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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I'm proud of you. Luke, not knowing what to say, says nothing Did your uncle ever speak to you about your sister? LUKE My sister? I have a sister? But why didn't Uncle Owen LUKE Where is she? What's her name? Will you take, from me, the oath of a Jedi knight?

Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Real Life. Real News. Real Voices. Let us know what you'd like to see as a HuffPost Member. Canada U. US News. World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Holly falls in love with Robert, despite Luke revealing he is alive. Increasingly lonely, Luke decides to run for mayor of Port Charles, and wins the election. While celebrating his victory, Laura Spencer reveals she is alive and had been kidnapped by the Cassadine family.

Mikkos' cousin later retconned as eldest son Stavros Cassadine then John Martinuzzi had spared her life since he had fallen in love with her. He forced her to marry him, though the marriage was invalid because she was already married to Luke. Stavros came to town to claim his wife but was killed after falling down a flight of stairs after a struggle with Luke. The couple attempted to settle into their roles in politics but found the roles stifling.

In , Luke and Laura decide to leave Port Charles and their enemies behind and travel the world, but not before Laura reveals she is pregnant. Later that year, Laura's mother Lesley appears to die in a car accident arranged by the Cassadine family. From prison, Frank Smith then played by Mitchell Ryan tracks them down and bombs a truck in the parking lot of the Triple L Diner in Canada where the family had been hiding, killing one of their friends.

Luke and Sonny agree to break Frank out of prison. The friends also agree to kill Frank once they do. Frank, however, uses Laura as a shield so he can escape. Luke and Laura attempt to track Frank down. Luke is finally able to kill Frank, though his children would continue to torment the couple. Laura reveals she is pregnant again and gives birth to a daughter named Lesley Lu Spencer and nickname Lulu.

Luke's involvement in Sonny's business leads to a brief separation. They continue to be threatened by Damian Smith. When Damian is murdered, Laura is arrested for the crime. She is exonerated.

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It is revealed her lawyer Justus Ward then- Joseph C. Phillips , who was the illegitimate grandson of Edward Quartermaine now John Ingle , was the killer. Lulu is diagnosed with aplastic anemia and needs a bone marrow transplant but none of her family members are a match. Laura's son by Stavros Cassidine, Nikolas, donates his bone marrow at a hospital in Switzerland. Nikolas arrives in Port Charles with his uncle Stefan Stephen Nichols where they decide to stay, creating tension in the Spencer family, especially when Stefan begins to romance Bobbie.

Stefan had been Laura's only friend during her captivity. The two had developed romantic feelings for each other and were lovers. When he married Bobbie, Laura knew it was to make her jealous. Stefan reveals Helena now Constance Towers had ordered him to kill Lesley.

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He instead saved her, though she was in a catatonic state. When mother and daughter are reunited, Luke conspires with Tom Hardy Matthew Ashford to fake their deaths to keep them safe from Helena. When their ruse is uncovered, the mourning Nikolas, Bobby, and Stefan turn against the family. Stefan threatens to reveal to Luke he could be Nikolas' father and forces Laura to leave town with Lesley. A fearful Laura takes her mother and Lulu to Switzerland under the guise of getting better care for Lesley.

Laura returns in to discover Nikolas has been shot in front of Luke's club as a result of Luke's ties to Sonny Corinthos. She also discovers Nikolas told Lucky about Luke raping her, devastating Lucky who has fallen in love with rape victim Elizabeth Webber Rebecca Herbst. Lucky slowly works towards repairing his relationship with his parents. Laura and Luke eventually separate when the truth about her past with Stefan is revealed, leading to Stefan and Bobbie divorcing. The marriage is further tested when Lucky appears to die in a fire, which the couple blame on Sonny. Helena, however, has kidnapped Lucky.

She begins to brainwash him. Laura begins a relationship with Stefan. However, when Luke learns Lucky is alive, they suspect Stefan may have been involved in his disappearance. Laura ends things.

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The two focus all their energies on finding their son. When they do, they work together to help him recover from Helena's manipulations. Along the way, they must again deal with Jennifer Smith, now played by Sally Struthers. The kidnapping of Lucky was a distraction for Helena's real plan, the revival of her presumed dead son Stavros now Robert Kelker-Kelly , who had been cryogenically frozen. Stavros once again pursues the Ice Princess in another plot to take over the world. Luke and Laura continue to reach out to Lucky then- Jacob Young. When Stefan disappears and is presumed dead, Luke is the main suspect.

Felicia reveals that she and Luke were having sex when Stefan went missing. Laura finally realizes she and Luke are over. She begins a new relationship with her first husband Scott Baldwin, making Luke jealous. The Spencers reconnect while trying to help Lucky. In the end Stavros falls to his death in a seemingly bottomless pit after struggling with Luke. Unable to deny the history between them, Luke tries to get back together with Laura after their divorce is final.

Luke and Laura eventually reconcile and plan to marry again. Laura begins to have disturbing flashbacks to when she was a young teen and in love with Scott. Laura starts to believe Rick had killed his former lover Theresa in the attic of their family home. Before her wedding, while trying to recover her memories of that night, Laura appears to kill Rick who she thinks is attacking her. Scott reveals Laura had killed Theresa when she discovered the two in a compromising position.

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He and Rick had drugged her and covered up the murder. Laura, unable to cope with her role in two deaths, loses touch with reality. In , Luke is forced to commit Laura to an insane asylum. As his presence only makes things worse, he gives Nikolas power of attorney over all of her medical decisions. Eventually, Laura slips into a catatonic state.

However, Robert's daughter, Dr.

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Despite knowing that it could lead to permanent catatonia, Luke decides to go ahead with the treatment as all of Laura's children desperately need her. Lucky then- Greg Vaughan is recovering from a drug addiction and had an affair with Felicia's daughter Maxie Jones Kirsten Storms , Lulu has recently had an abortion, and Nikolas is raising a young son on his own. On October 26, , Laura awakens and is surprised that so much time has passed.

While Laura bonds with her children, Luke flies to the Dominican Republic and appears to divorce Tracy in order to give Laura the wedding they had been planning before her mental illness. Laura is able to remember killing Rick and apologizes to her mother and family for what she put them through. Feeling stronger, Laura gets her children to start revealing their secrets so she can help them. Luke is revealed to be keeping secret that the drug therapy is only a temporary solution and that Laura will eventually return to her catatonic state.

Lulu is able to convince her cousin Carly Corinthos Laura Wright to postpone her marriage to Jasper Jacks Ingo Rademacher , allowing her parents to use the supplies already in place. On November 16, , Luke and Laura remarry on their 25th wedding anniversary.

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On November 20, Luke reveals that Laura's illness is no longer mental but physical and she will soon revert to her catatonic state. Laura decides she wants an early Christmas as she may not be around for the real one and is able to comfort Lulu when she reveals the truth about her abortion. When Luke arrives with the tree, Laura is confused, confirming that her catatonia is returning.

After being escorted back to the asylum, Laura reveals to her daughter that she does not think she really killed Rick Webber and asks her to prove her innocence. After saying goodbye to her family, Laura returns to her chair and sits with Luke as he tearfully watches her slip back into silence. However, when Alan dies from a heart attack, Lulu intercepts a letter from Alan to her father revealing that Scott actually killed Rick. After telling Lulu that Luke raped Laura, Scott is able to gain custody of her, only to have Luke kidnap Laura and send her into hiding.

Logan reveals himself to be Scott's son, and his relationship with Lulu begins to unravel after interference from Maxie. Laura, meanwhile, is returned to Shadybrook, and Nikolas is again given guardianship. Desperate to get Lulu back, Logan attacks Maxie, and when he realizes that Lulu has witnessed this, he breaks into the penthouse she is sharing with her new boyfriend Johnny Zacchara Brandon Barash. Lulu is forced to stab him with a knife, and after fleeing from police with Johnny, Lulu begins to lose her grip on reality and is eventually placed in the same asylum as her mother. You do a l ot of cooking in this film.

Are you as skilled in the kitchen as you appear to be onscreen? Was it challenging? Luke Macfarlane: It was interesting. This is not the first time I've played a chef, actually, which I think is funny, but we were really lucky: Our director of photography was actually a former chef, so he had all these great little tips about the way one uses a cloth in the kitchen or chops a vegetable. So, there were a few opportunities when we got to dial in on those close-up shots of specific things happening. There's one section in the movie where I'm racing to garnish something very quickly and do the finishing touches on it where all of the advice came from the director of photography.

But in real life, Luke — not so much a chef, gotta be honest with you. I can say that it's a little bit different than your sort of typical Hallmark film in the sense that it's kind of a show-within-a-show, which I think is really unique about the movie. If you're interested in reality television and competition shows, the fun part of the movie is you get to watch a competition show inside of a regular Hallmark movie. So, it's two for the price of one which I think is killer. And I will also just say that to viewers who aren't familiar with my costar [Meghann Fahy], they're in for a real treat, I think she's incredibly talented and just fantastic in the movie, and a fantastic person.

You and Meghann have great onscreen chemistry.

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Is it safe to say you got along offscreen, as well? I developed a real friendship with her over our days on set, but like usually after a long day of filming we'd have dinner at the one restaurant within walking distance to our hotel.