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The traditional diaspora are descendants [of those who fled] the genocide and the new diaspora are people who have migrated from Armenia since independence [in ]. In terms of economic impact there is a broad range, but the traditional diaspora are better positioned for this. They have been in their host countries for generations and have done well for themselves. But you have some well-to-do business people in the new diaspora who will be some of our targets for this.

Are people from the Armenian diaspora primarily supporting Armenia through donations or remittances? It is both. The new diaspora generally has been more remittance based, and the traditional has been more [focused] toward charity and benevolent work. While this might not seem like a lot, we know the charitable intention is already there … Our goal with the diaspora bonds is to leverage this for much greater financial power. So the idea is to transform charity donations into something that is more sustainable? Yes, and it is about moving from the emotional field to a more rational relationship.

This will ultimately depend on the strategy we settle on, but my view is that the first — and perhaps second — issuance is going to be a proof of concept with a short maturity, which will be used to demonstrate the viability of the instrument and ensure trust among the diaspora.

  • Resources for Armenian Residents Living in Barcelona Studying Abroad at GBSB Global;
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This is going to help us move forward on our SDG implementation. That is one of the necessities of any project we do. The money is going to end up [benefiting] infrastructure, education, and energy, initially. But it is important to set up the parameters of what types of projects we want to do and what ministries can offer.

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DNA & the Origins of Peoples: The Armenians

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In line with our new series of articles meant to help GBSB Global students find their tribe , or community of individuals that make Barcelona feel like home away from home, we are highlighting the Armenian community present here in the city. If you want to take advantage of a wide variety of activities, this community-minded association is just for you.

In , ACAB created a Spanish language program for Armenians who came to Spain and need help in adapting to the country, a completely new environment. ACAB also holds regular sports training in volleyball, football, chess, and badminton.

Classes that teach Armenian national dance lessons are an integral part of the cultural education program ACAB members enjoy. In , the association was provided the honor to take part in the organization of the Euro Armenia Games in Barcelona. A small Facebook page has been started called Armenians in Barcelona.

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Or another larger group can be joined here, www. Armenian Church of St. The Church of St. Gevorg, recognized in , is located in the small Catalan municipality of Calonge, not far from Barcelona. Established as the first parish, the Armenian Apostolic Church in Spain was leased from the Spanish government for 30 years.

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