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Visitors to www. Aladdin's adventure at Thai Navy's shooting range Sunday 20 th of May and I called the American girl at 11 o'clock and we decided to meet at Bang Na at 1 o'clock. I called my Teacher to tell him that we were coming at 1 o'clock. He told me that he didn't had time until 14 thirty so I called the American girl again.

Good, that gave me some extra time. Even though I was home at 11 o'clock yesterday I was tired and I didn't get out of bed until I didn't felt asleep until 4 or 5 o'clock. Sunday afternoon and the traffic on Sukhumvit was terrible, totally unexpected on a Sunday and the taxi was almost at a full stop. I meet the American girl and we called our Teacher.

Royal Thai Navy has a huge area in Bang Na and there are Fitness Gym, swimming pool, tennis, golf and pretty much everything you can think off. The first place coming in to the area is the shooting range.

Complete Guide To a Thailand Honeymoon | Destinations & Itinerary

He brought the American girl to the shooting range and then he came back to pick me up. I needed an ATM so we took off to get some cash for the shooting adventure. We stepped inside and our Teacher ordered bullets for us. I started with a pack. It was half the price comparing to the Police Sport Club.

Complete Guide to a Thailand Honeymoon | Destinations & Itinerary

Our Teacher was busy, he was going to start a Muay Thai class a little bit up the road. So they have Thai boxing at the Royal Thai Navy's sport club as well. So he took off and there was one of the staff bringing me and the American girl to the shooting range.

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They brought us 2 guns, one 9mm and one. The targets were 25 meters away according to the guy at the shooting range. It was hot, the sun was shining straight at us from behind. But as soon as the excitements started I forgot about the heat. Our targets 25 meters away We're getting ready to start We're getting ready to start Our guns I hit the wire holding up the targets We are ready to leave I went to buy more bullets when we had finished the 2 first boxes.

And when we had finished 2 boxes each we left for the Thai Boxing training to see our Teacher. It was a 5 to 10 minutes walk to the Muay Thai school and when we arrived there were no sign of our Teacher.

What’s to Come

There were a few children playing along. But our Teacher arrived after a few minutes and at the same time the young girl that used to be at Bangkok Fight Club arrived with her mother.

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So there were 2 young boys and the girl training the Thai boxing today. And they did pretty much the same as we use to do at Bangkok Fight Club. Well, they jumped on a tyre and they were running back and forth over a bridge. The American girl had told me about the bridge, and according to her it was not fun to run back and forth over the bridge. It's that winning spicy-sour-salty-sweet combination that keeps us coming back to Thai food, and it's superlative Thai food that keeps us coming back to Sawadee.

Oh, and the wine list? The family-owned restaurant specializes in wholesome, authentic Thai food in a warm and inviting atmosphere at its South Temple location. They offer all the traditional Thai favorites, like tasty curries, savory noodles and delicious barbecue. For something off the beaten path, try the honey ginger duck.

Going Back to Thailand After Five Years

Appetizers at the family owned and operated locale are a must. Try the dumplings—rice-flour packets stuffed with minced shrimp and bamboo shoots with a sensational sesame-oil chili sauce. Sawadee Thai Restaurant.

Thai Action Movie - Vengeance 2006 [English Subtitle]

Salt Lake City, Utah Web Site: www. Many people think of Thai food as spicy. In truth dishes run the gamut from pleasantly mild to piquantly spicy. Sawadee has over 50 dishes on her menu including classic Pad Thai with shrimp and crisp vegetables, seafood with zesty Nam Phrik chili sauce, Barbecued chicken or Skewered pork with sweet Nam Jim Kai sauce.