Tout reste à faire (French Edition)

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CAC, Vilnius 25 Nov. Curated by Nieuwe Vide. Treignac Project, Treignac 31 Jul. Curated by DATE.

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La Cambre, Brussels 12 Oct. This books articulates her unique way of working through images and fiction: the painting and drawings will discuss the codes of improvisation with objects, sculptures, persons, landscapes. One inside the other, as some kind of surrealistic russian doll.

As a statement disguised in a poetic novel, everybody is a foreigner, camping on some perishable and transitory spaces. The fiction allows the inner voices to become images and the archives of the pieces to shift into characters. Loops, distortions of the reality, imaginary meanings are playing together.

The books becomes a proper and new territory where art forms stand up and speak for themselves, where genres are shifting in a joyous revolution. Peter Gizzi was born on August 7, , and grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He has also published several limited-edition chapbooks, folios, and artist books.

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His work has been widely anthologized and translated into numerous languages. I have a decent amount written already but I think creating under the circumstances of living in the woods would be really nice. Juvenile Record is the new poetry book wrote by the Texan singer and musician Christina Carter. Like a prayer from the South, where voices and glasses are breaking in the heavy night, memories escaping like water, falling from the hands and evaporating in the air. Objects, days, names, ages, charms, collected in the mind, folded, shouted or kissed, oftenly blessed, and sayed again.

Christina Carter was born in the bayou city of Houston, Texas in November of , and co-founded the group Charalambides there in December of Ever since then, she has deeply mined her own vein of sound-as-music with voice, guitar, piano, and keys. I play sports and exercise a lot, too basketball is the sport I play most.

I was hoping you like games, because to play online games in French, is a very good way to learn informal French! Try this one, is a community of game, but little games, only one of them takes time, it's the RPG called "mush", all the other ones are played in 5 minutes , you can log in with your Google account, if you want, after registring. Oh, I would love to play online games in French! And thanks for helping me! Do you recommend any sites for games?? Try the one I posted "twinoid" also available in English, and if you log in with the English interface, you can still see the French speaking gamers.

Playsthe mini-games, and add friends randomly you pick random names, checking on their profiles they're French , you will have their activity stream on your page like the page "activity" here on Duo. You can comment what they say. Example: you have a message on your activity page that one of them won a game, even if you don't know him, post a "good game!

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They will be very happy to practice their English. This communauty is very friendly, and their age is around Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire? Wow, Interesting All languages are being somehow abbreviated, I'm not sure that's a good thing, but it is a global phenomenon. I didn't see "jva," for "je vais. Get started. Topic: French. Normally "om" is a nasal sound, but it's assumed here you have "ko-mm" "ke": Phonetic short for "que" That "koid9" may have other variants : for "Quoi de neuf? I didn't see it very often. Not only used in texto. May 12, SpaceMichael Plus. For when, instead of kan I do qd.

Tout Reste A Faire

May 14, May 16, May 15, Merci beaucoup pour le partage. May 13, Thanks Farnaz. So, mr6 or mrc Farnaz ;-. En tout cas, je ne les utilise pas. Je vis dans un pays libre! Haha, ok I'll do my best to do one in Spanish, promised :D! Thanks for the idea! May 19, Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. That took a while.

Perk ele! I just finished translating the two. I have spellchecked it to the best of my ability but I might do another pass later and change some lines around. Do you know where I might find the menu labels and tutorial hints? They don't seem to be in these two files.


Hopefully they're not hardcoded. Last edited by N-G-Neer ; 5 Nov, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 comments. Merci beaucoup. Par contre j'ignore quoi faire avec les fichiers.

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Serait-il possible d'avoir un peu d'aide? Merci d'avance. Je ne sais pas quoi faire. Si quelq'un peu m'aider.