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She has been bullied and changed schools several times. I wonder what Kerry would say to a parent longing for a gifted child? It never will be.

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We have long known that some individuals have extraordinarily high intelligence. A gifted child may have an advanced ability to master something like maths, but more limited capacity to deal with their social environment which is another important part of growing up and fitting in over the course of their lives. One study shows that among members of Mensa in America, the rate of ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is almost twice that diagnosed in the general population. Others argue that because some gifted children are so different from their peers at school, and may interact little with them in the classroom, they may do so less in the playground too.

Yet once a child is left out of some social situations, her opportunity to catch up or learn these skills diminishes. Kendall identifies several characteristics common among gifted children who have no identified behavioural disorders. One trait is that many of them are deeply anxious, usually as a result of over-thinking everything. The sleeping pattern of such children often differs from the norm: switching off their brains can be very difficult.


Among these individuals, the incidence of depression, anxiety and ADHD is higher than in the average population. For many exceptionally intelligent individuals, everyday stimuli such as a radio playing in the background, the colour or texture of food, a vibrant display on a classroom wall or a scratchy label in a piece of clothing can become almost unbearable. He can find it impossible to do his homework in a room that would seem to most people completely silent.

Many gifted children struggle with failure. At workshops she runs for gifted children, the kids sometimes play Twister, a game where players contort themselves over a mat covered with coloured dots. She was conceived with donor sperm and her biological father had three degrees. Ahead of her first birthday she was using whole sentences.

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She completed a puzzle with 48 pieces in which she had to match pictures to the corresponding words at 16 months. That is difficult.

This suffering is hugely under-acknowledged. Physically fragile and a loner, he has ended up in hospital three times after being beaten up at school. In common with many gifted children he has difficulty eating because he is hyper-sensitive to food textures. But for Peter, as for many other children, the greatest problem is that humdrum, day-to-day life is so hard to deal with.

He finds school crushingly dull. But boredom can be torture. A gifted student needs a fraction of the hours to master a GCSE subject that the school curriculum typically devotes to that subject, suggests Falck. She compares it to a seasoned runner being forced every day to trudge in step with people who walk extremely slowly. How best to educate a gifted child? The challenges are complex and often competing.

On the one hand they are able to master material sooner and more rapidly than their peers. On the other, because the social skills of many such children are poorly developed, it can be extremely difficult for them to be a child in the traditional sense, to fit in and to learn many of the non-verbal, non-testable skills that social activity teaches you in preparation for being an adult. And without meaning to, such children may come across as smart-arses who, even with the best of intentions, other kids and adults may simply not wish to be around.

Adults, especially teachers, may find extremely clever children threatening: a small child talking to you as an equal can put you on the back foot. Chrissie was told she had two options: she could either home-school Tom or send him to a private school that could give him more individual attention. Both ideas horrified her. She disagreed with home-schooling on principle — surely it would exacerbate his feeling of isolation. He still struggles to relate to other kids, and finds the economic disparity between him and his fellow pupils shocking. But he finds the teaching more stimulating.

Debate rages about the wisdom of accelerating children out of their age group. If they are moved up, they may struggle socially. If they stay down, they may switch off intellectually. Students need social and psychological support, says Leonie Kronborg of the University of Monash in Australia.

She points to programmes for gifted adolescents like the Early Entrance Programme at the University of Washington in America: young teenagers can begin studying at university as part of a group of similarly advanced people their own age, so they are intellectually stimulated but keep socialising with their peers. Faced with sons and daughters who are bored and miserable at school, many parents of gifted children opt to take things into their own hands. In the mids a father and daughter, Harry and Ruth Lawrence, made a striking pair, travelling around Oxford on a tandem bicycle.

Harry had given up his career in computing and home-educated Ruth since she was five; at 12 she won a place to study maths at Oxford University. She now works as a respected — but not outstanding — mathematician. When she had her first child, she vowed not to push him to move any faster academically than he wanted to. Some countries have cultivated an educational environment that is welcoming to gifted children.

Singapore runs a highly selective programme designed to identify the most exceptionally intelligent students each year. At the age of eight or nine all children are assessed in maths, English and reasoning. They can then choose whether to attend certain secondary schools that offer such classes. But emphasising educational attainment has proved controversial. Since , there have been efforts to increase socialisation between children of different abilities. Check out all of this summers biggest and best blockbusters at Marcus Theatres and Movie Tavern!

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Runtime: 1 hour, 33 minutes.

'The Curse of La Llorona' reigns over slow Easter weekend box office

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The Curse – The Lonely Island

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