerning saint, able both to find nuance in his faith and see when nuance needs to give way to an unambiguous response to injustice.

The movie may make viewers wonders whether St. He was, and more, as able to toss off an epigram to a group of lords as he was to banter with his executioner before his martyrdom. Almost 20 years ago, I happened to see this film on PBS and it started me on the road to the priesthood.

Last year, I had the opportunity to watch it again and found it equally as compelling. A low-key introduction to the Trappist monk and one of the most influential American Catholics told with still photographs and interviews with those who knew Merton before and after he entered the monastery. The best part of this film is that by the end you will want to read The Seven Storey Mountain , and who knows where that will lead you?

This austere work is a rare example of a story about the contemplative life that finds meaningful expression on screen. But it also shows the quiet joy that attends the contemplative life. One of the great strengths of this movie about the martyred archbishop of San Salvador is its depiction of a conversion.

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Archbishop Oscar Romero moves from a bishop willing to kowtow to the wealthy to a man converted—by the death of friends, the plight of the poor and his reappropriation of the Gospel—into a prophet for the oppressed. Raul Julia invests the archbishop of San Salvador with a fierce love for the people of his archdiocese that manifests itself in his work for social justice. The actor said that he underwent of a conversion himself while making the film, something that informs his performance. One scene, where Romero wrestles with God—half aloud, half silently—is one of the more realistic portrayals of prayer committed to film.

Nevertheless, it hews closely to the lives of several 17th-century Jesuit martyrs, including St. The protagonist, who meets St.

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Some Catholics find this movie, based on the stark novel by Brian Moore, who also wrote the screenplay, unpleasant for its bleak portrayal of the life of the priest as well as for its implicit critique that the missionaries brought only misfortune to the Indians. But, in the end, the movie offers a man who strives to bring God to the people that he ends up loving deeply. In Italian with subtitles, this is the first feature-length film about the twelfth-century saint best known for helping you find your keys.

Hoping to become a knight in his native Lisbon, Anthony is a headstrong youth who almost murders his best friend in a duel.