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Eg: Merci is Cimer. You may have used it without even knowing — the singer Stromae is Verlan for Maestro, the word Meuf comes from Femme woman or girlfriend … and the word Verlan itself… yep, it comes from L'envers reverse.

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You might find it strange when you realise that such a common word is a contentious issue in France. But it truly is. Mademoiselle is considered by some as sexist because it separates married women from single ones when the same distinction isn't applied to men. This has led to the word being banned from French administrative forms with feminist groups saying they want it phased out altogether.

There shouldn't be a problem using it if you're talking to a young woman but use with caution in other instances.

You'd be forgiven for thinking "oui" isn't one of the words you'll struggle with when you're in France. But once here, you'll be confronted with all kinds of variations from the clipped "oui" you're familiar with to a more casual sounding "ouaaaaaaaaii" pronounced almost like waaaayyyy which can vary in length. Naturally this can lead to some confusion for the foreigners in town. It might sound like "whhhoui" or "wheeee" we have no idea how to spell it. Avoid trying to do it as you might swallow your chewing gum. But you can see how it's done in the video below. It would have been great at school if they'd taught us some of the fantastic expressions the French use, because there are lots and they use them frequently.

They have expressions for sex , obviously and they have expressions for insulting people , obviously :- and they have expressions that are just brilliant that they would never have taught you at school like "There's a testicle in my soup" - Il y a un couille dans le potage. What you'll hear far more often is what sounds like "Or lorr lorr" as someone reacts to something they don't like or if they are shocked.

French Stories

It can also be used positively in which case it is more like "oh la la". For a more detailed explanation of the Oh la la conundrum click below. Once you settle in and make some French friends and inevitably starting texting each other as people do these days then you'll need to learn a whole new subset of terms.

But there are many more. Comme d'habitude, D'accord and restaurant are more than shortened to comme d'hab, D'ac and resto. If you want to blend in then best learn them.

French Stories:

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With all the clamor, I had to give in and published another one. And so the Learn French with Stories for Beginners was born. And because Talk in French aims to please, we quickly buckled down to work in order to bring you more. So, here it is. This 3rd installment of the Learn French with Stories series is now available in the market, and it still has everything people love about the first two.

With a total of 15 short stories about a wide variety of themes from daily life, this volume, like the second one, is specially suited for beginners in French. This book has everything you need to make learning French fun and incredibly easy: interesting stories, short and digestible chunks of vocabulary, plus a recorded audio to listen along to.

Two amazing volumes for the price of one. Get your copy, quick! Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. More Stories to Learn French for beginners! And then people were like: With all the clamor, I had to give in and published another one.