Vegetarian Cooking: Sour and Spicy Soup (Vegetarian Cooking - Soups with Vege Meats Book 6)

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Meat protein ideas: beef, pork, lamb, chicken, mince anything that can be cooked low and slow Vegetarian protein ideas: tinned beans, lentils, chickpeas, meat substitutes, paneer cheese. Stews and soups freeze really well, so you can freeze any leftovers in portions, to make for a quick and easy dinner another night.

6 Light Vegetarian Soups for Spring

Prepare lots of different elements — some vegetarian, some not — and let people construct their own dinner. This works really well if everyone in the family has different tastes, as everyone can come up with a combination that works for them. Meat protein ideas: cooked chicken, ham, cocktail sausages, strips of steak Vegetarian protein ideas: grated cheese, vegetarian ham, vegetarian sausages, falafel, boiled eggs. You can also buy pre-cooked meats, which can be good to keep in the fridge too. Vegetarian protein ideas: beans, lentils, chickpeas, eggs, cheese. I do have lots of meat-eating friends who enjoy meat substitutes, so it can definitely work, but maybe just find out their opinion first!

So there you have it!

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I hope some of you find it useful, and perhaps it will even convince some people that they can give up meat without immediately making their lives 10 times harder! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is exactly the type of information I was looking for. Out house is two vegetarians, a vegan, and a meat lover.

This is perfect — thank you. Finally, a formula that works for all. I was searching on the internet for something like this and found your post. Really great! This is SO helpful!! My husband is not a vegetarian and a lot of times we both just make ourselves totally separate meals, but I really want to eat more family meals, especially as our toddler is getting older. I am definitely going to use a LOT of these ideas!!! Thank you! I absolutely need this, my vegan friends and meat-eating friends hang out all the time and I have no idea what to make.

These techniques are pretty much how I cook every day, but I still got some lovely new recipe ideas! This is an amazing post, really useful! I rarely buy meat to cook it at home for my fiance but I think I should do it more often as he loves meat although most of the time he is happy to eat vegetarian meals I prepare for us both.

Sometimes he complains he is turning into a rabbit so maybe I should make more effort.. This will definitely come really handy. Hi Beccaj You make it sound too difficult My wife and I have been married years and we have been managing from the beginning. I eat meat but my wife has been vegetarian since she was a baby, as she couldnot digest fish or meat. As it was the beginning of the war, you had to have a veggie ration book or a meat one. She had an extra cheese ration. Most vegetarian ready meals.

Here are some of my ways Omelette. I know some bacon says not suitable for micriwave cooking but I had been doing it for years before I noticed that, Spag Bol. Add red lentils and vegetable stock and when it is nearly cooked, I fry come minced beef and than ad some of the veggie version. The neaxt day as there is usually some left over, we top mashed potato and call it shepherds pie.

Top Soup Recipes By Food Fusion

Or sliced potato and oregano and call it The Italian Job. Cous cous. This one is easy. Just do a vegetable stew with a tin of chick peas, seasoned with Ras el Hanout, and grils meat separately, Merguez, lamb and chicken, one piece of each a person. When ready to serve take out some of the stock, and add harrissa to taste. We both like scrambled egg done in my Tefal le Saucier.

We add chopped chives and serve it with Hendersons Yorkshire relish. Getting late, so I will leave it at that, God Bless. Hi Jess, I used Chinkiang vinegar, which is also called Chinese black vinegar. I highly recommend using this type because the flavor is very different from the light rice vinegar.

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  • Option 2. Serve some meat on top.

You can find the vinegar on Amazon or on The Mala Market. Glad I read the other questions before I asked the same question. Love my Black Vinegar, just a little bit adds what had been missing from my Chinese dishes. I have a great Asian Market down the street and have always found any ingredient your recipes called for. Hi Maggie Really looking forward to trying this. Is white pepper powder different from what we just call white pepper?

Cheers Clinton. I mention powder because sometimes people do buy the whole white peppers. The soup tasted fantastic! And, rather than cornstarch, I add a handful of broken, dried noodles. You get the starch thickener, and a bit of complexity. Yes, still 6 cups. Happy cooking and hope your soup turns out great!

I have made this twice. It is fabulous. I do TRY to follow the directions explicitbly. I went to out local Asian market and a nice lady helped me get the mushrooms. What started to be the size of a baby rose hydrated to a Hydrangea. Anyway the recipe is great. House smells good. Oops, sorry I forgot including those ingredients in the direction.

Authentic Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣汤)

Thanks for letting me know and I just edited the recipe. It was fantastic. As kids my sister and I loved the hot and sour soup from our favorite restaurant. I was wondering, when you updated the recipe did you change any of the ingredients or methods or just the beautiful fotos? Thanks so much! I love it and eat it often using the recipe I originally got from your website and loaded into my recipe app. I told my sister about it, so she went here to your website and started asking me questions that made no sense to me.

Now I see that you have changed the recipe from the one you used to have. Let us know please!!! It usually depends on what I have on hand though I always have lily buds, shiitake, and black fungus on hand. Come to think of it, I have lots of dry fungi lurking in my pantry! The broth screamed hot and sour soup! I had some leftover corn that became part of the ingredients list. I used leftover egg shreds kinshi tamago instead of stirring raw egg in. I also added a big glop of fermented black bean in sesame chili oil. My soup was thick enough corn starch was not needed.

Being half-Japanese with a Chinese aunt and cousins through marriage, food was a lot of fun! Thanks so much for sharing! I just made your recipe last night, and my husband of seven years ate five large servings. I was hoping you could recommend a brand of ng vinegar cause the one I got at 99 ranch market yesterday sucked.

Thanks for the excellent recipe. Hi Maggie, We Shanghaiese wife and I made this yesterday but omitted the pork and added six chopped jumbo shrimp and about oz of tilapia. It was not quite spicy enough for my taste so added a little hot chili in oil and came out excellent.

Thanks for sharing that one. I have copied a few more of your recipes and will make them in due course. Can you use the soaking liquid for the mushrooms and wood ear, etc. Hi Anil, yes, you can use the soaking liquid from the mushrooms. Love this recipe!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Your recipes are so authentic and easy to follow. Now my family think the mapo tofu and hot and sour soup surpassed even the most expensive restaurants. Keep up the good work! The second time, I rushed the process and it was not so good but that was my bad for rushing..

Tonight, I took my time, sliced the dried mushrooms and pulled the hard stem of the dried lily flowers before I rehydrated them and also made sure to slice the tofu into tiny slices. Just made my 3rd pot of this and love it! Thanks so much, this recipe is a keeper. By now I have my alterations nailed. Most importantly is freshness of pepper to get the kick. From then on ground my own in coffee grinder, bam! Second, bit more vinegar, but more soy.

I am doing vego way, adding some fresh oyster mushrooms and a handful of greens as well is divine. Many thanks. I love this recipe! The only thing that would make easier to make is to have dehydrated ingredients amounts in grams. I found it difficult to measure those ingredients. I had some leftovers that I thought would be complimented by a hot and sour soup base, so I jumped on the internet and this recipe came up. I loved the fact that up front you stated the three basics elements for the soup base. FWIW, I would add ginger and egg to your three. I threw everything together …. All thumbs up from us!!

Yes I did. It adds an intense earthy flavor to the broth. Hi Stan, these pork trips are added raw. They cook so fast if you cut them very thin and you want to just cook them through so they stay tender. Hi Alice, this soup tastes the best when you serve it fresh. The cornstarch will lose its potent if you freeze or fridge it.

So if you did so, you need to reheat the soup in a pot and add more cornstarch slurry at the end so it reaches the same consistency. Got it! Thank you, Maggie!! I made this recipe a few nights ago and it was delicious!!! Really nice authentic soup! This recipe is sooooo good!!!! That being the case, this recipe was top notch!

I am already planning the next night that I will make this. My husband cannot eat tofu for medical reasons.


What can I use as a substitute in hot and sour soup. Always wonder how to cook this soup. All westerners love it but being Chinese I prefer something lighter. Anyway I cook for dinner parties with resounding success. Thanks Maggie very much. Made a vegetarian version. I had no lilies but I used turkey tail broth, shiitake powder, fresh wood ear.

Delicious, complex, and satisfying thanks for a better-but-easy recipe. Delicious and easy to prepare. More Details. Looking for Something? Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Share Tweet Pin shares. Course: Soup.

Cuisine: Chinese. Keyword: takeout. Prep Time: 15 minutes. Cook Time: 15 minutes. Total Time: 30 minutes. Servings: 4. Calories: kcal. Author: Maggie Zhu. Instructions Gently rinse dried shiitake mushrooms, dried wood ear mushrooms, and lily flowers with tap water. Soak each of them with 1. Rehydrate for 30 minutes to 1 hour, until tender. Slice mushrooms into strips. Snip off the tough ends of lily flowers and discard.

Remove tough ends of wood ear mushrooms, then chop into bite-sized pieces. Combine pork, Shaoxing wine, salt and cornstarch in a bowl. Mix well by hand.