Netzwerke von armen und reichen Bewohnern (German Edition)

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No gloves were involved in any way. Comment Was ist denn ein Strampel? Jemand, der strampelt? Und ein Rollmops hat etwas mit Heringen zu tun, oder doch nicht? Ist das beleidigend? Das ist ein gutes Zeichen. Wir haben dich offenbar aufmuntert. Diesem veralteten Wort werde ich wohl in dieser Form nie wieder begegnen. Thanks for your "nitpickery". Yes, a Rollmops is a pickled herring.

And as herrings are rather small fish, a thin person is sometimes referred to as "Hering" this is probably a bit dated, but so am I, I suppose, so I wouldn't be the one to tell. Not offensive as such, but certainly not complimentary, either. This has, however, nothing to do with "Rollmops". Calling someone a "Rollmops" does, as far as I know, not make any sense at all. That was the beauty of it, actually. On a similar note, I have no idea what a Strampel is, either do you know, Emil? I just like the sound of that word.

So in Richtung "Rollmops", "Strampel" usw. Comment I hope your students aren't all too disappointed now, Robert! I didn't watch the match to the end after so many long soccer nights I needed to go to bed earlier yesterday. It must have been dramatic! Why ask Emil? Comment Rollmops made me think of someone in school long time ago who used the word for people who were a bit plump.

For a "Rollmops" the pickled herring is rolled around sticks of gherkin which leads to a rather round result. But I don't think I ever heard it from anybody else. Perhaps he had watched Catweazle too. Comment The person who said Strampel told me that she knew the word as short for Strampelanzug. In the situation I was reporting on, however, it was an ad hoc neologism, possibly combined from Trampel and strampeln, and intended to comment on the clumsy movements of one of the German players which nearly made him lose the ball.

Gibt es denn manchmal kein Klopapier in den WCs? Oder waren es 15 parierte und der Ach ja! Comment Gibt es denn manchmal kein Klopapier in den WCs? And they rarely have toilet paper, so you either use the one from your car for those, or you avoid them altogether no cleaning staff to speak of and go straight into the woods, where there is no paper either. So it's a very useful thing to have ;- Having said that, the only person I personally knew who had one was my grandfather, and he was the classic 'old man with hat'.

The upper body sticks out of the roll, and the wide also crochted skirt hides the paper. I think they originate from a time when there weren't many toilets along the roads, and so, if you had to go, you stopped anywhere along the road and went behind the bushes with your loo roll What I always asked myself: why do poeple have to present this item - immediately recognisable, although they pretend to "hide" it by covering it with a crotcheted hood - visible for everybody?

Why don't they hide it underneath the seat,or in the booth? I never found an answer - only maybe that one can see it as an expression of the collective "anal character" of the German nation? Edith wishes all leftpondies a lovely 4th of July! Falls ich heute Tippfehler mache: ich tippe auf einer anderen Tastatur, die nicht gut ist. Die N- und M-Tasten funktionieren oft nicht. Aus Goldammer wurde zuerst Goldaer und dann Goldammer.

Und "und" musste ich gerade viermal eingeben. Comment There was some shouting enthusiastic, I thought a while ago, but I don't hear any celebrations. Does that mean we lost? I've just downloaded 7 ebooks from amazon for 0 Euros each. How can that possibly make sense economically?

Admittedly, if I like a book, I tend to buy all the others by that author too, and they are usually not free. They're not all authors starting out, grateful for any kind of platform, either - with most of them, you can get the paper version for a normal price, it's just the ebooks which are free. Very odd. I'm not sure if I should feel guilty or not; I'm uncomfortable, somehow. Comment No, we won. You didn't hear anything at because then we hadn't won yet. I bet you hear things now, or in a few minutes when the car parade?

Amy-MiMi: Sorry to have to admit it, but "booth" was unfortunately no typo Comment How can that possibly make sense economically? It's a free sample with a marginal cost of zero. Sure, you might have bought the books anyway, but for many it will be their first encounter with this author, and they'll like it and end up buying the sequels which otherwise they would have not. An additional ebook costs nothing to produce and to deliver. It makes perfect sense to give them away in order to gain attention.

This is really the authors' biggest problem in today's publishing world. Comment You're right, Goldammer, it started a bit later. So maybe I won't feel guilty. Comment Heute habe ich das Ebook Neverwhere ausgeliehen. Bin gespannt, es zu lesen. Im Gegensatz zu amazon. Vielleicht versuchen sie Leute in D dazu zu verleiten, einen Kindle zu kaufen. Comment Is there a special term for "everyone took to the streets in their cars, honking and shouting"? I looked for "Autokorso" in Leo, but the results are not really satisfying - as you pointed out correctly with "car parade".

Don't people do that regularly enough in Leftpondia to make it worth coining a word for it? It has become very popular in Germany over the last 10 years or so I remember being in Rio in when Brazil won the World Cup for the third time and got to keep it - traffic broke down completely, everybody took to the streets and the party probably lasted all night I was too young to check ;-.

Comment Amy, for my favourite recommendation see Apart from that, I'll leave it to the Austrian snails to answer that one. People are still getting used to ebooks in Germany, opinion is only just starting to shift from "I prefer real books" to "might be an alternative". So, if you are considering buying a book, and the ebook version is actually free, whereas the print version might cost you money Might be worth to give it a shot, hm? In fact, it is often the platform that is paying, not necessarily the publisher. Either directly or indirectly, by making concessions to the publisher concerning some other matters in exchange for providing their ebook for free.

So, no need to feel guilty, I am quite sure Amazon can afford it. Comment Don't people do that regularly enough in Leftpondia to make it worth coining a word for it? Vielleicht sollten wir einfach 'Autokorso' aus dem Deutschen entlehnen. Hier einige nordamerikanische Beispiele: NBA Championship: Spurs' fans flock downtown in celebration Super Bowl: Fans pour into Seattle streets after Super Bowl victory Hockey Semi-Finals: Hockey joy turns to violence in wake of Canadiens' victory So, if you are considering buying a book, and the ebook version is actually free, whereas the print version might cost you money Comment Exactly.

Doku - 10 Dinge die Millionäre verstehen und Arme Menschen nicht wissen

People are still getting used to ebooks in Germany So the clever thing to do would be to 'buy' as many as I can before ebooks are common and amazon changes their strategy in a year or so But I'm quite sure I won't. With other languages, the book stores are free to do what they want although German stores usually order foreign languages through a wholesaler who puts a price on them. They don't have to stick to that price, I think, but they usually do.

I like 'leeres it' :. Nicht nur ist 'it' leer, sondern auch mein Kopf. A tip from a very recent bad experience: never forget to pack your charger, if you travel just with your eReader. Even if you think it is only a weekend trip and the battery lasts much longer Comment This posting was intended to be sent after my visual acuity visus was good enough to check the text all over again.

The Aborigines believe that only in dreams they live their real lives. I think that my examples prove that these realities are only mirror images. I survive by eating them one after another— each marble bursts like a cherry between my teeth, delivering sweet jelly and enough oxygen for another deep breath.

While taking a last deep breath I wonder what will happen next — will my mind spread his wings and fly away or will I just feel like being garotted strangled. It glues at my eyes brows, even my sunglasses, hence I try to tear it out. The compartments are swinging slowly outside, the doors get unlocked. I hear the doors getting locked and feel the spaceship starting. And I know that I may never see my family again. The biggest part of the building dark, run-down and dirty, ruled by a violent gang of drug dealers.

As I reached the floor near their hiding place I found the girl raped and shot to death. Through a gap I see the boy, sitting in his hiding place, a cabinet, shivering, pointing at me with a big revolver in his small hands.

Damaged Goods / Meg Stuart - About

They will punish and kill you. Not one ended positively. People especially women spent a lot of money, to watch him sitting at the pool, playing the Ukulele and singing sad love songs. He was the one who let the cash tills ring, When he suddenly died, we got short of money. New sketches had to be written, to attract people. That had been neglected as long as the giant had guaranteed a regular income.

I sit down in relief. There they made me breathe on my own again. Now they brought this man to take care of. What shall we do? This is the intensive care unit! Do you want to cause a blood bath?! Very annoying! Step by step. How do you think about washing? Two weeks later I managed to get up from bed and I started to walk with a wheeled walker. After ten weeks I came back home. Unfortunately Marcumar, that saved my life weeks ago, damaged my eye blood on the macula. You may ask yourself, what the heck is RenaRd doing? I guess I wrote it down mainly for myself, in order to come to terms with my nightmares.

And a little bit to thrill and enjoy you. Did I? Comment Hi, RenaRd. At least that's what I heard about, mainly during the stage of awakening. But you really seem to be on a way into the right direction now. I keep my fingers cross it continues like that. Another few words about book prices: I once decided to order an English book oldfashioned paper at my local book store instead of buying it via internet.

It took about 6 weeks till they finally received it and the price was more than twice as high as what I would have payed for it on interenet. So guess where I buy my English books since except of the very few occassions it's something they have in stock. Comment RenaRd, words fail me!

Thanks for telling us! And I hope that you continue to get better! I once for a very short time got medication that led to nightmares - very bloody but not so much connected to reality as yours seem to have been. Comment Hi, my dearest Sachs! You can imagine how many days it took to write a text four pages long by using 3 fingers only… How are you doing? Do you still like this old-fashioned music — opera? Have there been important events you participated? Hello, He-le-na. Did Goldammer welcome you already asking for all the relevant data for enrolment? It might probably spoil your weekend Comment Hello RenaRd - I've been here before and gave my credit credit card number and shoe size according to the ritual.

Normally I am even to slow for the snail thread to write a lot. I mostly read along and try to learn from other people's corrections. But thank you for the kind welcome nevertheless! When correcting my posting, please don't be too nitpicky. Etwas halbwegs zu tun ist mir zu widerlich. Da du dich aber immer noch von deiner furchtbaren Krankheit und vor allem von den Nachwirkungen deiner Behandlung erholst, belasse ich es diesmal lieber bei keinen. Sofort habe ich bemerkt, dass, obwohl die Nadel sich immer noch bewegen konnte und der Stoff normal transportiert wurde, keine einzige Naht entstanden ist.

In Zum Paradies der Damen nennt man jemanden einen "Bruder Leichtsinn" und ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie genau das zu verstehen ist. Und da du nicht darum gebeten hast, von pingeligen Korrekturen verschont zu bleiben But you really seem to be [on a way into] heading in the right direction now or: seem to be on the right path. I 'm keep ing my fingers cross ed it continues like that. Comment No, RenaRd you haven't told me about that. Is there a chance that your visus will increase again is it a side-effect of some treatment or will you have to get used to it?

You're right, I'm a rare guest here too. First it was because of too little time due to the refurnishing of my living room. But now that is already finished for quite a while, so now, I'm afraid, it's pure laziness. I'm a bit out of practice, I'm afraid, since there also wasn't much time to watch films and hardly any opportunities to talk to someone But I managed to see 3 operas within one week by end of June, so it seems, RenaRd, I'm still liking this sort of music, doesn't it?

Comment Good luck RenaRd! Thumbpressing and fingercrossing impede efficient typing. Comment Thanks, He-le-na and Walther! BTW, where is Goldammer? Aren't tje hard times gone yet? Comment Danke, Sachs. LEO mit 'Windhund' oder 'Luftikus' wiedergegeben werden. In diesem Sinn verstehe ich jetzt 'Bruder Leichtsinn'.

How do you [think] feel about washing? Comment Neverwhere habe ich gestern Nacht zu Ende gelesen. Die Geschichte hat mir gut gefallen, obwohl ich sie nicht so fesselnd fand wie The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Trotzdem war ich sehr neugierig, die Fernsehserie zu gucken, auf der die Geschichte basiert. Verschreibung und Verbuchung sind leider alle beide schon besetzt. Eine Nachdichtung oder eine Umschreibung vielleicht? Auf Englisch kurz und ziemlich erschreckend: novelization Einen Abschnitt mit Richard, de Carabas und Old Bailey habe ich hier gefunden: Neverwhere - Introduction of the Marquis Der Roman scheint der Serie ziemlich treu geblieben zu haben.

Liest du noch mit, Qual der Wal? Wenigstens hat die US-Version keine Lachkonserve laugh track? Mal sehen, ob weitere Folge unterhaltsam bleiben. Wie du schon darauf hier hingewiesen hast, scheinen sie in dieser Serie sehr tief in die Klischeekiste gegriffen zu haben. I tried to watch Tatort last night, only to find out that Tatorts are now also geofenced.

Or that specific one was.

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  • La sentinelle aveugle (Documents Français) (French Edition)!

Very annoying nearly as annoying as all the items on YouTube that are geofenced - and don't get me started on the WorldCup. I saw last weekend a book by Neal Gaiman but it did not look very appealing so I walk right past it. Jetzt, wo ich der Sache aber nachgehe, glaube ich, dass die Serie, die in den USA ausgestrahlt wird, kein Remake, sondern genau dieselbe Serie ist wie im Schweden.

Wenn etwas auf Schwedisch ist, gibt es Untertitel und nichts wird synchronisiert, was ich gut finde. Dixie, hat dir denn das Buch Strumpet City gut gefallen? YouTube Unblocker hilft dir vielleicht. Comment Fireworks outside, and even though I'd been determined to be unimpressed, I can't help smiling. Well done, us. Comment Well, this was quite an adrenaline loaden soccer night indeed. Usually, our daily newspaper doesn't include any news which happen later than about 10 pm the previous day. But today they obviously put in extra night shifts and created a title page with a full size photo of Phillip Lahm holding up the cup and the one word "GESCHAFFT" I bet the printers on duty cursed when the score was after 90 minutes and overtime was announced Comment It is so strange to be here in Sweden where absolutely nobody is impressed.

They just can't imagine what is going on in Germany but they've never been Weltmeister before Yesterday evening, we met for a little German-international Football-watching-party. The internationals an Italian and a Swedish-danish couple left at half time But maybe our experiences here with Swedes just not looking at you and not saying hello or goodbye when sitting at the next table - very close to you - in a restaurant i.

Schweden, wie es in der Serie Welcome to Sweden dargestellt wird, scheint ganz das Gegenteil zu sein von jenem in Mankells Krimireihe um Kurt Wallander. Inzwischen habe ich Kapitel des Romans Strumpet City gelesen. Es gibt viele interessante gut beschriebene Figuren aus jeder Schicht der irischen Gesellschaft am Anfang des zwangzigsten Jahrhunderts. Comment Ich gratuliere allen Fans der deutschen Nationalmannschaft und freue mich, dass ihr die WM geholt habt. Obwohl ich ziemlich viele Spiele geschaut habe, verpasste ich das letzte Spiele. Also verzichtete ich auf dem Spiel.

News ist immer im Singular. RenaRd schrieb: If I had ever learned to type with ten fingers, I would produce fewer typos nowadays Wie "Man kann es essen. Comment news which happen s was already corrected by hm--us - but thanks all the same. I'm afraid I'll "feel" the word "news" as plural until I die Yes,certainly, but the goal was of course much more exciting and sensational after having watched all those previous minutes of the match You missed soccer history there, Amy-MiMi, I'm sorry to say so!

Doorlets for Amy-MiMi Also verzichtete ich auf dem das Spiel. Ich finde aber, dass Du gut tippst. Comment Before it is completely lost over all the football joy: Yes, I enjoyed "Strumpet City", although it is not the most encouraging books. I disagree, I think Fehlschluss is ok, too. I hope Gibson took the opportunity and went somewhere on Sunday: driving on the Autobahn during a World Cup final is a great experience!

Comment Goldammer, I am sure it is one of those regional things Comment Edit zu In der Aufregung der Weltmeisterschaft ist dir aber de r ein oder ander e Bindestrich oder das ein oder andere 'd' verlorengegangen. Hast du solche Tiere in Afrika gesehen, harambee? Goldammer: Danke, dass du meine Fehler korrigiert hast.

Comment but the goal was of course much more exciting and sensational after having watched all those previous minutes of the match Da sind wir gleicher Meinung. Ah Wien - damals und heute. Schnecken, die 2 Pfund wiegen? Bin mir nicht sicher, ob man so was auf Deutsch als Adjektiv oder als Substantiv versteht. Comment Good evening! Seems to be the first time I make it into this snailhome Amy-MiMi constructed more than a month ago, under an apparently already obsolete provisional name.

Slowly creeping forward as any decent snail should try to do. The game we watched incognito, in a restaurant in San Telmo, a rather touristy quarter of Buenos Aires, an Ecuadorian friend and I more than half of the guests apparently were Argentines though. On the way to the bus terminal we passed by the obelisk, and it was difficult to pass through the Avenida 9 de Julio, thousands of persons, clothing and banners all sky-blue and white, partying nevertheless, though many of them obviously disappointed. Well, turned into violence by a few idiots shortly afterward, as already a policeman who boarded our bus on the way home commented to the driver Best wishes for RenaRd.

Good night! I did not see anything of the world-cup celebration and when I hear and read the comments about some parts of it I think I prefer to stay ignorant. Comment Mr Goldammer and I immediately thought that stupid "goucho"-thing was tasteless, very disappointing and annoying indeed when we saw it live in the celebration, especially after the very friendly and positive impression the German team had given until then, all throughout the championship - if I only think about the spontaneous and certainly not rehearsed behavior of the Germans directly after the match against Brasil.

And the Argentine fans have a pretty stupid and pretentious chant where they ridicule the Brazilians. I liked most of the little "shows", particularly the one where little Philipp Lahm was hidden behind those tall players who then suddenly fell down and revealed him and the trophy. But I really wondered how the goucho thing got through the PR department - or maybe it didn't, and those shows were just thought out by the players and weren't checked. Aber das Plan, Gemeinschaftsgeist?

Was haltet ihr denn von der Situation in Argentinien? Frau Kirchner scheint die ganzen Probleme nicht gerade im Griff zu haben. Comment they just wanted to bring in a little bit of show to make things a bit more funny or entertaining From an American perspective that just seems so odd. I knew that the groups Das sind Sportler, keine Entertainer. Comment Amy, I don't know if you ever lurk in Quasselzimmer , so I'll just copy-paste snickerdoodle's post here: Amy are you enjoying your summer?

Did you ever get answers on questions about Austria? If you do go the National Bibliothek is a must. When I visited there were several really cool large globes. I think they were from like In the picture below you can see a globe in the background on each side of the statue. Posted by snickerdoodle in Quasselzimmer last night at Comment Did you ever get answers on questions about Austria?

Gesellschaft ohne Bürger?

When I was there last year in Vienna we did a tour in the Burgtheater which was actually interesting clearly, I was the part who did not pick the tour. Would that also apply to grown up women being called "girls" in whatever context? In German a grown up if younger woman might quite normally refer to her female friends as "the girls", for example Tiny doorlet Comment I just discovered yet another reason why I love my LED-lit e-book reader: I sat outside for some time during dusk, on this beautiful and warm summer night, and just kept reading, without ever needing a light.

Comment Which brand and model do you use, Goldammer? Comment Kindle Paperwhite not the newest model, but the first one. But with a recent update, it offers nearly the same functions. Comment Thank you. Comment Late comments to Hi, hm -- us. My friend liked the game and wanted Germany to win. If nothing else because she is thoroughly fed up with Argentine bureaucracy. And too bad that Ecuador had lost against Switzerland and did not make it to the octavos de final would have been much more important for the Ecuadorians than for the Swiss, who lost against Argentina anyway.

As for the situaton in Argentina: The head of our working group today at lunch referred to the administration as "gobierno de mierda". And many intelligent people seem to think that way. Change of Argentine Pesos to Brazilian Reais only possible on the black market. Of course the economic situation is indeed very complicated, especially after the recent incorrect decision of some American judge, who should long be retired, on the eternal vulture fund issues.

And Mrs. Kirchner seems to be more and more retreating into her own world of self-falsified reality, within her widely incompetent and corrupt government. Meeting with the major MHshot-down responsible Putin on Saturday to back up nationally-distracting claims on the Falkland Islands Islas Malvinas , having announced beforehand that she would feel indisposed on Sunday, and therefore not able to attend the final. Then welcoming the Argentine team on Monday, commenting that she did not watch a single game. Things couldn't be more preposterous.

Good night. That might be an explanation albeit not an excuse! Rodos is being her usual self Sie auf ein Teller leg. Ich habe selten so oft ein Sweatshirt im Juli getragen. Und das schwarze T-Shirt, das man sonst im Sommer nicht anzieht? Comment Thanks, Amy-MiMi! Can one offer doorlets for "Erikatives"? I decide, yes. Just move the "en" a tiny bit over to the right Sie auf ein en Teller leg. Comment "in dicke n Scheiben schneid" - if you ask me. Comment Good afternoon! The nights are fairly cold though. I came down with a cold just before the weekend, but it seems to be getting better already.

And better now than next weekend, when I want to leave for a short trip to Brazil. Comment Pressing the dead snail button Hi all, just wanted to quickly slime through and make known that I'm at the moment if at all a rather silent lurking snail. Mainly because I'm very busy at work, including way too much travelling. Mostly to England, and typically with flights departing between 6 and 7 a. No wonder I've been quite tired recently. And then, "civil" life goes on and has not been the most relaxing.

Positive excitement, though, amongst others a new little nephew, and a family wedding coming up next weekend. Great reason to have a trip "home" : I don't want to talk too much about the weather, it's been okish with temperatures rarely above 20 C and a typical amount of rain, but the metereologists forecast a heat wave will we see the mercury climb to 25 C????? Pitty I'm going to miss it, since - you guessed it - I'll catch a flight tomorrow early in the morning and come home just before midnight on Thursday Comment 25C is rather too hot for Ireland.

At least in my opinion as it also gets quite humid then. But I hope you've good weather whereever you are going on your trip. Also, I hope you are not too sad of missing the Garth Brooks concert. SCNR - I was in Dublin the weekend it all fell apart and I was mightily amused; so was everyone who told me about it We've got 72F, so just the right temperature if you ask me.

Enjoying summer and too much work. Comment 'ello, 'ello, 'ello! Anybody out there? Comment Someone is left, yes! Although I'm already almost on my way to bed, I've been reading several posts in this thread. And I've learned a lot by doing so! Maybe I'll return for further improvement soon Comment Guten Abend, ihr zwei, und wer noch mitlesen mag. Wolfman, hola, eine Weile nicht gelesen. Wie geht es dir?

Seid ihr denn diesen Sommer schon nach England gefahren, oder noch nicht, oder dieses Jahr eher nicht? Sie scheint etwas aus der Nachrichten gefallen zu sein. Comment Hi hm -- us, I'm afraid I don't understand quite well what you're getting at!? Just to answer one of your questions that I am able to answer: I do like the summer, but only when there is summer whithout so much rain as we're having these days. But what 'Feriengruppe' do you mean?

Anders als bei z. Comment hm -- us: Now I got it :- Unfortunately I'm not on holidays yet, so I also belong to them poor still working people. But it won't take too long any more, and then I'll be out here, watching beautyful nature instead of screens and paper, breathing fresh air instead of climatised office fug. And my oldest sister has one more week before her retirement as a teacher. We'll meet at her place the weekend after next for our annual "sisters' gathering" to celebrate. Goldammer: Freut deine Schwester darauf, Rentnerin zu sein?

Comment Amy-MiMi: Thank you for being fussy! Comment Dixie : Garth Brooks, never heard of that fellow No, honestly, a big shamble, and in spite of the absolute majority of the comments, I don't think it was solely the city manager's fault. A lot of incompetence and stubborness on all parts. Anyway, I don't want to bore you all with details of more or less local interest.

A fine day here in Bristol, a pitty I'm here to work. I might stretch myself later to have a longish walk and maybe find a place to drink a sip of local cider to keep up the spirit. This year is a bit weird with holidays and going on vacation. I'll have a few days here and there over the next few weeks to acount for the wedding and a few appointments, and then two weeks in the middle of September. It's still a long way to go, some say too long, but unforntunately taking off earlier is not an option and even September is pushing it a little.

There is not much more to tell at this point, so I'll leave you all to it, and remain, faithfully yours, etc, Wik. Comment Amy-MiMi : Yes, she is looking forward to it very much, although I think she also leaves "with a laughing and a crying eye" 6-gear. One of her 2nd-graders cried on her leave taking celebration in school.

That left her almost in tears, too One of her plans is to organize and digitalize the family archive documents, photos - she has boxes full of those , and of course to travel independently from the holidays. Comment Goldammer: Ist "leave taking ceremony" BE? Aber ihr habt wahrscheinlich doch ein ceremony, also Aber du bist kein Fan der Countrymusik.

Ich eigentlich auch nicht, aber damals konnte man in Iowa den guten Garth nicht umgehen. Gestern habe ich einen Roman angefangen zu lesen, nicht zu schreiben! Oder ist das ein Beispiel der Umgangssprache oder gar des Sprachwandels? Comment To me, the sentence sounds pretty weird. Some strange person fell down from somewhere above,and someone looked up to find out where she came from..??? The teachers' choir of which she was a member had a concert, and at the end of it, she and two other colleagues got flower bouquets and little speeches were held about them - that kind of thing.

Would you call that a party? Ja, genau. Vielleicht farewell oder good-bye ceremony. Leave-taking ceremony klingt irgendwie total steif und offiziell. Comment I found leave taking for "Verabschiedung" in Leo. Comment "I'll take my leave now" is somewhat dated and formal for "I'm going home now", I wouldn't use that for the farewell of a colleague. Is it like madeira cake sponge cake with blueberries? Comment Got me there, penguin. I obviously didn't check well enough if it was the right kind of "Verabschiedung".

Comment "I'll take my leave now" makes me think of "I'm leaving now" which I can hear in my head - with a clear Irish voice. If you have not planned the next Valentine's day yet - I saw today an ad on abc. So, maybe you want to "treat" your loved one with a night at the cinema. It just fascinated me that there is an ad and a trailer for it now. I was wrong, as it happens far too often Thank you for the cake - I miss coffee cake, especially the cinnamon kind.

Comment Hi folks! Long time no see Anyone else whom I've known for a little while? Ich gehe gerade essen. Schlaf gut! Comment unam: Re Sorry, I got lost somewhere else on the www Missed your reply. Have fun in the various LEO chatrooms. Comment hm -- us: Good to be back here. We were in England twice already April and June. My father-in-law had to go into a care-home. We'll be going over again in a couple of weeks' time to clear his apartment and put it on the market.

No real vacation. With a bit of luck I might be able to buy a few paperbacks to take back to Deutschland. Gotta go - it's almost bedtime Comment hm -- us: P. She's still around, folks! Like it or not Comment Wow, a talkative Wolfman, how rare. Nice to have read you again. I'm off to the second day of a trade fair where I represent my au pair agency with a stall, together with a couple of colleagues. We'll be explaining au pair, high school and work and travel programs all day to hundreds of students wo want to go abroad after graduation next year Comment Wolfman , I remember you from years back.

Thanks for finding the typo Amy , I have to confess I have made this mistake a few times. Good old Garth still seems to be quite popular on this side of the Big Pond, after all he sold out Croke Park in excess of 80 seats 5 nights in a row. Unfortunately the concerts had to be cancelled due to licensing issues. Anyway, whenever I hear Country and Western music mentioned, I think Blues Brothers ; Silently taking the last piece of the blueberry coffee cake, thanking Amy, and sliming back to pretending to be very busy at work.

Kann man das bei euch nicht kaufen? Wenn nicht, dann schicke ich dir einen Kuchen. Lohnt es sich das zu lesen? Kennt jemand das? Comment Back after a few days of cat sitting Warm in Germany, lots of thunderstorms and heavy rain showers. The water bin in my yard where I collect l gallons? Comment Kann man das bei euch nicht kaufen? Makes me very sad. But I should dig up a recipe and start baking. Good idea. I was really scratching my head over your "vielseitiges Buch". Going by the Amazon, she writes psychologische Spannungsromane and her book titles remind me of Utta Danella.

I think you should pick up your preferred choice. Es kann sein, dass man rain bin im BE sagt, aber auf AE sagt man rain barrel und ich finde wenige Seiten mit rain bin, wenn ich im Internet suche. Comment Ami-MiMi: The bin is more like a container, difficult to describe I attach it to a pipe from the roof. The cats brought home their own toys, fortunately, not alive. Comment Vielleicht rainwater collection tank, storage tank, so in der Richtung?

Der Kuchen sieht sehr lecker aus. Dixie, wo bist du denn im Augenblick nochmal, dass du keinen Kaffeekuchen auftreiben kannst? Wieder mal Irland statt pazifisches Nordwesten, oder noch weiter weg wie Asien oder so was? Ich bin wohl wieder nicht auf dem Laufenden what else is new Vielleicht eher ein career fair oder so was? Comment Amy-MiMi : "Ich habe ein Buch von Charlotte Link geschenkt gekriegt bekommen:" - "gekriegt" is not absolutely wrong but acceptable only if said by someone no older than twelve years or so. Comment Hi, I see that there are still some people who, after all those years, don't agree with me that CD better known as Slinndjong has always been a great French-Canadian singer.

Und die Umlautkontrolle. Vielleicht habe ich das Wort aber falsch erfunden. Comment How can that be? There did not seem to be that many blueberry-coffee-cake consumers, and I had downloaded only a very small piece. So Wik obviously tried to secure an Obelix-style piece Fortunately I just took a pizza out of the oven.

Comment Emil: Aha. Bitte streitet euch nicht um den Kuchen. Wir haben mehr Blaubeeren gekauft, also kann ich morgen einen zweiten Kuchen backen. Dixie: Did you mean to make it ambig u ous? That could be used for the side-tins standing beside the main-tins.

The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide

Open the right cans, bags and treats at the right times. I went to the cats' place. Cats are more bound to a house than to a person. And they are usually good at training their staff. I think it was ok. Hot and humid again, I hope that my laundry on the wire outside will get dry before the next showers start. Comment I liked hm-us's or hm-us'?? Btw, the problem isn't that we can't find young men who want to be au pairs - I was asked a few times during the last two days - it's that we don't find enough host families in the US who are willing to take in a male au pair!

We don't have problems to place them in Australia or New Zealand - given that they have a good application and enough child care experience - but finding families in the US is so frustratingly unsuccessful that we don't accept male applicants in the first place.

And another btw Amy-MiMi and Emil : I strongly disagree about the "age limit" of using "geschenkt gekriegt"! I would say it any time, I'm much older than 12 and it wouldn't sound strange at all to the people around me. You might be a bit more careful about declaring things generally unacceptable This may be a regional thing, once again, and I would appreciate a few more statements by German snails from various areas.

Comment Goldammer: I know many regions in Germany where it's common usage that people say 'kriegen' instead of 'bekommen'.


But it's more unusual in written text. Comment I agree with Goldammer on the "gekriegt" view. I saw Emil's comment and was thinking about the same as Goldammer. I would probably not use it in a formal context, but otherwise it is fine mho. Maybe I should try writing it times.

Danke, dass ihr eifrig "geschenkt gekriegt" diskutiert habt. Hoffentlich geht das gut. Gestern habe ich eine Brokkoli-Suppe mit frischem Brokkoli aus dem Garten gemacht. Leider wurde die Suppe kein Erfolg. Comment unam : I agree that "geschenkt gekriegt" is not formal speech, but we are chatting in here after all, so for me it was perfectly fine.

We had that topic before, I think, that in a written chat, using written informal language is ok; that's at least how I feel. Amy-MiMi : That's what one always says when a vegetable dish doesn't taste nice: at least we know it was healty! I can imagine it is a bit unsettling for both of you! Comment i see, thank you, Amy. I can't bake, but I have a favourite cake shop where I sometimes buy cake.

armen und reichen Ebook

Wahrscheinlich mache ich ein Rhababer-Crisp, denn das findet er besonders lecker. Comment how about making a rhubarb crumble instead? Comment You have rhubarb late in July?? German rhubarb should not be harvested that late. By the way, it's Rhabarber in German, not Rhababer. Anyone interested in the recipe, send me a PM.

It's basically a kind of sponge but with added butter, a bit like pound cake , topped with a mixture of rhubarb puree, whipped cream and gelatine. I really regret that the rhubarb season is over and I didn't get round to visiting my nephew in time. He is a vicar, lives by himself and has a big rhubarb bed in the garden by his vicarage My sister visited him and harvested a lot of rhubarb for the freezer Comment Seriously, Amy, do you harvest rhubarb in July, or do you use frozen rhubarb that was harvested earlier?

Comment I did some research on the internet. There are two reasons why in Germany it is often recommended not to harvest rhubarb after June see e. The first reason is that the rhubarb plants should be given some time for regeneration. The second reason ist that the content of oxalic acid increases over the year.

That may be true, but most experts seem to agree that it is practically impossible to eat so much rhubarb that the kidneys will actually be damaged. So, you will probably survive, Amy.

Comment So, you will probably survive, Amy. Aha, danke. Und wenn ich sterben muss, finde ich Rhubarb Crisp keinen schlechten Giftstoff. Comment Hi snails, very long time no see! May be it is a regional thingy but then surely it is not standard German. And now to something completely different ;- As you might know I am a movie enthusiast. As this film was made in the US I wonder if there might be another snail who has watched this movie? Surprisingly this film has been showing here since several weeks now. I really enjoyed it but found it a bit unsettling, too.

The great photographer she was did not want to be remembered this way or another at all. Nobody in her private life had an idea of her hobby nor how she spent her spare time. And at last a happy welcome to unam! What was your credit number? Did you already share it? Good night and good luck to all of you dear snails!

Comment I think we all should try to speak standard German in this chat room I simply can't believe you are being serious here, Lucy! Are you playing the "advocatus diaboli"?? Well, if so, you managed to provoke me into this statement: Why on earth should I write standard German when I'm chatting with my friends here in the CC?? I write in here as I would talk with friends who don't speak Swabian which is my mother tongue , and if it is a "regional thingy" - why should people from certain regions not be allowed to write in their regional language? I agree that in all regions of Leo which are intended to teach users the proper use of standard German, it is important that everybody's contributions should be in standard German and grammatically correct etc.

I recently was rightly corrected when I wrote "Au Pair Bewerberin" without hyphens in a language query, but this is a chat room, and for me it has always been one of the nice qualities in here that the not-native speakers were introduced to the regional variety of the German language. End of speech. Good night everybody - Mr Goldammer and I are sleeping outside tonight. Very nice to lie on your mattress and have a lovely night breeze waving? Zoals in bijna alles wat ik doe, zijn de non-conformisten, de gemarginaliseerden, de mensen die niet functioneren in het systeem de mensen waar ik van houd, die ik begrijp, waar ik iets voor doe.

De rest heeft me niet nodig. Ik heb de rest niet nodig. De zogenaamde freaks — voor mij een eretitel — maken mijn wereld de moeite waard om in te leven. Don wist niet door wie, of wat — het was discussiemateriaal voor jonge mannen, die zich een aura van onoverwinnelijkheid met technische termen konden aanmeten. Hoe emanciperend is Grime zelf?

Hmm gaat zo.

Simon Wiesenthal Center, Museum of Tolerance

Zoals bijna overal in HipHop, wordt het eerder gekenmerkt door verbroederende mannelijke bondjes. Mannen of tieners die bij andere mannen populair willen zijn. Maar echt, de inhoud van de meeste nummers is veel minder seksistisch dan die van de Duitstalige plofhaantjes. En er is in ieder geval een heel scala aan succesvolle vrouwelijke Grime-artiesten.

Een kleine Insta tip: Female talent. De klassenverschillen, die altijd al bestonden, worden steeds groter. De zogenaamde overbevolking, en het gebrek aan recources, is pregnanter dan voorheen, toen de heersende klasse de arbeider nodig had om de productieketen in stand te houden. Tegenwoordig gaan veel banen verloren als gevolg van de digitalisering, wat de strijd nog moeilijker maakt, omdat de paar procent van de superrijken niet weet waar ze nu nog de armen voor nodig hebben; hun terughoudendheid om te betalen is terug op een bijna feodaal niveau.

Dit is het conflict waar het boek over gaat. Om de vraag te beantwoorden: hoe heeft de steeds groter wordende ongelijkheid in kapitaal en vermogen wereldwijd te maken met de versterking van de positie van fascisten, de invoering van steeds nieuwe bewakingswetten en het idee van een controledictatuur naar Chinees model? Is er inderdaad revolutionair potentieel in Grime of verwatert het in de louter spraak als uitdrukking van rebellie? Ja, wanneer we dat wisten.. Vroeger werd overheersing altijd geassocieerd met kapitaal.

Revoluties brachten altijd een kortstondige verandering van systemen met zich mee. Maar het is een lange weg van Grime naar de revolutie. Toch, vergis je niet, in libertaire kringen zelfs is er een zekere angst voor onrust. Novels about musical genres often fail because of their claim to give both die-hard fans and interested newcomers a literary understanding of a subculture. To capture this as credibly as possible is certainly not a grateful job: fans as well as critics look with Argus- eyes at every reference, at the correctness of the meticulously portrayed, while the unbiased audience is confronted with countless nerdy references.

Sibylle Berg bypasses this problem effortlessly. The children clamor against a world that they have long abandoned, against a state in which there is no room for them, and against a generation of parents that could only offer them excessive demands, contempt or disinterest. But Grime, on the other hand, has always listened. Why is this story taking place in England of all places? The book begins at the start of our millennium and plays almost now, and I shit around a bit.

England unites two wonderful factors that were essential for the research on my book in a brutal almost-perfection. So more perfect than in other Western countries. They seem like outsourced to places like Manchester Salford, parts of Liverpool, and like all the places where there is no work and no prospects, nor all of them are called. The inhabitants are kept alive only barely by privatised — in Britain the dream of extensive privatisation of social property is also most clearly advanced — aid, food, Christian goodness and bureaucratic harassment and seem to be waiting for their extinction.

On the other hand, the surveillance of the population has reached a high degree of perfection. A state that Neo-Liberals elsewhere still dream of. The USA is of course also a wonderful example of everything that can go wrong in the world despite this supposedly wonderful age of all-encompassing improvement in living conditions, but I wanted my book to play in a country that is closer to us here in the German-speaking world. What we are, so to speak. Your youthful protagonists Don, Karen, Hannah and Peter appear as Humanists in a completely corrupted, non-empathic world that the countless generations before them have disfigured.

In the course of the book and growing up, they rebel against the surveillance state that surrounds them, also because they seem to have no other choice. The rebellion, the non-functioning in expectations and the non-belief in the system characterises HipHop and Grime is no different.

The music, which is a political challenge that helps young people to maintain or get self-confidence and dignity in shitty life situations. The book and the music are about not being satisfied with the space that seems to be provided for you. Not to wait apathetically, but to get angry. Grime was with one of the pieces of the puzzle when I studied the subject of the book. Grime is the music that all the young people I visited in the UK listened to. Grime is resistance, fun, hope. Sometimes you can get caught in Instagram stories listening to Grime in the car. Which artists, songs or music videos influenced you during the research?

Roadz from Birmingham. How did this collaboration come about? I watched about two thousand Grime videos, found favorites, discarded them, and then came to the Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation via Ruff Sqwad videos. In a video I found T. Roadz, who was 13 at the time. I saw him and thought: Bingo! For me he embodies Grime like few others.

It then took months and many conversations until it was clear that it might work, because the Grime scene is often a bit hermetic like in HipHop. When we shot the book trailer in Birmingham with Chas Appeti, I almost went crazy with happiness. They had all come. On your stage show you literally pass the microphone on to Grime-Rapper.

How emancipatory is Grime himself? It works like this. As almost everywhere in HipHop, it is rather characterized by fraternizing male associations. From men or young people who want to please other men. Only the contents of most songs are less sexist than is often the case with German-language pop bags. And there is, after all, a whole range of quite successful female Grime artists. There are a lot of young women among the offspring at the Ruff Sqwat Arts Foundation.

A little Insta tip on the side: Femaletalent. Of course. The class differences, which of course existed at all times, are getting sharper again. Owing to the overpopulation and the lack of resources blaming, they are more bitter than before, when the ruling class needed the workers to maintain the production chain.

It is precisely this conflict that the book deals with. To answer the question: How is the ever-increasing difference in capital worldwide related to the strengthening of the fascists, the enactment of ever-new surveillance laws, and the idea of a surveillance dictatorship based on the Chinese model? Is there indeed revolutionary potential in Grime or does it fizzle out in the mere expression of rebellion?

Yes, if we only knew that. Revolutions always brought a short-term change of capital distribution systems. But from Grime to Revolution it is a longer way. But even in libertarian circles there is a certain fear of unrest. Let us simply hope that the dissatisfaction , which is increasing worldwide, does not bring even more influx of people into the NeoLiberal gatekeepers — the fascist parties — and the fascist dictators.

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