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All the six new books from the Wizard Books series, as the first new book from the Scholastic series, were also translated. Regularly, the cover design and the isbn of the books changed. In , five different editions of the books were edited by Gallimard. This edition is remarkable by its sober cover design. A second band give the author s name. From April , the name of the sub-series and a logo were added at the bottom of the cover in order to distinguish the different other sub-series published in the series like Lone Wolf or Cretan Chronicles.

The first 56 books of the series were published in the first edition. The second edition is always a part of the Folio Junior imprints, and follow the numbering started by the first edition. This edition shows a bigger mention of the collection name, appearing in relief and metallic letters on the cover.


It completes the series with the translation of the two last titles of the Puffin series, with the exception of Curse of the Mummy. From September , the books covers show the Wizard Books Fighting Fantasy logo , and some cover illustrations were replaced by the new illustrations from the Wizard series 1. The third edition marks the bigger break in the publication of the series in France.

The collection is no longer part of the Folio Junior imprint, and a new numbering is used. The dimensions of the books are different, and the cover design uses a big golden frame.

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As for the last prints of the 2 nd edition, the cover depict the Wizard logo. This edition gets only one new books - the translation of Eye of the Dragon. The fourth edition changes the cover design, with a bigger mention of the series. Both the French and Puffin logo were used, in a simplified version.

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It use the same numbering started with the third edition. The fourth edition marks the beginning of partnership with Scriptarium publisher of the French version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game , who provides proof-reading, and translation homogenization of specific words. The fifth edition uses the same numbering of the third and fourth editions. It uses the new cover and interior illustrations of the Scholastic series.

It includes the Port of Peril translation. The partnership with Scriptarium is more important, and additional content was added. First, an encyclopedic section, called "Les Archives d'Allansia" "the Allansia Files" , was added at the end of the books, and includes informations about characters, locations and encounters of the book. Second, original pre-generated characters were added to the republished books.

The Sorcery! The series was published in the first, the second, and the fourth edition.

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The series use a logo depicting a hand with dice inside its palm. This illustration is a reusing of the cover illustration of the Sorcery! Boxset by John Blanche. The series was republished inside the second edition, first using new cover illustrations by Franck Stephan for volume 1 and 3, second using the new cover illustrations of the Wizard series, but without the Wizard logo.

Contrary of the Wizard and Scholastic series, Gallimard never included Sorcery! Books were republished in "grand format" version in the fourth edition.

This version included proof reading from Scriptarium, and use the interior arts of the Sorcery Spell Book. The two books of Clash of the Princes series were published inside the Double Jeu subseries of Gallimard. This subseries included both the translations of Double Game series Magnet Books and Clash of the Princes series [8] [9].

The Tasks of Tantalon was translated into French first in the second issue of Piranha , a magazine edited by Gallimard. Two of the Mini-FF adventures were also translated in the magazine Piranha :. The products in French include both translation of English content, and original content created by Scriptarium. For the most part, the French editions feature the same artwork as the original British editions.

Some variations do exist. For example, the first title has been released in four editions: 1 Peter Andrew Jones ' original painting; 2 Peter Andrew Jones' original painting covered in gold, being a special edition; 3 Peter Andrew Jones' second painting, 4 the Time-Life version with an entirely different piece not seen in English releases but still credited to Jones. Some later titles were also reprinted with variations to their cover layouts, some with completely new artwork by French artists. The French editions also kept the interior art, but in many cases, some of the illustrations were left aside, presumably to make the books cheaper to print.

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The worst offender in that category is Revenge of the Vampire , which lost 26 out of its 30 original illustrations. Almost all the maps which were printed on the inside front cover of the original books were also left out of the French editions. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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