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If it is your first time on Kickstarter, don't worry - it's quite easy: you pledge an amount of your choice, picking a cool reward, and thus contributing to the creation of one awesome book. If you consider it to be a worthy cause, please feel free to spread the word. Much appreciated! Anyone is welcome to become a test-reader. To state your interest, send me a personal message here or use the contact form on my site where you could also subscribe for my monthly newsletter.

The risks for this sort of projects are normally linked to the author being unable to deliver in time or to technical issues. As I have gone through the whole process fairly recently and have successfully published my book in Kindle and paperback format, so I dare say everything has been thought of.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. By choosing this reward, you will receive your kindle book or the epub format if you prefer so two weeks ahead of the official launch date on Amazon. All that two weeks ahead of the official launch date on Amazon. Receive your paperback for Christmas! It will be signed by the author. You will also receive your kindle book or the epub format if you prefer so two weeks ahead of the official launch date on Amazon. Receive two copies of your paperback for Christmas! You will also receive your kindle books or the epub format if you prefer so two weeks ahead of the official launch date on Amazon.

This package includes 2 Titles Combo. On top of that, your name will appear in the list of Patrons of the e-book and of the book. Make your local high-school happy by providing them with 20 paperback books 10 copies of this quiz book and 10 copies of my bestselling trivia book " Hard to Believe Facts" and a license to use both kindle books for all their students! The package includes of course all the perks from the Patron Package! Nov 9, - Nov 25, 15 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. The Quiz Book. A kindle and paperback book that will make you scratch your head thinking "How is that possible?

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Share this project. Off English. Featured by Delano magazine, Luxembourg. Crowdfunded by Kickstarter.

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Indicative budget distribution. Support Select this reward. Showing your support without claiming any reward but my endless gratitude ; Less. Estimated delivery Nov Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. O'Connell bridge Carlisle Br. John Barry Brendan Sure hope I win that Book!! A Presto!!! Right here are my answers to your Quizz!

Hardest Quiz Ever on Geography of Ireland! - Testing Your Neurons

Via Irlanda 3. The Irish College 6. Lough Derg 7. Orvieto my new home town 8.

The Irish Times

Bianconi 9. Classical composer-Russia The police Queen Elisabeth 1. Saint Brendan Trieste and Pola now Pula Regards Patrick. OK;;;; these are the entries in the Irish Trivia Quiz. I had hoped for more entries, to outweigh the tons of trash, spam comments the blog gets. Who should win? Or is it a toss up? How many did you know? No 3 both went over the top Joyce worked in Rome at a bank, then teaching English in Trieste.

John McCourt runs a summer school there in memory of Joyce. What do you think? What fun this was Mary Jane! So, do Patrick and I share ownership of a book? Next year my Hubby and I are going to Ireland, perhaps we can do a hand-off then? Hope to meet you in a few weeks: Jamie. Answers to Quizz 1. Via Irland. Darby O'Gill and the Little Peopole. The Irish College. Lough Derg.

Orvieto Umbria.

- The Author

A Classical composer: Russia. The Irish Police. Queen Elisabeth the first.

O'Connell Bridge. Commodore John Barry. Saint Brendan the navigator Trieste and Pola now Pula Patrick Delaney. Its a toss up! Both contestants have shown patience, courage and intelligence in sending in their entries. Even if there were some discrepancies, they have the right Irish spirit Only stipulation: they must come to pick it up in person and enjoy lunch on the terrace too!