Advent in Actions: Active expectation each day of Advent for teens and young adults

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She had dreams of two children and promises spoken to her when she tried for so long for her first biological child. And guess what? A lot can happen in 13 days Where are you needing a breakthrough? Make a bold declaration out loud for that breakthrough! There are reminders of that conspiracy everywhere you go during this season. As I walked through the mall the other day, I was surprised to see a huge brightly colored banner with the manger scene hanging from the ceiling. What could you do in this last week before Christmas to engage more fully in the conspiracy of love?

What secret plot of love could you partake in that would spread joy or shower someone with love? Come up with a plan and then execute your covert mission with a joyous smirk! With all the busyness and the sensory bombardment, we have to be intentional about unplugging from the noise everywhere in order to listen… to Him, to our hearts, to the people around us. If you think about it, we have double the organs for bringing in information ears and eyes than we have for giving out information a mouth.

When you think about the Christmas story, think about how much hinged on open ears… Mary heard from an angel, Joseph heard from an angel in a dream, the Shepherds heard from a host of angels, the Wise Men saw a star and had to have heard some prompting or message. Where do you need to turn down the volume around you so you can listen?

What would it look like to steal away from the busyness and the constant noise in your life to make space to hear from Heaven? If everybody took care of themselves and worked to cultivate a fertile heart where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control could grow, could you imagine what the world would look like? The world would be completely transformed by wholehearted and grace-filled people!

We need to rid ourselves of the thought that loving ourselves is selfish. The truth is, loving ourselves is the precursor to loving others—we love out of the overflow of knowing and loving ourselves. In this season of busy, what would it look like to pull back, retreat, and love on yourself? Ask yourself what you need… Some time to read? A bath? A pedicure? A nap? Figure out what loving yourself looks like today and make space for it this weekend.

We were mesmerized by her intelligence, but she was also so cute, innocent, personable, confident, grateful, and so captivated by the wonder of science. It was a thrill and joy to watch her and it will be fun to hear about the amazing things she does in the world. Perhaps as a child herself, she had the innocence and childlike belief to trust and partner with the miraculous?

Their faith is growing my faith! As we age and encounter evil, brokenness, and the jacked up things of this world, our default shifts and our childlikeness becomes a choice. We have to fight against the cynicism, despair, and fear by managing our hearts and choosing hope, bravery, and the miraculous.

How are you on the child-o-meter? Where is Spirit bidding you to become more childlike? What would it look like to choose hope and intentionally partner with the Kingdom of Heaven in your life? They demonstrate to you what faith is all about. Learn this well: unless you receive the revelation of the kingdom realm the the same way a little child receives it, you will never be able to enter in.

Christ came to make things right so we would know—and walk in—our identities as beloved and cherished daughters. Get a journal or piece of paper and start asking God who He says you are.

Saying Yes

Make sure to take notes as you hear, feel, and sense. Also, pay attention to Divine truths about identity as you read Scriptures—you can claim any Truth over you. We actually become what we speak over ourselves! So don't be afraid to let them show. Your true colors, true colors are beautiful like a rainbow. The older I get, the more I realize that everything really is spiritual.

God IS light, truth, and beauty and so everywhere we find light, truth, and beauty we can call glorious. I know I talked yesterday about embracing the mystery but the Divine really hides itself in the mundane. And in that lowly first appearance, the joy of the reveal belonged to those who had eyes to see. I might sound like a broken record, but keeping our hearts attuned and our eyes up is really half the battle in life.

God is waiting to be found and highlighted in everything we encounter and everyone we meet, we just have to have eyes to see. Where do you see the Divine in the mundane? How can you shift your gaze so you have eyes to see more in this Christmas season? Yes, he has revealed to us his inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit, who constantly explores all things. When I think about the Christmas story, I envision the Trinity conspiring around the writing table—going back and forth over the plotline of their redemption plan.

But outside of that, there was space for creativity, collaboration, and mystery… a manger, lowly shepherds, hosts of angels, Orient spiritual kings, a guiding star. In fact, most of the plot was so unexpected and mysterious that a large percentage of people missed its unveiling!

The older I get, the more mysterious Christ becomes. Christ is always about revealing Himself—making Himself known—in new ways. It brings Him pleasure when our eyes are open, our hearts are soft, and we find Him in the unexpected. Christ has hidden treasures and mysteries for you and me, including new facets of Himself, that are waiting to be found.

When we uncover those mysteries, we actually find greater depths of understanding, love and wisdom. Do you want to experience Christ in all His mystery and glory? Are you ready find Him in the unexpected? What will you have to leave behind in order to make space for mystery? Ask the Father to reveal the Son to you in new ways and get ready to go on a treasure hunt! I have limited gardening experience, but I do have a plethora of house plants, some of which are older than our kids. This move to CA and the change of climate has introduced spider mites to a few of our household plants.

Harry was tall and had large green dramatic leaves, but after the stupid bugs got him, he lost most of his leaves and was looking pretty pathetic. I thought this was the end but I treated him and reluctantly decided to prune his branches. What appeared dead is coming back to life! The design behind it is beyond me, I do that know any farmer will tell you that the pruning process is vital not only to the health of a tree, but to the bearing of fruit.

In fact, the Bible is actually pretty clear that nothing actually lives unless it has already been buried in the ground yielded and surrendered.


Are there any areas we need to cut away so that new life can burst forth? He cares for the branches connected to me by lifting and propping up the fruitless branches and pruning every fruitful branch to yield a greater harvest. While in the thick of despair, heartache, and shame, the barren woman in Isaiah is given the charge is to sing, rejoice, and expand her tent.

Essentially she is told to lift her head, sing a joyful song, and prepare a nursery—without the confirmation of an actual pregnancy. She is then told that her home will be bursting at the seams, what an incredible promise! Making room for the miraculous before it becomes a reality may seem risky for the heart, but it's incredibly powerful in the spiritual realm.

25 Days of Advent

I was just a baffled on looker, not able to comprehend or understand what had just happened. Twenty-four hours later the Cardiologist, the MRI tech, and the Internist all told me how very fortunate and lucky I was. I had no residual effects from the stoke, no limitation on talking, walking or memory loss. Why am I telling this story? Why reveal my personal history or information? Because I believe God worked a miracle on a most underserving yet fortunate Christian.

What an incredible time of year for God to grace me with the gift of life. I had been putting it back on God to make me better rather than putting forth effort and determination myself. Miracles do happen all the time even to the undeserving. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed. Dear God, grant me the power to do those, God pleasing things that you have put on my heart.

This is a picture see below of our home on the farm in Ohio where I grew up. The holidays were magical for me. My mother hung our Advent calendar and from that moment on each day was a whirlwind of baking and cooking, practicing for our neighborhood caroling and our parts in the Church and school Christmas pageants and choir. Mom transformed our home into a beautiful memory of the smell of fresh pine, sparkling lights and the perfect Christmas tree another Griswold outing and we entertained family and friends culminating on Christmas Eve at church and opening gifts Christmas morning.

Needless to say, I loved Christmas and still do! But it was not until after my parents were both gone that I mentioned to my older brother Tim, my memory of how special our parents, especially our beautiful mother, made Christmas for us. I dreaded Christmas! I was so surprised that my sweet and kind brother whom I adore had such a radically different perception of our childhood Christmas! How could this be? And my brother WAS genuinely concerned for our loving mother!

Where does this energy come from? I believe it comes from the power of the Holy Spirit within us. It is only ten days until we commemorate and celebrate the birth of our Savior on Christmas day. My thoughts go back to my childhood growing up in El Paso, TX. Seeing it from afar made it appear it was hanging in the night-sky.

We also had an Advent wreath at home which was lit every evening before dinner. Later in the month, we search out the perfect tree, with our Dad in charge of lights and Mom, sister and me decorating with ornaments and hanging tinsel. A small nativity was set at the base with a blue light bulb; a white one would be too bright for the baby Jesus.

My sister and I helped our Mom bake cookies and Dad was in charge of the fudge ; it was all so yummy! After attending Mass Christmas morning, Mom would prepare a feast that looked like it would feed an army. What a blessing these memories are for me. And so, I went, and went back every year until we moved here in The pageant is based on an old legend, and it gained Christian significance: the wild boar, symbolic of evil, is overcome by good through the teachings of Christ.

The sanctuary at University Christian Church is perfect for this pageant: the orchestra, hand bells, and the congregation singing carols while experiencing the visual feast of the participants. The second part features the original Christmas story, as an Angel carrying a star leads the procession of the shepherds and Wise Men traveling to bring gifts to the Christ Child. The traditional tableau, Mary, Joseph and Christ child is revealed at the climax. The 12 days of Christmas. Infant Holy. Infant lowly,. For His bed a cattle stall;. Oxen lowing,. Little knowing. Christ the Babe is Lord of all.

Swift are winging. Angels singing,. Tidings bringing,. We shudder when we think that Jesus was born in a stable. Shut that door! Were you raised in a barn? First, Christ is our divine burden-bearer. Mind hurt? Soul weary? Jesus will carry your problems. Besides, what palace could contain the glory? What temple or pyramid or fortress carved by human hands is noble enough a place?

The simplicity of that stable for the birth of the King of Kings could there be any nobler place. On December 19, , I phoned my mother , age 86, to see how she was feeling. She had been dealing with a bad cold for a week or so. When she answered I heard a very weak and slurred voice. It concerned me enough that we spoke for a minute or two and then I had a friend call to see if they heard the same tone of voice. It was unanimous…….

When we arrived, we found her in her favorite chair covered with her favorite blanket, conscious but listless. I thought she might have a severe case of pneumonia so an ambulance was called and she was taken to the emergency room. A few minutes later, I was called back to the treatment area and met with a cardiologist who advised me that my mother was having and had been having a massive heart attack and suggested that I call all family members.

She was not going survive the heart attack. Needless to say I was stunned. How could MY mother, who was healthy, vibrant and was still asking for something to eat at that moment be having a heart attack! She died the next morning on December 20, , five days before Christmas. My heart was broken and it ran through my mind that this was going to be a terrible Christmas. We had the funeral and while reminiscing with so many wonderful friends and family I was reminded that no matter what had happened, Christmas was still coming. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, if we let it be so!

My mother was already with Christ and while I was missing her, I realized that she would have wanted me to be joyful for her and for those around me. We all need to surround ourselves with loving people and always remember that God is with us and loves us always. Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Within two weeks the world stops for a day and most will remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ so many years before. For on this day a child was born, he is the Messiah, the Lord — that is what the angels proclaimed to the shepherd that starry night as told in Luke, Chapter 2.

That day is one of the grandest days of Christian celebration with families travelling great distances to be together and to rejoice that we are part of the family of Christianity that recognizes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The anticipation looms daily for the weeks leading up to this day. Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three kings, some shepherds, sheep, cows, a horse and even an Irish Setter dog are in our manger scene. We allowed the boys to place one character in the manger each day.

We alternated each day to let one of our sons choose which animal or person arrived, and they decided where to place them in the manger. For our family, the Christmas season starts taking shape around this date, as the characters arrive to await the birth of our Savior. But the tradition carries on, and it has certainly served as a visual reminder of the anticipation for the most celebrated of all days of the year. Fast forward to a young adult man seeking more out of life than an unfulfilling career and shallow relationships , and I knew I was missing a component of life and that most likely originated from God the creator of my life.

As a new Christian at age 27, with a new Lord of my life, and a new wife surrounded by a godly family, I found strength to face my daily professional struggles through Colossians , where Paul writes from the Holy Spirit how we are to conduct ourselves in our daily walk — with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Our works will not get us the reward of eternal life — only faith in Jesus as our Savior can do that. Nonetheless, it is a real joy to look forward to each day, regardless of the tasks ahead, whether unpleasant or monotonous, whether fun or rewarding, knowing that we will work each day for the Lord.

He will see our efforts and the joy we achieve from working hard for Him, and we will know that our earthly effort will bring a smile to Him that comes from seeing the faithful at work in his garden on Earth. As the New Year awaits, resolve to do your work each day for the Lord — there is no more rewarding boss that you can have. As we are now into the Season of Advent, it is a time of reflection on the anticipation of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God provided His greatest miracle of all of us to be able to have the closest relationship with Him ever imaginable! It is a season to reflect on our own relationship with God and how that relationship has developed and grown through the years. For some of us, our walk with God has been a constant presence all of our lives. For others, there may have been an interruption in that journey, and we strayed off the path, to wander about lost until God, in His infinite Grace, and in His own way, guided us back to that path, to begin anew a fellowship with Him that would change our lives forever.

I am one of these people. I had moved to the area 22 years ago just after Thanksgiving. The following December arrives and I happened to run across an announcement in the paper about an antebellum mansion called Eden i n a place called Point Washington that was hosting a Christmas tour. I decided to go, found my way there, parked at the school and walked up a path to the mansion. Darkness had fallen, and after the tour, I started walking back to where I thought I had parked. I soon realized that I was completely turned around and lost, but I felt compelled to keep walking down this unknown path.

It opened up to a sight I will never forget: a little white church that was completely decorated in greenery with two huge wreaths wrapped in red ribbon and bows anchoring the antiqued wooden doors leading into the church. The fence surrounding the church was wrapped in greenery and ribbon and camellia bushes were in full bloom. A Spotlight highlighted this grand and humble sight and after walking so far in the darkness, it stopped me in my tracks.

It seemed that I had never encountered anything so beautiful in my life. As I walked around the grounds of this sweet little church, I felt the tangible presence of God walking with me and that was a feeling I had never encountered before. I felt a peace that had left my heart many years before, and I felt God was showing my future to me. I spent a long time sitting on the steps of that church. That was nearly Twenty years ago and my relationship with God, this church and my family here has grown every day, far beyond what I had ever imaged.

Take the year The international scene was tumultuous. Napoleon was sweeping through Austria ; blood was flowing freely. No news organization cared about babies. But the world was overlooking some terribly significant births. For example, William Gladstone was born that year. That same year, Alfred Tennyson was born to an obscure minister and his wife. The child would one day greatly affect the literary world in a marked manner. And not far away in Boston, Edgar Allan Poe began his eventful, albeit tragic life.

And in that same year cries of a newborn infant in a rugged log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky. Similarly, everyone thought taxation was big news when Jesus was born. However, we know a young Jewish woman cradled the biggest news of all—the birth of the Savoir. I catch myself singing it at other times of the year when I am in situations where I am exploring with no intent and expectations. And then the narrow canal opened up into the lagoon and the stars and heavens overhead were breathtaking.

And we looked up and soaked it all in. And then we looked down and saw that the dark water below us was coming alive with stars all of its own. We were in one of 5 bioluminescent bays of this type in the world and with each swish of the paddle or passing of the hand underwater, an entire universe of microorganisms lit up. And under a glistening sky of heaven above us with my hand dipped below the water creating a swirl of light I said that this moment was how I envisioned God creating the heavens on the fourth day.

The swirl of His hand dipped in darkness. And even in these beginnings of the beginning, He knew that a star in the sky would be followed to introduce the King of Kings in the form of a mere baby. When I was an active young child my mom would take my brother and I to church most Sundays. Our favorite time of the year to go to church was at Christmas. It was a long wait from year to year. The church would have a nativity scene on the lawn area with live animals.

The birth of Jesus began a journey for millions of people to come. The excitement builds to a climax on the morning of December 25, and then it stops. Christmas commemorates the most momentous event in human history, the entry of God into the world he made, in the form of a baby. You believe in God; believe also in me. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

You know the way to the place where I am going. My mother had enjoyed a very full, meaningful life and truly lived each day as her last. She was healthy and active so the diagnosis of heart disease, at the age of 83, came as a surprise. She lived for six weeks after her diagnosis, with the constant companionship of her daughter and or grandchildren, and then died as the result of complications of heart surgery.

Near the end of the six weeks, two of her granddaughters and I went to see her at 6 AM in ICU, intent on visiting with her and seeing her doctor. When we went into her room, we were pleased to see Mother eating her breakfast, which turned out to be the last earthly meal she would eat. After exchanging good morning greetings, Mother said,. I have talked with my Lord and I am going to be with him. A few minutes later the doctor confirmed that, while not common, patients who say this usually know it is real.

My niece and daughter and I told mother how much we loved her and how much we would miss her. We were so grateful for her relationship with her Lord and with us. She pointed her finger at each of us and asked if we were a Christian. Each reassured her that we were Christians and trusted in God. Mother loved her God, trusted this scripture, and knew God had prepared a place for her. Help us to love you more deeply and trust in you more fully each day. Help us to love others as you have loved us.

Will this be the best Christmas Ever? I hope FSU beats Florida. I hope Thomas likes the video game we got him. I hope the decorations look picture-perfect. I hope my bonus comes through so I can pay for all of this. I hope this is the best Christmas ever. We do our part, hope for the best, and keep adding to the list of things to hope for.

Last Christmas, that difference stabbed me in the heart. On the drive to Georgia, I kept hoping that she would still recognize me and that she would like the new sweater I brought her. And, I knew better. A hope-know person would have asked for help to be an extension of His love for her, no matter how sad the visit might make me. A hope-know person would have realized that whether mom liked the sweater was much less important than whether she felt my love. Our hope comes from God. May He fill you with joy and peace because of your trust in Him. May your hope grow stronger by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As the Christmas Season gets into full swing , our focus and thoughts on all that this season means to us tends to become stronger and more present in our daily routines. As we draw closer to Christmas Day we remind ourselves more often of the blessings and gifts that we have all been given. As we all know though, there is no other time of the year, no other Season, that is more commercially exploited than Christmas.

It has become such a huge part of our culture, and as we all know, it can sometimes over shadow the truly important aspects of the Season. The twinkle of the lights, the beautiful melodies of the music that we all know by heart, the wonderful aromas of the special treats that we wait for all year. The decorations, the gift lists, the shopping, finding just the right tree, the travel or the preparation for those traveling to us, did I mention the shopping? It can all be very exciting, but can also be very distracting and sometimes downright overwhelming! We have all been there, so deep into what needs to get done that we let it completely dominate our thoughts and time.

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We all need to be diligent and keep the real reason for this celebration in the forefront of our minds every day. Time set apart for sacred thought and prayer. A quiet moment, a walk on the beach, a stroll through a park, a few quiet minutes away from all of the distractions of the day. During this Advent Season take a few private moments and remember why this really is the most wonderful time of the year!

I believed for a very long time that God was far off , and Heaven was far away. Our duty , as believers, was to do good and wait for redemption in Heaven. Shame was a large part of my relationship with God. I was taught that I had much to be ashamed of, and I should not forget it. The best I had was filthy rags before Him. He himself begins it with a brief introduction, by which he calls upon the faithful to pray, and likewise he concludes it with an oration. The intentions announced should be sober, be composed with a wise liberty and in few words, and they should be expressive of the prayer of the entire community.

They are announced from the ambo or from another suitable place, by the Deacon or by a cantor, a reader, or one of the lay faithful. The people, for their part, stand and give expression to their prayer either by an invocation said in common after each intention or by praying in silence.

At the Last Supper Christ instituted the Paschal Sacrifice and banquet, by which the Sacrifice of the Cross is continuously made present in the Church whenever the Priest, representing Christ the Lord, carries out what the Lord himself did and handed over to his disciples to be done in his memory. For Christ took the bread and the chalice, gave thanks, broke the bread and gave it to his disciples, saying: Take, eat and drink: this is my Body; this is the chalice of my Blood.

Do this in memory of me.

Point Washington United Methodist Church | ADVENT RESOURCES

Hence, the Church has arranged the entire celebration of the Liturgy of the Eucharist in parts corresponding to precisely these words and actions of Christ, namely:. The offerings are then brought forward. It is a praiseworthy practice for the bread and wine to be presented by the faithful.

They are then accepted at an appropriate place by the Priest or the Deacon to be carried to the altar. Even though the faithful no longer bring from their own possessions the bread and wine intended for the liturgy as was once the case, nevertheless the rite of carrying up the offerings still keeps its spiritual efficacy and significance. Even money or other gifts for the poor or for the Church, brought by the faithful or collected in the church, are acceptable; given their purpose, they are to be put in a suitable place away from the Eucharistic table.

The procession bringing the gifts is accompanied by the Offertory Chant cf. The norms on the manner of singing are the same as for the Entrance Chant cf. Singing may always accompany the rite at the Offertory, even when there is no procession with the gifts. Next, the Priest, because of his sacred ministry, and the people, by reason of their baptismal dignity, may be incensed by the Deacon or by another minister.

Then the Priest washes his hands at the side of the altar, a rite in which the desire for interior purification finds expression. Once the offerings have been placed on the altar and the accompanying rites completed, by means of the invitation to pray with the Priest and by means of the Prayer over the Offerings, the Preparation of the Gifts is concluded and preparation made for the Eucharistic Prayer.

At Mass, a single Prayer over the Offerings is said, and it ends with the shorter conclusion, that is: Through Christ our Lord. If, however, the Son is mentioned at the end of this prayer, the conclusion is: Who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Now the center and high point of the entire celebration begins, namely, the Eucharistic Prayer itself, that is, the prayer of thanksgiving and sanctification. The Priest calls upon the people to lift up their hearts towards the Lord in prayer and thanksgiving; he associates the people with himself in the Prayer that he addresses in the name of the entire community to God the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, the meaning of this Prayer is that the whole congregation of the faithful joins with Christ in confessing the great deeds of God and in the offering of Sacrifice. The Eucharistic Prayer requires that everybody listens to it with reverence and in silence. The main elements of which the Eucharistic Prayer consists may be distinguished from one another in this way:. This acclamation, which constitutes part of the Eucharistic Prayer itself, is pronounced by all the people with the Priest.

This is the sense of the fraction and the other preparatory rites by which the faithful are led more immediately to Communion. The Priest pronounces the invitation to the prayer, and all the faithful say the prayer with him; then the Priest alone adds the embolism, which the people conclude by means of the doxology.

The invitation, the Prayer itself, the embolism, and the doxology by which the people conclude these things are sung or are said aloud. There follows the Rite of Peace, by which the Church entreats peace and unity for herself and for the whole human family, and the faithful express to each other their ecclesial communion and mutual charity before communicating in the Sacrament.

As for the actual sign of peace to be given, the manner is to be established by the Conferences of Bishops in accordance with the culture and customs of the peoples. However, it is appropriate that each person, in a sober manner, offer the sign of peace only to those who are nearest. The Priest breaks the Eucharistic Bread, with the assistance, if the case requires, of the Deacon or a concelebrant.

The gesture of breaking bread done by Christ at the Last Supper, which in apostolic times gave the entire Eucharistic Action its name, signifies that the many faithful are made one body 1 Cor by receiving Communion from the one Bread of Life, which is Christ, who for the salvation of the world died and rose again. The fraction or breaking of bread is begun after the sign of peace and is carried out with proper reverence, and should not be unnecessarily prolonged or accorded exaggerated importance. This rite is reserved to the Priest and the Deacon. The Priest breaks the Bread and puts a piece of the host into the chalice to signify the unity of the Body and Blood of the Lord in the work of salvation, namely, of the Body of Jesus Christ, living and glorious.

The supplication Agnus Dei Lamb of God is usually sung by the choir or cantor with the congregation replying; or at least recited aloud. This invocation accompanies the fraction of the bread and, for this reason, may be repeated as many times as necessary until the rite has been completed. The final time it concludes with the words grant us peace. The Priest prepares himself by a prayer, said quietly, so that he may fruitfully receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

The faithful do the same, praying silently. Then the Priest shows the faithful the Eucharistic Bread, holding it over the paten or over the chalice, and invites them to the banquet of Christ; and along with the faithful, he then makes an act of humility, using the prescribed words from the Gospels. The singing is prolonged for as long as the Sacrament is being administered to the faithful.

In the Dioceses of the United States of America, there are four options for singing at Communion: 1 the antiphon from the Missal or the antiphon with its Psalm from the Graduale Romanum, as set to music there or in another musical setting; 2 the antiphon with Psalm from the Graduale Simplex of the liturgical time; 3 a chant from another collection of Psalms and antiphons, approved by the Conference of Bishops or the Diocesan Bishop, including Psalms arranged in responsorial or metrical forms; 4 some other suitable liturgical chant cf.

This is sung either by the choir alone or by the choir or a cantor with the people. However, if there is no singing, the antiphon given in the Missal may be recited either by the faithful, or by some of them, or by a reader; otherwise, it is recited by the Priest himself after he has received Communion and before he distributes Communion to the faithful. When the distribution of Communion is over, if appropriate, the Priest and faithful pray quietly for some time.

If desired, a Psalm or other canticle of praise or a hymn may also be sung by the whole congregation. To bring to completion the prayer of the People of God, and also to conclude the whole Communion Rite, the Priest pronounces the Prayer after Communion, in which he prays for the fruits of the mystery just celebrated. At Mass a single Prayer after Communion is said, and it ends with the shorter conclusion; that is:. Augustine of Hippo, Sermo , 1: PL Missale Romanum, Ordo lectionum Missae, editio typica altera, , no.

Code of Canon Law, can. The General Structure of the Mass Other Formulas Occurring during the Celebration Finally, among other formulas: a Some constitute an independent rite or act, such as the Gloria in excelsis Glory to God in the highest , the Responsorial Psalm, the Alleluia and Verse before the Gospel, the Sanctus Holy, Holy, Holy , the Memorial Acclamation, and the chant after Communion; b Others, on the other hand, accompany some other rite, such as the chants at the Entrance, at the Offertory, at the fraction Agnus Dei, Lamb of God and at Communion. The Manner of Pronouncing the Different Texts The Importance of Singing Silence The Entrance Reverence to the Altar and Greeting of the Assembled People The Penitential Act The Gloria in Excelsis