The Nerd Prince

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And if I am being honest I never really knew how to answer this question when put forward to me until recently when an agency contacted me for a freelance work.

The Nerd Prince

A brand specialist is one who helps define the way that consumers think about a company's goods or services; this can involve consistency of logos and colors, focused advertising spaces, event sponsorships, and other approaches. Also a very easy and friendly human being to talk with. And so branding along with your imagery becomes key in getting new clients. Called Manuel at The Nerd Studios after a client showed me the work he did for her, best decision and money spent.

Customer Support: Manuel Odhe Creative Director. Vanessa Uffot Art Director. Prince Magbegor Brand Specialist. Home Essentials. BW Digital Agency. Space Surf.


After a bad break-up leaves ex-teacher Sasha Lindsey jobless and homeless, the live-in manny job with Mr. Price seems like a windfall. Sure, he has no social life, but who needs romance when corporations pay top dollar for his expertise? But Sage is handsome and intriguing, and his cooking makes Tully swoon.

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Sage has obligations back home though, and Tully has offers from a persistent - and very wealthy - ex that he might not refuse. How can heartbreak turn into happily ever after? Tommy Gordon is all set for happily ever after - until heartbreak strikes when his husband-to-be leaves him at the altar. In a bid for distraction, his best friend, Grayson Phillips, suggests he takes advantage of the luxury honeymoon anyway!

But the last thing Tommy wants is to go alone, so he invites Grayson and his son, Petey, along. Drew Beaumont is bored of the same old roles: action hero, supervillain, romantic lead. Aspiring writer Steve Sopol has never had a screenplay optioned. Turns out the chemistry between them is undeniable - on and offscreen. Up-and-coming London chef Marcus Vine is poised on the edge of success, but the only men courting him are investors. That leaves Marcus with some free time - which is fortunate, because his godchildren need him. Dustin Robbins-Grayson was a surly adolescent when Quinlan Gregory started the nanny gig.

Or a lonelier one. Quinlan has spent his life as the stranger on the edge of the photograph, but Dusty wants Quinlan to be the center of his world. Tristan Love is back in his hometown. It all seems worthwhile Sexy firefighter Dale Maloney is new to the local station. When Dale backs the company fire engine into the village maypole, he attracts the ire - and attention - of Benedict Raleigh, the Baron Calminster. Soon after meeting Dale, Ben breaks off his relationship with his girlfriend, and the sparks between Ben and Dale are quickly fanned into flames.

Fresh out of the military, Ben Cooper is ready for a new start. Justin Mallory has years of bad decisions to make up for, starting with agreeing to join the CIA after being recruited out of the marines. Now, he chooses the jobs, and he works alone. Sammy Lowell has his hands full juggling his music, college, some pesky health problems, and making the uncles who raised him proud. He needs help fulfilling his after-school duties with his siblings. Nobody can be in two places at once - not even Sammy!

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In high school, he was on the fast track to a career in pro football when he forged an unlikely friendship with a half-Comanche boy from the wrong part of town, Ricky Lee Jennings. Ricky Lee was kicked out of school, and Alex never heard from him again. An injury ended his football aspirations, his marriage fell apart, and his dreams of making a difference as an environmental lobbyist are as dead as his fantasies of sports stardom.

But all that could change in one magical night, when Ricky Lee shows up at their high-school reunion. Fifteen years later, Jimmy is long gone, and from his ashes has risen Graham Swann, a movie-star-handsome law firm owner. Graham thinks Jimmy and his past are long forgotten - until attorney Dan Parker shows up for his first day of work. Getting injured playing college ball was the best thing that ever happened to Dan.

It turned his future in a better direction and allowed him to emerge from the closet that trapped him. In the spring of , Nate Cartwright has lost everything: His parents are dead, his older brother wants nothing to do with him, and he's been fired from his job as a journalist in Washington, DC.

With nothing left to lose, he returns to his family's summer cabin outside the small mountain town of Roseland, Oregon, to try to find some sense of direction. The cabin should be empty. It's not. Conor : It starts with a drunken text pic. The kind I would normally never send. Only, instead of it going to the flirty hotel bartender, it goes to some random stranger who actually responds.

Wells : The first thing I notice about Conor Newell when he sits down in my high-rise conference room is how delightfully nervous he is. Then I see his tie. The one that belongs to my anonymous late-night texter. And it changes everything. Small-town business owner Jason Brewster has big dreams: world travel, adventure, and, most of all, a passionate romance worthy of a fairy tale. Until Adam moves in next door. But Adam - whose real name is Amadeo Montefalcone - has a secret. He's royalty, prince of the small country of Monterosia.

Only he doesn't want to rule, and especially doesn't want the loveless marriage waiting for him at home. So he ran away in search of true love. With a man. And with Jason, he finds it. But Adam can't run forever. The truth will come out.

The love story is soooo cute and has such a wonderful ending! I loved all the mythology references and I thought the steam level was just right. I enjoyed this immensely and highly recommend it! Jason loves all things mythology related. He dreams of being swept up in Eagle wings like Ganymede. He runs a bookstore that is part restaurant. He longs for a true romance but knows its hard to come by in his little town in Missouri. Adam is really a prince from a small foreign country. He doesn't want to rule and marry and become king and produce an heir.

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He has his brother help him find a place to hide and find himself. His little house needs lots of work and is behind Jason's. I loved this story. I loved both Jason and Adam.

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