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I can feel all the new teachers getting a little nervous reading this. Rest assured, you newbies need not fear going through the same experience. Limiting Screen Time During Summer Break A few suggestions that you can share with parents to help them balance screen Classroom Management to Control Student Behavior We offer up some classroom management steps that you can take in order to Teaching is a daunting task, but the rewards of knowing you have made a difference in a child's life are so worth the effort.

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Log In. Search Results Header Enter your keywords. The data gathered provides a lot of descriptive information about the student's behavior and the environment. A major disadvantage for using the ABC Chart is that it can be more difficult to see patterns quickly, and the data may need to be summarized to look for patterns related to antecedents and consequences.

If a student engages in multiple problem behaviors, if there are several antecedents events, or if the student's behavior is being maintained by multiple functions, the ABC Chart may take more time to summarize compared to the Functional Assessment Observation Tool. ABC Chart data is only correlational which means the causal relation cannot be confirmed. Strategies that systematically manipulate environmental antecedents and consequences, referred to as a functional analysis, are often used in research.

ABC of Behaviour Management

However, in many cases, direct observations that include information about behavior, environmental events preceding and following the behavior, and time of occurrence are sufficient to provide confidence in the team's hypothesis statement. The ABC Chart is often completed after initial interviews and record reviews are conducted, but these activities may occur concurrently.

Functional assessment interviews can provide information about when and where observation sessions will be conducted. Each functional assessment is different, just as each student is unique and engages in different types of behavior.

The ABCs of Apple Classroom Management

Direct observational data should be collected until the team members are confident about the function or functions maintaining a student's behavior. In simple situations, this may occur within sessions. In more complicated cases, direct observation data may be needed across a number of settings and for longer periods.


If your team remains unsure that the hypothesis statement s are accurate, find a professional with a background in applied behavior analysis or positive behavior support who can assist with the functional assessment. This professional may recommend different data collection methods or could assist in conducting a functional analysis. Retaliation is also prohibited by university policy. What role does the ABC Chart play in a functional assessment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ABC Chart?

When should the ABC Chart be used? L ibraries are good places to do some serious studying. Cool people hang there too.

The ABCs of Behavior

M eet your instructor during his or her office hours and listen carefully to him or her. Q uestion with respect.

R emember to bring the book, a notepad, and pen or pencil already sharpened to class. T reat your instructor, classmates, and the custodian who cleans the classroom with respect. X -ray vision is not allowed on exam days—scholastic dishonesty is taken very seriously.