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Frankly, he isn't having the easiest time with it. He does, however, prove valuable to his new housemates, schooling them in the wonders of the internet the guys pore over photos of virgins and Later, after Nick causes a household drama so severe he's kicked out of the flat, we jump ahead a few more months, and everything comes to a head at the Unholy Masquerade.

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There's a momentum to this film that's refreshing. We want to see what happens, because we dig these guys; they're complex and unpredictable, not to mention endlessly funny. Longtime friends Waititi and Clement based the film on a short they made before they broke out with Eagle Vs.

Shark and Flight of the Conchords , respectively, and their comedy charisma is undeniable. Shadows is the type of movie that only improves after repeat viewings, thanks to the layers of riffs hidden in its mostly improvised dialogue. Like Lovers , Shadows depicts creatures of the night who're dedicated to keeping up with art and culture though only the wickedly self-aware Shadows lets its vampires delight in making Lost Boys references , and are also well-schooled in the perils of living eternally. They've lost mortal lovers, experienced extreme boredom, and must confront the exhausting annoyance of having to sustain a grudge for decades.

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Most importantly, Shadows is a deeply amusing comedy that works on multiple levels. It's smart enough to know that merely goofing on vampire tropes isn't enough to sustain a feature, and it delivers clever humor that both incorporates and pokes fun at vampire lore. It offers horror fans some vein-gushingly satisfying effects. Its characters are fresh "We're not these mopey old creatures," as Viago would insist and winningly off-kilter.


And while it's hardly scary, it delivers deadpan guffaws aplenty. This is the Spinal Tap of vampire movies, a spoof that stands on its own as genuine, memorable entertainment.

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