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I need to remove my ex-spouse from my title. I live in Kentucky. I want to transfer my vehicle to someone else that lives in Kentucky. What taxes are applicable if I am transferring my vehicle?

I paid off my vehicle. What is required to get a disabled parking permit? Kentucky certificate of registration Current original not a copy of proof of insurance Money for fees and applicable taxes.

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What types of vehicle registrations can be renewed through the Internet? Can I request the renewal of my boat registration over the Internet? Can I request the renewal of my vehicle through the Internet if it is registered with a personalized or other specialty license plate? Can I change my address while requesting an Internet renewal? How do I prove I have insurance on my vehicle? What if my registration is expired or past due? What if the registration on my vehicle has been cancelled for any reason?

Is there an additional fee charged for requesting my registration renewal through the Internet? What types of credit cards are accepted for payment of my renewal request over the Internet? How will I get my registration renewal certificate and decal? I have sold my vehicle to an out-of-state resident.

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What do I do? I have moved out-of-state. What do I need to do concerning my vehicle? What is a speed title and how can I get one? It can be mailed to the customer or picked up in Frankfort based on which option you choose at the time you are applying for the speed title. If the speed title is mailed to you it should be received in working days. Otherwise, it can be picked up in Frankfort the following work day.

If you choose to pick up your speed title in Frankfort, please allow 24 hours before any further transactions with your new title. If you want to pick it up in Frankfort it is strongly suggested that you call first Some applications are not eligible for speed titles. They are listed below:. When do you renew the registration for a vehicle with personalized plate? Can you have the same personalized plate on a motorcycle and car?

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Do I get a new personalized plate every year? Each year, upon renewal of a Personalized Plate registration, the customer shall select the option of either receiving a plate with decal or a decal only for the next renewal. Periodically, typically once every five years, because the plates design changes, all customers will receive a new plate with decal. Do I still have to apply for a personalized plate each year? What happens, if my personalized plate gets lost or stolen?

How do I renew a personalized plate registration? What do I do if my personalized plate is damaged? What types of vehicles can have a personalized plate? How can I transfer a vehicle with personalized plate? How long does it take to get a personalized plate? When can I apply for a personalized plate for current calendar year? When can I apply for a personalized plate for next calendar year? When do I have to pay money to order a personalized plate? What are the fees associated with personalized plate? If I have a personalized plate, when is the property tax due?

How do I transfer a personalized plate to another vehicle owned by me? What are the reserved plate formats currently unavailable for personalized plate selections? Who is responsible for assessing the value of my vehicle? What if I sell my vehicle in February? Do I only owe taxes for January and February? If I dock my boat at a marina in another county does this affect my taxes? Who is responsible for correcting a tax district or even exoneration of taxes? Who has the responsibility to administer the advalorem taxes on apportioned vehicles?

Can I report someone that I know has been driving on out-of-state license plates for some time? I will be moving into Kentucky. What tax will be due? I used to live in Kentucky before I moved to another state. How are motor vehicle usage taxes figured if I buy a new car?

What is the Affidavit of Total Consideration? How is the amount of trade credit determined? I want to trade a boat and or trailer or ATV or farm equipment for a motor vehicle. Will I be given trade-in credit? I paid a similar tax in another state. Will I be allowed credit for that amount?

Kentucky Tax Sales - Tax Liens

Where do I get further information about vehicle taxes? How do I pay my usage taxes? I bought a vehicle but returned it to the dealer within 60 days or to the manufacturer within 90 days. I wrecked my vehicle soon after I bought it. Can I get a refund of the usage tax? When I buy a vehicle and get ready to register it, can I deduct for mileage, wear and tear, rust, etc.?

Our business is located in the Enterprise Zone; how do we obtain an exemption certificate or number? How does the exemption for Enterprise Zone work? Are dealers exempt from Motor Vehicle Usage Tax? How do I determine the book value of a vehicle? If I have to install a lift to my vehicle to accommodate a handicap, do I pay taxes on the equipment? If a vehicle is not listed in the prescribed reference manual and an Affidavit of Total Consideration is not available, how is tax assessed? How much usage tax will I have to pay? Do we have to pay Motor Vehicle Usage Tax?

Is it necessary to send my notification card when renewing my registration? What documents are required to renew a vehicle? What are the guidelines for obtaining a Disabled Parking Permit? How long does it take to receive a personalized plate? What do I need to do to operate a dealership in Campbell County? What is the method of payment for the Dealers Section? Unofficial Primary Results as Currently Received. For more details visit our Contact Page. Frequently Asked Questions Motor Vehicles. You will need to take: The original certificate of title Property settlement signed by both parties Pinal divorce decree signed by the judge Original current proof of insurance Money to pay applicable fees and taxes.

Also property tax may be required to be paid if it is due or past due. You will need to bring the title and a termination statement from the financial institute. You will need a TC form completed by the applicant and signed by their physician. Renewals can be processed either through our Mail-in Department in Newport office. Or at our Newport or Alexandria offices.

You will need to bring: Kentucky certificate of registration Current original not a copy of proof of insurance Money for fees and applicable taxes. You will need to bring your Kentucky certificate of registration and money to pay the fees and applicable taxes. To obtain a duplicate registration receipt the owner of the vehicle needs to present the following to the county clerk the following apply if the registration is current : A completed TC form Current original not a copy of proof of insurance Picture ID Money for fees and applicable taxes.

You can renew your vehicle or boat by mail. You will need to mail in your certificate of registration, current original proof of insurance and money for fees and applicable taxes. Your license plate number can be found on your registration notice you received in the mail or on the actual plate on your vehicle. Only vehicles currently registered with standard issue passenger car plates and lb.

You cannot request the renewal of the registration for your boat over the Internet. Vehicles currently registered with personalized or other specialty issue license plates cannot be renewed through the Internet. If your address is incorrect, you will not be allowed to request the renewal of your registration over the Internet. You will be required to contact or visit your county clerk to correct your address and renew your registration.

Your insurance will be verified through the Internet if you have insurance with one of the participating companies. If you have obtained insurance within the last 45 days your information may not be in our database.

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This could prohibit you from renewing your vehicle from this site. Please visit your County Clerk and provide proof of insurance at that time. If the registration on your vehicle has been cancelled for any reason, such as non-compliance for insurance or vehicle inspection reasons, you will be required to visit your county clerk to renew your registration. Your local county clerk will process your renewal and you should receive your registration renewal certificate and decal through the mail within working days. You will need to notify your county clerk with the name and state of the new owner.

If you were a resident of Kentucky and owner of the vehicle January 1st you may have property taxes due on that vehicle. If you were a resident of Kentucky on January 1st and owner of record taxes may be due on your vehicle.

Kentucky Tax Lien Sales

You will need to send a copy of your title or registration receipt to your former county clerk. Forms of acceptable payment:. Certified check. Cashiers check. Money order. Delinquent Tax FAQ's. What is considered a delinquent real estate tax? A tax is considered "delinquent" when the due date of a specific real estate tax assessment has passed and by statute any appeal rights have expired.

Madison County real estate property tax notices are mailed out to all property owners in October and are payable to the County Sheriff's Office beginning November 1st. County taxes are maintained and collected in the County Sheriff's Office until April 15th each year. Two additional notices are mailed by the County Attorney, the first week of May and the first week of June.

The bills are advertised in the Richmond Register newspaper approximately 30 days before the scheduled tax sale date.

Paying Property Taxes

What are the delinquent tax payment instructions? Can I pay my delinquent property taxes in installments at the clerk's office? It is important to note that if partial payments were allowed, a lien would remain on your property until payment is made in full. Additionally, as long as a balance remains on your delinquent tax account, a third party could purchase your tax bill without warning.

The purchase could neither be anticipated nor prevented by the County Clerk. The County Attorney may be able to offer you an installment payment plan. Please call that office at for questions concerning delinquent payment plans. You can not set up payment plans until your tax bill becomes delinquent. Once your tax lien is purchased by a 3rd party, they may also offer an installment plan. Contact the buyer directly for more information. Who can lawfully purchase my delinquent tax bills? Kentucky Law allows any individual or company to purchase delinquent tax bills that are not flagged by the County Attorney as being on the protected list.

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  5. The sale of tax bills cannot be anticipated nor prevented by the County Clerk. Is a lien placed on my property when my taxes become delinquent? A lien is filed against the specified real property you own in Madison County.