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It can be difficult to stay at the moderate level in a class that is geared towards more intensity. The difficulty of the workout is modulated in two ways:. These five movements each work a different part of the body and focus on different leg muscle groups. The rider should always maintain control of the flywheel by having resistance applied and remaining below a cadence of RPM.

Not all bikes have a freewheel, or 'smart release', and it is possible that the flywheel will 'run away' with the rider with the potential for causing injury. The rider should be able to maintain perfectly even pedal rotations at high resistance. This becomes difficult below 60 RPM cadence and failing to make 'perfect circles' increases the risk of knee and hip injury. A road cyclist will normally have a natural pedal cadence, of about 85 RPM and will control changes in terrain by changing gear to maintain this rate.

The goal of the spinning programme is not to exceed this natural rate by more than 25 RPM higher RPM or lower 60 RPM There are five further advanced movements based on those listed above. Most indoor cycling classes are coached with music. Riders may synchronize their pedalling to be in time with the rhythm of the music, thus providing an external stimulus to encourage a certain tempo. Often, the music chosen by the instructor is dance music or rock music set to a dance beat i.

This tends to help motivate participants to work harder than they might otherwise. The instructor also may choose specific songs for sprints, climbs, and jumps. While the music provides a tempo cue, the cadence does not need to be a multiple of the beat in order for the rider to feel in rhythm; the music therefore helps a rider maintain any constant cadence, not just a cadence that matches the beat. It may depend on the level of exertion whether or not someone changes position or the instructor can tell the class to change. A variation known as "aqua cycling" or "hydrospinning" also exists.

In this, the stationary bicycles are underwater in a pool. Early examples of indoor cycling on rollers. Lawrence Beesley in the Gymnastics Room of the Titanic , From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    New form of group exercise in which a dozen or more people usually women sit on indoor stationary bikes together and pedal to the sound of music and the directions of an instructor. Girl 1: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class? Boy 1: Um, I think I'll just go outside and ride my bike , but thanks anyway. Girl 2: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class? Boy 2: Hmm, am I in the mood do some real exercise and lift weights or stare at 20 spandexed girl butts for an hour? Hard decision Man , i'm spinning.

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