Four Short Stories and a Pantomime

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Now climb onto your stool and raise you trunk. The movie- Mr. Most likely, the student will brush their cheek or down their throat.

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Show that for it to be believable, it must be pantomimed the way they really do it. Youth need to practice and observe themselves and the way they do things. Tell them to be conscious of all their actions. Tell group that when we do a pantomime you need to face the audience. To show an example, set up a kitchen with chairs or blocks.


Four Short Stories and a Pantomime

Demonstrate that some things are in front and some in back. Demonstrate how easy it is to turn your back on the audience. Now rearrange the kitchen so your face can be seen by the audience no matter what appliance or counter you are working at. Give it 1 or 2 minutes and no story. Starting out with the familiar is good. The Different Types of Drama. Improv Games and Exercises.

There you have it, 9 fun pantomime ideas and games. These activities are sure to get you jump started on your drama program. Make sure you check out our kids getting to know you games as well.

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Sharing is caring! It is usual for at least one pantomime to be staged in every British town or city in December and January. All pantomimes share certain features, including a matronly 'dame' character played by a man in drag , an exaggeratedly evil but incompetent villain , a final wedding scene, audience participation, songs and earthy humor.

Most pantomimes use a traditional plot often a fairy tale , such as Cinderella , Dick Whittington or Aladdin , but almost any well-known story can be adapted into a recognisable pantomime by incorporating the characteristic features of the form. The vast majority of pantomimes take their story from a repertoir of commonly-used pantomime plots. These may be:. It is less common but not unknown for pantomime productions to adapt a story that is not traditionally used as a pantomime. For example, the Cambridge Footlights theater troupe has recently staged pantomime adaptations of Spartacus and Faust.

All pantomime plots unfold along similar lines, mainly based around the interactions of the characters described below.

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Other essentials are that the story must involve conflict between good and evil , and that it must end happily, with the villain defeated and the hero marrying his sweetheart, and the other good characters finding happiness in one form or another. If a story does not have a happy ending, or does not feature the required character types, it will need to be adapted to include these elements if it is to be performed as a pantomime. Below are two examples of how the stock characters listed above are cast in specific stories:. Key to the appeal of a pantomime is the way the characters interact with and address the audience.

A great deal of banter and general conversation takes place throughout the performance, villains are booed and hissed at and heroes are cheered. Most characteristic of pantomime are the four 'classic' conventions outlined below.

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This routine appears several times in every pantomime. A character makes an assertion, for example "I'm the most intelligent woman in the world! The character then reasserts "Oh, yes, I am!

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Audiences take particular delight in humiliating the villain in this way. This is especially effective if the routine has previously been done by the dame or another 'base' character: by giving the same treatment to the villain, his illusions of grandeur can be comprehensively undermined and derided. At some point in the play, a villainous character will sneak onto the stage without the hero or another well-liked character noticing.

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  • The audience will then attempt to warn their favorite by shouting "He's behind you! The routine continues in this way, with the audience attempting to describe the villain's whereabouts and the hero looking everywhere but the right place. Skilled pantomime actors are able to continue the charade for some time, often ending it by bumping into each other. In most pantomimes, one of the light-relief characters e. Later on, a villainous character will see the object and attempt to steal it, prompting the audience to loudly summon its owner.