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Deuteronomy Chapter 1 Summary and What God Wants From Us

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For the preservation of charity and good neighbourship, in the care of strayed or fallen cattle v. For the preservation of order and distinction, that men and women should not wear one another's clothes v. For the preservation of birds v. Of life v. Of the commandments v.

Deuteronomy 1 – Moses Remembers the Journey of Israel from Mount Sinai to Kadesh Barnea

Of the reputation of a wife abused, if she were innocent v. For the preservation of the chastity of wives v. Virgins betrothed v. And, lastly, against incest v. Deu The kindness that was commanded to be shown in reference to an enemy Ex. That strayed cattle should be brought back, either to the owner or to the pasture out of which they had gone astray, v.

This must be done in pity to the very cattle, which, while they wandered, were exposed; and in civility and respect to the owner, nay, and in justice to him, for it was doing as we would be done by, which is one of the fundamental laws of equity.

Top 5 Commentaries on the Book of Deuteronomy

Note, Religion teaches us to be neighbourly, and to be ready to do all good offices, as we have opportunity, to all men. The choice between 'covenant' and 'idol' that forms the crux of the text's message is further interpreted in light of the concern for covenant faithfulness as expressed in the rest of the OT and in the proclamation of the NT. Brueggemann explores how this same choice is reflected in the political and ideological voices that address the community of faith today. This commentary introduces the Book of Deuteronomy to theological students, pastors and teachers and points to the relevance of its message for those who seek to bring the alternative biblical message into the current cultural conversation.

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A past president of the Society of Biblical Literature, he is one of today's preeminent interpreters of Scripture. Listen Now. The book offers a restatement of the Law for a new generation, rather than a mere copy of what had gone before. Mosaic authorship of this book finds the usual support from Jewish tradition with the entire Pentateuch but also from within the biblical text. Several times, Deuteronomy asserts Moses as author ; ; Some obvious editorial changes were made to the text sometime after Moses recorded the bulk of it. For instance, he could not have written the final chapter, which dealt with his death.

However, these and other small changes do not affect the generally accepted authorship of Moses. Deuteronomy was written around BC, at the end of the forty years of wandering endured by the nation of Israel. At the time, the people were camped on the east side of the Jordan River, on the plains of Moab, across from the city of Jericho Deuteronomy ; They were on the verge of entering the land that had been promised centuries earlier to their forefathers Genesis , 6—9.

The children who had left Egypt were now adults, ready to conquer and settle the Promised Land. Before that could happen, the Lord reiterated through Moses His covenant with them. In the midst of widespread polytheism, Israel was distinctive in that they worshiped one God, Yahweh.