Brody And Me (Colorful Rhyming Picture Book For Young Children) (Brody The Puppy And Me 1)

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Numbers fail when trying to describe this ancient and tremendous tree. The giant sequoia begins life as a seed no larger than an oatmeal flake yet can grow as tall as three blue whales stacked chin to tale. The oldest sequoias have lived as long as forty human lifetimes. An interfaith friendship develops when Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, overlaps with the Muslim holiday of Ramadan--an occurence that happens only once every thirty years or so.

When best friends Tai and Mila are reunited after a summer apart, their friendship threatens to combust from the pressure of secrets, middle school, and the looming dance auditions for a new talented-and-gifted program. Rice from Heaven is a true story about compassion and bravery as a young girl and her community in South Korea help deliver rice via balloons to the starving and oppressed people in North Korea.

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A wall so high, no one dares to climb. In Navajo families, the first person to make a new baby laugh hosts the child's First Laugh Ceremony. Who will earn the honor in this story? One boy's search for his father leads him to Puerto Rico in this moving middle-grade novel, for fans of Ghost and See You in the Cosmos. Marcus Vega is six feet tall, pounds, and the owner of a premature mustache. When you look like this and you're only in the eighth grade, you're both a threat and a target.

When you're small and on the go, there's a lot to watch out for: big boats, waves, rain clouds, and more! But Little Boat can handle whatever comes his way, braving the elements and the unexpected with his initiative, confidence, and positive attitude. This colorful follow-up to Little Truck by beloved author-illustrator Taro Gomi will entertain toddlers sailing toward big adventures!

Being a barbarian is no easy task. A barbarian must be able to survive an army of one-eyed giants or a pit of venomous snakes. He must bravely fight off manticores, dragons, and sea serpents. Luckily, a barbarian can always rely on his trusty steed to see him through any peril. Four-year-old TJ spends his days on his lively Harlem block playing with his best friends WT and Blinky and running errands for neighbors.

As he comes of age as a "Little Man" with big dreams, TJ faces a world of grown-up adventures and realities. Baldwin's only children's book, Little Man, Little Man celebrates and explores the challenges and joys of black childhood. For kids ages 8 to 12, this is an accessible and fun meditation and mindfulness how-to book filled with full-color illustrations, written by Mallika Chopra and with a foreword by Deepak Chopra. A Caldecott Honor Book! A gorgeous picture book that tells a whimsical origin story of the phases of the moon, from award-winning, bestselling author-illustrator Grace Lin Pat, pat, pat Little Star's soft feet tiptoed to the Big Mooncake.

Luna Ramos has too many primas to count, but there's one cousin that's always getting her into trouble, Claudia. Her punishment? Not being allowed to wear her signature hats, which she uses to hide her birthmark, a streak of white in her otherwise dark hair. A New York Times bestseller! Ever since Cass almost drowned okay, she did drown, but she doesn't like to think about it , she can pull back the Veil that separates the living from the dead.

Her best friend is even a ghost. So things are already pretty strange. But they're about to get much stranger. Steadfast Fortitude and curious Patience are waiting every morning to greet visitors of the Library.

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That is until, one early morning, when Fortitude finds Patience is missing. The city is about to awake, and the lions absolutely must be in their places before the sun rises. Howl with laughter with Dog Man, the internationally bestselling series from Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants! An extraordinary lift-the-flaps book that reveals the secrets of the most famous fairy-tale villains--the giant, the wolf and the witch--with interactive flaps, a twist on well-known tales, and personality cards for each villain.

The world began when God said "Light," And changed the world from dark to bright. Gentle rhyming couplets tell the story of how God created the world, describing six days of work fashioning everything from seas and clouds to animals and people, to--finally--resting on Shabbat. A breathtakingly beautiful and luminescent book that is pitch-perfect for anyone of any age who has experienced any type of loss or disappointment, from New York Times— bestselling picture book creator Brian Lies.

Award-winning author Caroline Pignat's first picture book is an intriguing blend of carefully composed verbal images, knit together with extraordinary visuals by award-winning illustrator Fran ois Thisdale. The poem is indeed about the yearly cycle in the life of a tree. But it is also an intriguing poetic concoction. If you need assistance with this website, please contact us.

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Harbor Me Hardcover. By Jacqueline Woodson. Published: Nancy Paulsen Books - August 28th, Add to Wish List. The Day You Begin Hardcover. Book Uncle and Me Paperback. Availability: Backordered - Call for availability. Published: Groundwood Books - August 7th, Meet Yasmin! So what does the special plan involve? A perfect cake for Mom, a spa treatment right at home, and lots of love. Looks like it really is going to be the best Mother's Day ever! Level 1 Driscoll, Laura. Police officers help to keep people safe.

Do you know all the different ways you can be a police officer? Join Eva and Officer Green and find out! It is Froggy's mother's birthday, and Froggy wants to make her cake all by himself! In the kitchen, Froggy finds out that baking a cake is a little harder - and messier - than he thought. But with a pinch of imagination and an extra dash of silliness, Froggy will serve up a homemade birthday ca Daniel has a new bike.

He wants to ride it right away, but first he has to learn how. Daniel just needs to keep trying, and soon he'll be able to ride! How great would it be to be wealthy - that's elegant for rich. Nancy Clancy sure thinks so, and with the help of her best friend, Bree, she sets out to make a fortune one way or another.

But when things don't go as planned, Nancy learns something even more valuable - some of the best things in lif We Love Our Mom! Berenstain, Jan. After all, Mama Bear is always there for her cubs! When Brother scrapes his knees, Mama is there with bear hugs and kisses. When Sister Bear needs help with her homework, Mama always lends a Harry wants a star badge just like his grandpa's, so he works extra hard to be the perfect student: hanging up his jacket neatly, organizing the crayons in rainbow order, and - his fav A brother and sister celebrate and prepare for this Catholic rite of passage in the twenty-fourth title in Natasha Wing's best-selling paperback series featuring rhyming text in the style of the classic Clement C.

Moore holiday poem. On the night before their First Communion, a brother and sister Ballet Cat Shea, Bob. Ballet Cat is getting her friend Butter Bear ready for her big ballet debut. But Butter Bear would prefer to just point her toe. When Ballet Cat keeps pushing, Butter Bear gets hungry, then thirsty, then sleepy.

The bottom line is that Butter Be This Disney Frozen themed coloring book featuring all the beloved characters from the movie such as Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf, and many more will provide your little artists hours of creative coloring fun. So pull out the crayons, colored pencils or markers, and get coloring! Granite Is From Another Planet! My Weird School Days, Bk. It's the start of a new school year, and A. Granite, is out of this world! He's a supergenius who talks weird, acts weird, and looks weird. He knows everything. Is he a computer posing as a person, or does he come from another planet?

Go, Pete, Go! Pete the Cat Dean, James. No one wants to race Turtle in his new race car, until Pete the Cat takes up the challenge. Turtle's car goes really fast and has cool gadgets. But Pete has his own surprise. Will it be enough to help him cross the finish line first? The Berenstain Bears are super excited to go to the Grizzlyland amusement park! Papa is especially excited to go on his favorite ride. But with so many roller coasters like Space Grizzlies and rides like the Spinning Honey Pots, will the Bear family make it on Papa's ride before the park closes?

This Pre-level 1 Ready-to-Read is all about space cows and the wacky and fun things they do! But crabby Dr. Carbles has banned ice-cream man Mr. Will and his desserts forever. He's planted bugs all over school to make sure no one breaks the rules. Will A. And the gang ever get to enjoy the sweet taste of a Push-Up pop again?

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Lola Levine Is Not Mean! Lola Levine , Bk. Lola is fierce on the field, but when a soccer game during recess gets too competitive, she accidentally hurts her classmate Juan Go Veterinarians help sick and hurt animals feel better. Did you know that there are many different ways to be a veterinarian? When a father and child bring Gus the dog to his check-up, they learn that there are vets who work with very large animals, vets who work with wild animals—and more. I Want t Level 1 Tucker, Krista.

Letham Primary School

Nancy has a new playhouse, and it's time for some ooh la la fancy fun! But when one friend wants to be the boss of who can come play, Nancy has to decide what it means to be a good friend. Amelia Bedelia is going to be a flower girl in Aunt Mary's beach wedding, and she can't wait. There is a ton to plan menus and fun parties and prepare dresses and cakes before the big day, and Amelia Bedelia is in the thick of it.

Will the wedding go smoothly? Probably not! Ralphie Jordan loves his beat-up bike, Old Rusty. The tires are bent, spokes are missing, and the chain keeps falling off. But Ralphie wouldn't trade it for any other. Then Old Rusty goes missing just outside the library, and Ralphie is devastated. It's up to Jigsaw and Mila to find out who stole This non-fiction reader uses illustrations and photographs to tell the story of how Lady Liberty was sculpted, transported from France, unveiled, and made into an American icon.

Join in on the hayrides, costume parties, and trick-or-treating - and when you're through, there' Level 2 Brown, Jeff. Flat Stanley and Arthur go on a snorkeling adventure and make a dazzling discovery - sunken treasure! Cooper Is Super! With more than 8 million books sold, My Weird School really gets kids reading! Granite, is retiring after a million hundred years. Nancy and her best friend, Bree, must go back in time to solve a mystery. Nancy and Bree set out to unlock the secret of the silver key in the hopes of finding some treasure along the way. But solving the mystery soon proves to be more difficult than they had thought, and when the answer isn't wh Molly's Pilgrim Cohen, Barbara.

As Molly nears her first Thanksgiving in the New World, she doesn't find much to be thankful for. Her classmates giggle at her Yiddish accent and make fun of her unfamiliarity with American ways. Molly's embarrassed when her mother helps with a class Thanksgiving project by making a little doll When it comes to visiting a neighbor, enjoying a meal, or hosting a playdate, no one does it with better manners than the polite elephant. Fox wishes he were a tiger.

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  • Moods of Silence:Reflections in Verse and Prose Through a Deaf Poets Eyes.
  • Comment Réussir Vos Examens: Le Pouvoir Inégalé De La Dynamique Mentale Pour Finir Premier Dans Vos Etudes Et Examens En Etant Paresseux (French Edition).
  • Tigers are big and fast and sneaky. So he decides to become one! Soon Turtle and Rabbit are joining in the fun. But will Fox want to be a tiger forever? Song Lee and Ida are selling friendship bracelets, Doug is selling books, and Sid is selling delicious, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. But something else is on Harry's mind: his grandmother is having mon Working together with Mama and Gran, a special fishing trip and picnic are planned for Father's Day.

    Will Papa and Gramps bring in a big catch of fish or will they catch something even better? Apples and Pumpkins Rockwell, Anne F. A young girl spends a glorious fall day picking apples and searching for the perfect pumpkin in this refreshed classic. Amelia Bedelia on the Job Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up.

    So when they start studying careers and occupations at school, Amelia Bedelia is not happy. She'd rather have fun with her friends at recess and not think about the future! But all it takes s a surprise field trip to her father's Fast-paced adventure and full-color art in the style of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks make this third book a thrilling addition to the Fantastic Frame series!

    When Tiger nd Luna get sucked into the fantastic frame this time, their destination is the diner depicted in Edward Hopper's famous painting N For Owlette, it is time to be a hero and learn an important lesson: it feels good to be a giving owl! This paperback edition comes with two sheets of stickers! Well-known author Alma Flor Ada explores a problem and theme common among children in multicultural settings.

    For Maria Isabel Salazer Lopez, the hardest thing about being the new girl in school is that the teacher doesn't call her by her real name. Addie and Clara have discovered that their backyard is a gateway to an enchanted realm of magical butterflies that have the power to make wishes come true!

    Addie is excited to have a special visitor, but things don't go quite as planned. Meanwhile, a new butterfly, Spring Shine, somehow believes s Lin, Grace. Ling and Ting are wins. They like to stick together. They get haircuts and they make dumplings. They do magic tricks and they read books. They dress alike and they look alike.

    But they are not exactly the same. This Level 3 book is perfect for the newly independent reader. Little Miss Giggles Mr. Featuring stunning retro stylized illustrations, this book is perfect for Star Wars - and Little Golden Book - fans of all ages. The 12 Days of Preschool Lettice, Jenna.

    On the first day of preschool, we all learned how to share. Starting the first day of preschool will be easy and fun with this simple, cheery rhyming story full of classroom joys. Cam Jansen, her friends, and their parents are at school for a book fair. Winter, is also there, signing books. Was it stolen? Jim E. Winter thinks he can solve the mystery, but so does s Otter: Let's Go Swimming! Otter - the irrepressible picture book character sure to be adored by fans of Llama Llama - learns how to swim.

    Fifth-grader Cam uses her photographic memory, with help from her friend Eric and his twin sisters, to solve the mystery of Poochie, a famous canine television star. Doug thought he knew everything about his best friend, Harry. Unfortunately, Harry can't keep his hideout under wraps for much longer, because it is going to be replaced by a big apartment building - unless the kids in Room 3B Level 1 Drummond, Ree. Charlie the Ranch Dog is ready to live the good life - as a rock star! But as he tries to settle into the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Charlie discovers that it's hard to break old habits!

    Posey is so excited about her special ballet recital and giving cards to everyone at school. Can Princess Posey and her tutu find the perfect way to help? There's nothing eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe Walker love more than playing sports and solving mysteries. And when those two worlds collide. So when a baseball signed by Zach's favorite major league player suddenly goes missing--the search is on Her classmates giggle at her accent and make fun of her unfamiliarity with American ways. Stanley and his family receive an unexpected phone call from Scotland Yard.

    Stanley has been invited to London to help with a top-secret case. One of the crown jewels was stolen years ago. Discover the history behind the mystery of the New York Times bestselling Seven Wonders series in this original novella. Follow the tale of Aliyah and Osman, twin treasure hunters pressed into a life of crime. For them, every day is another desperate death-defying adventure until they stumble upon Peter Parker is in high school, and he fights crime in his neighborhood as Spider-Man! Meet his friends and see him save the day! Into the Night to Save the Day!

    When Romeo kidnaps Amaya and Greg and steals their pajamas, it's up to Catboy to save his friends! But can Catboy do it on his own, or will it take teamwork to save the day? The Farm Book Pfloog, Jan. This read-aloud book about life on the farm is perfect for all children ages 3 and up.

    Best Easter Books for Littles

    This delightful illustrated book, with vibrant color pictures, details the daily routines of Betty and Bobby, and their farm animal friends the sheep, the pigs, the ponies, the chickens, the cows, and the geese. Ninja Nexus Power! Now it's up to his son Brody and a group of teenagers to fight the monsters and save the day. With Ninja Nexus Power, they can do anything - as long as they work together! Happy Halloween, Little Critter! Mayer, Mercer. Readers can lift the flaps of the gatefolds in this book to discover the magic and fun of Halloween as Little Critter attends a spooky party.

    Stubby Dog Diaries, Bk.

    Baja Brody

    Stubby the war dog narrates the story of his life from his days as a stray to his time on the battlefields of France! Adopted by Private John Robert Conroy in when the dog wandered into training camp, Stubby soon became the mascot for the 26th Yankee division even learning how to salute! A cracked egg with a talent for painting goes through some painful experiences before realizing that being cracked can be something to be proud of.

    Pinkalicious has been looking forward to Crazy Hair Day, but when she gets on the bus she sees that Rose has the exact same hairstyle. Can the friends find a way to save the day? O'Connor, Jane. JoJo and Daddy are busy baking a cake. They've mixed the batter, put the cake in the oven, and frosted it - but who is the cake for? The 12 Days of Kindergarten Lettice, Jenna.