The Mansfield Killings

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They traveled to Indianapolis, St.

VIDEO: Man killed in Mansfield crash

Louis and Nashville before returning to Columbus after things cooled down. West fired his. Ambrose attempted to flee the pair and was shot in the back 3 times, killing him instantly. A female patron was also shot in the abdomen but survived. The two hoods avoided the law for over a week, plotting their next vicious crime — one that would shock the state and a nation.

Tomorrow, the story continues. Part 2 — After their murderous robberies in Columbus, Daniels and West were able to disappear from the clutches of the Ohio law enforcement agencies and they traveled through St. Louis, Nashville, Kentucky and Michigan. Much of their time was spent picking up girls, drinking and doing some small robberies to support their crime spree. But it was while they were in Michigan, that they decided to follow through with their plans that they had conceived during their prison days.

Daniels and West had long planned to return to Mansfield and to kill several former guards whom they felt had treated them badly during their time at the Mansfield Reformatory. Daniels knocked on the door and when John Niebel answered, Daniels told him that his car broke down and asked to use his phone. Once inside, Daniels pulled his gun, while West charged in behind him. They decided to take the Niebel and his family across town to a cornfield, tie them up and gag them, giving the killers plenty of time.

Before leaving the house, Daniels raped their daughter and then forced them by gunpoint into their car. As Daniels and West traveled through Mansfield, they had the Niebel family strip off their clothes and throw them out of the windows, onto the street. Later that day, their bodies were found together in the cornfield.

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John Niebel was shot twice in the head, his wife Nolanda was shot first in the stomach and then the head, and their daughter Phyllis, her red hair still up in big curlers, was also shot in the head. It was later learned that the family was all executed around am. The killing of the Ohio prison superintendent and his family was a huge news story and it made front-page headlines nationwide, including as far away as California.

Ohioans were especially nervous as local police and sheriff departments, were on high alert…. Part 3 — It was after in the morning of July 21st, , when Daniels and West walked out of a cornfield near Mansfield, leaving behind them the bodies of John Niebel, superintendent of the Mansfield Reformatory, his wife Nolanda and daughter Phyllis. They knew that they had only a limited amount of time to put some distance between them and the murder scene, so they headed to Cleveland and rested there. The next day they drove to Akron and bought a.

Patterson called Mrs. Market Street and they had some vacancies, so she sent Daniels and West there. They rented 2 rooms using only one , they slept until 5 that afternoon and then walked towards town stopping at a restaurant to eat. The newspaper reported that over people attended that play, which easily filled the limited seating area in the barn.

There, they spotted one, but just as they were going to make their move, a carhop girl got in their way. Rita screamed, and Daniels forced her into the back seat and jumped in behind her. But she grabbed the door handle, it opened, and she went running across SR 53 towards the W. Martin house. For some reason, after killing Jim Smith, West drove away leaving Daniels behind, but he soon returned just in time to pick up Daniels, right after Rita had disappeared from his sight.

The killers still needed to change vehicles and this time they went looking for something that no one would suspect them to be driving.

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It was a long parking area where travelers could pull over and rest, get water and use the pit toilets today this is where the Grange building is located. There in the darkness, Daniels and West spotted a car hauler carrying 5 new Studebakers. The driver, year old Orville Taylor, married and a father of 4 small children from Niles, Ohio, was sleeping in the cab of his truck.

Daniels woke him up, pulled him from the truck and started to transfer items from their car into the truck.

Collier Landry from A Murder in Mansfield Talks His Father Killing His Mother

West walked him back towards the tall weeds at the rear of the lot and shot him twice, once in the head, killing the innocent truck driver. West then jumped in the truck cab, while Daniels climbed into one of the Studebakers on top of the trailer. They would need their sleep if they wanted any chance to navigate past all of the anticipated police roadblocks the next day.

Ohio State student abducted, killed had complained to police about man Ohio State student abducted, killed had complained to police about man.

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