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Excellent ,excellent review Larry a cara I,ll certainly be looking for this book, its amazing how quickly your old head recovers, the grey matter is still 50 shades but hey its working , ten outa ten a cara. Larry I enjoyed your review and will now read the book, although you failed to mention O'Donovans politics beyond his republicanism. As you know Ryan was on the left and the last man who would have chosen to wash up in Nazi Germany if there was a viable alternative. Russell was a no politics physical force republican. Where did O'Donovan stand? Mick a cara "where did O'Donovan stand? Interesting review Lar, I'd be interested in picking that up if I ever come across it.

Those who kept on a straight path eh Can think of a few people right now being subject to the most heinous attack on their good character for doing just that. And it is truly sickening. I think he would have supped with the devil to get the 32 Republic. He seemed to be pro Republican in the Spanish Civil war with his Ireland to-Day magazine in the s but had no hesitation in embracing the Nazis if they would have pushed the Brits out of Ireland.

Knowing what we know now, that is a scary thought, inviting the Nazis here. But, the Independent reviewer runs the risk of forgetting the English didn't have a glorious history here either. Hard to figure O'Donovan out, apart from his intransigence regarding the Irish Republic.

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Marty, the important thing is there are a multitude of 'takes' on historical events, look at the difference between my review empathetic and the 'hatchet job' of the Independent. Says all that needs to be said for freedom of expression. Fascinating stuff Larry, sadly,however the books appears to be filled with the very problems Republicans encounter at every junction. I never heard of O Donovan either and that would add an extra appeal to the book, which I hope I can borrow rather than buy lol.

Larry, I bought this book as soon as it was released in and your review has bumped it up to the top of my reading list. I have an interest in Irish Republican relationships with the Nazis, limited though they were, and have a few books on the subject. If you don't mind Larry I'd like to quote from your review a mindset you have voiced before on the quill on a number of occasions which in this case was written beautifully: "At the end of the book one is left with that familiar, sinking and almost inevitably melancholy feeling for someone who was true to the project they undertook in the beginning only to be left behind by his inability to see that things do change with time and events.

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Such is life. I really enjoyed reading that and I am glad you didn't give too much away. For anyone who's interested, there's fabulous hour long documentary about Frank Ryan on the TG4. I just can't see any situation where O'Donovan would have tried to 'blarney' people that on the back of votes got from dead hunger strikers going to Windsor to dine with and toast the Queen was a good 'tactic' for getting a united Ireland.

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  8. Simon I didn't go into too much detail about the content. Just highlighting the fact that there is a great deal of contemporary and family material in it which the Independent review made no attempt to relay. Which made me wonder had the reviewer actually taken time to read it.

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    Bit like those 'roaring' about the Boston College material recently, who haven't even seen it. Never mind a book review 'hatchet-job' check this out from Jim Cussack in the Independent. Adams is pictured with both. Must say I'm shocked at the brazenness of the allegations. Bailey is sent out to help Lucas design his home. She does whatever she can to keep away from him. Will she be able to deny her feelings for a man who always gets what he wants.

    The writing was decent, but it Another billionaire who thinks he can have whatever he wants without any consideration of what anyone else wants. The writing was decent, but it's the same story told in most books of this type. I'm sure others really loved it enough to rate higher than 3 stars but it was only OK to me.

    New book boyfriend alert! Lucas is sexy, hot, alpha who knows what he wants and how to get it.

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    Bailey, well Enjoyed the journey of coming together, breaking up, and making up. Well done, hot spicy love story. Great setup for the next book in the series which I plan to purchase. New author for me that I plan to add to my list.

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    Jul 01, Claire Marti rated it it was amazing. I loved this book! It's the perfect mix of steamy and sweet. The author creates a great, realistic cast of characters and makes you feel like you're there in Bailey's world. Bailey and Lucas are firsts for one another in many ways and it's lovely to see their walls come down as they allow themselves to fall in love. Lots of twists and turns! I'm hoping the next story stars Sienna and Gavin. If you're looking to escape from the daily grind for a while, this is the perfect book for you! Dec 29, Debbie Krouse rated it it was amazing.

    Just the right amount os sexiness and steam. Lucas is what every women would fall for expect Bailey , having be burn by 2 exes not so easily sway with Lucas. The obstacle and turns that come their way and how they react to each other is the slow burn to get started. Love the story line and am looking forward to the next book. Yasss, hunney!!! Bailey and Lucas' story was a real treat!

    The heart wants what it wants, and a healthy dose of good old fashioned LUST, never hurts!! Even though they come from different worlds , love always finds a way, no matter the color of your skin. I will most definitely be reading more from this stupendous Author!!! Good Story Really enjoyed this story. It was very entertaining. It had great character development and the characters were well developed. The story was great and moved seamlessly from one point to the other. I know there is a Book 2 somewhere.

    There are too many questions left. Recommend book for all. Quick read. Could not put it down. Editing was very good. Great Read This book was recommended by a book club friend and I would like to thank her for this great find and read while I don't like to do spoilers I will say it's very good and worth your time. Lucas and Bailey I really really really love this book. Lucas and Bailey had awesome chemistry. Their love affair was turbulent. But oh so sweet. A definite. This was by first book by thus author, definitely will not be my last. On tho Gavin and Sienna story.

    Really enjoyed this book This is first book by this author I've read. Sweet, steamy and hot.

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    Bailey and Lucas had some trust issues, however they worked through them. One of the best interracial novels that I've read. About to purchase the next book. May 22, Tammy rated it really liked it. I really liked this billionaire romance. The story is good, the sex is steamy. Lucas and Bailey have amazing chemistry and the story has plenty of drama and emotion. An entertaining read. Did not want to put this book down, and now I can't wait til the next one is released! Good story, worth the read I really enjoyed the story, although Bailey was a little annoying at some points, overallI really like her and Lucas.

    It was a fast read. Jun 05, Seana rated it it was amazing. The writing was witty, the story sexy! Apr 24, C bond rated it really liked it. I liked it more than I thought I would. Apr 26, Hilda rated it it was amazing. Wow I haven't had this much fun reading a book in a while. Lucas and Bailey's story is breathtaking, suspenseful, angsty, thought provoking, dramatic, and passionate. I wanted to grab a hold of the characters and shake them at times. Sandra, I knew from the first word that she was trouble and it felt like nails on a chalkboard every time she spoke.

    Lucas and Bailey each have pasts that make relationships challenging for them. With a few missteps, some well intended events that went wro 4. With a few missteps, some well intended events that went wrong and for good measure throw in a few crazies to it make it more difficult. I fell for not only Lucas and Bailey but for Sienna and Gavin as well. I can't wait to get my hands on their story. You know you have a good book when the last line hits you and it's like they are real and you want to run to them. Raine can't believe that someone she so admires could be guilty of murder, particularly when she learns that one of his associates is her own fiance, Miles Young.

    But is her faith in both men misplaced? It turns out that Bongo has skills that go beyond even those of his fellow scent-detecting canines - skills that are worth billions of dollars to some people, and are worth killing for to others.


    When the unthinkable happens and an innocent life is placed in jeopardy, Raine is forced to make a terrible choice: one that will shake her to her very core and cause her to question not only herself, but everything she has ever believed.