The Naked Lawyer

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By Nathaniel Schooler. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers.

the Naked Lawyer: Rip to XXX How to Market, Brand and Sell You

You don't even need to use a real lawyer! She's been mentioned as a cool vendor in AI for small and medium sized businesses by Gartner Inc. She has won all sorts of awards in Entrepreneur Magazine, as a top 10 lawyer turned entrepreneur adviser to the board of the Telegraph's digital enterprise network. Her blog was selected by Feed Spot as one of the top 50 entrepreneur blogs on the web. In this really interesting episode, we talked about entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial skills; key really for actually staying away from being disrupted by technology which is happening fast.

Nathaniel Schooler Hi there Chrissie, it's lovely to speak with you after this all this time; I am really interested to learn more about the Robot Lawyer Lisa.

Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer Book Launch

Which is from what I understand an AI powered contract creation tool right? Chrissie Lightfoot Yeah, absolutely. Nathaniel it's first of all, great to speak with you after so long. But yes, essentially you've got it, Robot Lawyer Lisa is the world's first impartial AI lawyer, we branded her and we've given her personality. So she has her own Twitter stream, YouTube and Facebook.

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We built a system whereby lay people and business people can create documents between themselves. So there's no need for any human system involvement whatsoever. It's done in a way that is unique. We're the first company to go to market where the system works totally bilaterally and is transparent, hence being impartial. So its objective as well.

So two people can use the system and they're educated and made aware of the legal and commercial nuances of what's involved in the particular legal contract. So, we've had a lot of interest. I mean, the flagship tool, our MVP went to market back in beta mode in November and was launched April after feedback. It is being used now in about 80 countries worldwide.

Mitch Kowalski reviews ‘Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer’ | Financial Post

So we're very pleased with the take-up. What it does tell us is that there is a real need and demand for this type of product, this bilateral product, but it's a completely new way for users to behave. And certainly from a supplier perspective, it's been a good learning curve for us. Having to be agile and respond to our customers needs and demands as to how they're feeling about using it.

The Naked Lawyer

We were talking to customers and they identified the contracts that would be really useful in this day and age and how people live and work is going to automatically in the next decade or two. So we focused in on creating some property contract tools. So we've done a lodger agreement; a short-hold tenancy agreement, also known as a residential lease and the commercial lease as well. So we are particularly focusing on helping the mass market and majority of people who have been neglected by traditional law firms and solicitors and bringing cheaper, easier, faster more efficient quality product to the marketplace.

The feedback has been fantastic and we're just moving into first sales territory with distribution channels, ie. In this day and age, you've got to be very entrepreneurial, and being able to flex and adapt and where you thought the market might be, or how you go to market. We've had to assess it, each corner, in each turn and deflect and where we failed in some areas, we've picked up on that and learned and tried new areas.

And eventually, we found our sweet spots. It's taken 18 months or so from getting some initial product out there, testing it, piloting it, working with the design and fitting in with the normal trend of how people; the customers are Trumans is disrupting the cleaning category with a innovative new range of cleaning products, reducing wastage and environ Internal Communications and Teamwork are two really important topics and who better to discuss them with than the Microsoft Insiders: Jeremiah Marble and Dona SarkarJeremiah Marble and Dona Sarkar from Microsoft were such inspirational guests.

By Nathaniel Schooler

This episode was really fun to record and we packed in so much information into this it is insane For anyone in technology, purchasing and in particular business management it is important to understand the threats and opportunities around supp Juergens has created close to 2, designs wit Product marketing, writing skills and copywriting are important to understand, getting your message across is a great skill to have. In this interesting interview Eric Moeller and I discuss product marketing and copywriting and creative writing. I have known Eric online for about 6 years and met up with him in Exeter a few times and discussed ma Stacking your sales pipeline is a key topic for management teams and sales profs alike and Steve is no stranger to building pipeline More often than not sales profs and management are too focused on what is already in the quarter to even think about the most important part of selling:- "Stacking Your Sales Pipeline".

In this no holds barred in GDPR and Data Management are Key topics in today's hi-tech world, the main issue we have is data privacy and how to navigate the abyss. It will allevi Vendor negotiation is very important, seeing the "vendor" as a partner is crucial to success in business.

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Being flexible and understanding how you can work together is key. Making sure your "vendor negotiation" is done ethically is also so important. As opposed to seeing the vendor negotiation as just another way to win and you lose.

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Digital Transformation and digitization are two huge topics and Brian Gracely shares his insights here in this great interview! We discuss Big Data and Gamification and how they work together. Nicolas Babin is an agile senior executive with over 30 years international multi lingual and multicultural experience. He has a proven track record in marketing sa In this episode we discuss digital inclusion and who better than Melissa Sassi who is a pioneer in this space, she runs her own non-profit on top of her day job at IBM.

She's also a best selling co-author From Hierarchy to Performance. No comments yet.


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It brings you quick, access to the library catalogue and value added legal information sources. Validate Accessibility. MADURAI: A lawyer from the city created a furore at the Madurai district collctorate on Wednesday morning after he ran naked inside the premises in an atempt to draw the attention of the officials seeking action against a club involved in gambling activities. As soon as he reached the district collectorate he removed his dress and ran inside. The police personnel posted there grabbed him and covered him with his clothes.

He was taken to the police station, where a nuisance case was registered. He was later released on station bail. Samy said that a gang of goons is running a recreational club in Anamarpatti in Vandiyur , where ganja sales and gambling is rampant.