Jitterbug Lift

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Jitterbug Lift.

Jitterbug Lift

Oliver Flynn. Berlin is starving. The Allies counterstrike with the "Berlin Airlift. Into this tortured world flies former bomber pilot, Chance Mitchell, bearing food, fuel, medicine The American's sole reason for joining the airlift is to find and rescue his buddy and former B copilot, whose plane went down behind the newly forged Iron Curtain on a clandestine flight. In the lawless ruins, Chance follows a thin, tangled thread that takes him to a beautiful but damaged German Jewish Resistance fighter with an enigmatic mission and a fierce will that matches his own.

He simply called GreatCall back, and shortly a Cadillac arrived to take him home.

Kathryn Petrik, 86, of Des Plaines, likes the fact that she knows about her driver and car ahead of time. Petrik stopped driving a few years ago.

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Another company that works in conjunction with a ridesharing service is GoGo- Grandparent. It also has live operators who arrange rides via Uber. Users do not need a special phone to use the service.

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They can simply dial It works anywhere in the U. Users need to set up a GoGoGrandparent account first, either on the website at gogograndparent. GoGoGrandparent was launched in January by young tech entrepreneur Justin Boogaard in an effort to help his grandmother get around after he moved out of the house. Clients like having a gobetween to make sure they are taken care of, he says.

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The family of an older person can receive text notifications that their loved one is on the move, as well. Clients are billed by GoGoGrandparent. Boogaard adds that about 40 percent of his clients do have smartphones, but prefer to let GoGoGrandparent order their rides. The service is available in the U.

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Uber and Lyft also have little-known desktop options, which allow customers to request a ride from their computer, as long as they have a cell phone that allows them to receive text messages. They can be found at m.

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Seniors and their families can look forward to a lot more in the ridesharing arena. Uber spokeswoman Molly Spaeth says Uber is looking to make its mission of accessible, affordable reliable transportation at the push of a button a reality for any senior. For example, Uber is currently running pilot programs with senior care facilities and medical centers to help seniors get where they need to go.

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  • Top 3 Phones for Senior Citizens (Why Jitterbug Cell Phones are #1).
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Lyft has Lyft Concierge, which makes it easy for senior care managers to request rides on behalf of seniors. Boogaard says GoGo- Grandparent may branch out to meal deliveries and other services and partnerships. Fri, Send to Friend.