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In the Value Creation Forum panelists provide feedback from different perspectives, clarified by using different colored caps and goggles. Value Creation Forums are an integral part of UU Innovation commercialisation support and are intended for those who received funding under the program Verification for growth. Read about ENA.

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Every year, we meet a few hundred researchers and students who want to take their ideas beyond academia. We evaluate more than ideas each year and are actively working with about 80 projects to further strengthen their commercial potential.

The projects are broad and driven by single-minded people with ideas who want to make a difference. Case stories. To successfully commercialise ideas and research from Uppsala University, we work with a range of organisations in business and finance, not least in Uppsala, where we are part of a strong innovation support system.

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Our focus is on the early phases of the commercialisation process. The ideas and projects that we support have often a long way to go before they reach their full potential in the market. Therefore, it is natural for us to involve other actors in the innovation system that can offer additional support, especially when a project becomes a company, and has paying clients and investments. To provide the best possible support to students, we have a close collaboration with Drivhuset Uppsala who work to inspire, guide and educate students in entrepreneurship.

Drivhuset can offer a workplace in an inspiring office environment where those who have started working on their ideas will can also build up a network.

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Uppsala University uses cookies to make your website experience as good as possible. Read more about cookies. Skip to main content. Uppsala University. For your benefit Does your idea need protecting? Do you have an idea you want to develop?

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Business advice. IP counselling. Get the answers here. Book a meeting! Or how you and your friends never ventured off-campus for the movies unless one of you had a Groupon or Living Social deal? That ability to scavenge for free food and discounts will serve you well in adulthood. Renting, re-selling and sharing. Find cheap furniture on eBay or Craigslist and keep it in good enough condition that you can sell it when you move out.

This so-called sharing economy can be a great way not just to save money but to make money as well. And sites like TaskRabbit, Gigwalk and Field Agent connect people and employers who need errands and market research done with those who could use a few extra bucks. Researching until dawn.

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For example, 10 hours of research and writing might get you an A on a term paper. Money Mustache real name: Pete , who garnered internet fame by retiring at the age of 30 and now dispenses personal finance advice to thousands of loyal followers. Though the term is inelegant and brings to mind the worst kind of undergraduate stereotypes — you know the one, that you partied all day , partied all night and graduated without any real skills except the ability to shotgun a beer while Wikipedia-ing a term paper for history class — the general concept of consuming food and drink at home before a night on the town is one that, if employed sensibly and in moderation, will save you money.

Living with roommates. Multitasking and learning to prioritize those tasks. Whether you were a double major with a part-time job, a single major with three minors or a single major with an over-crowded schedule of extracurriculars, you may have had a plate that was not just full, but overfilled. And as stressful as this may have been at times, learning to juggle those many, many tasks is an ability that will help you juggle the many demands on your money. And for more on tough financial decisions Gen Y has to make, check out this article here.

Walking or biking to class. Again, this is less a collegiate habit you fall into than a condition of living on campus and having the ability to walk or bike to class — if your campus allowed for that — but consider how little you missed worrying about the price of gas during the academic year. Attempt to replicate this in your post-graduate home as much as possible.

Cooking is cheaper than eating out, and it also happens to be healthier. Making summer money last all through the school year. This process involved three of the most important money management skills you'll need in adulthood: saving you didn't spend every last dime of your summer money , making a budget you calculated what you earned and how much you could spend on books each semester , and most importantly, sticking to that budget, even when the income streams were not consistent throughout the year.