Pine Cone Crochet Pattern

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Which fit my little area perfectly!

Crochet a Decorative Pinecone - DIY Crafts - Guidecentral

I took some of my daughters glitter paint and dabbed on dots of colors to make them look like ornaments. And cut out a star from thin cardboard and painted it with the glitter paint too. I grabbed some pom pom yarn and furry yarn to use as tassels for my other two trees, Lilly was happy to help me. This pattern is brought to you by www. If you are a fan of my work, please help me to improve it by becoming a patron.

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Crochet Pine Cone Ornament Free Pattern

Search for:. Previous Next. NOTE: Fold the piece so that you will continue crocheting to the left as usual. Do not end off.

YARNFREAK: DIY: Crochet pine cones

Pinecone Seeds Note: There is no formal pattern for this. You are simply going to make chained loops, anchoring them to the base with a slip stitch so that the beginning of your chain is attached to the end of the chain. Make it as close to the last one as possible. Read this entire paragraph before proceeding! Ch 3 and sl st in the same sl st and again sl st to your next spot. Repeat this process going up and around the core in a spiral fashion until you reach the top. You will use the tail of yarn you left on your beginning chain to pull on your core to help keep it straight and to see where to insert your next stitch better.

As you work your way up the core of the pinecone, INCREASE the amount of chains by 1 in every other row or every row depending on how you like it to look. I just looked at the pinecone after every row to see if it was time to make a larger seed in the upcoming row. In the example, 3 chains were used for the bottom loops and I kept making the chain loops larger in each row, and as I neared the top of the core, I was making 9 chains for each loop. You can make yours larger or smaller. To make it the most realistic, just add one more chain stitch at a time to the row you want to increase if your last row had 4-chain loops, the next row would have 5-chain loops.

When you get to the top, make your last loop as close to the beginning tail as you can. Tie it to the beginning tail at the base and again at the top if you want a loop to hang it with.

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You can also just weave in both tails, if desired. Whatever look you like is how you should make it! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Just leave the Christmas lights off the tree and make the deer nose black instead of red. Then I work my first hdc of that box into the third chain from the hook. Supplies So you can spend more time c2c-ing and less time shopping, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

I love to see your finished projects! You may make items to sell with this pattern.

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Do not use my photos as your own sales photos. Do not distribute this pattern as your own. All clear? I love it! I appreciate the fact that several of the afghan designs are winter-themed rather than Christmas-themed, meaning the afghan can be used year-round. While I am also a better starter than finisher during a recent move I unearthed a large box of half-finished projects, some dating back 30 years I hope to actually create this afghan — or at least a couple of throw pillows.

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Oh yes! Especially, like you said, because you could make it winter themed and use it for quite a while. What did you do with all your old projects you found!? I bet that is very true.

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I was just wondering what is the finished size of the afgan? Yes, you can see the finished afghan here!