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For me, Gavin is the voice of this series, but I would be willing to listen to other books read by Bermingham. All in all, Harrison has certainly hit her stride with this book. The ongoing character development, the quirky humor and the captivating world building are all finally coming together, and I'm glad that I've stuck with it despite the ups and downs. Luckily Rachel wasn't quite as annoying in this edition as she has been becoming.

She was actually starting to grow up and take responsibilty for her actions and wasn't whining when things didn't go her way. In this story Rachel is being stalked by the demon "Al" and she has to find a way to stop him attempting to hurt her and her family whilst saving a elf race all at the same time. If you have been disheartened by previous books this one should hopefully pull you back into the series. This was even better the second time around and it's one of my favourites in the series!

I loved all the page time the demons got in this book. The ever after is seriously cool and I think demon society is really fascinating. So far I'm loving my re-read of this series. Sep 15, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-urban , 3series , 2fiction , fantasy , 1paper. This series is still going strong, surprisingly. Wow, so many twists and turns. Good one! Dec 27, Seth rated it really liked it Shelves: sf-f-h , modernfantasy.

If you've read the first 5 books in the series, you know what to expect. If you haven't, don't start here. This volume picks up right after book 5, For a Few Demons More , which includes some shockers that I really don't want to mention here for anyone who hasn't read that one and it makes talking about ODW difficult without spoiling FFDM. ODW is similarly dense in twists, turns, and revelations.

The official Hollows mailing list banned all discussion of it until six weeks after publication, an un If you've read the first 5 books in the series, you know what to expect. The official Hollows mailing list banned all discussion of it until six weeks after publication, an unprecedented move for the list. They opened the list for readers of advanced copies to everyone and moved any discussion of plot--or even reactions to the book as a whole--to there. So, with that caveat, I'll do my best to do this spoiler-free.

I will mention things from the first chapter, which has been available in the paperback of FFDM and on Harrison's web site for several months, and anything from books is fair game. I'll try to avoid major spoilers for book 5. Plus the three demons who have been harassing Rachel for books on end, now seemingly no longer restricted by the contracts that bound them and fighting desperately for their own lives, using Rachel as a bargaining chip.

Oh, and her mom. Her mom's a major character in this one. And right there we see the major point of ODW. The series has always had a huge focus on family, both chosen and born. Rachel forms a family with her business partner and with a small werewolf pack, and recovers her ties to her blood family while driving herself to live up to her father's legacy.

Ivy deals with the psychological damage the criminal and corrupt vampire community run, like the agency that polices vampires, by her extended family has done. Jenks fights from day one to protect his family against the day he dies, which is coming far too soon. And the elves are trying to rescue their whole species, which is so much in danger of dying that they've faked their own genocide to maintain their culture. So Rachel winds up having to work with her mother and reveal some of the dangers she faces in her daily life.

In exchange, her mother reveals Her mother is mostly doing well in this book; she has few of the lapses into confusion and dementia that have plagued her since her husband died and Rachel works to understand what her mother needs in her life, as well as leaning what her mother can do to help them both. This is a book of revelations: secrets about Rachel's mother and father that go as deep as the ones revealed in books 1 and 2, secrets about the elves although revelations about them are a staple of 5 of the 6 books , and even secrets about the demons.

Harrison is revealing some of the history, convolutions, and even magical theory behind the Hollows. As the title suggests, the major action revolves around the demons. The "outlaw demon" is Big Al her not-so-affectionate nickname for the demon who vexes her life the most , who was imprisoned in the last book for breaking laws and endangering all the demons' livelihood. Someone is summoning him out of the demons' custody and setting him free to do what he wants, which is to kill or kidnap Rachel.

Rachel has to navigate demon politics and legal system! And if she can learn something about why she is one of two witches in the world who can perform demonic magic along the way, all the better. On top of this, of course, Trent has "urgent" and risky business he'll cajole, threaten, or trick Rachel into doing for him. As usual. And, of course, deal with her family as her mom gets more involved than Rachel ever wanted.

Every one makes sense and none get too long or convoluted. Harrison's writing on this has improved steadily across the series. We have the expected evolution of Rachel and Ivy's ongoing and messy relationship. It isn't as mesmerizing or intense as in the last two books and doesn't have the pyrotechnic writing of books one and five, but it works great and leads to a truly beautiful and heart-wrenching moment.

As we saw in FFDM, Ivy is maturing emotionally at an amazing rate and we get a touching insight into her life, especially after the events in FFDM that turned her emotional life upside-down. So, net net. Is it a good book? Is it the best book in the series? Hard to say. It has the most information and advances the world story the furthest, but it's not the most "detectivey," "noir," or funny although I wanted to read funny lines to my girlfriend all throughout, as usual; she forbade me to since they all had spoilers.

If you're doing to read book 7, you have to read this one, of course, and you will enjoy doing so. It just may well have some of your favorite moments. Kim Harrison is at her best when she's writing. At least, she is as a writer; I don't know about her personal life. The writing in this series started good, with moments of pyrotechnic genius, and it's just getting better as the characters and world settle in.

Happily into the ever-after. Oh my dear, sweet Rachel. Finally recognising her dangerous, risk taking ways and you end up right back where you started. But this time, instead of cursing at you loudly from my bed at midnight, I was right behind you. The fallout from the previous book was massive, with white witch Rachel and her vampire roommate and business partner, Ivy, having to come to terms with their overwhelming grief. While always in the back of their minds, this part of the story didn't see Happily into the ever-after. While always in the back of their minds, this part of the story didn't seem to dominate, and I'm assuming that there is more to come.

I won't even try to summarise the plot or anything, because there are so many threads, but also I don't want to spoil anything for those who have not read the previous books which is a must! But I will say that this addition to the series is more focused around demons and the ever-after than the vampires which dominated the last book. There are so many beings trying to kill Rachel, we just have to take them one at a time.

The Mystery Shed - THE LITERACY SHED

It seemed like there were so many revelations in Where Demons Dare , and I imagine that Rachel was felt quite emotionally overwhelmed. The truth about her father, where witches came from, her being able to spindle demon magic, Ceri's pregnancy, and the threat she poses to the whole of the world. Rachel keeps on taking hit after hit, which I guess is why I was with her all the way at the end. But not this time. I wanted her to show everyone that she had this under control; that she was smart, strong, and not what everyone else thought of her. It was a powerful moment, and one that redeemed a lot about Rachel for me.

So I dealt in demons. So the hell what. It didn't make me a bad person. Or stupid. Or rash. It made me dangerous to everyone around me is all. What I love about this series is the characters, which is becoming quite a cast of different people. There is Jenks, the pixy and Rachel's other business partner, Trent, Ceri and Quinn, the elves, Glen, the FIB officer, David, Rachel's pack-mate and resident alpha werewolf, Marshall, another witch and potential love interest, Kelsey, Rachel's neighbour who she just found out the true identity of, Rachel's mom who is hilarious , Takata, the famous rock star with a secret link to Rachel, and then there are demons galore with Al, Minias, and Newt.

But it is never confusing, never tedious. All of these people are important to Rachel except the demons She is one of a kind, in body and spirit, always with a mountain to climb, with a hell of a journey in front of her. Making deals with demons is never going to be easy, and just when Rachel thinks she may have the upper hand, she is pulled right back into the middle.

But I think now that she is beginning to come to terms with what she is and what she can do, she will be all the stronger for it. I really enjoyed this addition to the series, and it is definitely one of the best so far. The Outlaw Demon Wails seems to be a bridge book in The Hollows series, and maybe that is why I thought this book was the weakest in the series. Sadly, the book itself feels too long and has too many plot points that are superfluous or dropped. For instance, Rachel discovers that her father is not, in fact, her biological fat The Outlaw Demon Wails seems to be a bridge book in The Hollows series, and maybe that is why I thought this book was the weakest in the series.

For instance, Rachel discovers that her father is not, in fact, her biological father. The point does not seem to add much to the series, except give Rachel more angst and a still alive father, perhaps making her more special in a sense because of it. While I understand that recaps are needed for new readers. The recaps in this book were too long and filled too much space. Way too much. Unlike some other series, power in The Hollows has a price, and even while Rachel becomes a little more powerful perhaps simply more aware of her power that too has a price, a heavy price.

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

It is nice to see that in a book. Rachel herself also grows up and grows more aware. It was nice to see her mother have a larger role as well. Additionally, the paperback edition has a nice short story about Ceri. Apr 14, Kim rated it really liked it Recommends it for: fans of urban fantasy and those who've enjoyed the series so far! This is the sixth book in the Rachel Morgan series.

The demon Algaliarept is supposed to be imprisoned in the Ever-After, but someone has been summoning him nightly, putting Rachel and the ones she loves at risk. Rachel joins forces with Glenn from the FIB to find out who, while Ivy investigates a mystery left over from book 5. This was a terrific read, although in some ways less satisfying to me than the earlier books. I wanted answers, and you do get a lot hereeverything but the answer I wa This is the sixth book in the Rachel Morgan series. I wanted answers, and you do get a lot hereeverything but the answer I wanted most!

That missing answer is also connected to a plot thread I felt was kind of dropped, as though the author lost interest. Having said that, let me say that there were also a lot of things this book did better than earlier entries in the series. It's nice to have some interaction between Rachel and her actual family, in addition to the family of friends she has created.

Rachel also becomes aware of how many people really care about her, which is especially nice in a series that has been full of uneasy alliances I imagine, though, her relations with Trent Kalamack are always going to flip flop around.

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Rachel is growing up, and trying to leave her thrill-seeking behind her; her new method of reaching decisions is to believe if it feels right, it must be wrong. All in all, The Outlaw Demon Wails is an entertaining paranormal read which ties up some loose ends, but leaves enough hanging that I want to read the next book right now! Back to top form, great main characters maturing. Aug 16, Lauren rated it it was amazing. I didn't know how I was going to make it through this book knowing that Kisten wouldn't be waiting for me on the pages. Ok, it's time to move on She is trying, of course - but I don't blame her I mean - how can you???

Poor girl just can't catch a break Al is back and he is royally pissed off! He apparently blames Rachel for his in trouble in the ever-after and he plans on making her pay - big time! One of the things I've always liked about the Hollows is that there is never a shortage of new characters. In this book we are treated to several new characters, all more interesting then the next. Bis was a nice surprise and look forward to more of him. I think it's neat that Rachel has her own gargoyle now.

I can't wait to see what kind of adventures this opens doors to! As of now I don't think he's downright evil Also, it was fun seeing more of Rachel's mom. After meeting her, it definitely goes a long way toward explaining why Rachel is the hot mess that she is. I loved her - so funny!

See a Problem?

I'm more then ready for Marshall to exit stage left. His whole white knight fetish is getting real old, real quick! Rachel is more than capable of taking care of herself - the last thing she needs is some hairless wonder playing at being her knight in shinning armor! She's still a mess but now she's thinking before she acts.

She's clearly starting a new phase in her life View 1 comment. Mar 31, Kasia rated it it was amazing. One of the best things about the Hollows series is how real the characters and situations feel, sure there are vampires, elves, werewolves, pixies, demons, witches, you name it and it can appear yet it's still realistic in a way that makes me feel as if everything I read has happened and it all becomes part of my memories.

I still vividly remember each and every book, this one hasn't disappointed, and if anything it has sharpened my appetite for the next novel. I read them sparingly, savoring th One of the best things about the Hollows series is how real the characters and situations feel, sure there are vampires, elves, werewolves, pixies, demons, witches, you name it and it can appear yet it's still realistic in a way that makes me feel as if everything I read has happened and it all becomes part of my memories.

I read them sparingly, savoring the thought of still having a Harrison book I haven't read but the moment I'm done my hand wants to grab the next, it's very, very tough to stop myself at that point The sixth's book has all of our favorite black and white and sometimes grey characters back; Ivy, Jenks, Trent, Dave, Al, Minas, Ceri, Rachel's mom Alice, Kinsley and some newcomers, there's even a gargoyle and a new master vampire, Rynn Cormel.

As usual there is tension between the good and the bad guys, Rachel's problems seems to be bound to demons these days, they just won't leave her alone Her smut and demon marks are tagging on her soul, making her the target for scary apparitions that are hungry for her demise. In order to save herself and her friends she must plunge into the lion's den, on top of that there's the Ivy and blood sharing tension at home which gets some resolution and a potential new romantic interest, which so far seems pretty normal, phew!

I loved the way Trent and Rachel still continue to bicker, they work together, then they hate each other, then they try to help, back and forth while building up tension and entertainment, you never know what to expect but let me just say it keeps the juice flowing, that's for sure.

Rachel always has enough strength and love inside to do the right thing, even if it kills her, and something tells me she's getting closer and closer to that dark end.

Relax-they-aren’t-going-to-make-it Hollows movie

The good new is that the girl doesn't give up and I like that she's vulnerable, not some perfect super hero who can defeat any obstacle, that's not interesting, the struggles and the hard earned wins are interesting, at least to me. I also found the language and descriptions to be more luminous, there was a sparkle and warmth, wonderful depictions of the places and people, feelings and scents. It gave the pages extra luster and made the book a nice read, not just a romp through hell and its inhabitants. I definitely took my time reading this one, I can read a book in one sitting but this was savored over a few days, the ending was especially wonderful, I was on pins and needles for the last 50 pages!

This was truly a feast for the eyes, can't wait to dive back in! Jan 30, VampireNovelFan rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-fantasy , elves , favorites , mystery , paranormal-romance , vampires , witches , demons , fae , fantasy. I thought it was amazing to read Big Al and Ceri's back story. Oh how far he's come since then! Merged review: Loved learning about how Ceri became Al's familiar. I think this is my favorite of the short stories. Merged review: Still reeling from the shocking end of For a Few Demons More Book 5 , one has to wonder if the series can bounce back.

I can certainly say that it does. About the only way to do it is with more action and twists, and we definitely get it in this book. Everything you thought y I thought it was amazing to read Big Al and Ceri's back story. Everything you thought you knew about this series and these characters starts to change.

Trent is more prominent in this book as well and needs Rachel to travel with him to the Ever-After to obtain an ancient elven sample that could cure his race. With Piscary out of the picture, we learn more about the new master vampire, Rynn Cormel. While he's not as downright evil as Piscary, he's far from a push-over. After the end of the previous book where Ceri is finally introduced to her elf kin, we learn that she's pregnant. That's the least of the surprises when it comes to potential for children in this series.

The highlights of this book for me were her interactions with Trent as well as their trip into the ever-after. While he's still a murdering bastard, we do see his walls crumbling a little bit, which only really happens around Rachel for those not in his immediate trusted group of friends and guardians. The plot surrounding the Ever-After was fantastic as well. We meet a new sidekick for Rachel, a young gargoyle named Bis.

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He's so ugly, he's almost cute! I also really enjoyed learning about the demon society a bit more. As I've said in previous reviews for this series, it makes the villains so much more dynamic when we can see these parts to them. Demons have their own rules and laws in the Ever-After. While they are ruthless, it's within their own civilization.

To add to that, Kim likes to make Trent really experienced at random activities. We learn that he can drive a stick at the end of Book 2. We learn that he can swim very well in Book 3. Here we learn that he can view spoiler [roller skate of all things. This is my favorite urban fantasy series by far, so I highly recommend reading it. While not every book is as good as the next, this one is one of the best ones. Feb 10, Jen Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: hollows , urban-fantasy.

I still haven't recovered from what happened to Kisten But she is trying. Of course, even when she is trying to piece her life together, more circumstances beyond her control arise to make it all fall apart again. In this case, it's Al. He's back and he is royally ticked off.

The demon blames Rachel for the fact that he is in trouble in the ever-after and he plans on punishing her every t I still haven't recovered from what happened to Kisten The demon blames Rachel for the fact that he is in trouble in the ever-after and he plans on punishing her every time someone summons him out. And that has been happening with increasing frequency. In the meantime, Trent is back in her orbit. He wants her help to get a genetic sample from the elves in the ever-after.

He believes if he gets an old enough sample, he can use it to genetically alter and save the future of his race This book is a lot more action oriented than most Hollows books. Usually, the character development puts the happenings of the story firmly in the backseat. That's not so here. Sure, we have some residual heartache over Kisten, some angst about Rachel's family history, and the ever-present will-they-or-won't-they with Ivy.

But I was actually more wrapped up with the momentum of the action this time --and frankly, I was glad for it. After the emotional wringer Kim Harrison put me through last time, it was nice not to read the book through tears. We take a fantastic trip to the much-anticipated ever-after. We meet more demons and get an unexpected look inside their world. Plus a pretty big reveal as to why Rachel is so special and what that means for demon-kind.

A great book that really moved the overall story forward and opens the doors for many new possibilities in the next installment. Oct 21, Angeld01 rated it really liked it. Is it bad that I am happy to be caught up??? There are things I love about Rachael I know the series will be over when Rachel finally discovers her love for Trent - and she is one boycrazy witch. I love that with the exception Nick whom she decribes as not traditionally good looking - every man in the book is a hottie! For t Is it bad that I am happy to be caught up??? For those of us who love novels based in supernatural Kim Harrison is so detailed that I could easily see these being made into movies Finally, as someone who hates tomates I love, love love that tomato's wiped out much of mankind I always told you they were dangerous!

Lots of stuff. Stuff I didn't see coming but appreciate. I also got my wish from the last book - more Quen, Takata and Minias - although possibly not in ways I expected. Anyway, it's good to see Rachel finally starting to take charge of her own life. So far, she's been kick-ass and awesome enough, but far too often in reaction, while here she's finally proactively dealing with stuff and in some cases, even with some maturity.

Also, this is the firs Whoah. Also, this is the first book where I'm slowly starting to Still don't like Trent though, regardless of what reasons the man thinks he has for acting the way he does. View 2 comments. Still very sad about Kisten, and with all the talk about him, made me miss him even more. However, this was probably the best book of the series. I mean I delved right in and read until I passed out and then read until I finished it today. I still don't like the whole idea of Rachel and Ivy and I think they should move on from that. Marshall I think he's an ok guy. But I just Neste livro muito pouco acontece tal como nos outros.

May 06, Brooke rated it it was amazing. She continues the Hollows series with unexpected plot twists and new interesting characters. This sixth installment focuses on family, both by blood and her family of friends. We find out about Rachel's true heritage and learn more about her parents. We see more of Rachel and Ivy working through their blood balance. This is shown in a scene where I had to put the book down, and walk away from th I finally finished The Outlaw Demon Wails this evening, and I must say Kim Harrison has done it again.

This is shown in a scene where I had to put the book down, and walk away from the intensity of it for a moment. There is also a possible new love interest in Rachel's future when Marshall the witch from Mackinaw Island appears on her church's front steps. The Elves Ceri, Quen, and Trent are also heavily focused on as they try to save their species. All of The Hollows characters slip in and out of the story. Even though they are not on the front burner, their presence is shown and their support for our favorite trio is evident.

Like when David stops by to lend Rachel his duster, or when Keasley comes to Rachel's aid, yet again. We even learn more about the mysterious rockstar Takata! Diving into the Ever-After was a suspenseful scene, and a scary view into the world where the Demons lurk. Kim describes this run down wasteland with such detail, that I can just taste the burnt amber in the back of my throat, and feel the murky air all over. I was nervous to visit the Ever-After, and now I'm excited to learn that we will be going back in the future.

Of course it will be on our own terms next time! Jenks as always lends his hysterical one liners, and witty banter with our girls and enemies.

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