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So Ms.

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Russell has quite a way with words. In plotting her book Ms. Russell gives each Bigtree a thematic hobbyhorse.

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The Chief, who wants to tart up Swamplandia! Kiwi leaves the family enterprise and goes to the World of Darkness, a competing theme park with hellish enticements like blood-red water and boiled cola. Osceola, a k a Ossie, appears to elope with her dead lover. In any case, she disappears, and Ava sets out in search of her, guided by a dark-coated stranger calling himself the Bird Man.


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Russell deftly keeps her readers wondering exactly what that is supposed to mean. Take away the wall-to-wall literary embellishments, and this is a recognizable story, if not a familiar one. The picture is a marvel. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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See next articles. By Karen Russell pages. Alfred A.

Her older sister Ossie seeks—and apparently finds—a ghostly sort of love through the Ouija board and sets off with her lover for the Underworld. And Ava naively decides she will hook up with her strange bird-man and go through hell and high water to bring her sister back. Everybody has their own doomed scheme to save the family and the park. I was just totally besotted with fairy-tale worlds when I was a kid. And we did have a swampy mangrove patch in our backyard. I mean, I was not a tomboy because that implies athletic prowess.

But I really loved being outdoors, and I loved reading fantasy books, all that sort of coming-of-agey, emotional stuff.

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Russell found further inspiration in her research into the Florida history that serves as a backdrop for her story. Fantasy is its big industry. It seemed right for the texture of the book to let people know that the state itself is a mix of the real and imaginary.

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My mom grew up in Miami Springs and my dad grew up in Sarasota. They both have this real nostalgia for it. When I was a kid it felt like there was this world I had just missed, a time when the place was just totally foliated and a lot more wild. As for Karen Russell herself?

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