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He drags his lips lower, nipping the skin of my shoulder with his teeth and teasing the racing pulse-point in my neck with his tongue. I groan, tilting my head back, knowing I need to stop this madness but accepting we are past that. It's about fighting through that and falling in love even when you didn't think you could. But the books aren't just about romance - they also sizzle with hot, steamy sex scenes that offer hours of escapism with women who aren't afraid to reach for what they want with both hands:.

Ms Connelly also reminded readers to remember that the books are romance novels, so the sex takes place within a romantic landscape. The game is designed to be played by two players for a revealing experience, or with friends pictured. The game is designed to cheekily reflect the content of the new series, from billionaire boss fantasies, to favourite foreplay moves and the wildest thing done in or out of the bedroom.

DARE features fast-paced plots that will whisk readers away to a world of love, lust and passion. She shivered, delicious tendrils snaking to all her erogenous zones. I was on my way to Reception and then I spotted you here. She stared back, lost for words and missing the proximity of his hand on her chair. He was close enough that his warmth traversed the space between them, but far enough away that she battled her body's urge to sway closer.

And keep on swaying. A DARE heroine doesn't need a man to complete her, but if she wants one as an equal partner, then that's her prerogative. As with all great romance, the journey that hero and heroine take together is fraught with real world issues, but it's a journey that leads to a happy ever after. It's a steamy, explicit, escapist romance for today's woman. But then I had a new [story] my head, one that wouldn't go away. One day, a fellow member of a reading group I was part of told me I should 'just write it'. So I did. I think if I'd known how little I knew about writing when sat down to write that complete story, I'd have been far too intimidated to finish it.

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One night she is out in her sailboat with her friend and it is foggy and they hear another boat nearby and they hear voices and the sound of a body being thrown overboard. When the boat leaves, the girl and her friend retrieve the body from the water and bring it back to shore. The body turns out to be a Japanese man and they hide him and nurse him back to health. The would-be murderers of the Japanese man discover that he is still alive and chase the girl and her friend and cousin and the Japanese man across Puget Sound in their sailboats to Friday Harbor.

It is an intense chase. Wish I could remember more of the book. Does anyone know the title of the book I'm thinking of? They get him on board and the chief engineer poisons him and takes money. The characters are, Lt. Commander Cordeau, Lt. Beech, Zola the stoker can't remember any more!! The rogue engineer shoots Cordeau and takes Beech prisoner and then lets him go as he has run out of bullets. I think the book was called "Dead Mans Chest".

Thanks in advance John. I can't for the life of me remember the rest of the book or what it is called! Can anyone see if they know! I am looking for a novel about a girl whose tree in her back yard has a world within where her parent go and get balloons of life that keep them young. Cover I believe depicted a tree and red ballon of some sort. It was about a female inmate who was in a horse training program. I think a guy adopted the horse she was working with, but I remember she ended up going to his house to help train the horse. His child had special needs.

And of course like all good books they fell in love in end. Horses name was something like Wildfire Its about some boys and a girl all working as detectives with sherlock holmes. There at a circus and some people perform tricks in code. I want to learn the tricks but i dont know the book. Any ideas?

I am looking for a book that I read in 5th grade. I am pretty sure the title was something like The Family. It was essentially about a family with 5 or 6 children, mostly boys, and their antics. This book was stuck in my mind because one of the sons dies after riding his bike down a hill and then crashing into the side of a car at the bottom. There was also another kid that really like to eat butter and was caught eating a whole stick of it and later got sent to the hospital with a really high fever, like The family's first Easter after the son's death was really hard.

The end of the book had the family go to Thanksgiving with their famous pudding and as they are about to leave the car one of the younger boys accidentally stepped in it and the mom was devastated that the pudding was ruined but the dad was like no it's fine the shoe was clean we don't need to tell anyone.

When dessert came around the parents were told that the pudding tasted better than ever so the mom and dad went to the kitchen to laugh really hard, the first time that they had laughed so hard since their son had died. This book is about a girl who met a guy while on vacation and decided to go back with him to his country and meet his family They first met with his brother who didn't seem to fond of her. A novel about a confused woman she sees shadows in a mirror, and she loses time.

They are chased and watched and end up in an alternate universe where there is a backwards ticking clock. A countdown of some sort that she has on her to accomplish a task. The driver can help, but it diminishes his life immensely to do this and she feels as though she has done this before.

Can anyone help? Book is about a boy whose father was murdered in his childhood by a thief, he waits all his life with a knife to avenge his father's death. The boy later grows up to be teacher in his own village and finds out that his favourite students father was the murderer of his father. At first he plans to seek revenge but after seeing his health condition he leaves him to his fate. Book about a boy whose family moves into a new house; he rides a bike to school I remember reading that he had to remember to go in a different direction than usual to get to his new house, otherwise he would've been at his old one.

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I thought it could've been Time For Andrew, but it wasn't; there was no aunt in this book. YA paperback, read before Book about a guy, bitten by a snake, wakes to find humanity gone. All the people in town think they are crazy too. The mother has a miscarriage and stays locked up in her room, and the brother is a drunk who Runs over his younger brothers cat, clementine. The older brother then crashes the car and lights it on fire with himself in it.

At the end of the book the little brother decided to kill the rest of his family. The book was about a young black man. His parents are killed in a car accident or a train hit them unsure. He is found in a pig pen at some point, is taken in to foster care, and endures racism throughout his time as a foster child. He is locked in a shed for sometime and manages to escape. He sleeps outside a few times and carries a picture of his mother in his bag. It may have taken place in or near Mississippi because it had a jazz influence. Looking for the name of a romance book where the heroine is daughter of a demon lord and she kills him at end of first book for her love and is taken to hell to rule to save her unborn child.

This book starts out with a woman, her husband, and twins moving into a new neighborhood I believe around the late s earlys. They also learn that they all like to read. This begins a lifelong friendship and monthly book club. They are there for each other over the years as they face the challenges of raising their children, keeping their marriages together, supporting friends through divorce and ultimately through cancer.

I believe the cover had a picture of a woman floating in a pool in an inertude with a big floppy hat and a drink. I'm looking for a book by the name of yellow shoes. It's about a person that work in one of London airport. It was large and thin. The one I had was hardcover with a removable paper cover. It was a collection of short scary stories that had unique artwork.

It was painting and ink that used mostly blacks, grey, blues and red and white, maybe some skin tones. There was a lot of splatters for either blood or stars. She starts to fall fo her boy best friend and she invites him to a gala or a dance and she has a terrible time while he has a good one? After that they sit on her roof top and talk and he leaves her up there hanging.

I think they even dated for a while then broke up and stayed as friends. She wrote him letters I think? The cover had a light blue background with a bright yellow candy heart broken with the title. I really liked the book! A group of girls i think 4 plan to murder a boy that they hate for personal reasons. They plan the murder with great precision so that they murder is not traced back to them and no one except the 4 of them knew about this plan. But before they can commit the murder themselves, the boy is killed in the exact same method that they planned, by someone else.

I'm looking for a children's book 4th, 5th grade where the main character is a boy who lives in a room in a hotel that his father manages. The curse went along the lines of "when this lump of peat burns away, the child will die and go to clay". There were other stories as well like the one about an australian aboriginal medicine man warning a construction crew against building a road through a cursed thicket of trees, of course tragedy strikes and the road is built around the trees in the end, also one about a tree in africa that was known to the locals to strangle anyone who wandered to close at night.

Another with a mummified cat being taken from a tomb only for its spirit to escape its binds through a hole in its throat shocking the collector that brought it along. Another with a boy somewhere in england disappearing seemingly into thin air atop a hill when he was going to milk the cows or something, but his parents and the locals could hear his disembodied voice crying out for help over the following weeks until finally it fades away entirely.

There were also 2 stories about ufo's that i can remember involving one plane being slammed into the ground by what seemed like an invisible hand, and another where some airmen keeping watch over a plane graveyard when the ufo appears and one of them decides to hop into a still functional ww2 plane to chase it only to nearly "ram himself up its tailpipe" when it suddenly stops. It even had a variation of the girl with the ribbon around her neck that involved an artist who couldn't get enough of painting her portrait. The cover of the book was a mix of red and purple color with illustrations of at least 3 of these stories, ribbon girl, medicine, and mummy cat in a sort of collage.

I forgot if it involved the term "ghost stories" or "spine chilling" or anything of the sort, there were at least 10 stories that i can remember but i'm pretty sure there were 13 altogether. It was a really fun read and my copy was so old it ended up deteriorating almost completely and my mother apparently threw it out. I'm looking for the title of a Teen Romance Nook book.

It's about a girl that was abused by her birth mother, but was adopted by a doctor and his wife when she was in the hospital due to abuse. She goes to college and meets a boy. The guy comes back to his dorm room and his roommate also has a sock on his door so he goes up to the roof as well. That's how they meet and then they fall in love. I am looking for a romance book that potrays a couple that have a doughter 14 or 15 years old and i think the husband was a lawyer and the wife a teacher.

The husband lost by his choice a case and the wife was upset for that, so he ecided to leave the wife an child and goes to visit his ex girlfriend, wich is an artist. I read this book at but i can't remember the title or the author. Pleas can anyone help me because this is driving me insane and i have spent more than a month trying to find it.

I am looking for a childrens book that was read to me in the 80s. It contained a bunch of stories, but my favorite was called something like 'the naughty moon'. It was about a moon that would sneak into the sky during the day. I'm looking for a book that has a girl floating upside down on the cover. Looking for a Halloween children's book with a witch in a green mask and maybe a skeleton on the front cover. This is so far fetched, but hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.

There is a group of kids in the middle of nowhere and they have to fend for themselves. The main character is a boy and he has two friends: a girl and a boy. I'm pretty sure him and the girl had something going on Anyways, I remember there was a part where they went underground and there was this giant worm or snake or something that was living underground. That's all I remember. That's it. Searching for a chapter book I used to read as a young girl in elementary school.

I would say anywhere between the years of I vaguely remember the cover of the book picturing a young blonde girl in the foreground, holding a book or notebook of some sort. If I recall correctly she had about shoulder length hair with bangs and a headband on. On the cover it looks as though she is in the woods and she is begrudgingly looking back at what looks like a wooden clubhouse. In this clubhouse I believe can't remember if this is what was actually on the cover or just my imagination there are two girls looking out the window at her.

One I think is African-American and the other is a red head. I think the story revolves around the blonde girl and her connection to the clubhouse. I believe her grandfather built it and she used to have tea parties in there and basically go there as her escape from the rest of the world.

I also vaguely remember something about a key? Thanks in advanced if you have any info pertaining to this long, lost book! A book about a teenage boy who doesn't want to go away for Summer camp so hides out in his basement instead. His long lost sister drug addicted runaway suddenly turns up in his basement, which is where she has been seeking refuge. YA novel, possibly Italian author. The plot is that a retired Librarian, still owning books, saves the world when the computer networks go down for good.

A book for teenagers called Jamie. Jamie met a mixed race girl called Sharon, there was romantic interest, Jamie cut his hand on glass and it never worked as well afterwards. Jamie got jumped by two lads, one called Al, the two boys set fire to Jamie's hair. Young children's book about a girl who goes to visit someone and there's a tapestry on the wall with a girl.

She goes into the tapestry and has an adventure. I'm really sorry but this is literally all I can remember about it! It's not the boy and the lion on the wall but kind of similar. More juvenile though. I think probably from the early s. Part of a series I think, no author that I can remember and unsure of the publishing house. So very helpful of me! There was some dangerous older characters they would come across that were up to no good, one was a thief and a murderer.

So when the kids discover his crime, he chases them through the tunnels, as they try to get away and find help. One girl was weaker, had some sort of health issues, and there was a boy who was her protector. I took this hardcover book out of my school library in , but it seemed like an older book that had been around for awhile. There were a few small black illustrations mixed in with the text. A 2nd book was about a little witch who was best friends with a mermaid, she lived in a world that was separate from "the real world" of a little human girl.

I believe the witch lived in a cave that had a water pool, so the mermaid could pop up to visit. The little girl considered the witch her friend, but there was some sort of separation between them, such as the girl could read about what was happening daily in the witch's life, but could not travel to that world. There were a few small black illustrations mixed in with the text, the drawings of the witch and mermaid was very simple round faces, dot eyes. This was a hardcover book that I read in , but I'm guessing it was published in the 60's or early 70's.

When I was a kid, I had a book of funny poems that I absolutely loved. I have no info on the book but remember that my favorite poem started: "When mom and dad had company, and left me all alone, I spoke to people everywhere, on the telephone. I spoke to guys in Tennessee and some in Newfoundland, and some who spoke in languages, I didn't understand Does aaaaanyone happen to recognize it and know the details of book name and author?? Google has not helped at all. I think my kiddo would get a kick out of the poems. At the end of the first book he took her back to her home to live a normal life.

Letter to 5 wives. I'm looking for a fiction football book about a young gypsy lad who the coach of a local team wants in his side. I remember the boy had no boots and I think his name was Georgie. Her Dad went out on a hunt and ended up being killed by a beast. She went to avenge her father and successfully did so by slaying the beast.

But to her surprise there was beast cub and she decided to care for it for it was now too an orphan. Any idea what this book is called? The premise of the book is related to time travel and the only I can remember is a young boy looking for a cow that wondered off into the woods and came back close to death due to expedient aging only a few mins went by in the boys time. Looking for a Western romance book where a young couple was robbed, husband killed, pregnant wife raped baby loss, she was rescued from the men by a lone stranger she started to fall for the man when she was kidnapped again and eventually rescued again and the rescure killed the men.

I am looking for a natural birthing book; black and white images, not a lot of text which likened birth to a small ship out on the water. It was paperback and though thin was oversized. He also had a single condom that he kept hidden in his car and his girl friend was nerdy. The cover was red with a yellow silhouette of guy playing the bass. I'm looking for a book from the early 60's.

The main character was a young boy that was always inventing things. He had a bike with a paper launcher for his paper route and an alarm on his bedroom door. I thought the title of this fiction book was Pro Quarterback. I read it in the late 70's and early 80s.

His father is a successful football coach and in a championship game he must play against his father's coached team. He struggles badly until he finally believes in himself. Im looking for what im assuming is a book i resd in a magazine years ago like in the 90s that in the magazine was a part of the story they used to do this in the magazine i read as a teenager.

They would put some of the story in the end of the magazibe as a teaser. It was about this girl who was i think in love with an 18th century ghost or a victorian era ghost i think while also haveing feelings for i think the ghost hunter type kid and thats the majority of whst i remember and the title was haunted or the haunted or something like that and i cant find it for the life of me i been looking for it for awhile and its driving me nuts cuz i always wanted to read the whole story.

I am looking for a series of books that are westerns based on a man in that seems to be some sort of government funded problems solver. Looking for a book from the sixties or before. A kids book about a grandfather taking grandson somewhere but grandson had to figure out where or what by clues in a picture. I read either a book or short story I think short story about a man who was going to die, I think he was to be killed as a sacrifice, and the tradition was to kill horses and other animals after the man's death for them to follow him into the after life.

I believe something goes wrong and he is not killed before the animals or something. I can't find any information about it in a Google search. It is a chapter book when a bunch of girls all in the same class have the same name. I read an anthology about humans fighting an alien race that was ant like in nature. I read the paperback in the 80s.

There were several intriguing stories, but the one that was most rememberable was about a general who was sentenced to a space military prison for disobeying an order. He slowly became the leader of the military prisoners and gave them purpose. The government turned to him because the humans were losing. He lead the prisoners into battle to help defeat the aliens.

Probably YA or yeas old book and I read it in in middle school. They each choose a little brother and when they reach the age of 16 or 18 they have to leave. One day a boy gets taken so some of them go on a mission to rescue him. It's an Urban book about twin sisters one is nerdy and has a drug dealer boyfriend in jail the other twin is a hoe and pretends to be her sister to visit him in jail because she is in love with him too.

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NYC cop or lawyer who's daughter had an affinity for languages. The book I'm looking for would have been written prior to - I read it in high school. The soldier discusses his life and how he became injured. Looking for a book where the twin sister drowns in boating accident but turns out the grandma and the dad kidnapped her and shes still alive I believe the twin was named sarah. The girl lived with her mother before she was sent to a girls camp where she was almost rapes before the male character reduces her and helps her escape.

Looking for a kid's book I read in the s, about a few kids maybe two were brother and sister or brothers , whose uncle came to visit in his hot air balloon and the kids were messing around and accidentally undid the ropes tethering the balloon while they were in the basket and went on an adventure before they managed to bring the balloon back down to the ground. No idea of the title or the author or much beyond what I've written but I would so like to find it again!

Looking for years. Title,something about? Glass darkly or through the glass darkly or through the lookin glass darkly. I am looking for a novel I started reading in the Year at a hotel in Austria. It is about a young woman in London who marries a journalist soon After he is killed by an IRA bombing. She is desvastated and tries to end her life, I think by jumping into the subway the tuve tracks.

From what I can remember he at certain points is flying on the bed and at another point floating on the water. The cover of the book it was in was a softcover black that had a picture on the front and had a compilation of stories. I'm looking for a kids book series. It's about a boy who groups up with other kids at his school, which happens to have a good beach front view. The kid has a small boat and races, his parents are divorced, his dad lives on a boat in the marina. He saves another boy's life.

The boys group together with a girl who is smart and tech savvy. She always has a spool of dental floss on her. The books constantly refer to sailer talk, port, starboard brig etc. The kids have to solve different riddles to find a treasure from the old rich founder of the school to protect it from a group that wants to turn it into an amusement park. The janitors at this school are spying on the school for the organization. The kids find an Underground Railroad hideout and attempt to save their school.

Hello, looking for a book about a midwestern baseball player and his family Hello, I looking for a book about a girl who love to read adventures book and is tomboyish but her mom want her to be a lady so she has to go to a boarding school where her older sister had attended as a perfect student so the teacher has high expectations while arriving at the school she sees a boy and they meet eye contact. Then there's a ball where the girls and boys can meet together but the night before the girl and her friends sneak out to go to a secret party at the boys school but in the way back the girls get caught and have to do gardening while everyone else dances.

Then while gardening they find a box. And that all I remember and I think on the preview it said that the girls sister warns her about a building and something about magic. I only remember the cover. If anyone has a idea of the book please tell me. Laurienfly maybe look at modern retellings of Oedipus Rex because it sounds like a "spin-off" so to speak of that story. Hope that helps!

Looking for a book s? The incident happens prom night. She is brain damaged. He spends a lot of time with her after that. It ends at a baseball game maybe Detroit Tigers. I think it was by Brian Somebody. Author was praised for his excellent writing style and tone capturing young man. Towards the end of a book or story where two lovers, woman murderer and guy, are at a hotel where she has hooks and is trying to kill him, only for her to "calm down," enough to where he steals the hooks, slashes her throat, and as he steps over her she grabs one from him and stabs him in the heart.

Title of book explaining scientific reasons for Biblical "miracles". My son is looking for a book a little kids book about a boy who gets lost in the woods and meets little people there. I'm looking for a book I can't remember the title of but on the cover of the book stands a year-old black haired boy holding a phone and an overweight man standing behind him. I'm looking for a book I read in the 's. I'm looking for a book titled "The People", I'm not sure of the title though. The author was well known. The book is about a village of people with special gifts.

Some can fly, others can heal, etc, they are part of a long crashed village of off world people. A girl is lost in the country, and happens to see several boys flying, she is scared and tries to flee, but they see her and catch her. She soon see they are not a threat and she becomes a friend of the village. I'm not sure but I think she has a sibling who sees the boys also.

The book is set in a Depression era setting. I loved this book and would like to find out the title and author, so I might be able to purchase it. I read this book 6 years ago is a YA book. It was about a girl and her brother who initially hid in a rotten tree stump when their mother was accused of witchcraft. They both died and became nothing but skeletons until one day she wakes up to find that she is human again and had green stained skin. Her brother is no longer with her but in another world which she eventually visits and finds out that her mother really had slept with a demon well crow king or prince as the book stated the town's people had also accused her of doing.

Because her brother now stands beside his father or rules over his people. She goes back the the human world and lives out her life as a healer or medicine woman as her mother had once been. The rest of the details aren't as clear. I do remember that people did take her in and get her cleaned up and we're surprised to find she wasn't feral given her appearance.

A period saga set from the 70s or 80s with the word Duke in it The infant is given up for adoption. Fast forward, the boy grows up and hears where hes from, goes too make contact, doesn't know the lady of his house is his mother and she doesn't know he's her long lost baby and they fall in love, and are intimate.

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  • They then find out the truth. Of course panic and chaos ensue. The idea of that kind of story gave me such a trip, I got rid of it. But I've been SO curious how the story turns out all these years later! Anyone know what this saga is called?? Okay so not a lot to go on but I read a book a while back from the villains perspective.

    It's a world where the heroes and villains are ranked by the government. He's nothing special at first. His power is super strength but as the story goes on he gets more powerful and actually becomes more "good. It's a series and gets pretty crazy with aliens and computer program illusions. I think there were two books when I read them. Anyway, if anyone can help me find the series, I'd be very grateful. I'm looking for a book I read a long time ago where a group of people when into a dream realm when they slept and they banded together in the realm to fight a demon that was attempting to become all knowing by possessing a baby.

    Jean the book is One Second After. I am trying to find a book published in the late 70's I believe. It's a science fiction book about a teenage boy and girl. They are like online pen pals, but this was written before people actually did online chat ironically. The boy notices one day that everyone is wearing masks to look human under which they don't look human, including the parents who raised him.

    He discovers he's being observed everywhere he goes sort of like The Truman Show. Turns out the same goes for the girl. They try to escape together. Only to discover they are more or less an intended mating pair of the last two normal human beings, in what amounts to a conservation effort of the human race.

    Basically humans over millenia and through DNA enhancement bred themselves into one race and species that isn't exactly human.

    Marriage Knot

    It's an old book. I can't recall the title or author but my 12 yr self found it extremely interesting. I would like to reread it. I am attempting to. Ok so this girl is in HS and she finds out shes a Berserker. Her parents were one also. So she gets trained by the other Berserkers and they all have to fight to stop some demon s and have to keep the seals closed to keep the demons monsters ect. In from ruining the world.

    You're here

    The main girl had a love triangle with the two berserker brothers and they have yellow eyes. There are a certain number of seals and each berserker is assigned to each one. They can only re seal their respective seal. I believe it had a blueish front cover. It talked about a teenage guy who at a time young was seen as this nerd or not a good looking person. But as time goes on he changes his looks and just grows up and takes off his braces and now he looks like this hot or cute guy. He first goes this date with a girl from the library but nothing really works out.

    But something I remember is that he has this female best friend who he always liked since elementary and has never told her that he liked her until now. Also in the story there was this other girl he liked when he was young but then she turned him down and then when he hit puberty she wants to get with him but the main character is unsure because of what happened in the past.

    The main character also plays basketball I believe. I'm in search of a book about a college millionaire sports romance. It is about a player who on a night throws a party. At this party, some of the drunk guests decide to ride a bulldozer I think into someone's house. This house was shaken up and the girl inside it went to the same college as this player. Since she had nowhere to stay the player's father suggested she moves in with the player.

    After a while they start dating and fall in love. In the end, she finds out she is pregnant. In search of a book about a young girl who runs into her unknown cousin at school. He calls her by a name that she does not recognize, but she is reminded of her past. Her parents were criminals who drove their car into a lake and she was in and out of orphanages her whole life.

    Hi there, i'm looking for a book i have not read in years bit randomly remembered it. I remember it was about a teenage boy going to stay at his family's beach house or something similar to that, with his parents. And family friends stay at a beach house a short ways away, where the family had two girls, a younger one and an older one. Where he kissed the younger one his age at the fair in town, and the next summer ended up having sex with her older sister, evesn though her older sister was trying to get over his older brother.

    I think his little brother drowns at the end of the book as far as i can remember. He paints a picture of a purple boat ,goes across a purple sea to a purple Island with purple animals. A storm comes and the purple dragon digs a hole to stay safe. All the animals and boy get inside the hole. After the storm they come out and everything is normal colors. I read this to my son in late 80's early 90's. It's about a little boy that can't go outside because it's raining out. So he paints a picture, everything is purple.

    He daydreamed about going in a purple boat to a purple Island with all purple animals. A storm comes and the dragon digs a hole to keep safe.

    The Billionaire and the Virgin (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #1) Jessica Clare Audiobook

    All the animals and little boy climbed inside. Hi, i can't find this book and its kinda upsetting for me, i cant completely remember what the whole thing is about but i can try to describe it to the best of my ability. This book starts off with a girl but i dont remember where, i remember she got chased by someone with a knife i think. He was chasing her around docks and boats. Then she had gone home, and somehow the story led up to her on her way somewhere in a whole different dimension. And this boy travelled with her. I remember this part very specifically for some reason but i think they got seperated in the dark and she climbed up a jagged cliff?

    She scraped up her hands and they found eachother in the end. I dont remember where they were going and why and i know this probably makes it difficult for anyone to help me and im sorry lol. Ive been looking for so long and i cant find it tho, please help! I'm in search of two books I read as a child The first one is about a little girl and her older brother.

    They go trick or treating one Halloween night when a witch is flying over and the witch falls, and the little girl helps the witch. The witch gives the girl the gift of making her fairy wand grant wishes but it backfires. I specifically remember her wishing for everyone to have a puppy. The second one I don't remember as much, but I remember the main character is a little boy. I think he lives with his mother in a house in the country, and walks by this house with a dog outside.

    I can't remember if the dog was abused or a ghost but I remember the boy making friends with it I think. Looking for a book I read in high school. Takes place in the south sometime in early mid 20th century I think. About a young white married woman. I think they live on an old plantation. She becomes pregnant, can't understand why husband and his family not happy about it. Discovers family secret of a black ancestor in the family tree. The famiily evidently does not want to pass on the gene. Marriage breaks down as she accepts the baby but husband does not. Kind of dark, borders on gothic.

    Hello, I can't remember the main plot of this book. But there were creatures the humans looked down on that worked for them. That seemed to be their purpose. They plotted against us to try to destroy us. Later in the book you find that these cretaures we're just humans genetically engineered to look like monsters. I need help finding my very first book that I've read. It was about an angel who fell in love with a girl. It was forbidden but the only way to keep them together is through marriage.

    The marriage is the ending. Also I think they had intercourse or something. It was an old novel. The book was modern like. It was small. Yeah hi! So I have been searching for a book I read when I was a teenager. I really dont remember the specifics but I do remember a lot of vague plot points. There were 2 main couples. The first of which were a young woman who just inherited this hotel from her aunt or someone and the guy is a businessman who is related to this aunt and wants the property he doesnt know the girl is related to the woman too.

    The second female lead is the daughter of a tire company owner or CEO or something like that. And she runs away from her house and starts working at this hotel. Her love interest who was her fathers intern or apprentice of some sort follows her here and tries to woo her back. There are other plot points I vaguely remember like something about somebody releasing a bunch of mice in the kitchen on inspection day, and something about lady in a bathrobe trying to separate the second couple.

    The main character was a young man about to finish out high school. He was a dab hand with biology, and his bio teacher had a thing with snails. The young man was going to try to obtain a college scholarship through his talent with science, but the scholarship was with a well known corporation that saturated his town, one that his mother was known to despise. His mother worked at an assisted living facility, he and his friend either volunteered there, or worked there part-time.

    The young man's mother had a tape, I believe it was from his father.

    The Marriage Knot (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) - Mary McBride - Google книги

    It had something to do with crocus flowers, crocodile tears, and a velveteen rabbit. The tape was connected with a girl who either has already appeared, or makes her entrance soon after that. The young man's mother warns him away from the corporation. At some point a butterfly tattoo, perhaps blue or purple, becomes relevant.

    At some point the young man discloses the fact that he has heavy scarring on his face from an incident when he was younger involving a neighbor's dog. This, combined with a tall stature and a well built body, equate to the young man posing a threatening figure that he is uncomfortable with.

    The corporation the story revolves around is revealed to contain a greenhouse and an education center, in with they grow and educate plant-based people. It is about a woman probably set in the south about a woman who sits against s tree and travels back through time. I think she wakes up and finds herself in the civil war era. I don't remember many details beyond that but I really loved the storyline. I think she did it more than once. Hello, I'm looking for a young adult book series. There was a girl who was a witch? She saw her grandmother drowned as a witch by the town but escaped. She went to the forest to hide and found trolls?

    They traded for things with rocks and berries, they could not touch iron. They helped her to survive and eventually became their leader. They have special skills some are smart and some can stand the touch of iron. She eventually opens a door to another dimension? Where they can be safe. I am looking for a purple children's book about fairies in which there is a place called Feywild, I think, and there is line somewhere about telling a secret that you have never told before in order to leave the place and about trading chocolate or beads to fairies.

    Iso a teen or young adult fiction novel written from a guy's perspective. It's about a girl who always wears crazy clowny outfits. They are in a school play, but she is cracking everyone up so they can't even say their lines. She fills in for them, which is even funnier, but when she gets to the guy, he sees that she's separate, so he mamages to say his lines. Any thoughts? I'm looking for a series about a girl magiced into looking like a boy. A female inheriting the throne will stop the reign of evil kings and power in the kingdom. Her boy form goes away when she starts her menstruation and must hide away, seeking allies to help her get the throne.

    Please help!!! But it was about this girl and her little sister. So their father takes to to stay with some family in Mississippi I think to go look for their mom or something. And while staying there the older sister starts having dreams about the past, and she starts writing about them. And she eventually gets the stories published I think. And she finds her mom but her mom leaves again. The setting is medieval, and I think all the kids were going to a school or program that trained them to be knights. All I remember pointedly is that most of the kids are boys but there's one character that is a girl, but she's "gross enough to fit in with the other kids" kind of trope.

    It's not much information, but I've been searching for a while- it's not one of the obvious big name children's series about medieval times or knights Please help! I also think that part of the main plot was some kind tournament to win the chance to protect some kind of king and she whas one of the only, if not the only girl trying out. I am looking for the name of a book I read in elementary school. All I can remember is that it detailed these two kids, who were brother and sister I believe, sneaking into a government compound.

    I very specifically remember a scene were they sneak over razor wire, and another scene where they get found out by some guards and the girl pretends to throw up to get the guards to go away. Finally, all I can remember is that inside the compound is an unbreakable, alien "string" that the government is figuring out how to break. Hello, I am looking for a book that is about a brother and sister falling in love. They get caught and the brother kills a few school classmates and tries to kill himself. However, he doesn't die and is in a coma.

    The sister and parents start a new life with new identities and she finds a love interest. The brother wakes up from the coma and finds the sister. At the end the sister kills the brother and escapes with a new identity. The main character was a boy whose father was a professional musician Pianist I believe. It centered around what happens after the Father leaves because he couldn't handle the younger special needs child. I remember a couple specific scenes like when he left their luxury apartment he took the Grand Piano which really bothered the MC.

    Father offers to let MC come live with him but he decides to stay with his family. The mother is very stressed out and she also owns a nail painting shop. The main character used to live in a house filled with nature and everywhere they would look there were plants of all kinds. I'm looking for a book, I don't know the author neither a book name. The book is about two girls who settled down at the boys apartment, because in their hostel is no hot water. One of the girl lives in one room with her boyfriend, and another sleeps on the coutch, because she doesnt know that other guy.

    But in the end of the book they both are in love. Can anyone tell what is this book name or author?? Immigrant family from Sweden or Norway settles in the Midwest in pioneer days. Immigrant daughter falls in love with local cattle ranchers son. The have a hard winter and the immigrant family almost starve.

    Hi I'm looking for a book, I remember that there where two brothers that lived alone in a cold country up north of Europe, I don't know if Iceland, Sweden o Finland or Greenland, and they a kind of robot servant or babysitter that it takes care of the children, they go online school and they do exercise in their home, suddenly i don't recall why they travel to time history I believed by a device, I dint recall really. OK I read two books about them, they travel to ancient Greece and they help some characters in their adventure, for example in the book when they travel to ancient Greece, one of the brothers falls ill because too many exercises when they do it in their home and they treat him whit a cold towel in his forehead and when they are in Greece they help a warrior who ran all the marathon to deliver a message whit the same technique.

    ANd the second book they travel in the sea and have an adventure with pirates and raids in the sea and I only remember that they were to send to an island with some of their friend's characters to an island and they eat bubblegum to trick the hunger. They go back to their home but is a series of book to teach you about history.

    All I remember is a troll who lived in a shipwreck in the desert and ate people and kept their toes on a necklace. There was also an emphasis on wood I think? It was about a teenage abusive relationship where the boy burns her hand I believe with a cigarette lighter and ends up committing carbon monoxide suicide with new boyfriend I think.

    I am looking for a book I read about a year ago. Here is what I remember. A little girl was sitting on her grandpas lap and he just gave her a new doll he gave her a different one one her birthday and music was playing in background and then he was up dancing with her when the library door opened enough for someone to shoot the grandpa dead. Pls help. I'm looking for a book I read in college for child psychology about a little girl who was violent and killed the school fish by plucking their eyes out with her pencil. She was moved around to various foster homes. I believe the social worker is the one telling the story.

    Finding a book about two best friends they have a class pet a snake and one day it goes missing and they have to find out who took the snake. Some time. Hope that's it. Looking for a novel I read that was published in the 70's or possibly early 80s. He walks and finds a cave or some underground place and a relic is there.

    Rudolph I'm looking for a book about a spoiled king demanding an apparently impossible new food, something hot and something cold at the same time. A kid somehow invents ice cream with fudge sauce to meet his unreasonable demands. I thought it was in the Dr. Seuss Bartholomew Cubbins series, but can't find it anywhere. I read a book maybe 13 years ago in kindergarten. Walking, talking, people-sized fish were a main occurrence.

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    6. A Bride for a Billionaire.

    It was a picture book. I read a book about 10 or so years ago, it could've been published earlier. Her father is a part of a wealthy family, she's born between him and a maid? Said family head instead adopts a boy who is completely unrelated, boy goes missing? The girl and boy meet again as adults when the family gathers at the house because someone is ill?

    A series of events happen and they sleep together, multiple times, run away together to an abandoned house? By the end of the book, the girl knows the truth of who her father is, who also dies while protecting her, who she is, and that she stands to inherit a large sum of money. I'm looking for a book I read in middle school. Probably about 15 years ago, but it could have been written in the 90s. I barely remember any details but it's about this boy who lives in the ground.

    Literally is a part of the dirt. I don't recall what makes him be able to come out but he does. He turns into a boy, falls in love with this girl, but eventually has to return to the dirt. The book cover shows what looks like a boy trying to crawl out of the ground with half his face cracked or blending with the first and the hand that is reaching out has a pinky that looks like a root. I read this book maybe 6 or 7 years ago. It was about this girl who moved in with her godfather for some reason and he lives in a mansion by himself and he's had past wives but doesnt really elaborate what happened.

    Half the estate is breaking down and stuff. She goes exploring and in the attic she finds this bracelet that she realizes is made from braided red hair from his past wives. He finds out later that she knows he killed them all and there's this big showdown in the church and the ghosts of the wives help her kill him.

    The cover was of the girl in a old timey poofy dress in front of a section of the mansion thats been overrun by ivy and greenery. Thank you! This is a long shot. I read a children's book in the early 70s may have been written in 60s about a little boy who won't eat his dinner. Then he goes through a hole in the wall or maybe a mirror? He meets a Native American man and must compete against him to drink a lake of milk and eat a mountain of mashed potatoes.

    I don't know why the book stuck with me all these years. It had very cool cartoony not realistic and boldly colored illustrations as I recall. Thanks if you can help me!! I read a book as a teenager about a girl who goes to visit relations on an island off the coast of the UK. It replicates a visit her mother made at the same age. The mother, as a teen, had three cousins I think , 2 male and 1 female. One of the male ones Guy, I think his name was is involved in witchcraft.